Democratic Party Presidential Candidates Seek To Destroy Nation’s Bill Of Rights


Democrat Primary Debates
Democratic Party Presidential Candidates Seek To Destroy Nation’s Bill Of Rights

New York – -( The Democratic Party is in a bind. This is the inference to be drawn after the first two recently aired Democratic Party Debates. And no less a source of Radical Left, Marxist hate-filled proselytizing and propaganda-filled garbage than The New York Times newspaper recognizes this indisputable fact; and, recognizing it, laments it, but for a very specific reason–one that may not be apparent to the casual reader.

In two recent stories—one, an Op-Ed, appearing in the Saturday, June 29, 2019 edition of the newspaper, and the other, a news story appearing on the front page of the Sunday, June 30, 2019 edition of the newspaper—two NY Times reporters in a news story, and one NY Times columnist in an Op-Ed, express concern, even consternation over the style, tone and mood of the two recent Democratic Party debates.

Several of the candidate hopefuls were falling all over themselves in their call for radical change for the Nation—calling for no less than a Marxist Revolution. Their exuberance was on clear display for all to see.

The fact of the matter is that for millions of Americans who tuned in to hear the recent Democratic Party “Debates” and who listened to the Radical Dead Souls, calling for nothing less than a Marxist Revolution, were less than enthralled with the message delivered. In fact, the majority of Americans were positively alarmed at the tone, mood, and bravado of these individuals who would have the audacity to serve as U.S. President, seemingly on behalf of a Nation and its citizenry whom they really couldn’t care less about, as they seek to destroy the one and to reduce the other to servitude, penury, and misery, serving their lives out in a Socialist Collectivist nightmare of reality.

They certainly didn’t restrain themselves in projecting the most outrageous social and political policy positions and in providing the American public with their prospects for our Country. In that, these Democratic Party U.S. Presidential candidate hopefuls, were clear and categorical about the agenda they are hell-bent on setting for the Nation: a transitional path forward to ultimate subsumption of our Country, our Nation, into a transnational, trans-global political, financial, economic, social, cultural, and legal system of governance. That would indeed mark the end of our rights and liberties; the end of the supremacy of our laws; an end to our history; an end to the very idea of a United States existing as a distinct Nation State as it is subordinated to and subsumed into a new transnational Political, Social, Economic, Legal, and Cultural construct.

The New York Times, no less a proponent for the Marxist overthrow of the natural order of things, exhibited a note of caution and wariness over the alacrity with which the Democratic Party candidates for U.S. President laid bare their plans for the Country if any one of them were able to defeat Trump and actually assume the Office of Chief Executive of the Nation.

In the June 30 2019, article, the NY Times reporters made this comment in the opening paragraph of their news account:

“The Democratic debates this past week provided the clearest evidence yet that many of the leading presidential candidates are breaking with the incremental politics of the Clinton and Obama eras, and are embracing seeping liberal policy changes on some of the most charged public issues in American life, even at the risk of a political backlash.”

And in a June 29, 2019 Op-Ed, the NY Times Columnist Brett Stephens, seemingly grudgingly acknowledges that the Democratic Party agenda is well beyond the pale of anything acceptable to the vast majority of Americans:

“In this week’s Democratic debates, it wasn’t just individual candidates who presented themselves to the public. It was also the party itself. What conclusions should ordinary people draw about what Democrats stand for, other than a thunderous repudiation of Donald Trump, and how they see America, other than as a land of unscrupulous profiteers and hapless victims?

Here’s what: a party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country. A party that puts more of its faith, and invests most of its efforts, in them instead of us.

They speak Spanish. We don’t. They are not U.S. citizens or legal residents. We are. They broke the rules to get into this country. We didn’t. They pay few or no taxes. We already pay most of those taxes. They willingly got themselves into debt. We’re asked to write it off. They don’t pay the premiums for private health insurance. We’re supposed to give up ours in exchange for some V.A.-type nightmare. They didn’t start enterprises that create employment and drive innovation. We’re expected to join the candidates in demonizing the job-creators, breaking up their businesses and taxing them to the hilt.”

Keep in mind Brett Stephen’s account of the Radical Left agenda does hit the mark. What he says concerning the fears of those whom he refers to as “ordinary Americans” isn’t hyperbole.

