New York: Legislature Attempting to Moot Supreme Court Review of NYC Law


Take Action New York
Take Action New York

Fairfax, VA – -( On Wednesday, the Senate Codes Committee passed S.6151 (Kavanaugh) on a 9 to 4 vote.  This legislation is a desperate attempt to moot United States Supreme Court review of New York City’s unconstitutional firearm travel laws in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York.  The Supreme Court has already rejected New York City’s effort to moot the case by offering to amend its current regulation. Now, suddenly, there is a second effort to stop the Supreme Court from hearing this case by changing New York State penal law.

The bill will next be heard on the Senate floor as early as next week.  Please contact your state Senator and ask him/her to oppose this legislation.

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The introduction of S.6151 underscores our position that New York City has always known that its law and entire regulatory scheme is unconstitutional. The City has vigorously defended the law through various rounds of litigation for the last six years, claiming, without evidence, that it is a matter of “public safety.”

One of the many problems with S.6151 is that it still treats the Second Amendment as a privilege as opposed to a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. This legislation still gives New York City the sole discretion to “authorize” where New Yorkers can transport their firearms. This is a clear violation of both the Firearms Protection Act of 1986 (FOPA) and the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Heller. It also prescribes “direct” travel which introduces a whole new host of problems and infringements. It does not give deference to the Supreme Court or to Federal law.

Again, please contact your state Senator and urge them to OPPOSE S.6151.

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Just read today that NY has won in SCOTUS. Court ruled that NYC has won their game of making case moot. Three judges (Alito, Thomas & Gorsuch) dissented. IN concurring opinion Kavanaugh wrote something to the effect that SCOTUS is overdue to rule in defense of 2nd as a 1st-class right.

Given history of the courts, getting as far as this challenge did should be viewed as a victory and sign that SCOTUS is about ready to step up – but it is still disappointing.


Make sure to remind them all that 12 more were gunned down last week in a gun free zone because nobody could defend themselves and shoot back. Inform them that he may have been able to surprise one, but after that everyone else would have pulled their weapon. And don’t forget to add that the shooter most likely wouldn’t have even bothered going there if he knew everybody was armed.


***the shooter most likely wouldn’t have even bothered going there if he knew everybody was armed.***

The shooter would likely have stayed home if he knew that ANYONE could have been armed.


In other words NYC knew the law would be struck down as written so now they are going to try another tactic to see if they can get by SCOTUS.

Jeffrey Szabo

This is the way of the future. Some states will forever establish their way of thinking concerning firearms. And the rest of us, in states that support the Second amendment, will need to be always vigilant. It will continually provide for a separated America. It is ironic that many of the states are from the original 13 colonies! The only way some of this will end will be with national reciprocity, but that will only affect pistols. This could of been completed before the 2016 election; however, the Republicans didn’t care enough to do it! Remember the old saying: “The… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Will be less redundancy if they are simply arrested and hung in the court yard at high noon.
NRA could set up “Call Your Tyrant HOTLINE dial 666” but wont your finger get tired? Can generally purchase rope somewhere in a five mile radius in most cases.

Clark Kent

Like THAT is going to happen. Grow up.

Jeffrey Szabo

I think he meant it figuratively.


Zip tie the ankles and throw ’em to pigs. Nothing to clean up afterwards.


O.K. “Silent Majority” of NYC and NY, here is your opportunity to be heard! Take a minute to fill in the blanks – it’s so simple – or Forever silence your keyboard comments and other means of ranting.
New York gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, as an AZ resident, I truly wish I could vote for any NY legislation that favors you.


communist-libtard control does not equal “public safety”