Pro-Gun Group Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey State Police

NJ2AS Wins Lawsuit Against New jersey State Police
NJ2AS Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey State Police

New Jersey – -( Today, New Jersey Second Amendment Society received Judge Hurd's order denying NJ's motion for summary judgement, granting NJ2AS' motion for summary judgement, and subsequently ordering the State of NJ to provide New Jersey Second Amendment Society with unredacted copies of Attachments A, B and C to the 2005 New Jersey State Police Firearms Applicant Investigation Guide within 30 days.

It has been 8 years since we first filed our lawsuit to gain access to the guide. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. NJ2AS compelled NJ to admit that the guide is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all municipality police departments regarding the processing of firearms permit applications and the issuance of permits. This proved invaluable during Operation Establish Compliance, where NJ2AS was successful in getting nearly 30 separate townships to drop their illegal additional requirements and, in the process, our undercover videos and recordings caught the attention of the Christie Administration and eventually led to FARS, NJ's automated permitting system.
  2. During our first appeal, NJ2AS, remarkably, in conjunction with the ACLU, was successful in forcing the State of NJ to revise its regulation exempting Law Enforcement SOP's from disclosure under OPRA. The regulation was a component of the codification of Governor Christies' Executive Order 47. The regulation was revised to only exempt SOP's or parts of SOP's that would cause harm if released.
  3. New Jersey Second Amendment Society lost at the superior court level and was denied the entire guide, but then won on appeal. The case was remanded back to the original judge with instructions to give us a redacted copy of the guide, based on their ruling and the new regulation. NJ2AS was awarded over $100,000 from the court for legal fees.
  4. Back at the superior court, the redactions were in two parts. The first part was content deemed to be investigatory in nature, and therefore exempt from OPRA. The second were the attachments which were letters from the AG's office containing guidance. These letters were deemed to be “attorney client privileged” and therefore, exempt from OPRA.
  5. NJ2AS appealed. The “investigative procedure” portion was upheld and the “attorney client” portion was remanded back to the superior court.
  6. At our third appearance at the superior court level, Judge Hurd, out of patience and unwilling to be overturned a third time, granted our motion for summary judgement.

If anything can be learned from our recent victory, it is that NJ2AS absolutely will not stop, ever, until all unconstitutional infringements on our right to keep and bear arms in NJ are gone. We will seek out and expose every violation, every person who is complicit in those violations and every government entity that participates and/or covers them up. We will bring into the light the negative impact of NJ's poorly worded and over-criminalized legislation. We will use any and all legal means available to do so.

Pro-Gun Group Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey State Police Ruling
Pro-Gun Group Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey State Police Ruling

The State Police now has 30 days to provide NJ2AS the attachments in unredacted form. We will share them as soon as we receive them.

Please click here for the two guides we have been provided:

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  • 57 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Group Wins Lawsuit Against New Jersey State Police

    1. Brennan people who advocate for draconian laws (remember Prohibition) without any understanding or knowledge scare me. Did you know that in the run up to Prohibition at least fifty tons of propaganda calling for banning liquor (and jailing people who would not comply I assume ) were cranked out every month by a dry organization. Gun haters cry like babies that Congress is dominated by pro gun forces yet they spew forth Pravda-grade propaganda with no regard for the facts, they are. 1. Too stupid to use rational logic 2. Don’t care about facts and or logic as long as they get guns banned or both. In any case they scare me. Rule by the ignorant usually results in tyranny. Sorry for the typos but I ruined part of my computer with spilled coffee.

    2. Reminds me of California: It’s so sad that little league wins over administrative details like this are touted as major victories. Every bit helps, I suppose, but dang 8 years and how many dollars just to get the reasons for your denial explained seems crazy.

    3. Cookie those so called assault weapons can save your life. When anarchy strikes such as riots there is no one to protect you but yourself. Those evil AR 15s come in real handy. Back when the LA riots broke out over Rodney King many of the Korean Store owners were able to save their property and their lives because they had AR 15s. No one has the right to interfere with my 2nd Amendment rights.