What the NY Times finds objectionable, apparently, is that the Democratic Party U.S. Presidential candidates have, for the first time, in the Debates, articulated their message directly and forcefully to the American people—too forcefully; thereby losing, not gaining a substantial portion of the Electorate to their cause.

The Bill Of Rights Would Be In Serious Jeopardy If A Democrat Does Defeat President Trump In The General Election

Repeal the Second Amendment
Repeal the Second Amendment

The vast majority of Americans do not wish to see their Bill of Rights constrained or abrogated. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to see their history rewritten; nor the founders slandered. The vast majority of Americans do not wish to see their legal system subordinated to foreign laws and tribunals, and their Nation subsumed into transnational system of governance. Brett Stephens and Andrew Cuomo, and Eric Swalwell are not those people.

What people like Stephens, Cuomo, and Swalwell fear is an armed citizenry that through its very existence would fight to prevent and would be fully capable of preventing a Marxist-Collectivist takeover of the Country. Thus, they seek to disarm the public. Recall that Cuomo and his henchmen were the architects of the New York Safe Act that places a ban on the very firearms with which the American people can ward off the inception of tyranny. And Recall Swalwell’s intention to confiscate all semiautomatic firearms in the hands of law-abiding, rational, average Americans.

And, recall that NY Times Columnist Brett Stephens, on two occasions, has called for repeal of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In an October 5, 2017 Times Op-Ed, published a few days after the psychotic killer, Stephen Paddock, went on a shooting rampage, Brett Stephens didn’t mince words as he went about viciously attacking guns and gun ownership and possession, making clear what it is he wants. The very title of his Op-Ed made clear his fervent wish: “Repeal the Second Amendment.” He said, in part:

“I have never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment. . . . the more closely one looks at what passes for ‘common sense’ gun laws, the more feckless they appear. Americans who claim to be outraged by gun crimes should want to do something more than tinker at the margins of a legal regime that most of the developed world rightly considers nuts. They should want to change it fundamentally and permanently.

There is only one way to do this: Repeal the Second Amendment.”

And, if Americans didn’t get the message in Stephen’s first Times Op-Ed, he reiterated the message in a second Op-Ed, titled, “To Repeat: Repeal the Second Amendment,” that was published in The New York Times on February 16, 2018, after the Parkland High School tragedy.

Stephen’s argument against gun ownership and possession is nothing new. Americans have heard the same tiresome message countless times before, albeit delivered with more sense of urgency and ferocity, immediately after a tragedy involving firearms in the hands of psychotic or psychopathic killers: namely that society must get rid of guns, but that those Americans who wish to own and possess firearms need not fear, because it isn’t the intention of Stephens, and Cuomo, and Swalwell, and any of the other Radical Left elements in our Nation to take away all guns from citizens. They just want to take away some of them–and they want to add a little more scrutiny on those who really wish to possess them. And, eventually, these people want to confiscate most firearms from the American citizenry; and, eventually, they seek to confiscate all firearms, so that no one may own or possess a firearm lawfully without first obtaining a valid license, issued by the appropriate Government authority–rendering the Second Amendment de facto repealed, as gun ownership and possession would devolve into mere privilege; no longer a right.

Americans’ autonomy and self-determination comes to end once Government restrains the right of the people to keep and bear arms. That is not conjecture. That is ice-cold fact.

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

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Until reputable news media acknowledges and prints the facts that there is absolutely ZERO evidence Paddock shot, much less killed, anyone during the Vegas attack, it will remain a mere “conspiracy theory” and the truth of that nights abhorrent events will remain shrouded by the veil of the “official narrative”. This “official narrative” literally disgraces the memory of all those killed/injured as it shows the governments commitment to towing the line of the status quo, along with its complete ignoring and avoidance of finding the truth about the Vegas attack. PLEASE, PLEASEEEEE, STOP REFERRING TO THE VEGAS ATTACK WITH A… Read more »


I will protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC. I took that oath 5 times and the last time I looked that oath is forever.




