NRA Needs to Get Its Act Together Now

Chris Cox and Wayne Lapierre
Chris Cox and Wayne Lapierre

Fairfax, Virginia – -( Enough is enough. The National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors needs to act to get things under control and to focus the organization’s energy and activities against major threats to our right to keep and bear arms instead of internal squabbles. The current legal fight and internal chaos have to be resolved immediately.

Just in the next few weeks, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is already pushing for a special session on gun control – and he intends to punish tens of thousands of people who had nothing to do with the Virginia Beach mass shooting. In four months, there will be new elections for the House of Delegates and State Senate, and those will come with new maps drawn up by an academic from California.

If Northam doesn’t get his anti-Second Amendment now, he could get it in 2020 if the 2019 legislative elections go badly for Second Amendment supporters. This would be a disaster. This is no time for internal squabbles. This is no time to settle scores or beefs from long ago, and if people bring more drama than results, then let’s get people who can end the drama.

I have already been on record as suggesting that Wayne LaPierre leaves as Executive Vice President after the 2020 election. But recent developments, including the suspension of NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox, now make some changes more necessary than ever. While LaPierre and Cox have past successes, the current drama, and the failure to see the new threats from corporations and social stigmatization that were part of the other side’s long game, including Andrew Cuomo's abuses of power rank as significant failures on their part, and in combination with the internal drama, and Wayne's lack of proper basic business management all warrant their replacement.

Who should replace Cox, who obviously no longer has the complete confidence of his superiors at NRA? Whoever it is should not be a lobbyist, but instead should probably have close ties to grassroots activists. With Cuomo's attacks tying up financial resources, having the activists on the ground will be more important than ever.

LaPierre’s replacement will also need to come sooner, rather than later.

At this point, this replacement should come from outside the NRA so as to have no connection with the current drama.

One very good choice would be former Interior Secretary and Representative Ryan Zinke. Zinke brings wide experience as a SEAL, a solid pro-Second Amendment record in Congress, and was very supportive of sportsmen as Secretary of the Interior. Given the propensity of anti-Second Amendment politicians and extremists to label the NRA as “domestic terrorists,” his service as a SEAL could help immunize against that.

One thing that should also change: Both the Executive Vice President and Executive Director of NRA-ILA are positions that require people who can immediately step in on an interim basis should there be a resignation, incapacitation, or removal. They can not be so personality driven/dependant.

Dana Loesch
Dana Loesch, Ackerman-McQueen and Co need to go.

Think about this: The NRA has for decades helped promote the safe and responsible exercise of our Second Amendment rights. There are some who like to deride the NRA as too eager to compromise, or as a bunch of “Fudds,” or even over its maintenance of museums and involvement in firearms instruction. That could not be further from the truth – those activities also help defend the Second Amendment.

The NRA's technical knowledge of today’s firearms helps Second Amendment supporters highlight the ignorance and fear-mongering from the likes of Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, and Swalwell. The NRA's instruction in the safe and responsible exercise of our Second Amendment rights has greatly reduced the number of fatal firearms accidents, rendering a popular anti-gun talking point far less potent than it was. The museums help preserve the history of firearms development – again to show just how anti-Second Amendment extremists lie, especially about items like the puckle gun. Even the law enforcement training helps protect our rights, by showing cops that Second Amendment supporters support them and that the NRA is not the demon that the media, politicians, and some police executives claim it is.

The NRA must survive if the Second Amendment is to be preserved. Most other pro-Second Amendment organizations are very useful, but the NRA is singularly effective, both in drawing fire away from other groups and in using its power to hold the line in a number of crises. We have enough battles with the likes of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Feinstein, and Swalwell. Fighting among ourselves doesn’t help the Second Amendment; it only helps those who would take our rights away.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics, and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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    1. Well, we will see if Jack will respond within the next few days. I doubt it.

      The minute his little turnaround failed to shake me, it appears he no longer wants to respond. It’s not helping his case either since the original charge alongside the Hypocrisy and deliberate misinformation was that he did not have the balls to stand behind his own decisions without others there to back him up. He sure is proving that right now.

      I’ll wait, incurious, to see if he builds up enough courage to actually debate back and forth his position which currently does not hold water. Odds are he wont, and knows he can’t.

      1. Well, ladies and gentlemen..

        jack finally answered, again refusing to answer for his outright hypocrisy and willingness to lie.

