National Rifle Association of America Board Member Committee Assignments

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President

NRA Leadership Board of Directors
National Rifle Association of America Board Member Committee Assignments

USA – -( I recently communicated with NRA board members regarding the issue of committee assignments. While I wasn’t surprised to see one or more board members leak it to various blogs and even a few news outlets, I was astonished to see the level of misrepresentation of my words and intent.

Not having committee assignments is fairly common. We also see it happen in state legislatures and even in Congress when issues arise. Yet, when the NRA does it, it’s an issue. Let me be clear – serving on committees is a privilege. And when some folks are actively involved in trying to undermine the NRA in a manner that I believe is worse than anyone in the gun control movement can, they deserve to be outside until they can be trusted. And, yes – part of being trustworthy includes being able to keep communication within the realms of those who received it.

None of you will be surprised that I’m doubling down on my viewpoint. Here is what I wrote in full. I stand by my words – just as firmly as I stand by my love for the Second Amendment and for the NRA.

~ Marion Hammer.

DATE: July 14, 2019
TO: NRA Board Members and Friends
FROM: Marion P. Hammer, NRA Past President
RE: Committee Assignments

Committee assignments are the prerogative of the President of the National Rifle Association of America. The assignment process is taken very seriously with meetings in person and even more meetings over teleconferences. I don’t know of any NRA President who hasn’t consulted with other officers and leaders before making the final selections.

This year the process took longer because there were numerous discussions. To say that this year is unlike any other would be an understatement. The NRA finds itself under attack. These attacks are well funded. They are well coordinated. They come from noteworthy and powerful gun control advocates.

But, they are not the only ones attacking the NRA. We are also under attack by one of our former vendors. These attacks have been particularly nasty and have played out in the press.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Some within our ranks – members of the NRA Board of Directors – have joined in these attacks. There have been leaks of proprietary and confidential information to the front pages of newspapers, websites and social media pages.

Members of the board have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of our Association. Yet, some have chosen not to do so. When given the opportunity to speak their minds, silence was chosen. And now, after the time to be heard in an appropriate setting has passed, the agitation continues. That is truly unfortunate.

We must now move on. Those who truly care about the Second Amendment and Freedom will move on. The NRA has real work to do. We have significant challenges – the 2019 elections and of course the pivotal 2020 elections. Let’s not forget, we must get through these politically motivated witch hunts in New York and now the District of Columbia.

Some board members were, in fact, stripped of their committee assignments. I know that was a hard decision. But, we stand behind it. I went through it myself in 1997 and it was the right thing to do. Some have made reference to a “naughty” and a “nice” list. But it’s actually more of a “professional” and “not professional” list. There are 76 of us. We don’t expect all of us to march lockstep. But, we must will hold steadfast that board members must act in a professional manner. That is a non-negotiable.

To those who are seeking facts, it is recommended that you review our legal documents – including the attachments – all available in the public arena. If you have trouble accessing these documents, simply request them and they will be emailed to you. Using news stories, a blog or social media post or relying on leaks to form your judgements only means that you’re forming your opinions based on the viewpoint of the author. Who knows what their motives may be?

There are also numerous well-informed board members who have taken the time and made the effort to learn the facts rather than rely on falsehoods and gossip. Reach out to them – it is your duty and in the NRA’s best interests that you inform yourself of what the NRA is really facing and what the NRA is really doing about it.

As I said earlier, these committee assignments are – and always have been – the prerogative of the President. Those who didn’t get an assignment might want to consider whether or not they want to help us save the Second Amendment or continue on a course detrimental to NRA and our mission. The decision is ultimately theirs.

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The first step in an addict’s recovery is to recognize they have an addiction. The first step in reform of the NRA is the recognition by certain board members and executive leadership is they ARE the problem. And that problem can only be remedied by their departure.


An Illustrated Guide to the NRA’s Lavish Spending and Cozy Deals
How NRA Executives and Board Of Directors Are Bleeding The Gun Group Dry


I see this as just another attempt to keep the funds flowing to the needy NRA leaders. So sorry, I ain’t buying no bridges or cruises or vacations to the mountains so you can save your valuable time. Writing these “it ‘s not our fault” letters is the most work you have done for the NRA as I understand it. Don’t write any more letters or you might have to ask for more money.