    4. I did not need anyone but myself to obtain my concealed permit in North Carolina.
      Why is NJ requiring an applicant to have character references? Like I’m not going to bring my BFF”s with me?

      NJ residents have no right to protect themselves while criminals do their thing.

      1. References, 3 of them, are also required in Suffolk County New York. That plus a detailed questionnaire that asks you to list every place you have lived and every place you have worked in you lifetime and an interview by a police officer at the pistol license bureau. It’s a circus.

        1. It can’t be worse than NYC… though, I suppose that it could be almost as bad.
          The only place to apply is at 1PP. A tiny office with probably one liberal-suck-a$$ cop deciding if he should even take your application. I’m retired NYPD and every time I needed to purchase gear I walked past that one door I thought about how pathetic the process was. 95-13.

          1. Kevin again,
            I was also a Florida deputy sheriff (until I was fired for a L.O.D.I.; trust me dont fall for that “Florida Dream” – absolutely zero protection here, coupled with the fact that they all hate NYPD cops and will eagerly arrest you for disorderly conduct).

    5. For Cookie, please learn from a little history. How do the numbers of people killed by random violence compare with the numbers killed by their own governments? Organized power has proven incalculably more dangerous than random violence, which is the whole reason why individuals must never let themselves be deprived of the means to resist it.

      1. Why do all you anarchos who live in rural cup cake land come up with this drivel.
        It’s easy to pontificate from afar when you don’t suffer the consequences, but if you lived next to the urban hood, you would realize :
        a) its not random violence, but ubiquitous violence against others in the most intentional way,
        b) and the numbers by far supersede anything else described in anarcho fantasies, with five American cities included as the most violent in the world (that as compared with cities in third world nations & failed states).
        While anarcho complain about nonsense, the forgotten urban crime victim has to safeguard their lives against reality of real violence (not school yard stuff), and deal with a MSM & District Attorneys (a practicing attorney who is also a politician) who want to treat them as the aggressor..
        Time to leave make believe cup cake and get real.

        1. Your statement reinforces the one you object to.
          Do you really think reducing the law-abiding population to government dependency for their personal safety is by accident?
          What’s the end game to disarming the voters while allowing them to be victimized?
          The ability to remove the rest of the Bill of Rights.

        2. EVERY one of the high-crime/problem cities that you refer to are run by the people that YOU and others like you vote for. All are Democrat-run. If you get your stats from DOJ, FBI, CDC, etc. and NOT from Bloomtwinkle, Sarah Brady, Shannon Watts, Alyssa Milano, Cher, Obama, MSNBC, Madonna, CNN and such vindictive, hateful, brain-rotted mental midgets, you just might learn that we currently rank about 22nd of 23rd on the “violence list.” If you take out 11 counties or 22 cities in the U.S., we are about 3rd or 4th FROM THE BOTTOM. Have you seen all of those “red” counties on the map? MANY of them have not HAD a murder EVER and have no violent crimes occur. Somebody stealing a pig of an ATV? Possibly.

        3. In one thing you are correct and you don’t even realize it. Progressive public policy has been the direct cause of cultural and social collapse within the urban (read black) communities you reference. So now you want to impose more failed progressive public policy on the rest of the nation. The rest of the nation has resisted and that is why we red zone folks do not suffer the ills you all suffer in your progressive utopias.

    6. I grew up amongst neither Democrats nor Republicans ( I’ve since learned that they’re actually both the same), I grew up, and was raised by just people who do not trust the government.
      I have since been forced to move to Maryland, to an area that’s supposed to be a bastion for good, honest, country people who are independent and hard working, the Eastern Shore.
      Maryland has been violated as much as a $2 whore but they cant seem to come together for anything, not even something they claim to cherish as much as their freedom, they’re too self absorbed, self centered, all they care about is themselves AS INDIVIDUALS.
      Sure, there is a small group of good guys who care about ALL things guns no matter whether or not it’s something they are interested in or not but mostly if it doesnt concern them and their specific interests they couldn’t care less. Way too many rich fowlers here, all they care about is their $16,000 shotguns and everybody else can go to hell.
      NJ apparently has a great bunch of fighters who will fight even for a stranger.

