NRA-Board Member, Joel Friedman, Speaks Out on the NRA’s Record

Opinion and Comments by NRA Board Member Joel Friedman

In the face of orchestrated campaigns and legal disputes, the NRA has made tough decisions – demanding, among other things, increased transparency from its vendors. Most complied, but not all. : File Photo NRA Nine Line  Gadsden T-Shirt

California, USA – -( While I have wanted to speak out concerning the situation at the NRA, I have not due to the amount of litigation that has been ongoing, as well as my belief in the fiduciary responsibilities of a board member and trustee. However, I feel strongly about our mission to protect the Second Amendment, and while I may be maligned by some for sharing my thoughts, I can no longer remain silent.

I am not a Johnny-come-lately. I have been involved in the firearm rights movement for over 30 years, primarily at the grassroots level in California. I have gotten hard, calloused hands from my work, and I’m proud of it. I have been on the NRA Board of Directors since 2004 and served on various committees.

I would like to begin by discussing how we, the NRA, got to where we are today. After the election of Donald Trump – an election in which the NRA played a key role in securing his victory – the other side determined that they must find a way to neutralize, if not completely destroy, our Association in an attempt to win back Congress, the White House, and to destroy firearms’ freedoms as we know them today.

Funding for this anti-NRA campaign comes from people whose net worth is more than 11 figures. Their interest income alone from a month or two is so much higher than the entire budget of the NRA. For you and me, it is hard to conceive of such wealth.

Through the talents of those they hired, these people are working to destroy the reputation of the NRA – and attack our not-for-profit status. As we know, ongoing investigations by the attorneys general in New York and Washington D.C. have caused the NRA to use more resources for legal help than anyone could have ever imagined. But it is a battle we must fight based on our commitment to good governance. Losing our not-for-profit status would put the NRA out of business. I fear it would also lead to a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Beyond this critical fight, we also are waging a battle that could impact advocacy organizations across our nation. Our First Amendment lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) is so significant that the ACLU has filed an amicus brief in support of the Association.

The NRA contends that Governor Cuomo and DFS are trying to coerce banks and insurance companies to withhold services from the NRA as retaliation for our political advocacy. If New York is successful in violating the NRA’s First Amendment rights, then every advocacy group in this country is at risk. We cannot allow politicians to determine who should and should not be in business because of their political or religious views.

In the face of orchestrated campaigns and legal disputes, the NRA has made tough decisions – demanding, among other things, increased transparency from its vendors. Most complied, but not all.

After 38 years of working hand-in-hand with the NRA, it is MY BELIEF that one of our vendors attempted to take over NRA leadership in order to preserve its own lucrative contracts. It is also MY BELIEF that this vendor had, for some time, believed that the NRA’s entire success was due to its efforts alone.

For more information on this, I encourage you to read the NRA’s lawsuit filed against Col. North. You will see what was done, and what was attempted, by this vendor. As we know, the takeover attempt failed. Subsequently, as threatened, certain documents were leaked online with an aim to make NRA top management and board members look bad.

When tens of millions of dollars are on the line, some people will do extraordinary things.

I know there have been comments from certain individuals about how much money the NRA is “wasting” using its current legal firm. I bring to you a quote from Mr. Harlon Carter, creator of ILA, and someone who brought the NRA into the political fight that would be necessary to preserve the Second Amendment.

He said, “I’ll spend every dime the NRA has to protect the Second Amendment.” Ladies and gentlemen, the NRA is in a fight for its life right now.

For those who have had negative things to say about the law firm representing us, I ask one simple question: Name one thing the firm has done that has hurt the NRA? Thus far, no one has been able to answer that question. The reality is, the firm has continuously moved the ball forward and pulled off improbable and extraordinary victories, while handling multiple cases on multiple playing fields.

With regard to the allegations made against Wayne LaPierre – brought forward in conjunction with the failed takeover attempt – I would like to remind everyone that he has given his life to the NRA and to the protection of the Second Amendment. Over the years, he excelled in every position he held and was finally elected as Executive Vice President (EVP) in 1991. During his tenure as EVP, the NRA grew from an anemic less-than-two-million-member association into a more than five-million-member powerhouse.

From his days as an NRA lobbyist to now, Wayne has played a pivotal role in our greatest accomplishments. For instance, when we kept the Gun Control Act of 1968 from taking your guns. When we lost on the “assault weapon ban,” but were smart enough to push for a 10-year sunset clause that expired. When we passed the ’86 Firearm Owners Protection Act, we stopped excessive waiting periods and one-gun-a-month purchase schemes. The NRA led the fight to increase carry states from three to more than 40. Consider the NRA’s growth, under Wayne, from the standpoint of influence, finance, and power.