Ej harbet

Go away cat lady! Take your fellow thieves with you.
And eff nyag! Shes dragging this out because if she cuffs and stuffs the criminals then we might be able to restore the nra in time to help trump


“Wayne LaPierre is Lying” 07-19-2019 “LaPierre himself helped negotiate the deal between their firm and North. And they hint that they have documentation to prove it. LaPierre negotiated the terms of the North Contract directly with Lt. Col. North and a detailed term sheet was sent to AMc [Ackerman McQueen] for completion of the formal agreement, the filing reads. The NRA’s then-treasurer, Wilson “Woody” Phillips, also reviewed and approved North’s contract with the firm, according to the filing, and the NRA board’s audit committee green-lit the contract as well. On at least two occasions, counsel for the NRA has reviewed… Read more »


I am ‘with you’ with most the commenters here… –in fact, in response -and recoil from, the incessant BI-WEEKLY deluge of scare tactics and requests for my ‘hard-earned’ from the NRA (-usually undersigned by Chris Cox or Wayne LaPierre,) I’ve decided to send them a ‘mailing’ of my own; just a simple statement in their return post-paid NRA envelope really,.. (might as well get some use out of the postage -right?) So here is what I am sending back : . “ Dear Mr. Cox, you send me undeniable PROOF that the NRA has made all the perks of power… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Mr. Cox is no longer with the NRA. Maybe, instead of cooking up conspiracy theories, you should follow what is going on in the real world.


My recent requests for moola have his name on them schmardtazz. I am very aware of the “real world” bucko, -confidently knowing I have been ON IT longer than you ‘Charlie’. Now go back to sleep. The longer I have to remain in it, the less I care to waste time with the likes of you.

Charlie Foxtrot

Please, keep writing letters to people who don’t work at the NRA anymore. You are really making a difference with these letters that can safely be thrown in the trash as the NRA is not legally required to deliver them to the addressee.

If you would have addressed it to a current Board member or NRA officer, they would be legally required to deliver your letter, since you are a member and did include your member number.

Since you are talking about wasting time, you did waste time by writing that letter!


I am ‘with you’ with the commenters here…in fact in response -and recoil to the incessant inundation of requests for my hard-earned from the NRA


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to *repress dissent*, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Party Leadership Propaganda Minister

“I’m doubling down on my viewpoint.”
Marion Hammer
NRA Leadership Propaganda Shill

When it comes to holding NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer accountable, Florida Senate ignores own rules

Charlie Foxtrot

NRA = Not Relevant Anymore Marion Hammer talking about other people being unprofessional is quite ironic though. After all, she failed to register as a lobbyist in Florida for a decade and is under investigation for that. Her only hope to escape several hundreds of thousands of Dollars in fines is to rely on her Republican friends in Florida to slow-walk the investigation. Another example of being unprofessional would be the NRA Carry Guard Insurance disaster. The NRA leadership established the NRA Carry Guard Insurance in 2017. In its two year’s of operation, it only created financial losses and legal… Read more »


“NRA money flowed to board members amid allegedly lavish spending by top officials and vendors”
June 9, 2019
Payments (that we know of) to Marion Hammer from NRA Funds 2016-2018
“Marion Hammer – $610,000.00”


Unbelievable, what could she possibly have done for the organization and the 2A to earn that? I think that all NRA members deserve a detailed report!


I support Marion Hammer and I support the NRA. You should too…


NRA paid troll?


It may be the President’s prerogative to appoint board members, but then, that’s why the President has to take the heat for the purge. The BOD has been unresponsive to the members for many years. Those you consider enemies on the Board are simply seeking a way to tell members what has been happening, and who is responsible for it. Since they haven’t been able to do so internally, no one listens, they have chosen to “leak” info. Tough! You and the “powers that be” in the organization have brought this on yourselves. We members demand, and deserve, transparency!

Green Mtn. Boy

Ms. Hammer
You ,Wayne and all management staff including the entire BOD are corrupted and need to go,each and every last one of you. If you care about the 2 nd. amendment,members and Americans rights you will all resign Now rather than drag the 2 nd.amendment down in the gutter with you.