    7. In NJ I was denied my application for a firearm permit. The reason that they denied me because I made 52 calls in 37 yrs. to report suspicious activity to the police. I passed all criminal, mental and standard background checks.
      Because I was denied a firearm permit it created a record that would deny me the right to bear arms in every other state. I hired an attorney at $1,500 and it took one additional year to finally get my NJ Firearm Permit. No one should be denied 2nd Amendment for “Neighborhood Watch” because the police are paid to protect our safety. Despite, having impeccable references, a reverend, majority of my neighbors signed a petition basically that they too have called police numerous times for suspicious activity and they should not be penalized for calling the police.
      Furthermore, my police calls helped to apprehend thief in the midst of stealing a bike, strangers reported during surveillance of the neighborhood and helped to protect small children from wild animals and strangers.
      The police projected my image as an unstable false abuser to get the police to check the area. In essence, all 52 calls in 37 yrs. averagering 1.5 calls per year was legitimate for the police to respond and my Firearm Permit was granted. I believe that my $1,500 attorney fee should have been returned because I never did anything wrong to be denied my right to bear arms. Should I sue the place that denied my right to bear arms which forced me to clear up my record as stable and responsible for humiliation of my reputation…[email protected]

      1. It’s definitely a bit nutty to keep calling the police every time you see your own shadow. But by no means should that disqualify you from owning a firearm, assuming you don’t have any other disqualifications. The fact that they used that as an excuse to deny you shows how rogue and how criminal and how willing to operate outside the law our local police departments really are.

      2. My take away from your statement was that the police were maintaining your call records for almost four decades. What the hell?…they actually keep minor stuff like that on file forever? Gimme a break.

        Next time, use a pre-paid Tracfone from Walmart and make an anonymous call.

      3. You have done nothing wrong and if you could get someone to sue them, you should… What it shows me is that the police don’t want to be bothered and that they don’t care about the people they are supposed to be protecting…. OR in fact they feel they don’t want or need to protect you…. Excellent case for self-defense, the cops are only there to follow up AFTER the fact and not to DEFEND anyone… YOUR “DEFENSE” is up to YOU !!!!! It is now, always has been and always will be !!!

    8. I got my first gun when I was 3 I shoot my first gun when I was 7 a 22JC Highins I still have it. I grew up in Lakewood and remember the reason Lakewood was the summer home to the extremely wealthy ( Rockefeller Guild Ford ect.) How our country has changed. Just like Lakewood. Not very good. Just think what will happen in the future if the left isn’t stoped.

    9. I am a responsible gun owner, purchased solely for my protection. I am against lenient laws, rules and regulations allowing individuals to possess firearms other than a pistol or rifle (for hunting). There is no place for any automatic weapons other than law enforcement or the military. I had a background check conducted, witnesses vouch for my character regarding stability and gladely waited until all was processed and approved. This is the only way I believe gun ownership should be allowed and any laws protecting this should be retained. It is the only way I feel secure regarding
      the process for ALL gun owners.

      1. Good for you Cookie. I bought my first gun, a H&R 949, when I was 13. I didn’t do any of that stuff you mentioned. I also bought M-80s, Cherry bombs and Silver Salutes by the half gross every Fourth of July. It was a different country back then.

          1. Ron, Gotta disagree.
            Cookie t is an ignorant, possible gun owner, Roy is just a guy who grew up in the free US.
            I grew up in the Mid-West, proud to be from Fly-over. EVERYBODY celebrated the 4th exactly as Adams said it always should be celebrated. We all had guns from childhood and were taught to use them safely. Hunting is important and so is protection. Against any threat.

            1. @Dave in Fairfax, Growing up free is a really good point. The first rifle I ever bought was single shot, bolt action, .22, and the only paperwork was a receipt for cash. On the way home on my bicycle, I stopped at the hardware to buy ammunition. The hardware store man suggested that I get .22 shorts. The only paper work was a receipt for a cash transaction. I was seven.
              On my 17th B-day, my dad determined that I was mature enough to buy a pistol, and gave me permission. Went to the hardware store and bought a .22 single action. The only paper work was a receipt for a cash transaction. Permission, after due consideration, came from someone that knew me and my character.
              Two businessmen, numerous people that saw me and knew me, and my family, were all involved in permuting me to buy guns and ammunition. No legislature, statute, or government bureaucrat can match those safety standards. And young people will never know such freedom.

