Essay: How To Prevent Violence

Virginia Beach, a Lesson in How to Prevent Violence
Brendan Mooney, June 2, 2019
VCDL Executive Member

Do you know that new neighbor you have been meaning to get to know? Go ring their doorbell. A coworker a little stressed at work? Why not invite him out to your house for a home cooked meal? (Wikimedia Commons photo by Nahushraj)

Virginia – -( 2.9 miles away from my house, an act of violence only the Devil could unleash was happening while I was in my garage spray painting ammo cans, wondering what the sirens were going by my house was all about.

2.9 miles away, a person who was disturbed and hurting unleashed his anger in a violent manner that changed Virginia Beach forever and threw us into the national spotlight during a time that should be reserved for beach parties, BBQ and sand between our toes.

2.9 miles away, four VBPD members answered the call in a heroic manner and stormed the doors while a man consumed by hate wanted to unleash hell upon his fellow citizens.

This hit close to home in both a figurative and literal sense. As the news started to pour in about the events from several of my gun-related Facebook pages, I am apart of locally, my heart dropped. I know people who work in that area. I have friends on the PD. My business partner’s mother and mother in law work next to Building Two and traverse it daily.

After these terrible events, a lot of people rush to judgment, blame the object, etc. However, I noticed something entirely different about these events this weekend.

The city wasn’t concerned with “extended magazines and silencers,” but rather how can we come together and heal? One of my clients knew one of the victims. My business partner’s mother knew many of those shot, but there was forgiveness in the air.

One of the gentlemen, who was in the building and escaped, already has forgiven the person who ruined the lives of so many. He watched people die. He has already forgiven the family and the suspect. Our church, Trinity Church of Virginia Beach, had a similar message today. Forgiveness, healing, and not letting evil overtake the good that came out of this tragedy.

People poured out their hearts and reminded our first responders we care about them. The city manager had to put out a request for “no more food or perishable gifts for our police/first responders” on social media. Heartwarming and beyond amazing.

This is how we prevent violence of all kinds.

Talk with your neighbor, be kind to that person in front of you at the check out lane and ask them how their day is going and genuinely care about your fellow man. Do you know that new neighbor you have been meaning to get to know? Go ring their doorbell. A coworker a little stressed at work? Why not invite him out to your house for a home cooked meal? For the introverted folks like my wife, a simple smile and “have a wonderful weekend” will do as well.

I noticed that this weekend here in Virginia Beach. A lot of people poured into our city to realize that we are a bit different down here. However, that difference isn’t unique. It can start with you. You can stop the next violent act just by being a good human being and reaching out to your fellow man.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Essay: How To Prevent Violence

    1. As much as the average politician strives for job justification, you just can’t legislate morality. Many years ago, when I was just a kid in school, someone would get in trouble for talking out of turn, not paying attention or chewing gum in class. Back then we ALL said the pledge of allegiance, we ALL stood for the national anthem and there was ALWAYS a mourning prayer. Then some low life, selfish person with no morals complained to a less than moral lawyer and then to a less than moral judge and ALL of that went away–just like Kruchev said he would do. See Kruchev’s speech at the U.N. That was 50 years ago. Back then Kennedy put a man on the moon. These days Obama put a man in the women’s rest room. Back then right was still right and wrong was still wrong. Things aren’t like that anymore are they? Social workers will tell you truth is subject to one’s feelings. Kids play video games and watch t.v. and they develop a lot of what they think is right or wrong from them instead of learning the truth from the very “book” this nation is founded upon. They watch so much death and immoral sex they think that is normal and no one is there to teach them otherwise. Or is there? When was the last time you heard the WHOLE TRUTH from the news networks? When was the last time you could actually TRUST a politician? When was the last time you could leave the house unlocked or leave the keys in the car and not worry or outright fear for your life? Corrupt people, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, corrupt politicians, corrupt enforcement people put us, that is America, into the situation we have these days. You can’t legislate morality, it doesn’t work, it never has worked. Even back when I was a high school grad nobody had ever heard of a mass shooting at a school-anywhere-ever.