I believe the 2A says this right can not be infringed. So the 2nd A is here to stay. 2/3 of the states would not rarify the repeal. It seems this issues is moot.


also everyone look up the DICK ACT OF 1902


It’s moot to the extent of when they create new prohibited categories for speaking against them, defying their will, spitting on the sidewalk, wearing a red cap, driving a white vehicle, drinking Budweiser, posting more than once in a day or being labeled on social media etc. of which could prohibit YOU then moot it will no longer be for you. They can’t get enough support for a repeal so systematic slashing to a thousand ribbons is the agenda accomplished through “prohibited”. Lot’s of people in jail for guns thought their right to one couldn’t be infringed upon therefore perhaps… Read more »


leftists hate the American idea of individual liberty, a.k.a. freedom so much that they are willing to do anything to tear it down. they hurl vile libelous comments about our founding fathers, who were so much more intelligent than anyone since, and anyone that does not agree with their anit-American beliefs. they befriended hostile nations in the past and still do along with cultures that want to destroy America Obama buddied up with the castros, Chavez, putin, the mullah of iran. look at all the cities and states that have been controlled by leftists for decades and tell me that… Read more »


Guns are in their way of stealing all our stuff and murdering us off.
General rule of thumb is only those who seek to disarm you seek to harm you.
To the best of my knowledge surrendering has never worked out well for those who surrendered and besides surrendering is for pussies.
Hurl vile comments back and watch posters not like it. Its a good way to see who has your back. Faketriots will be lured by critical vile comments slamming the opposition.


From my cold dead hands, I am sure they are willing to die for their cause?


“Repeal the Second Amendment” “It was passed to fight off slaves” Do these brainiacs actually read or believe what they say? What part of “….they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights….” do they NOT understand? Here is a clue from just my own personal creed: “I will obey NO man-made law that would deny me my “God Given (Creator) Right” to self-defense of myself or mine, by ANY appropriate means, ANYWHERE!” That dastardly Second Amendment is appreciated, but NOT required…. I have only one dream, and it is far removed from that of Dr. King. My dream… Read more »


In Denver the liberals support Red Flag confiscation and when I confront them over their support of it they say their guns cant be taken because the Constitution protects their rights. I am certain that the entire population of Denver is using the same single brain cell shared among them all. I wont go there anymore unless it is to supply them some match’s to burn their own city down.

R L Diehl

Well, at least they are right inasmuch as the 2A clearly makes any kind of gun laws unconstitutional: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”! Any kind of gun law, whether ‘common-sense’ or whatever other BS name they hang on it is clearly forbidden. The only way to legally pass gun laws IS to repeal the 2A. If you don’t understand what I’m saying I suggest you look up the definition of ‘infringe’ in the dictionary. (Use of the English language is still valid, isn’t it?)

James A. "Jim" Farmer

I again endorse the online You Tube video: “Grinding America Down” by Curtis Bowers. Also, Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” Both can be viewed online. And of course The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at and respectively, and JPFO, Inc. at Both the JBS and JPFO, Inc. remain non-NRA affiliated. No I’m opposed to the NRA. The NRA deserves the moral high ground on instructing Hunter’s Safety and Firearms Training, including Women’s Safety “Refuse To Be A Victim” etc. Too I enjoy receiving the monthly NRA “America’s 1st Freedom Magazine.” But The John… Read more »


Right but the “narrative police” here will attempt to run you into the ditch if you try to show people these “concealed” things you are bring up. Barely scratching the surface of but rest assured they do not control the flow of information any more and these things that were concealed are going to be rammed up their ass’s for all to see in the coming weeks.


The federal government is constrained by the US Constitution. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and Obama hated the negative constraints of the Constitution. The Constitution was only ratified and supported because of the Bill of Rights. Although, Patrick Henry never supported the Constitution, even with the Bill of Rights. The Dims are outdoing themselves in publicly and openly pushing a leftist, collective agenda. This agenda includes the Green New Deal, which has nothing to do with the climate, but is a program to control–everything and everybody. They are pushing reparations, which no one wants. They are pushing socialism, which… Read more »


Repeal the 2nd Amendment and We, The People, will repeal ¥øür Iîƒé.

Rightful Liberty

The point being missed is significant. Our federal government operates (or is supposed to) based on authority that has been delegated to it. It has no authority over the subject of arms, and never has. None at all. If we allow our government to regulate things it has no delegated authority over, then that is on us. When this happens, it should be a torches and pitchforks moment, but regrettably is not. A couple of recent examples were Obamacare, gay marriage and Trumps bumpstock ban. The fed has no authority over any of these items, and any scotus opinion saying… Read more »