        1. “… .lenient laws … regulations allowing … no place for automatic weapons except law enforcement (to use on the civil population?) … vouching … checking … (more) allowing…” A slave with no rights mentality, Doubt that she owns a firearm and is certainly not responsible. Ceding other peoples’ rights away is not responsible because that is how the cookie crumbles.

      2. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs and your feelings.

        You are certainly NOT entitled to restrict my, or anyone else’s rights, based on your feelings and beliefs.

      3. Automatic weapons are already illegal for most and highly regulated. I’m surprised you mentioned them seeing as how you went thru the purchasing process.

      4. I am a retired trained military person and have police experience. I am trained on carrying weapons at all times. I have had concealment permits in previous states, but was discouraged to apply in New Jersey by local police because it will not be approved. New Jersey is restrictive on those responsible who follow laws. This allows crime to flourish by those who do not follow laws.

      5. Cookie, go talk to Carol Bowne about how the New Jersey laws on firearms keep innocent people safe by delaying their permits to purchase firearms. You will have some difficulty doing that, she was killed in her driveway by her ex-boyfriend who stabbed her to death – so much better than if he used a gun or if she had been “allowed” to have a firearm. The police were able to arrive just in time to review her home security camera footage of her being slaughtered. That same department also illegally delayed issuing her permit past the legal time to either approve or deny it.

        You are fortunate that delaying/deny your right didn’t cost your life. She isn’t the only woman with a protective order to be killed by an ex-boyfriend/husband. There are those still alive that protected themselves with firearms – a right you are dismissive of.

        As far as automatic weapons, we still are “allowed” to own them. They are highly regulated and very expensive – an M-16 costs over $20,000, and it will not be a new one, either. In 1986, the federal automatic weapons ban took effect. No new automatic weapons are available to private citizens. However the law grandfathered in ones manufactured in 1985 and prior. There has not been a reported crime in over 40 years where an automatic weapon was used in the USA. Automatic weapons are also banned in France, however, in recent years they have had mass murders where automatic weapons were used. Bad people do bad things and will use whatever tool/weapon they want.

        The worst mass murder in a school in the USA did not involve firearms, but explosives – the Bath School bombing, 1927.

        Getting a background check, a “cool down” period, and any other scheme you believe makes you safer is only in your mind. Several of the recent mass shooting events were by people that passed background checks, had their firearms for at least several years, and used “low” capacity magazines – the 10-round mags that those who are anti-right believe will keep use safe. The only commonality in the shootings were they all occurred in places where their victims were wittingly disarmed and made defenseless by policy or law.

        Your belief that having someone vouch for your character makes us safe is amusing. Criminals vouch for each other all the time, when questioned by police or a prosecutor. It wouldn’t be difficult to have one “vouch” for another in writing, too. As long as the person didn’t have a background that would make them a “prohibited” person, he/she could still, then, like you, obtain a firearm. Also, there is something called a “straw purchase” whereby a “prohibited” person has someone that can pass a background check purchase the firearm for them – also illegal, though. That makes the system that gives you the warm fuzzies irrelevant and worthless in keeping firearms out of the “wrong” hands. That method is often used by prohibited persons to illegally obtain firearms. Studies of prisoners have found most that have used firearms have gotten them by theft, the black market, and friends and family (aka straw purchases). Criminals do not undergo background checks, waiting periods, nor any other “feel good” scheme you believe makes you feel safe. These schemes do make legally obtaining firearms onerous, and costly, and are designed to make people not want to go through the process.

        You were fortunate to have people willing and able to “vouch” for you. Not everyone would want to discuss their wanting to purchase a firearm with friends and family – it’s none of their business. And not everyone has friends and family to vouch for them – dead, moved, etc.