        But then again, I already pointed out he wouldn’t want to have a debate on that as it would mean talking about how the NRA has betrayed us time and time again, and there is no way for him to look good doing it.

        Poor little guy just cant resist making his situation look worse and worse, or my description of him even more accurate with each comment he makes. Tis a pity.

    2. Pathetic virtue signalling and self aggrandizement that ignores what Members, like me, think:

      (1) NRA-TV failed to deliver a return on investment, hardly ever used by members, and was simply pork barrel spending. Its demise is welcomed. Dana had nothing to do with it.

      (2) Oliver North was a terrible choice from the get go as he lacked the smarts and stage presence to advance the 2nd Amendment cause. No one is, or was, better than LaPierre other than Heston and Selleck in that role.

      (3) Chris Cox colluded with Ollie north to remove the present leadership. That was an issue of Trust.

      (4) NO other organization has been better than the NRA at getting a seat at the table of national and state firearm legislation but its unfair to assert they have ANY influence with a radical leftists controlled majority in Virginia

      This Life Member supports Wayne LaPierre in his Exec VP role but I do admonish ‘The Board’ for their authorization of excessive legal expense on numerous lost causes. Stop complaining and start campaigning for 20201

      1. @Jack

        #2- Wayne may have had TV “Presence”, but he has been a walking CF as a leader. He has stabbed the Membership in the back on a continual basis. He has worked to violate the Second Amendment Continually since the 1990’s.

        #3- If Chris Cox has colluded with anyone over the years, it has been Wayne. Wayne is doing what Wayne does however, and Cox is the latest Scapegoat Underling in Wayne’s conceited, narcissistic attempt to maintain power. That’s a real Wayne move there Wayne.

        #4- If the NRA is so good, and has such a voice, then why have they repeatedly sold us down the river over the last 25 years and beyond? Why is it the GOA, with its smaller membership and funds, has more balls and will actually take a no compromise stand unlike the NRA? There is an old saying, “Don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining.” The NRA shot itself in the foot due to the actions of Wayne Lapierre, the BOD, and the rest of its leaders. They are to blame for squandering their reputation, not anyone else.

        So my advice to you Mr. Life Member is to crawl back under Wayne’s desk where you seem to have made your home, because not one thing you have said here has changed the truth in any way.
        1. We don’t trust the traitor Wayne Lapierre, and we will never return to the NRA until he is long gone.
        2. The BOD has screwed the pooch, but they got into bed with Wayne. Wayne is still part and parcel to it. The BOD must be reformed along with the banishment of Wayne, or we are never returning.
        3. Telling us to shut up and fall in line? Oh boy does that psychology work.. Not only will we not stop complaining, we are not going to campaign with you, period. We are more than willing to let the NRA die, period. You are not our leader and you can take your thoughts, opinions, and worries and shove them up your own backside. PERIOD. Got it Nutless? We have had enough, we will not compromise.

        If that hurts your feelings or leaves you feeling like the other side might win, you have two options Mr. Nutless. A, you can find a closet to shut yourself in and cry like the snowflake you currently are about how the rest of us are threatening your fragile little ecosystem because we are not going to do what you want….. Or B, you can grow a pair and get enough courage to stand up on your own, to take responsibility for your own choices, and to win or lose based on the merit or stupidity of them BY YOURSELF.. That’s called being a man. It used to be a thing in this country. 2020 will be more losses as long as individuals like you want to throw fits because they get scared by individuals having the strength and integrity to go their own way and not give up on their principles.

        1. Awe, Did I hurt the little boy’s feelings?
          Your infantile rage and disjointed rant was quite a hoot.
          Be sure to clean up that keyboard after all that mouth breathing spittle.

          1. @Jack
            Love that you didn’t have the balls to try and answer a single one of the questions I asked you. Says a lot about the way you chose to evade with your response instead. =)

            Yeah, figured that’s all you would have. Someone calls you out for throwing a fit because you felt others were “Complaining” not seeing the hypocrisy in complaining about that, and trying to turn your little situation around with a “I know you are but what am I” comment.

            In the meantime, nothing has changed, not one of us who you helped drive out and away from the NRA are coming back. So while there was no rage in my comment, just a disappointed ironic sarcasm and a hope that you might just grow up enough to pull your head out of your own rectal cavity without aid, I can honestly say I’m not surprised.

