‘Unique Tool’ for ‘Gun Suicides’ Offers False Hope, Invites Tragedy

People contemplating killing themselves need real help, not phony virtue signaling from gun-grabbers. (Édouard Manet: Le Suicidé

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Washington State Debuts Unique Tool to Reduce Gun Suicides,” a Tuesday “report” from The Trace claims. “An innovative prevention measure gives people the power to suspend their own gun rights.”

Before we go further, a word about the source is in order. While it’s true that ad hominem arguments are logical fallacies, what’s also true is that – their protests of editorial independence notwithstanding – The Trace was funded with seed money from Michael Bloomberg and exists for the purpose of discouraging private gun ownership. Simply put, the biased venture reeks of personally motivated gun-grab agendas.

Personal motivation is what’s behind this latest bright idea. It’s the brainchild of a self-described bipolar law professor who has struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. The basic idea is to put yourself on a “no buy” list to prevent impulse purchases. If you feel better a week later, you can take yourself off and the record of the waiver must be destroyed.

That seems a hell of a loophole, and presumes a lot more is understood about mental health than actually is. And it’s all based on self-diagnosis by someone in severe emotional distress, whose at-the-moment presence of mind is the sole determinant of reliable judgment.

There are so many other variables that make this “bipartisan” law ludicrous, such as what happens if someone already owns guns (what, no provision for confiscation?), or if pills, rope and bridge alternatives are available, but let’s just focus on one truism: Anyone who can’t be trusted with a gun can’t be trusted without a custodian. To deny that is to invite disaster.

If you believe you’re going to kill yourself – by any means – you seriously need intervention and treatment. If certifying to the authorities that you can’t be trusted with a gun because you fear you’ll blow your brains out isn’t cause for an observation commitment, what is?

To take it all back in a week and expect everybody to act as if nothing happened is just nuts. Worse, it makes it appear something is being done at the very time real help is needed most.

So naturally, the Bloombergians at The Trace, being unique tools of the disarmers, are presenting this as exciting and new, and something that will make an appreciable difference while being voluntary (for now). Promises that “The waivers are designed to be confidential, and can’t be used in legal proceedings, or as a condition of employment or mental health treatment” are hardly compelling. Don’t be surprised if that part of the law gets overturned if used to initiate “red flag” confiscations, or if a third party gets hurt and the fact of the waiver is introduced in a civil suit (particularly if it involves jurisdiction matters in another state).

People are free to have reasons of their own not to want to buy a gun, and the answer is simple and voluntary, without a need to invoke the state:

Don’t buy one.

But when disturbed people say they don’t trust themselves to make their own purchasing decisions based on potential lethal consequences and need the state to intervene, that just screams “mental incompetence.” Hell, needing help with a fiduciary trustee has already been used as “justification” for disarming veterans as “mental defectives.”

This is really just another opportunity for the antis to further blame guns for social ills, and to make it look like those who don’t want you to own them are interested in beneficial, voluntary measures. They're not.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 24 thoughts on “‘Unique Tool’ for ‘Gun Suicides’ Offers False Hope, Invites Tragedy

    1. It makes perfect sense.
      Once this fails (it doesn’t really matter how often) there will be the cry that suicidal people are not reporting themselves, therefore the State needs to make the determination of who can be trusted with a gun.

    2. “Suicide is a long term solution to a short term situation.”
      There is nothing or no one worth killing yourself over.

      Shame on every Gun Owner who votes Democrat.

    3. 34 years ago I was in a bad place (and should have been happy with the pending birth of my daughter), and as we humans tend to do, my imagination ran away with the situation. I could only imagine the absolute worst outcome. For weeks, I was so depressed I only saw one way out. Even though I owned firearms, the thought of using one to end it all actually never crossed my mind. The only reason I am sitting here writing this is because the tempered glass window on the 34th floor of the building I was working in did not break when I tried to throw the chair through it. I planned on following the chair out to the ground below. The chair bounced off with a loud bang, and flew back into the room. It made me stop and laugh because of how the chair spun around and landed, and how stupid I was for thinking that would work. The supposedly terrible consequences I had been facing turned out to be nothing after all, and the depression simply vanished! Even after subsequent trying times in life, I have been bummed out or saddened by it, but never have been depressed enough to think like I did in 1985. I can’t imagine sinking down that deep again, no matter what the situation.

      Banning or restricting firearms will not prevent someone determined to commit suicide.

    4. In Great Britain, with their strict gun control and limited access, the means of choice has moved to hanging. A suicidal person will find a means if determined. The best thing to do is to befriend someone who is down and out and make sure they are not suicidal. If they are, help them find real help. There is professional help. Suicide is one preventable death if some one will intervene. Be that someone to a friend before it is too late. Check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at afsp.org. You can make a difference and it may be in a teenager.

