Hi-Point G1 YEET CANNON Has Arrived!


U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- It appears that a Hi-Point is the only firearm the social media folks like to burn, blow up, drive over, bend, throw, submerge, drop from great heights, and even shoot with other guns to see if it will keep running.

That’s because Hi-Point firearms are tough, reliable, accurate and affordable – and that is why you will not see big bucks factory guns get abused and treated like Hi-Points just for the fun of it. Yet the bullets fly out of Hi-Point barrels just as reliably, fast and accurately as they do from the pretty $800-$2,000+ gun safe queens (so don’t scratch them, for Heaven’s sake!).

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get down to business.

Hi-Point’s recent Name The Nine contest for its new 9mm pistol coming out later this year exploded the internet; more than 313,000 votes were cast on the Hi-Point website and more than 450,000 comments were made on other sites. The verdict? Hi-Point’s new 9mm pistol will be called the YC9 and it will be released late in 2019.

At the same time, the clamor rose loudly to also yeet up the long-established and popular Model C9. To comply with the demand, limited numbers of the current Model C9 will be made with YEET CANNON G1 laser engraved on the slide. The laser engraved letters are big and bold; this is no gun for the shy! This additional work will add approximately $20 to the price of this limited edition engraved Model C9, bringing the MSRP to $179.

Yeet definitions are all over the place but the definition chosen to represent the Hi-Point pistols is the primary Urban Dictionary definition: To discard an item at high velocity. In this case, the “item” being discarded at high velocity is a bullet. YEET CANNON is trademarked by Hi-Point Firearms.

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Son of Liberty
Son of Liberty (@son-of-liberty)
2 years ago

I’ll buy the next gen, but it still looks like a pain in the ass to field strip. That’s one issue I had with the C9.

JIAZ (@jiaz)
2 years ago

I see Hi-Point Carbines at my local ranges all the time. Owners seem pretty happy with them and they run just fine.

willyd (@willyd)
2 years ago

I have had 6 Hi-Point guns, 5 worked perfect, traded 1, purchased another one, boy did I think I made a mistake, just flat wouldn’t work! I ended up sending it back twice, with a letter as to how dissatisfied I was with this new one, 2nd time was a charmer, the problem child was no more, replacement arrived, and what a blast with it, perfect, I have put over 1000 rounds through it with no problems, eats all ammo but prefers P+ for doing good shot groups. As far as their warranty they have my vote, just make the… Read more »

Vanns40 (@vanns40)
2 years ago

All of you who said no…..you said no to a $179 butt ugly 9mm pistol that WORKS, that is ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY NINE DOLLARS! Yup, I’ll buy one at that price and add it to all the Glocks, S&W’s, Colts and every other make I own……just because!

Rock (@rock)
2 years ago

Uhhhhh, NO !

Will Flatt
2 years ago

I’ll wait for the Yeet AR15. Wait, nevermind, Aero Precision has that covered!

Green Mtn. Boy
Green Mtn. Boy (@reen-mtn-boy)
2 years ago

Hi Point can keep it,thanks but no thanks.

JIAZ (@jiaz)
2 years ago

This whole “Yeet” thing was quite the bizarre firestorm among “Hi-Pointers” on social media, with even HK? weighing in.