NRA/CRPA to Host Webinar On Upcoming California Ammo Background Check Requirements

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NRA/CRPA to Host Webinar On Upcoming California Ammo Background Check Requirements

Fairfax, VA – -( On Wednesday, June 26, 2019, NRA and CRPA will be hosting a free live webinar discussing the upcoming ammunition background check requirements scheduled to take effect July 1st 2019.

Originally enacted in 2016 as part of Proposition 63 and Senate Bill No. 1235, the new ammunition background check requirements will generally require anyone purchasing or receiving ammunition at a firearms dealer or ammunition vendor to first undergo a background check prior to receiving any ammunition.

Exactly how the background check is conducted will depend on individual purchasing or receiving the ammunition.

The webinar, which will include a detailed discussion of the various ways in which the required background checks will be conducted, is scheduled to being at 12 P.M. PST.  If you are unable to attend, don’t worry; a recording will be saved and archived for later viewing.  Should you wish to attend the live broadcast, be sure to register in advance as space is limited.

To register in advance and attend the live broadcast, click here.

Continue to check your inbox and the California Stand and Fight webpage for updates on issues impacting your Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage in California.


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  • 42 thoughts on “NRA/CRPA to Host Webinar On Upcoming California Ammo Background Check Requirements

    1. If anyone of you who are crying on this post about unconstitutional laws have ever pulled the lever for a Democrat then quit crying you did this to yourself

    2. The people who drafted the new laws regarding ammunition forgot about re loaders or else they are very very ignorant or stupid. Even if they covered that part of the law, you can still get necessary components through the mail delivered right to your door step by the UPS or USPS or out of state. These new laws do nothing to stop a concerted shooter from carrying out evil against their fellow man.

      1. Suppliers such as Nachez halted shipping “over-sized” magazines to CA. They will not likely risk litigation over one state. So, bullets, casings, powder, etc, will all go through the only points left for legal purchasing. CA has already said that components are included, just as they have scheduled for every roll pin, spring, link, etc., associated with firearms.

        We all know what they are up to. Just as San Francisco legislated and regulated every last gun shop out of the city and county of San Francisco.

        1. Reloading components are NOT a part of the current law. Current law does NOT cover “precursor parts” yet, the legislature is working on that little gem right now in Sacramento.

        2. @Dave W, Yep, and now SF is so pristine and clean that it should be an example to the rest of the nation.
          Maybe the city council could host an annual Drug Addict festival, or “Hard Core Unemployable and Libtard” seeing tours.

    3. California democrats are always on the prowl to steal away your rights. The ammunition background check does two things: 1. Creates a tax disguised as a fee. 2. Monitors and compares what ammo you buy to the firearms you have on record.
      Clearly you are buying ammunition for a gun you aren’t supposed to have.

    4. This is a covert and sneaky gun control scheme to get gun owners to provide them with a record of what type of firearm you have by the ammo you purchase by caliber, where it’s kept and ultimately where to go get it. Plan a road trip and buy from an out of state source.

    5. Typical NRA, fail to stop a draconian unconstitutional anti-gun law from being passed (usually by compromising the 2nd Amendment) and then teaching the victims of the law how to COMPLY with it. Backdoor support of the unconstitutional law, plain and simple.

      1. JPM, good post and you’re exactly right on! If I hadn’t already pre-paid to be an NRA Life Member, I wouldn’t renew my membershit! I mean, just how many $10K Italian suits does Wayne Lapeepee need anyway?!

        1. JPM/George, How can ANYONE stop the progressives in Sacramento when the idiot voters of California elected a super majority of progressive Democrats into the legislative offices?

          1. Seems like the only idiots are you suckers who still support the NRA Terrorist organization who only represent gun makers, not owners

      2. How, exactly, was the NRA supposed to stop this legislation when it was CLEARLY the fault of the Dumbocrats (who hold the majority in California) and the people who voted them into office? Talk about barking up the wrong tree. Do you blame Charmin toilet paper when you have diarrhea?

      3. Spot on statement not to mention Federal law is fake. Not REAL law. Hell, even my Attorney admits it’s FAKE.
        NRA (all gun clubs) is BOOTLICKER (slave) club for implementation of gun control to surrender firearms. If they were not they would not have BOOTLICKERS obeying FAKE federal law which is not LAW but rather RULES. Any Attorney with a grain of honesty will tell you this but try to find one. Any BOOTLICKER smart enough to understand only real laws created by Congress in support of the organic Constitution become real law all others are 100% FAKE. Rules in fact as agreed by my Attorney who practices federal law. Oh and by the way Congress sold out USA back in 1871 so they no longer represent you BOOTLICKERS they represent the shareholders of US Corporation and is why US Corporation is defined in the federal register of FAKE laws as a corporation not a government. Because it is not a government. You’re just the FOOL who pays them the fee they charge for extorting you. Is why GOD commands His chosen to not obey this Beast system and why BOOTLICKERS will never be free of it’s tyranny because they refuse to accept these facts due to be loyal (stupid)BOOTLICKERS. Can not free slaves from the chains of tyranny they so revere. BOOTLICKERS!!