    5. Funny thing about bi polar disorder, it’s cyclical.. I day you are so depressed suicide seems like the only way out, Two three weeks later you’re on a natural high so good they don’t make drugs good enough to reach where you are. Or else you can be so full of rage you don’t shoot people because beating them to death with your bare hands is so damn much fun. Half the time you’re somewhere in between.

      Talk about a revolving door! And the anti-gunners want to have these guys self report? I submit anyone with bi polar who at the same time has enough self awareness to know when to turn in his guns and when he can be trusted to pick them up has more common sense and is saner than 98 % of the human race.

      Also, I have no doubt if you turn your guns in to sit out a depressive or angry cycle the government will pick them up immediately. On the other hand, try picking them back up without having to deal with so much paper work you have to turn your guns back in about an hour after they are returned to you

      1. Once the government has them I do not believe you will EVER get them back, and probably NEVER be able to buy another, legally anyway.

    6. The US ranks 47th world wide in suicides, according to the website world life expectancy… 46 country’s with strict gun controls have a higher suicide rate than the US..The last I checked the US had roughly 44,000 suicides, less than half roughly 19,000 were committed with a firearm, people simply find other ways to kill them selves..The American Indian has the highest suicide rate and its illegal to have a firearm on the reservation, They sit in the middle of the road at night just to get run over…In Japan the rate is so high that the Government is charging the familys for the clean up, It seems jumping is the preferred method..

      1. Nope harakiri was a ritual by dishonored samurai warriors to disembowel themselves with a sword thus commiting suicide .

    7. Regardless of want or need, gun ownership is a choice. If you put yourself on some list to waive your rights, you’re foolish to think you’d get them back without a long and perhaps expensive, fight. You’ve declared yourself guilty and it’s now on you to provide proof of innocence. Careful what you wish for.
      On the other hand, l’d love to see all self proclaimed gun haters, gun grabbers, Leftist idiot libtards give up their guns(cuz they really have them) and sign their rights away. It would be their choice. Leave the rest of us to our freedom to choose. Hmm? What shall l carry today?

    8. So … does this suspend their drivers license and vehicle registration? Does it trigger a tow truck to take possession of their dangerous motor vehicle? Does it cause a review of the medication this person has access to?

      Not that we needed any more evidence of bias, stuck on stupid and a solution in search of a problem.

    9. This is the same state that approved mulching human remains has come up with another great idea. Who are these morons?

    10. Practically every day there is a new, or revision of an old, mental disorder put out by the mental health profession. Basically, they create disorders in order to increase the level of the requirement for their “expertise” ( job security) . It is the same thing many professions do when they make new regulations or alter existing ones to justify their jobs. Do you really think that when the Social Security Administration or the Veterans’ Administration deny a claim and then take over a year to review and approve it that it really is anything but job security? If they were to approve all the valid claims when they came in, then there wouldn’t be a “need” for their jobs, but if they deny most of them and sit on them, then there is job security for years. It’s the same with the mental health profession. Yes, there may be some good professionals who actually help people, but the majority of them are not good or ethical and the Red Flag laws and other similar laws they push and advocate are their meat and potatoes and have nothing to do with “helping” anyone other than themselves.

    11. THE PROBLEM with people getting professional mental help is things like the red flag laws and other deterrents put on firearm owners by doctors and other medical world professionals. If a person is in need of SOME counseling (very little to a bit more) and a gun owner they are leery to tell their doctor or others for that matter, for fear of getting on some kind of threat list and having their house searched and their firearms taken away. It is a true catch 22–and engineered by the anti-Second Amendment bunch through the AMA for political reasons.

    12. Simply an effort to make someone else responsible for your own safety, which is irresponsible! What irony!

    13. I just read the trace report, what a shovel full of bovine excrement. there is no possibility of abuse by the state after someone self-reports and then attempts to get their firearms back, no not at all. just like the erpo’s, there is no requirement to get mental health care, because we all know that you only have one thought of suicide and then you are cured and never contemplate it again. how many alcoholics and drug addicts fall off the wagon time and time again. the professor and author need some mental health care.

    14. You would think with all the money the NRA has they could create a few astroturf organizations just like the left does but……………………………….. Crickets.

      The solution is simple. Convert your dues money for the NRA into ammo. HEED THE CALL UP and join your states Militia.

      1. Simple and failure prone. Equivalent backer$ in modern times would be your Elon-Musk-types and Internet influencers. You need more than guns. Not saying you’re wrong, but there’s a domestic army to meet force with force.

      2. The armed choose between freedom and death. The un/disarmed choose between servitude and death.
        If you have a suitable firearm and a suitable Weltanschauung you are a militia member.
        If you won’t get aboard the cattle car you are in the militia.
        If you think that it’s better to fall resisting tyranny than survive to see defeat you are in the militia.
        Or we can turn to a subject matter expert:
        “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few public officials.” _G. Mason

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