      6. The problem is not the laws, but the corrupt police departments who violate those laws every day. The law states exactly what must be done in order for the police to approve a firearms application. But police departments give out firearm permits whenever and if ever they damn well please, because they know there are no consequences for violating the law.
        If you want to have a law that makes you apply for a gun permit and says you get it in a month, OK, well that’s a bit harsh, but how do we get the corrupt cops to stop breaking the law?

      7. Automatic weapons that is machine guns have been outlawed since 1934 except under very restrictive circumstances. I live in New Hampshire where we have practically no gun laws nor do we have any crime

        1. @Old salt…Would you be required to get a license for your hands and feet if you took a martial arts class ? Would they be fully automatic assault weapons and would you be required to lock them up when you were not out assaulting someone?

      8. Cookie, you don’t get it.
        At this point, one has to concede that if the military were turned against the citizens there is no hope. Despite the extreme impact the likelihood of such an event is relatively low.
        The RISK is the power of Federal Agencies which the SCOTUS failed to meaningfully curtail. Those agencies have a significant likelihood of being misused against the citizenry.
        Any weapon or defense system in possession of a non-military Federal agency should be in the possession of the general public without tractability by the agencies.

      9. You very obviously don’t understand anything about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, Cookie. You fail to understand how and especially why this country was founded. Only “government officials” and their boot lickers are ever “reasonably safe” in a totalitarian regime, which you are advocating. The communists (democRATS) in this country want to totally disarm ALL law abiding citizens so they can enforce complete control over their “subjects” (slaves). You need to educate yourself on human history and the history of totalitarian type “government”.