    6. Pretty pathetic, won’t do a thing to prevent criminals from buying ammo, just makes it more inconvient and expensive for law abiding citizens. Democrats should never be allowed to be in charge of anything.

      1. The only difference between your good guy with a gun and a mass shooter is the millisecond it takes to pull the trigger & become a criminal. Not a single one of these mass shooters would of been considered a criminal until they pulled the trigger

      1. @Rob Thomas, the Ca statute has not gone into effect, yet. Thus no one has been harmed, yet. Ergo there is no case in controversy, yet. Hence the case in not ripe, yet.
        Two sedans (not vans or trucks) go to a state near Ca. One car goes to a store that sells ammo. The other car waits in a basement parking structure. Later the cash bought ammo and driver switch cars. The first car becomes the decoy and heads to Ca., where if arrested a beautiful and enriching false arrest suit occurs.
        The second car plays the slots for a couple hours then goes home. No cell phones are used.

          1. @Greg K, I have correctly given you the general rule in answer to Rob Thomas’ question. The case that you refer to is an imminent criminal case; based upon a criminal statute conflicting with Federal Constitutional interest; only in the jurisdiction of that one judge; and only in that small part of the 9th Circuit.
            The case that you refer to is constricted by rare subject matter, in a criminal issue context, a tiny land area, and recent historical occurrence. I think that is an an exception to the general rule, not the general rule.

            1. Just admit when you are wrong Bill, and move on. You are very wrong this time! You obviously didn’t read the article, or didn’t understand it. No harm has been caused yet, because 1639 hasn’t been implemented yet.

              Things are not as they should be, for that I agree, they are what they are now, period. the progressives have been inserting the rules as they go. As such we need to pick the ball up and run with it.

              You are injecting doubt in people’s thought process…Not good for our future. It’s also the hallmark of the “Narcissistic Parent,” which we should be fighting against.

            2. @GK, I would not generally suggest that anyone learn law from Wikipedia, but since it supports what I wrote to Rob Thomas, I’ll go with it.

            3. First of Bill it counterdicts your poo poo breath with a single sentence. Second, obviously you haven’t grasped that both laws do not go into effect until July 1st. Third, Gottlieb, which obviously didn’t learn his law from Wiki, confirms my position in his first paragraph. I leave the sentence from the wiki article and a link to Gottlieb.


              “In the United States, the current doctrine is that a person cannot bring a suit challenging the constitutionality of a law unless the plaintiff can demonstrate that he/it is or will “imminently” be harmed by the law.”

              It comes from “Incorporated Sovereignty” via an incorrect ruling in 1833.

              Just admit when you are wrong and move on…

        1. Or, whenever an out of state friend decides to take a road trip and have a visit, “place your order” have him pick up what you want, or order it and ship it to HIS address, When he comes to visit, “oh what a nice Christmas it will be”. Might be an idea to make sure YOUR name is removed from any shipping cartons before he brings them down.

          Hint: preference should be given to visitors who will pass through Oregon, as that state impose no sales tax on any retail purchases. Bi-Marts in Roseburg, Grant’s Pass, and Medford are well stocked and always have low prices. Every time I intend to visit I hope my van is sitting a little lower on her marks, due to the weight of ammunition in her hold.

            1. Though when placed and sealed in an ammo can that is contained in a metal sealed tool box and reception is less than perfect anyway progress can be made and things can still remain handy.

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    7. And this is why I stopped donating to the toothless NRA.
      Great job folks, you have devolved into a donation industry stealing money from good people’s good faith. KMA. You’ve done not a damn thing for our rights.

      So now the NRA is taking money to learn people how to comply with tyrannical arbitrary laws. Go to hell, you are a worthless association that had long past several your original purpose.

      Californians, it’s time to take up pitchforks and enact godly Justice upon these demonic statists. Hang them high.

      No guns necessary. Amass mobs, draw these demons from their lairs, and hang them where you find them. Anything short of that you deserve.

      Here in Colorado, they’ve taken us so bad with this funny governor and demonic state legislature, I’m refusing to purchase hunting tags anymore. I’ll just take what i want from my land when i see it. Stop giving in. Start taking back.

        1. Oddly enough professional help is recommended by someone who thinks they are Superman’s alter ego.
          I reckon that’s better than Batman.
          Are you taking SSRI’s (mass shooter meds) Clark?

      1. How can ANYONE stop the progressives in Sacramento when the idiot voters of California elected a super majority of progressive Democrats into the legislative offices? You think education is wrong? You think keeping members and the public out of jail is wrong, while at the same time funding the Rhode V Becerra, 9th cir. federal court case? Then at the same time you’ve all but admitted to criminal acts of your own…and that’s supposed to engender respect for what’s right, good and godly? Please take a good look into the mirror.

      2. Yep, best hunting I ever do is off the front porch. Miles of clear sight in every direction. Just me and what ever I decide to have for supper. Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bear it’s all right there.

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