            So to reiterate, You go support Wayne by yourself. The rest of us are here to stay and not one thing you say is going to change our minds. WE DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK.(That’s caps for bold, not for screaming) We told you what the price would be, we tried to warn you for years, and more and more like us are leaving the NRA each day. Let us know when you decide to grow up Princess.

            =) Have a nice day.

            1. Ok Everybody, its time for some “Splaining” about what Jack missed from his own comment.

              It’s Ironic, someone trying to call another out for “Pathetic Virtue Signaling” would also practice the same pathetic practice, such as this quote…
              “This Life Member supports Wayne Lapierre”

              Notice, he gives a small throwaway point with number one, then sets up his own virtue party with his next three points, of which were pointed out the problems with. In otherwords, Jack told some fibs trying to set himself up to make himself look good. Kinda like Cory Booker, aka “Spartacus.”

              So we all know Wayne here, we know what he has done as we have covered it well enough over the last several years. That’s why we recognize the falsehood Jack was trying to push for what it was, and also why Jack avoided answering the questions asked of him in the rebuttal to point number 4. Do you think he wants to have to acknowledge ever single infringement or action against the second amendment the NRA has had a hand in over the years? Of course not.

              But that is what makes it “Pathetic virtue signaling and self aggrandizement that ignores” what Former Members like us think.

              =) Enjoy the weekend.

            2. Answering your own comment? Hilarious fold.

              Clearly you’re unstable as your vacuous arguments further prove that you have yet to reach adult hood and the equanimity it bestows.

            3. Anyone notice Jack still wont answer the questions?

              How he automatically tries to go back to killing the messenger, as if simply calling me unstable will delegitimize what was pointed out about his arguments?

              “Nutless” was the first title given to princess Jack, and he is working very hard to prove it. =)

    3. Hey USA,
      You’re absolutely right about Trump and I did my part by emailing him and calling the White House about my displeasure with his remarks and actions along with many phone calls and emails to the two other turn coats in my state, Florida. That would be Marco Rubio and Rick Scott . As for Trump yes disappointed but consider the alternative. POTUS elections are always for the lesser of two evils. You votin’ for Biden or any of those other clowns? Do you call and email your legislators? Well do ya’?
      I will point out to you that I mentioned NO NAMES only the NRA as an entity and no individuals you might want to read my post again this time put your glasses on.
      And I did not say hide all your stuff did I? I ASSumed you might be able to deduce that for yourself.

      PS It appeals to me that he’s not a repub or a dem neither am I. The swamp is full of both of them.

    4. Today, and it’s not over, I have received 4 different requests to provide money to the N.R.A.
      Hit on 4 times, in 4 different ways, on the same day. And they wonder why so many gun owners choose
      to not join the N.R.A.
      MONEY!, MONEY!, MONEY!, All it’s about for them is M O N E Y!
      The only thing the N.R.A. has left that’s Grass Root is that both grass and money are green.
      You can be sure that Wayne, and Cris are drooling at the mouth at the prospect the Gov. of Virginia is
      about to have a gun control tantrum. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to puff up their chests, grab up
      their sword and shield, and heroically defend gun rights, thus looking like the indispensable heroes they so wish we would believe they are.
      They should send the Gov, of Virginia an anonymous thank you note, with an election contribution. .

      1. The NRA more and more resembles televangelists who need ever-more money to save us from this or that catastrophe. I must get three to four items in my mailbox per week. Contests. Crisis alerts. And, let’s not forget the wine club!

        There are other national and state-level organizations that should be supported. I do, and others should consider it.

    5. You are on record “suggesting” LaPierre should leave? How ’bout growing a pair and “DEMANDING” that he not just leave, but be escorted out of the building and perp-walked in front of the media off the property? You just can’t help but be politically correct when it comes to the NRA and LaPierre can you? The BEST thing for the NRA and the 2nd Amendment is LaPierre being ousted, forcably.

      1. Dead on target. LaPierre should have been gone already. I am tired of paying for fancy suits, mistresses, and family members on the payroll. He has bilked the members.

      1. While I agree that Dana’s performance at the CNN “town hall” last year was not only her best performance, but exactly the response that was needed, the Angry Dana videos and her other conservative activism make her a lightning rod.

        If you want only OFWGs in the NRA, then Dana is the right choice. If you want people like Colion Noir, Hank Strange and others in the NRA as well, then Dana is the wrong choice. Her response to the Philando Castile case was that he should have had NRA Carry Guard training and insurance. Yes, she was not only engaging in victim blaming, but also plugging bad NRA products. After all, NRA Carry Guard training was a boutique training program for the elite that could afford it and NRA Carry Guard insurance was the worst self defense insurance on the market. Both products are defunct now.