Fed up

The democrat/communist party is pro-gay, pro-illegals, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-gun, anti-white hate filled cult. Do not votefor any Democrat/communist running for any office. Hell, put your own name in if you don’t like anyone. The demon-craps want open borders and still over a 1000 a day come up from Central America. You get AOC saying they drink out of the toilet and ordering the Border Patrol to put the illegals up in motels! They also get free medical and free food made by a catering service (can I have steak and lobster?) The democrats pass out democrat voting cards to the… Read more »

John Galt

Politicians that take an oat to defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and then violate that oath SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON AND SHOT! Period. To advocate for the destruction of the constitution outside the well of the legislative body is sedition and treason. It is punishible by death. WAY PAST time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of traitors like feinstein, pelosi, swalwell, and a hundred other open traitor politicians and beaureaucraps that are actively working to undermine the constitution and bring tyrany to OUR CHILDREN and US. TRY them, HANG… Read more »


Not treason, John… federal-level felony perjury (which does indeed carry the death penalty!).

Green Mtn. Boy

The DemoCommies seek to destroy this nation as a republic,to convert it into some dream world Marxist utopia,

Wallace Curry

A chink in their amoral armor. D-bag Swalwell has stepped off the debate stage, to attend to his rerun bid for Congress. CA RNC needs to run a strong opposition opponent to this moron.

Mr. Walkker

Insanity. At some point, down the road of continuous attempted dis-armament, there may be a day when these Gun Grabbing Politicians are actually called out onto the carpet, and charged with the attempted overthrow of the Republic and Constitution of the United States of America. – We know the ONE. The ONE Nation of “The Republic.” ( not the Corporation USA INC.) – But wait just a minute…Black Scribe Mirrors of “Tell Me a Vision” (aka TV) and those DEVICES will continue to misinform the Citizenry. Telling them they live in some sort of a Democracy. -Time to get it… Read more »

n r ringlee

You cannot “repeal” natural, God Given rights. The Second Amendment simply affirms acknowledged rights to self defense and the means to self defense long acknowledged in Western law. This goes back to Roman times, even back to the Old Testament. You have natural rights that cannot be revoked without due process. Progressives know that. That is why they are prepared to murder millions in their quest to achieve Pagan Utopia. Millions of us are not going along for the ride. We have seen the play before.


Current day is 7th and final rise of The Roman Empire and it is crashing apart before our very eyes all of which is open source info in the Bible since were on the subject. America is part of the Roman Empire and yes they plan to murder millions of us, correct. This is why Barry purchased the guillotines and why the Founders enshrined 2A so Americans would be lawfully resisting their own execution on that day unlike the Jews who had no means to resist.

Get Out

IMOA if they ever got the 2nd Amendment appealed the rest would tumble as well, some already have.

Red flag laws already violate constitutional right to due process. Fifth Amendment’s rule against taking of property without compensation. Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Sixth Amendment protects for defendants in criminal prosecutions. Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. The Fourth Amendment, however, is not a guarantee against all searches and seizures, but only those that are deemed unreasonable under the law.


See the insane actions of the “peace” and “tolerance” left for a few years now is starting to make me Cherish our freedoms more and more all the while these wackajacks are trying to take them from us while saying our rights to free speech and right to keep and bear arms is considered “fascist” “tyrannical” or “oppressive”. Despite the fact these liberal hacks are trying to censor those who speak out or question them thru blacklisting, shaming, stalking and physically assaulting them all the while the victim can do nothing but watch their life be ruined by these psychos.… Read more »

Guesty McGuesterson

Yeah, well…all I can say is good luck. Will never happen. A repeal would require a long constitutional process, including approval from Congress, the President (or a veto override by Congress), and then ratification by 3/4 of the States. So really, all that’s needed to block such an attempt would be thirteen 2A-supporting States, and there are already 15 with Constitutional Carry. So let the Lefties scream at the sky all they want. Continue to own and train, and educate the next generation. There will always be enough Americans who wish to retain their rights to provide a bulwark against… Read more »


That’s not the point. The point is that up to now they have couched their agenda in gentle language about common sense and denied that they have designs on the tools of our liberty. Now the mask has slipped and the true malice of their intent is laid bare. The full implementation of the left’s agenda requires unarmed peons, and they no longer even bother to deny it.


You are absolutely correct! They don’t even care to hide their agenda anymore. What is happening in Portland will happen in major cities and eventually the rest of the country if we don’t stand up to them now. They have made it clear their intentions and if we don’t stand together we will surely lose.

Wild Bill

@Abc, And don’t forget to surveil, record, and think in asymmetrical terms, too!