      10. Cookie,
        I read some of the responses to you, and feel like I should apologize for things that were said to you, by other gun owners. It is never right to speak so badly to someone who simply has a different opinion than you. If you had attacked someone, that would be a different thing.
        If I may, I would like to address the body of your post. You think it is the proper way to allow a gun purchase only by first having a background check, and then having witnesses vouch for your character. And then a waiting period. You then go on and say that you believe that it should be the same way for everyone else.
        I could talk about many of these things, but first, if you will, substitute the 1st amendment for the 2nd amendment. So now, before you are allowed to write a letter to the editor to your paper, or to attend a church, or even pray in public, or before you chose to write a letter to your congresscritter, you first must pass a background check, have several people vouch for your good character, and then follow a prescribed waiting period.
        It really sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Because it is. The freedoms described in the 1st amendment are not freedoms given to us by government decree, but they are existing freedoms, or rights, that all humans possess, and the 1st amendment only serves to call attention to the fact that these freedoms do indeed exist, and the government cannot take any of them away from us. The very same thing goes for the 2nd amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is not a right given to us by the largess of the government, but rather, it is a right that all human beings posses, that of self defense, using the modern weapons of the day. And by enshrining it in the constitution by way of the 2nd amendment, the founding fathers were once again, seeking to serve notice to any following government institution that our rights in this area were not touchable by them. Unfortunately, we as a people have allowed the government to get away with the slow erosion of many of our rights, not just our 2nd amendment rights, but also our 1st amendment rights. Do you remember the event a few years ago, out west, where a group of cattle ranchers and their supporters were protesting against the BLM, and the federal government set up a so called ” free speech area”, where anyone was able to talk in complete freedom, but they were not permitted to speak about the issues any place else? I hope that doesn’t seem reasonable to you.
        And so it is for those of us who are both lovers of freedom and students of history. We do not accept the right of the government to either have a list of our names, as to who owns firearms, nor a list of the type of guns we own, and we especially object to the idea that the government is able to tell us what kind of firearms we are able to own.
        From a cursory reading of your post, it seems like you may not understand just what kind of a weapon that the liberals have taken to calling an assault weapon actually is. The real definition of an assault weapon is a rifle of an intermediate caliber, capable of using detachable magazines, and capable of select fire. That means that they are able to go from a single shot, or semi auto, to a fully automatic, or in some cases, instead of fully automatic, they have a 3 round burst, that fires 3 rounds and then a separate trigger pull is required. The modern sporting rifle that is the most popular rifle sold in the United States today, sometimes known as the AR 15, is not an assault weapon. While it can fire an intermediate round, which means something between a pistol round and a full powered rifle cartridge such as the .308, which is also known as the 7.62 NATO round, and in most cases the AR 15 fires the 5.56 or the .223, the gun is versatile, in that it can also, with a few modular changes, fire other rounds, which makes it so appealing to modern gun owners. Instead of having to buy several different guns for each purpose, they can just buy the one gun, an AR 15, and then buy a different upper, or barrel assembly, and convert it to a .300 blackout, a newer cartridge that while it still fits in the same gun, is a .30 caliber round, that can be used for deer hunting, or similar sized game. Or, with a different upper, the gun can also shoot a round called the 6.5, which is again a heavier round that gives more range, for hunting where shots of longer range than a normal 5.56 round will work well.
        But we are not done. One other round will also fit the platform with just a barrel change, and I think, a change in the bolt face. That is the .450 Bushmaster. This is a much, much heavier round, which will still fit within the same magazine, and the same platform, and is again a much larger round capable of taking big game at longer ranges of 250 yards or so.
        Just a couple of last thoughts. I have two sons, who both hunt. I own a few guns, which I want to hand down to them, when I die or can no longer hunt. By your theory, I should have to have a background check run on both of my sons before they can get my used guns. Or if I have one of these guns, that I just don’t like, say it kicks too hard for my aging body. So I want to sell it, I find a buyer, and now what? I have to run a background check on him or her. Just how do you propose I do that? Go to a dealer and have them do it for me? Sure, that sounds great, but there are many dealers here who charge 50$ to process that kind of background check. If I am trying to sell a 300$ shotgun, adding a 50$ processing fee on top of that suddenly makes my gun unsellable. The buyer can just go to a gun store, and buy a brand new gun for say 400$, and get a guarantee, plus a place who will stand behind the purchase if the gun should have a faulty firing pin or such.
        Do you want to pay a 50$ processing fee before you can post on facebook? Your free speech is suddenly not so free, is it?
        The problem is that everytime we hear the term common sense gun laws, they only make things much harder for the law abiding citizen to own a gun, while they do nothing to stop the criminal from getting their gun. In fact, the courts have even said that the government cannot force a criminal to answer questions on background checks that might disqualify them, due to the right to not incriminate themselves. So lets either look for a way to actually keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them, while not forcing legal owners to jump through hoops, or find some other way to protect the public. The newest legal trick, that of the red flag laws, is yet another example of illegal seizure of guns from a person, without trial or even the chance to rebut the accuser in court. Tell me how that is in any way shape or way fair or legal. If someone is so much of a danger that they should not be able to keep their guns, then they should not be allowed to walk the streets either.
        I know I have given you a lot to consider, but I think that there is so much more that could be said. This is just a small part of the reason that gun owners as a rule, do not approve of anymore gun control laws, no matter what the so called polls might attempt to say. Just look into those polls, and you will quickly find the bias.

      11. What happens to you and your guns should ANYONE decide to charge under the “red flag” laws for whatever reason?
        “Automatic” weapons are effectively outlawed. Only those manufactured or registered before May 19, 1986 are “legal” and those require a stringent background check, taxes, and inspection by agents of the batfe (those same fellows who ran the “fast and furious” gun supply to mexican drug gangs).
        Background checks, wait periods, witness testimony, and nebulous “need” requirements are a direct violation of the Second Amendment’s clear language, and have resulted in more than a few deaths.
        Having fired full auto weapons, I can verify that they are a great way to draw attention and waste ammunition. Accuracy is problematic.
        Gun ownership is a RIGHT by the Second Amendment.. It’s not anything to be “allowed” or denied by any government or official.

      12. I think your confused, we haven’t been able to possess automatic weapons in a very long time….. but no one here is talking “lenient” gun laws. Tell you what, don’t stop for gas the next time you go to shoot, even if your guns and ammo are all locked up in storage boxes, separated as possible . In NJ that can get you a felony. Gotta go to and from without stopping.. yup, that’s lenient.

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