        By the way, what does Dana know about being the CEO of a company with hundreds of employees, thousands of volunteers, and bad financials? Stop looking for celebrities with no experience to lead you! That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Our NRA Board is full of celebrities with no experience that simply do not know how to deal with this crisis now. Any normal Board of Directors would have already fired and replaced the CEO (Wayne LaPierre).

        Dana should continue to be an NRA spokesperson, but kept in check so that she does not go off the rails again (e.g., Thomas & Friends characters in KKK hoods and Clenched Fist of Truth). NRATV has been shutdown over night, so she is out of that job at the moment.

    6. Can the membership call for new elections to the BOD. This body currently seems to be asleep at the switch and have allowed the paid executives to run amuck! Now is not the time for these petty bickerings to destroy a useful and much needed organization. It is time for the current BOD to step in and fix the organization or step aside.

      Come on people, please don’t make the anti-gun lobby’s job that much easier

      1. “Can the membership call for new elections to the BOD.” No! The NRA bylaws, if you can find them, don’t allow for that.

        “Now is not the time for these petty bickerings to destroy a useful and much needed organization.” Not sure what you mean by that, but I will give you a quote from Stephen Gutowski’s recent “Chaos at the NRA” article that may enlighten you about what is actually going on. Read the entire article to find the details (

        “The National Rifle Association has ousted its president and first vice president, watched an open revolt from some members on the floor of its annual meeting, sued and been sued by its top contractor, suspended its top lobbyist, and had its leadership publicly hurl accusations of financial impropriety at one another, while facing congressional inquiries and an investigation by an exceedingly hostile attorney general.

        All in 2019. And the turmoil, unlike any the powerful gun rights lobby has faced in its nearly 150-year history, isn’t over.”

        “It is time for the current BOD to step in and fix the organization or step aside.” Agreed! However, does the Board even have the power to do that? Wayne LaPierre made sure over the decades he has held the throne at the NRA that he can not be simply fired.

    7. Even Gabby Giffords from the rubber gun squad is smart enough to not advocate for mandatory gun ownership and she’s using a peanut husk retrieved off the bottom of Cuomos cage for a brain.
      NRA NGO doing Gabbys work.

    8. Suppressing the voice of millions down to a few paid talking heads is ultimately just plain stupid due to millions of voices are more powerful than just a few. History now proves it has not worked out well.

    9. You know, regardless of how you feel about LaPierre and his past effectiveness (or lack of, depending…) the fact remains that all of this LOOKS bad to nearly everyone! If LaPierre really cares for more than his paycheck and perks he should simply resign. I don’t know the best person to replace him is, but at this point he’s gotta go for the good of the organization!

      1. Ok Everyone. Looks like we got a paid shill in house.

        Poor Carl hasn’t been around long enough to know Harold Hutchison is an NRA posterboy and leftist apologist, who has only recently been soliciting himself hoping to win a little favor from the GOA members here.

        Not smart on Carl’s part, since he decided to spam a bunch of “Stop criticizing the NRA” comments in spite of everything they have done to deserve it..

        Who’s side are you on Carl? Why do you support an organization that has repeatedly tried to sell us out to the left? Why are you supporting a group trying to help pass Red Flag Confiscation infringements?

          1. @Oldvet

            I’m making an educated guess using the highly accurate “SWAG” system, that that answer is to the last three questions I asked Carl, or the comment directed at him is the prize winner for the day. Works for either.

            Regardless, I doubt Carl will be back to answer. Call it a hunch.

    10. It’s sad to say but my day’s of paying the NRA my membership dues is over until they clean the Swamp at the NRA offices. Don’t use my dues to take care of Wayne’s little helper or for his personal wardrobe. it would appear that the Board and the Management no longer have the organizations and the members best interest at heart anymore.

      1. I completely agree and will be sending my ILA checks to my state organization. Hopefully they have better accountability than the NRA does. Very disappointed in the NRA’s leadership and board. Sort of say this coming when they launched CarryGuard, which was a pure cash play.

    11. The NRA BOD and executive leadership need to understand, they either work to provide support to the second amendment and the rank-and-file supporters, or they keep milking this cash cow.

