Maine: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die, Gun Control Measures Defeated


New Jersey: Legislature Passes Smart Gun Legislation

Fairfax, VA – -( On June 20th, 2019, the Maine Legislature adjourned from the first session of the 129th Legislature.

During this session, several egregious pieces of anti-gun legislation were defeated, including bills to criminalize private transfers of firearms and ban many commonly-owned standard capacity magazines.  Thwarting efforts to threaten shooting ranges, the Legislature instead took steps to protect ranges, passing a bill that Governor Janet Mills signed into law.  Unfortunately, the Legislature missed an opportunity to pass a Stand Your Ground measure, LD 533, that would have strengthened Mainers’ fundamental right to self-defense anywhere they are legally allowed to be.

Legislative Document 79 , sponsored by Representative Patrick Corey (R-District 25), protects shooting ranges by allowing the discharge of a firearm on a sport shooting range that is within 100 yards of a building, if the sport shooting range was in regular operation prior to the erection of the building.  This will ensure that those who choose to construct new buildings within 100yd of established sport shooting ranges cannot threaten them with court fees, hiatus, or closure of operations.  Maine’s shooting ranges will be protected and remain venues where shooters can practice their shooting skills in a safe, responsible environment.  LD 79 was signed into law by Gov. Mills on March 29th.

Anti-Gun Bills Defeated

  • Legislative Document 379, sponsored by Representative Victoria Doudera (D-94), and Legislative Document 1033, sponsored by Representative Anne Perry (D-140), would have imposed a one-size-fits-all, government mandated firearm storage requirement that would impair the ability of law-abiding Mainers to access firearms in the home to defend themselves and their families.
  • Legislative Document 747, sponsored by Representative Barbara Cardone (D-127), Legislative Document 810, sponsored by Senator David Miramant (D-12), and Legislative Document 1276, sponsored by Senator Linda Sanborn (D-30), would have effectively criminalized the private transfer of firearms.
  • Legislative Document 1569, sponsored by Representative Lois Reckitt (D-31), would have essentially ended the centuries old practice of home manufacturing firearms for personal use.
  • Legislative Document 1071, sponsored by Rep. Cardone, would have defined most standard capacity magazines as “high capacity” if they can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition and make it a Class D crime to sell or supply them, unless one had “the authority to do so.”
  • Legislative Document 1099, sponsored by Senator Brownie Carson (D-24), would have delayed Second Amendment rights by imposing a 72-hour waiting period before an individual may receive firearms that they purchase.
  • Legislative Document 516, sponsored by Representative Heidi Brooks (D-61), would have directed the Commissioner of Public Safety to administer a statewide voluntary firearm collection day, and to establish a voluntary firearm collection program administered by the Bureau of the State Police.  The bill would have compelled disclosure of personal information of individuals turning in firearms, and with no restrictions on how the police could have used this information.
  • Legislative Document 869, sponsored by Representative Mattea Daughtry (D-49), was a concept draft that included no detail on the specific gun control measures being proposed by the sponsor.
  • Legislative Document 1470, sponsored by Senator Catherine Breen (D-25), would have allowed political subdivisions and municipalities to create arbitrary boundaries at public proceedings and polling places where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless against the criminals who ignore such restrictions.
  • Legislative Document 489, sponsored by Senator Justin Chenette (D-31), would have allowed noise ordinances to be used to shut down local shooting ranges, even if they operated safely and were otherwise in full compliance with the law.

Thank you to NRA members and Second Amendment supporters that attended committee hearings and contacted legislators throughout the session.

Your NRA-ILA will be back at the Capitol for the second session of the 129th Legislature, and in the meantime, please stay tuned to your email inbox and for further updates on issues impacting our Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Chad C. Mulligan

The LGBTQERTY crowd that transplanted itself from San Fran Freako to Portland is trying to do what New York libs have done to Vermont. But there’s enough rural Mainiacs (yes, they call themselves that) to stand against them.

Charles Valenzuela

“Adjournment sine die”. Keep it in English, morons. No one gives a s**t about you latin legalese bulls**t.

Chad C. Mulligan

That IS English. A Latin phrase which was incorporated into English 500+ years ago. Means “without a date for a new meeting” Sine die saves a lot of keypunching, no?

Ronald Nuxon

“Legislative Document 516” would be a triumph, if only the state could apply it to criminals. They can’t, so, instead they want to ram it down innocent gun owners.

Paul E

You have covered all the bases with your comment, plain, simple, and to the point.

Harry Edmunds

It isn’t odd that all the proposed BS restrictive laws were proposed by DemocRATs. That highlights their true agenda. And it’s not good!

Green Mtn. Boy

Demo crats the un American enemy’s of freedom and liberty,why even pretend any longer.


They should be charged with FELONIOUS PERJURY for lying when they took their oath of office. They planned to do whatever they could to destroy the Second Ammendment, instead of upholding it. And charge them with TREASON for waging war against the Second Zmmendment. A Milutary Tribunal can asses the case on their front lawn at 3 am, and administer justice right away. The only good thing I see coming out of those recent rulings, is that Bloomberg and his buddies wasted more of their money paying those demon rats to be TRAITORS. Their fat must be frying now. Ha… Read more »

Paul E

NICE ! Round them up, all of them.
Only problem is we do not have the guts.
They have the colleges, they have the media. They want the arms.
Blame us, not them.

Paul E

With all do respect, we have know this fact for too long.
When are we as a Nation going to do anything about it. Am I the only one
who believes THEY are the criminals allowed to run loose and not answerable for their actions ?

Piper's Colt

Democrat and socialists are one in the same. All the anti-gun bills brought to the vote in all states, with few exceptions, are from socialist democratic representatives. Does that not tell you something?


Anyone that has brought forth anti gun bills, etc. should be noted and a light shown on them the next election to make sure that cannot do it again. NOT ONE ANTI GUNNER, NOT ONE DEMOCRAT…………….


America is starting to awaken to the socialist onslaught…. It’s a bout time.
Make no mistake, once the guns are gone, our freedom will follow.
Trump 2020 !


@ Rock I hope you are correct that people are realizing that democrat means socialism. From way back the democrats have sh-t on blacks, hispanics and indians. It would be good if they could learn by history and if the rest of the slaves could learn by the very clear examples of recent times.


Huzzah! As it should be.

Arthur Leblanc

Instead of blaming guns they should be working on stiffer penalties against the criminals that pulled the trigger. Never seen a gun do a crime by itself I love living in Maine it’s a great state and to see the governor sit down with gun groups and work with them and not against them is the way it should be they need to remember USA might not of had it’s freedom except for civilians picking up there own weapons leaving there farms and families to fight for the country they love

Richard L

Yup, and keep at it.