Some claim his time has passed. I disagree. Wayne is still guiding the NRA faithfully, strategically and correctly through the most difficult time in its 150-year history. And after four decades, Wayne knows more people, has more insight, and garners more respect than anyone I know. His absence alone would create problems not only for the NRA but for the defense of the Second Amendment.

Waynes’ Wardrobe

I want to directly address all the “lavish” spending that Wayne has been accused of.

Over the last 15 years, he has done hundreds of media interviews, campaign commercials, and attended thousands of events in promotion of the NRA and the Second Amendment. His wardrobe expenditures were directed by Ackerman McQueen. The agency invoiced the NRA for the clothing as a business expense.

During that same period, Wayne was responsible for helping to raise $300-400 million annually, or $25-33 million a month. But for discussion purposes only, let’s say that Wayne, through his direct involvement in speeches and media appearances, helped raise roughly $8 million a month (that’s 25%). That translates in 15 years to $1.5 billion. In that circumstance, the money spent on clothes is miniscule – not to mention the number of people this money helped elect who have stood by us and helped us save the Second Amendment.

Now, go and check other large associations in the hundred(s) million-dollar world and see what their CEO is getting in total remuneration. The truth is, Mr. Wayne LaPierre is one of the most underpaid people in the giant trade and interest group world by percentage.

Wayne’s Trips

Now let’s talk about the trips. These trips were to secure and interact with both donors and high-profile individuals and to arrange for the donation of firearms. Do you think the NRA’s high-profile supporters magically appear to support our cause? Do you think that this happens overnight? That is what Wayne and only Wayne can do based on his reputation.

So the idea that his time has passed and it’s time for him to leave is probably the single largest mistake anyone can make. Everyone should not only be thankful but should pray for his continued good health and dedication. This man has received more death threats than almost anyone else on the planet. For Pete’s sake – Google it – it’s public knowledge – Wayne LaPierre was “swatted!” He and his family have been targeted in more ways than anyone can imagine.

Let us discuss what some of the anti-NRA, anti-Wayne people are saying, “I don’t know what’s going on but …”.

Now to be fair, that’s because they don’t know, and they can’t know the details because of the lawsuits as well as the New York investigation. Therefore, isn’t it ludicrous for anyone to make decisions and proclamations after admitting they’re ignorant of the facts?

I ask you to consider this for a moment – do you think that there’s anyone better equipped to guide the NRA during these challenging times? The neophytes who are agitating would get their clocks cleaned in about 2 hours! Even our former chief lobbyist – as talented as he maybe – wouldn’t be able to navigate this. Let’s face it – the reason the opposition wants Wayne gone is that they know without him, it’s easier to take down the NRA. And, now, we have some so-called pro-gun types naively joining the chorus!

Wasting Money And No Oversight

The last part of my message has to do with the concept that the NRA is wasting its money, and there is no oversight. Not only do we have a Treasurer’s department, but we also have a finance committee overseeing the organization, and we have an audit committee. We are all under such a microscope that I personally have been refused payments for expenses I have incurred because I only had credit card statements and not the actual receipts. This idea that the board and top management are ripping off the organization is just another attempt to separate us and to neuter our ability to do the job we need to do in 2020, which is to protect the rights of firearm owners in America. No one else can do it, and if we all don’t stick together and stop letting the haters and the media drive us apart, the anti-gunners will win.

You don’t believe me? In an article from The Hill, “Democrats Look to Capitalize on Turmoil Inside the NRA,” dated July 23, 2019, Democratic members of congress claim that we are plagued by “internal problems” and state, “Now’s the time to capitalize on that.”

Kris Brown, president of the Brady Campaign, states, “Given the series of self-inflicted wounds that they have, which are draining significantly diminished resources at a significant rate, yes, it’s obviously a time for us really to focus on pushing candidates and pushing this issue.”

Joel Friedman
Joel Friedman

I believe many are fueling the exact false and inaccurate narrative driven by our adversaries – dividing us in a manner that weakens the Association and strengthens our enemies. We must not posture our adversaries for success. Doing so supports them in their aim is to take away our constitutional freedoms.

In closing, please allow me to say that we truly appreciate that the majority of our members are committed to the NRA – and its fight to protect the Second Amendment. We appreciate that they, like us, trust that we’ll prevail over these orchestrated attacks.

The stakes are higher than they have ever been. It is time to come together – united and committed in support of the NRA and the constitutional freedoms in which we all believe.

Joel Friedman
NRA Board Member

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To paraphrase JFK, those who make internal, collegial reform impossible will make external, adversarial reform inevitable.

LaPierre has no one to blame for this state of affairs but himself. He chose the Ceausescu strategy; now he’s en route to the Ceausescu destination.


Couldn’t care a less what y’all USED to do with my $$$. Ya ain’t gettin’ no more!
UNTILL y’all STOP campaigning for gun control!
It was YOU, NRA, that proposed the “Bump Stock Ban”
It was YOU, NRA ILA, that promoted the “Red Flag” confiscation package.