      If you want peace, if you want truth, if you want to KNOW what is right and what is wrong, maybe you might want to open the WORD this nation IS founded upon. Maybe you could grace the doors of a Church somewhere. At this point in America, what could it possibly hurt? Give it a chance while there is still time. If you truly want to prevent violence give the LORD a try. Put on the whole armor of GOD. Treat others like you want to be treated. Be kind and patient. Help someone when you can. Honor your father and mother: there is a promise that comes with this! There are just 10 basic rules that most laws are based on. You will find these in the BIBLE, the foundation this nation is built upon– wither you like it or not. If you want to stop violence, start with yourself.

      Until the evil in this world is stopped we will have to be prepared for it. If something doesn’t feel right it likely isn’t. If you see something-say something. We are responsible for the lives and safety of our spouse, children, friends and neighbors, co workers, the innocent man on the street and ourselves. Keep your eyes open. Be aware of your surroundings and you will be one step ahead of the game. Arm up, carry on.

      1. All very true. When I was in high school late 70’s it was common to see rifles & shotguns in racks in pickup trucks in parking lot. Never had an issue with gun violence.

        1. Right but now it is called “gun violence” as if the gun jumped up took aim and pulled it’s own trigger without human assistance. Term “violent people” has been traded for “gun violence” to demonize a tool for the purpose of confiscation to destroy a country so tyranny can reign. Subsequently we do not endorse or use the term “gun violence” because it’s a scam.

        2. We were allowed to carry up to a 6″ blade knife as well. Many a fist fight with a Bowie on the belt, never one pulled.

      2. You couldn’t have said it any better than that Bill. I agree with you 100%. I remember those days well and miss them very much. The US isn’t what it once was and I don’t like the way things are going.

        At times I wish I were young again, but then I thank God I’m not. I don’t know how much longer the US can take it before all our freedom is lost.

      3. Right on! The word of God comes alive within your heart……the bible offers instruction for healthy living. One thing I never hear from people and the media is that this violence is not perpetuated by the gun but by the persons heart. Our behavior is the reflection of the heart……of mankind. Change that and you change the person. PERIOD

      1. @ So, you are saying that “Gov” assassinated a LASO deputy at Jack-in-the-box? Maybe “Gov” wanted him to go to McDonalds?

        1. “Joan Riversed” this one.

          Clinton Foundation Deep State cleaning house due to many are subpoenaed to testify in front of Grand Jury for drug & human trafficking aka pedogate. We were discussing this 3 years ago and now were waiting for others to catch on to what is happening everyday on the front page MSN where the flu is getting them. Watch as it spreads around the states and up the food chain. Grand finale will be top dogs like Clinton family going down in a airplane due to mechanical failure but actually it will be the CIA due to Clintons sold their names to China and China has been executing agents for years because they were sold out and CIA is going to get even for that. Eyes on USSC justices, I hear the bench is heating up and not in the way they like. Sharp end of the stick at work. Keep count and see for yourself. Yes, Jack n the Box is killer I agree but so is McDonalds. Just think of all the money were saving on due process/court fees not to mention the court will just let them walk free unlike aircraft going down where no one lives. They messed with our due process now it’s their turn. Enjoy the show.

            1. Or because Bill saw her face. ………………… Loooool.

              These dead pool victims of the Clintonista global cabal are being actively discussed on back channels as we consistently add names to the list every day from the news. The Clintonistas are cleaning house in front of DOJ sweeps and it will continue as DOJ puts a name on paper the Clintonistas go after the name much like a board game but with lives.
              Operation Broken Heart,
              Which includes LE and if you examine the badges with pedo symbols on them you will see the gun grabbers are actually criminals all part of the cabal that is currently being cured.
              Enjoy the show and watch as the cure spreads to every town USA because we are going to lose count due to the vast numbers of them. As the cures rolls uphill big names will join the count. It’s an epidemic. Looooool.

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