      1. We can not wait until after the 2020 election for LaPierre to leave. The turmoil that the NRA is in RIGHT NOW could be disastrous. Just from observing, it sure looks to me like LaPierre wants to show Chris Cox the door since he would be the most likely replacement.

        How is it that rank and file members are not kept abreast of the salaries these guys are getting. Obviously feeling that they should command salaries more in-line with the private sector! The whole ting stinks to high heaven!

        Maybe we should demand that Oliver North or Ted Nugent take over as the interim EVP until after the 2020 election.

      2. Hey NRA, It is time for you to get off of your dead butts and stop with all the dumb stuff.
        The defense of the Constitution is the first priority and only priority you need to have.

    12. “Think about this: The NRA has for decades helped promote the safe and responsible exercise of our Second Amendment rights”

      Ackerman-McQueen was chosen to employ folks and contract out operations as a to insulate wayne from blow back. Classic chicago dirty politics move. By having Ackerman-McQueen do every thing it allows wayne claim innocents, even though he is up to his ass in Ackerman-McQueen connections.

      The NRA has also fear mongered the hell out it’s members to raise money, never really getting anything done and putting millions into private pockets of board members. When there is a win it’s always some one else’s actual victory that the NRA shows up at the last minute tp ride on coat tails and steal credit.

      Screw the NRA. Let them rot and die. There are plenty of organizations out there that actually do FIGHT for gun rights like the GOA.

    13. NRA backed red flag laws and banning bump stocks……..say no more! Destruction of 2A has always been a process of attrition but this is a massive chunk in one felled swoop. Perhaps the greatest infringement to 2A ever and the beginning of the end as the water flows faster through this massive hole in the dyke. These dangerous feel good legislation’s MUST BE REPEALED to save 2A! What were they thinking? Idiots just gave up the fight it’s all over for 2A. This is what should be the topic of conversation. What a shame…………..I’m done.

      PS Start hiding your stuff if you haven’t already and prepare to defend it.

      1. Trumps name was left out of your statement and he promoted red flags and trump stock ban and more is coming so you’re going to vote Trump again and get yet even more infringement? You know he’s a liberal right? Always was a liberal just switched up to get our vote. You do realize finally that they are all liberals right that there are no conservatives? And how are you going to defend if you hid all your shit?

    14. The dirty laundry has been presented. Get off the game playing and get the organization reorganized with a whole group of new leaders. If this laundry doesn’t get cleaned soon it will rot and become totally irrelevant. I am sick of hearing about their internal backstabbing and trying to climb the ladder. They are there for one purpose and we pay dues to them for one purpose. That purpose is to fight for our 2A rights not act like a bunch of grade school kids. Reorganization now is the only way this outfit will be saved. Remember, when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.

    15. My membership renewal is due and at this point I have no intention of renewing. I’m also a member of National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) and the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance (I2AA). The NRA has forgotten it’s original mission and instead has become a cash cow for the head leadership. Until the NRA gets their collective heads out of their as**s I won’t be renewing.

      1. I am 64 yrs old.l live in the communist state of n.y.My inalienable right to defend my life against violent and evil people was destroyed in 1911 buy the corrupt tammany hall politician bill sullivan.Whenever l attempt to explain this l have been often countered with the remark “if you dont like the the laws in your state ,you should just move to a state without those laws”.So l guess if lm likewise upset about the equally egregious practice of cutting off young girls clitoris’ ,rather than demand the unconstitutional practice be stopped by order of scotus,l should just move to another state.My father and George Orwell are screaming from their graves. It is only dumb luck that l have been able to live this long without the God given rights stolen from me in 1911.All the sheep in this country deserve whatever happens to them.

    16. Harold Hutchison has been apologizing for the NRA for way too long. His position now seems to be similar to Hickok45’s: Put the blinders on until it’s so painfully obvious that the NRA is a dumpster fire and then (sort of) backpedal and call for change. But only a little change, one that won’t fix the fundamental flaws in the NRA.

      1. Even Hickok45 is distancing himself from the NRA. Harold can’t even do that; he’s drunk the NRA koolaid too deeply. He doesn’t see what is painfully obvious to the rest of us.

        1. I wasn’t aware that the NRA had a koolaid club to go with their Wine Club but hey why not,Wayne may even consider a cigar club if he has the time.

        2. It is NRA NGO heroin at this point which is much stronger than the Kool-Aid and it’s addictive and has Harold in choke hold with a Monkey on his back.