You don’t give a damn about the 2A.
I didn’t mention the GCA, the NFA, the Hughes Amendment, the AWB…
I support organizations that FIGHT all infringements, not you turncoats


“Is President Meadows saying that she knew about and approved payment of over *$4,000 per month for a luxury apartment for an intern*? Was Vice President Cotton personally aware of and did he approve Wayne LaPierre buying *$30,000 worth of clothing – on our tab – from a swanky, Beverly Hills clothing store in one day*? Did Vice President Lee directly approve LaPierre’s* $274,000 shopping sprees* from that same-store over a period of years? If they knew about it and approved it, why wasn’t it reported on the Association’s tax forms as compensation to LaPierre? And since it apparently was… Read more »


Interesting…the last 5 or 6 paragraphs of Knox’s opinion piece (linked to above) are all about how little he gets paid for doing what he does – writing. “$4,000 per month for a luxury apartment for an intern” On its’ face, this appears ludicrous…but is it really? “$30,000 worth of clothing – on our tab – from a swanky, Beverly Hills clothing store in one day” Is this too much to spend? Does anyone have the details of this purchase? Perhaps he purchased in bulk and saved a buttload of money? Point I’m trying to make: if you don’t have… Read more »


They can keep their credence and I’ll keep my money. See which one folds first.

Wow, you are SUCH an apoplogist.



Based on the amount of publicly available information now available, neither you nor anyone can stand up for Wayne & Co. and have any credibility. Among the most damning information is the information the accounting executive presented to the Board Committee. Jeff Knox’ article links to it.

Regarding you analogy, the NRA isn’t a company. The NRA doesn’t pay the members. It’s reverse. Wayne works for us. He’s done nothing to prove any allegations wrong that I’m aware of. His behavior makes him look guilty to me.

Wild Bill

, is it a normal practice for a business to pay for a luxury apartment for an intern or any kind of apartment for an intern?


“I would like to remind everyone that he has given his life to the NRA and to the protection of the Second Amendment…The truth is, Mr. Wayne LaPierre is one of the most underpaid people in the giant trade and interest group world by percentage.”

Wow. GIVEN his life! Wayne’s like a $100 million Jesus!


One thing the NRA leadership has long been good at is taking credit for the 2A actions of others, most notably in court cases and election results. If they were that good at managing finances, the LaPierre faction might have stayed in power for several more years. Why are they so desperately holding on to power behind this silly smokescreen? My guess is that they are afraid of what new leadership will find in the records. It can’t be due to their love of the 2A or they would have resigned gracefully to minimize the controversy and deny the enemy… Read more »


Dear Mr. Freidman, You are a lying sack of shit. Cease your mendacity. Tell us how much the NRA and LaPierre have paid you in any capacity over the years. Waynes’ Wardrobe – He can fucking well wear off-the-rack like the rest of us. If he’s letting people check the labels on his suits, he’s dealing with shitwits, not supporters of Constitutional Rights, and he’s WASTING OUR MONEY, JOEL. Wayne’s Trips – He can fucking fly commercial COACH class, and mingle with the common gun owners. If he has to fly private charters, he’s WASTING OUR MONEY, JOEL. Wasting Money… Read more »


LOL. Bravo!


Robert, I have to add an atta boy. You called it right. NRA is the Enron of nonprofits, and like Enron, some people need to go to prison. I’m sure if the IRS audits the last few years’ Form 990’s, they’ll find enough fraud to warrant going back at least ten years or more (no statute of limitations on fraud.)

The NRA is dead. Wayne Lapierre, Joel Friedman, and the rest of the criminals running NRA killed it.


I personally think WLP has been a powerful and driving force in the fight to protect our Constitutional rights from the Liberals. The very fact that so many Democrats hate and fear him would seem to verify that. On the other hand, this situation is tearing the NRA apart. I don’t for a minute advocate leaving the NRA and I personally think those who do are being foolish and short sighted, and are playing right into the Liberal Socialist’s hands. Unfortunately, many people succumb to the “throw the baby out with the bathwater” approach to problem solving, so that is… Read more »


@Mikial Your opinions have no importance, and quantify no change to the truth. Wayne Lapierre has been responsible for fighting against the second amendment as much as he has tried to do for it if not more. He has also brought the NRA into the fiasco it is currently in. If you don’t want Lapierre to leave, fine.. The rest of us will leave, or those of us who left previously will never come back. You can finance wayne on your own. The rest of us will leave the NRA to be a hollow shell of what it once was,… Read more »



The only way to fix a problem is to identify the root of the problem and address it at that level – anything else is just a bandaid on a hemorrhage.