“NRA Is Punishing Wayne LaPierre’s Critics on the Board of Directors”
JULY 18, 2019
“Former NRA President Marion Hammer sent a private email to board members telling them to fall in line or face the consequences.”
Read Entire Article:

jack mac

The President of the NRA, should not make assignments for the BOD, she should dismiss it. Then call a vote of all NRA members to elect a new President. The financial misdeeds and support of anti rights laws have been instigated or allowed by the BOD and executive officers. None of them should be trusted. I suggest to BOD members, who believe they should be trusted, to resign. You can not benefit our organization while lost in a crowd of 76 board members. It would be beneficial if all board members, who know they are untrustworthy and those not doing… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

It is important to understand the NRA bylaws to really grasp how broken the NRA is and how uninformed most NRA members are. The NRA bylaws can be found here: NRA President, Carolyn Meadows, doesn’t have much power, but does have the power to assemble and dismiss committees. The NRA bylaws do not allow for a popular vote for the NRA President. It also would be just a show, while the people with the real power are pulling the strings in the background. It is too early to ask the revolting NRA Directors to resign. This is exactly what… Read more »


Not buying it. Withholding committee assignments is clearly being used as a way to silence the reformists. That’s leftist politics 101. Go away, Ms. Hammer.


“The NRA is Lying”
For NRA to Live, LaPierre Needs to Resign – GTR Spotlight
Published July 19, 2019
“You will not find out what’s going on at the NRA from the NRA, because they’re lying.”
Tom Gresham
NRA Life Member, NRA Benefactor


A toady from LaPierre’s bull pen once again trying to defend the indefensible and carrying Wayne’s contaminated water in a leaky bucket.


In the event that the NRA Board is monitoring this message board, and that would be a wise move, I have some comments: Ms. Hammer, When a person dedicates significant time and treasure to an organization he or she expects a degree of transparency and the ability to interact with that organization’s governing board, particularly during unsettling times. The NRA and it’s Board continue to afford the membership the classical mushroom treatment (feed them horse manure and keep them in the dark). Your letter doubles down on this philosophy. I am a free man and am free to discontinue the… Read more »


Ma’am, you’re lying to us. This is how I know. Your words and attitude are identical to those of the people and ideology we sent you there to defeat. You and this cadre of self-entitled elitists in the upper echelon of the NRA are speaking to/treating the membership EXACTLY as the rest of the self-entitled elitists who barnicle-up to the facilities in northern Virginia treat the bills-paying electorate who pile powdered sugar on the pile of excrement called “these things are just too complex for you to understand. That’s why we’re here. Trust us, and keep those cards and letters… Read more »


You have to take the trash out . It gets to smelling if you don’t!

Carl up North

Dear Marion, That is a bull crap response and the current president and EVP need to go along with you. You three are destroying the organization with your intransigence and greed. I as a Endowment Life Member will not be funding NRA, ILA or PVF until the executives are removed. I will redirect my spending to other 2A organizations.

Dubi Loo

Hey Marion, just answer one damn question (we all know the BOD completely ignores us dues paying members)

How do you cash checks from the NRA for over a quarter of a million dollars and not attend a SINGLE meeting?

I and thousands, maybe millions of members have vowed not one more red cent to the Association until YOU, WLP, Josh Powell, and Tom King are gone!

Resign Marion for the good of the association. Do it today as in right now!

Wild Bill

@DL, The point of the exercise is not to have an effective organization. The point of the exercise is to have cash flow to the personal checking accounts of Robin Hoodwink LaPierre, Maid Marion, and the other staffers (pun intended).
If they really loved our civil Rights to self defense, enshrined in the Second Amendment, they could have bribed our way to freedom, from the NFA and GCA, with the forest of money that we have sent them.

Will Flatt

As soon as I saw who wrote this I knew it would be a superb piece of shillery. Hang it up, Marion!! Till the NRA stops blacklisting Directors who sincerely speak out for reform, the rest of gun-owning America WILL NOT SUPPORT THE NRA WITH ONE RED CENT. FIRE Whiny LaPee-yew NOW!