    17. If we keep shaming the NRA and discouraging folks from donating: are we not sabotaging the largest, oldest gun support organization? I don’t see any problems with the NRA other than a pretty robust media propaganda campaign waged against them? Do you want to be part of that coup Harold? Because honestly Harold, many of us have long memories, and were in this fight until the last of the globalist tyrants are driven from our shores. I agree transparency is in order, but please be careful to cite reputable sources, and do not take things out of context. I have 100% confidence in the NRA, being involved. If I were a card carrying member, I might have concerns, but it’s business as usual as far as I’m concerned. The NRA will work out their woes, we will vote, and life will press on. One thing is certain the Left’s war of deception is still going full steam, so please Harold, tread softy when it comes to knee jerk material that’s will just discourage good folks from joining our ranks.

      1. “I don’t see any problems with the NRA other than a pretty robust media propaganda campaign waged against them”

        Then you aren’t paying attention.

      2. Oldest? Largest? Nice things, but not core, central, key.

        How’s about EFFECTIVE?

        The money hungry powerbrokers long in control have utterly failed to keep the “ship” of NRA on her assigned course.That course has been determined by the MEMBERSHIP. Just like with this nation, WE THE PEOPLE are in control.

        Seems NRA are no longer governing by the consent of the governed.. those who pay their dues.

        Until, unless, this changes back to right, NRA will continue to be ineffecive.
        However, the right to arms, declared inviolate in that Second Article of Ammendment, will continue. Whether those in power tolerate its coninuance is another matter. Let THEM decide whether the words on paper or the right itself will the longer endure .

        Funny thing, though. they seem to fail to comprehend the odds: about a hundred ten million, in lawful possession of above four hundred millions of the devices they hate but do not sufficiently fear. My best guess is they might have near ten millions, largely unarmed, at best.

        Now I ask ye.. WHICH side would an astute betting man favour?

      3. “Are we not sabotaging the largest, oldest gun support organization?” No, we are not! We are saving it from those that are sabotaging it. You clearly have no clue of what is going on with the NRA and only seem to listen to propaganda.

        Withholding donations is all that NRA members have left. The NRA leadership has refused for years to listen to its members. They supported gun control against the members’ wishes. They used donations for personal gain. They created legal and financial nightmares that threaten the very existence of the NRA.There is no accountability and no transparency. We only found out via the NRA’s lawsuit against former NRA President Oliver North that the current head of the NRA-ILA, Chris Cox, and his deputy were suspended. There is still to-date no official announcement from the NRA regarding this issue. Now, the organization is effectively getting raided by lawyers.

        If you don’t see any problems with the NRA, then you must be blind!

    18. Wow there are a bunch of long winded editorials on here today. Yak yak Yak. Let’s start with Wayno reimbursing the NRA for every dime he’s spent on personal suits, ties, shoes and travel for his friends and family. Then resign, take Chris Cox with him and then we can ALL vote on a new set of bylaws for the NRA.

      1. Right on. Won’t happen though. The deck is stacked with turds and they will ensure they hold the power until the NRA is dead and gone. The only thing that I guaranteed is that on their current path the NRA will definitely be dead and gone at some point. Fudds don’t live forever and they seem to be dwindling in numbers anyhow. Who will they turn to then. It’s been a long time since they’ve seen my money and it will be even longer. Sorry Wayne I have a family to feed, your suit addition doesn’t count.

      2. Did not know I had expired …Live member… Got a notice this morning , on the outside of envelope in bold letters “MEMBERSHIP NOTIFICATION August 2, 2019 Expiration” .What was that line Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated .. Same old song and dance more money !!

        Agree … But take 90% of the board with them !!

        1. Got the same notice. If you read it beyond the big letters, then you would have realized that they want you to upgrade your membership by August 2. F*** that!

        2. I received the same notice. It is sitting, unopened, next to the envelopes from the NRA with other methods of extracting money. I hold a Life Membership as well and getting very close to resigning it.

