Daily Gun Deals: Surefire AR15 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI $369.99 FREE S&H Code

Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI FREE Deal
Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI FREE Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has a sale on the innovative Surefire AR15/M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI for $369.99 after coupon code “M8Y” and FREE shipping. You save $61.00 plus shipping.Buy Now Gun Deals

Invented by Jim Sullivan, one of the original designers of the M16, the SureFire Optimized Bolt Carrier (OBC) is designed to improve the functionality of an M4/M16/AR variant weapon system during both unsuppressed and suppressed firing. This patented design makes numerous improvements to the standard Mil-Spec full-auto bolt carrier group which allows more time for reliable feeding of ammunition from the magazine, nearly eliminating bolt-over-base malfunctions. The OBC also delays unlocking of the bolt during the firing sequence, which allows expanding gases more time to exit the bore, in turn reducing back-pressure gases exiting the upper receiver group. Additionally, the neutrally balanced counterweight improves carrier and barrel extension lock-up, nearly eliminating bolt bounce. The OBC also reduces felt recoil, allowing for better tracking of sights and more control of the weapon when firing. Coated with an advanced anti-friction coating, the OBC resists friction during use and makes cleaning easy. For the ultimate in reliability, choose the SureFire OBC.

Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI $389.99 FREE S&H Code

The Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group is well reviewed:

Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI FREE Cart Check 06/21/2019:

Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI FREE Cart Check
Surefire M16 Optimized Bolt Carrier Group MPI FREE Cart Check

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Daily Gun Deals Banner
Daily Gun Deals Banner

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My rifle runs great with a $49 PSA BCG !!
Tell me why I need to spend $369???


Maybe it’s just me. $60 off and it’s still $370?????? It’s a frikken BCG!!!! Someone PLEASE educate me here.

Austing Miller III

@Baldwin, there was a show on one of the outdoor channels a while back about Mr. Sullivan where he discussed this BCG and why he felt it was such an improvement (as this article does.) While I am certainly not an gunsmith and wouldn’t even be considered much of an AR fan, it is my understanding that Mr. Sullivan IS the industry expert in these firearms. This upgrade certainly wouldn’t be a good investment for me but I can see where serious shooters of the AR would find the improvements worth the price. It IS just a BCG but both… Read more »

No one of consequence

The surefire webpage has a link for the OBC from its “tactical equipment” pulldown menu but returns ‘page not found.” Optics Planet lists it as discontinued.

Is this in fact the case?

Dave in Fairfax

BROWNELL’s has it, but the daily deal looks to be over. It was at Brownell’s, not at the surefire website.
https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-carrier-groups/m16-optimized-bolt-carrier-group-mpi-prod128171.aspx $389.99 down from $429

No one of consequence

Not the point.
If it’s discontinued, it puts a rather different light on the “discount.”


On Surefires website it says “available exclusively at Brownells”, so it seems its not so much “discontinued” from Surefire, but more discontinued from Optics Planet (and other retailers besides Brownells) being able to sell it.