    19. The NRA’s basic membership model has been flawed for years. They offered yearly, package, and lifetime memberships. Okay. However, when things got rough, they discounted the lifetime membership fee thus insulting current lifetime members. Then, instead of getting out and holding fun and exciting events like Trump-style rallies, large-scale shooting sport events, concerts, etc designed to gain members, they concentrate on drilling down into their current membership for more money. How many of us get a letter a week? The gun and truck givewaways are dumb. The public image of the NRA isn’t of a huge group of Americans enjoying hunting, shooting sports, collecting, etc. It’s a bunch of lobbyists and lawyers in suits fighting the government, making broad leaps in logic when defending gun rights in the face of tragic events where some lunatic got a gun and killed people. Now the NRA has an image problem. We’re too easy a target for liberals. They call us terrorists and we have no real response. We need to better inform the people about guns instead of pitting the NRA against them. We need to better illustrate the enjoyment we get from them. Mr. LaPierre has done a fantastic job over the years, but it is probably time for him to hand things over to someone more representative of the gun-owning public. I would add that LtCol North should also distance himself from the organization, unless he wants to pursue a “good will ambassador” type of role. We also need a younger influence from people like Mr. Colion Noir and others, who can re-connect the NRA with young people and generate new interest in the organization.

    20. @Harold H, Think about this: The NRA has for decades failed to get the NFA of 1934 and the GCA of 1968 repealed. The membership has sent in enough money to bribe every member of Congress from 1935 to present, so where did all the money go?

    21. Let the NRA crash and burn. Like a Phoenix, Gun Owners of America will rise from the ashes actually defending the Second Amendment, not starting wine clubs…

        1. Tell me, Hugh, all the wonderful and marvelous things the NRA has accomplished LATELY in the defense of the Second Amendment. Take all the time you need and when you cannot answer my question – which you cannot – screw you too!

      1. Other gun rights organizationsThere are several:
        The National Association for Gun Rights

        Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

        …and the group I choose to join and support and (IMHO) should replace the NRA
        Gun Owners of America

        Here’s an article that lists these and others:

      2. The very first on that list should be the Second Amendment Foundation, They actually did win SCOTUS cases and do fight for you in the courts.

        The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) seems more like a scam to me. A lot of noise for fund raising but no action and no results.

        Gun Owners of America (GOA) actually does fight for you as well, They are actively engaged in DC and in the courts.

        The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) also fights in the courts, See

        Don’t forget your own state’s gun rights organization!!!

    22. I agree he needs to step down. The officers at the NRA should be changed every 2 years. Appointments should be made every for 2 years. For one person to be in an organization that depends on membership longer than 2 years you become complacent. Everyone can be replaced, no one person is should assume the organization owes them a position
      It seems there is a lot of nepatisim. I will put my money into other gun rights organizations.

    23. A lot of complaints, but again no suggestion of what to do. Who shall replace the evil offenders? What should the replacements do? What experience with Congress or fundraising should the replacements have. What level of spending for lobbying is appropriate for you? In short, beside continuing the same nonspecific complaints, what are you willing to do and what are your qualifications to do it? Keep complaining without specifics and all you will ever do is provide aid to our socialist opposition.

      1. If you read the article you would have seen Ryan Zinke was recommended as a replacement to Wayne. Former Navy Seal, Congressional experience and Cabinet experience as Interior Secretary, Mr. Zinke would bring to the Association a wealth of knowledge and most importantly, the inner workings of Washington DC.

    24. If Wayne LaPierre is truly concerned about our firearm rights he would resign immediately. He is now a huge load to carry around and with membership on the decline along with donations its a existential threat not only for the NRA but gun rights if he stays on much longer. The board needs to quit being so pliable and stand up for whats good for gun rights and the NRA. The bumpstock ban, red flag laws that the NRA supports is not helping either. One has to wonder just how deep this goes because the NRA is not full on gun rights. They will throw things under the bus to show they are giving – that must stop. They must start using proper terminology and take over the framing of these authoritarians arguments. Lacking that the inevitable is just being delayed and implemented one thing at a time with the NRA giving up that one thing every time

    25. I am amazed that as the fallout of the NRA putsch occurs the diatribe and the names increase that ” have to go” as well as services that are not directly 2A focused for an organization that was not and is not 2A only.

      i also do not hear much about the “other” 2A groups here, what are they doing that is so fantastic- what are they doing that frankly “sucks”.

      it is almost like NRA is at the guillotine , the other groups are in the wings waiting to pull the cord and just getting you guys riled up as the crowd

    26. Recently received membership packet – discounted rates to resign up and a gift too, all to no avail. Supporting Wayne’s mistress where he hangs those suits, no more!

      The bump stock position and the red flag law support as voiced by the NRA is disgraceful and absolute turn offs.

      Thanks NRA for conspiring to covert the exercise of Constitutional Rights into crimes!

    27. Best article I have seen here. I agree with it. NRA, I am a life member, we must get out act together. The very survival of our NRA and the Second Amendment may well depend on it.

    28. Who suspended Chris Cox . . . and why was he suspended? Was this action supported by the BoD? I am withholding my future contributions until I get some clear answers as to what is going on at NRA.

      1. Sorry, you are not supposed to ask questions, just obey and send money.

        It is certainly interesting that Chris Cox was suspended and there was no public announcement about that by the NRA leadership. We only found out about it from the NRA lawsuit against Oliver North. Makes you wonder who is actually running the NRA. Bill Brewer, the NRA’s lawyer? Why was Rob Pincus subpoenaed by the NRA as a witness in the lawsuit against Ackerman McQueen by naming him as an NRA Board Member when he never was an NRA Board Member, ever? Is Bill Brewer just making stuff up as he goes to charge the NRA more legal fees?

        Note that I don’t have any problem with ousting Chris Cox, just as I had no problem with ousting Oliver North. There are no good guys in this current battle, just different corrupt factions in the NRA fighting each other and burning the organization to the ground in the process.

        The vast majority of NRA Board members are either participating in this or stay quiet, either way, they are complicit in burning the organization to the ground.

      2. Haven’t received any info from the NRA regarding the important issue of Chris Cox being suspended. I did however receive another sales pitch for life insurance from them. Shows where the priorities of the organization lie. God forbid they should let us know whats going on in the organization we fund.

        1. The odd thing is, the “full” NRA Board hasn’t met since the NRA Annual Meeting. So, the question of who actually suspended Chris Cox is quite justified.

    29. I was thrilled when Oliver North was brought in as President and very disappointed when he was ousted. Also, Chris Cox is a very good spokesman for the NRA but Wayne Lapierre needs to go. His time is over and the only way to recover from this entire mess is a revamping of the old guard.

      1. OK, sure. Oliver North you say, and the Iran Contra, mess…aka Arms for Contras……
        -Maybe, quite possibly the head of the fish stinks.
        -Is there is Memory hole somewhere?
        -Ackkerman and Mcqueen, recently terminated. Facts matter.
        -Mr. Cox and Wayne’s world, all are due for a major house cleaning.
        -Way over due, as 4 color, multi piece mailers are really only a Black Goo which emanates from Mail Boxes….
        -The quest is to turn Black Goo into Green Bucks….meaning always, More money please.
        -Many still walk around in a TRANCE.

    30. The evolution of Harold Hutchison’s position is entertaining. The NRA clearly suffers from a personality cult, hence the need expressed in this article to replace Wayne LaPierre with a famous politician. The NRA also clearly suffers from deep corruption, hence the need expressed in this article to not mention any changes to the NRA Board of Directors that is as much as responsible for this crisis as Wayne LaPierre.

      The NRA Officers and the NRA Board of Directors have navigated themselves into an impossible situation. The NRA members simply don’t trust them. Any action to reform the NRA must include reestablishing trust. That not only includes replacing NRA Officers, but also significantly changing the NRA Board of Directors. It also includes an open and transparent dialogue with the NRA membership.

      Simply replacing LaPierre with a politician and to continue with the business as usual will create even more damage to the organization. Certain NRA Officers and NRA Directors need to step down for the good of the organization. The remaining NRA Officers and NRA Directors need to enact immediate reforms and involve the NRA membership in this process. Transparency is key, which will be difficult to achieve with the ongoing lawsuits.

      Whoever assumes the role of the next NRA CEO, he/she should only serve a limited, short term to facilitate the organization’s house cleaning and restructuring. This makes it clear that there is not just simply the next corrupt person assuming this position for decades to come.

      As for Harold Hutchison’s article, it could have been easily written by or for one of the NRA Directors. It will be easy for the current NRA Board of Directors to continue business as usual with a politician as the NRA CEO being the puppet. The NRA membership still has no say an anything, but has a new Dear Leader to cheer for at the NRA Annual Meeting.

    31. Mr. Hutchison. You stated: “using its power to hold the line in a number of crises.”
      Are you able to name even a single one of these alleged “crises”, that the NRA held the line on?

      1. Unfortunately, the executives and board members decided to pimp out the organization for their own gain. The whole system is so convoluted I think it’s beyond repair and it will just wither and die on its own. Unfortunately you can already see there is blood in the water and anti gun forces are very quickly moving to strike. Thanks to their greed our rights will now suffer and be taken away on many fronts.

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