The BOD has all the power necessary to identify and correct any problems. The voting members elect the BOD. As I see it, the root of the problem lies in the voting members.


Another Board member who just doesn’t get it. The leadership at the NRA is not in touch with the membership and the board is neglecting it’s duties.

And WLP’s clothing allowance? I think he earns enough compensation to buy his own suits. When traveling on official business, yes the NRA should pay for it. But there is no need for such extravagant travel expenses. Before Microsoft went public, nobody, but nobody travelled first class on Microsoft business. At that time, MS was already highly profitable. If Bill Gates could travel business class, WLP can too.

No more donations!



Hitting the nail on the head. Something that stuck out like a sore thumb in Joel’s poofter piece was the little bit about the accounting sections of the board.

If only we hadn’t had an op ed a few weeks ago detailing most of what happened, and how this was all kicked off by a new treasurer in 2018.

Allow me to now give you a brief list of this months articles which should shed some light on the nonsense that is Joel Friedman.

And that is where we are at.


Just to be clear, not disagreeing with you at all. Just thought everyone would like a recap of what has set off these idiotic Board of Directors attempts and failures at damage control.

Not one thing they write here on ammoland is going to assuage or lull us into being silent.


If only he didn’t get it. Unfortunately he gets it all too well. He’s been there for 2 decades defending the vampires who sucked $7 billion off membership. Now he’s shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!, that NRA may have been overcharged by LaPierre’s pals, the ones who put LaPierre in control. Friedman’s one of NRA’s many Vladimir Posners. Relentless sophistry, deflection, smokescreens, apologist prevarication. Many members of NRA’s corrupt Potemkin Village 76-member rubber stamp board have sweetheart deals with NRA and its vampire vendors. And all directors are on the payroll for four ridiculous junkets a year. They all knew… Read more »


Grover Norquist staying on the board was one of the reasons I quit the NRA when I did. If you go back far enough to find my comments, you will find that I was quite adamant about my view of ol Grover.


I’m prepared to take your word on that! I’ve also seen him referred to as Grover al Nor’Qu’ist. Seems appropriate.


Boy, Sure seems that a lot of the Board Members are all fired up about telling us how all the news about Lapierre is nothing but lies and left wing attacks. It is interesting that Joel Friedman likes to start his story beginning with the 2016 election, in spite of the fact that most of us have been working to fix the problems at the NRA since long before then. I canceled my membership in 2014 as I saw attempts to fix the organization from within were getting nowhere, and Wayne and Company were ignoring any questions sent their way.… Read more »

Will Flatt

You forgot Josh Powell. He’s as big a bottom-feeder as WLP!


@wjd Flatt and @wjd Good choices. I was just bringing up the dunces who thought writing puff pieces here on ammoland would make the truth go away(plus Lapierre naturally). Although forgive me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Anthony P Colandro one of the ones not elected in April of this year? Unfortunately it seems that as soon as they get on the board, many of them fall in line. Seems to me Allen West is the only one who had balls to stand up and speak out, and Adam Kraut may be the only one with fortitude enough not to cave… Read more »


My apologies, Anthony Colandro was one listed as not re-elected I believe, but is still serving a term through 2020. If anyone has any more current information, please let me know.

Robert B Young, MD

Adam Kraut and Anthony Colandro lost in the general BoD election, but the 76th board member is elected at the NRA-AM. NRA endorsed Colandro and he won over Kraut.


Ha ha! And now that the ship is taking on water, and the principled directors are resigning, they had to offer one of the seats to Kraut, who told them “no thanks, guys, changed my mind, have a pleasant vertical trip.”

That feeling that comes only a couple times in a lifetime…

Green Mtn. Boy

I looked the author up and as a director he only has a C rating of 2 nd. amendment support,somewhat better than president Meadows rating of F but still not acceptable.


Every board member is directly or indirectly responsible for this, most directly, the rest through gross negligence, fecklessness or cowardice. They all have to go.

Some other extreme vampires include Sue King, Sandra Froman, and every past president.without exception.


I don’t know anything about Sue King or Sandra Froman, so I won’t comment on them, but I agree 100% that the BOD needs to be replaced entirely. Perhaps we need to draft something akin to the 1994 “Contract With America”. A “Contract With NRA” would/could clearly outline what we [members] expect of anyone running for a board position, and we [members] will only vote for a candidate who ascribes to the Contract? Without such a set of guidelines, all we’ll do is elect another ineffectual, over-sized BOD – and nothing will change. There is strength in numbers. We have… Read more »


“After 38 years of working hand-in-hand with the NRA, it is MY BELIEF that one of our vendors attempted to take over NRA leadership in order to preserve its own lucrative contracts. It is also MY BELIEF that this vendor had, for some time, believed that the NRA’s entire success was due to its efforts alone.” And mirabile dictu, it was the very vendor that Wayne sweethearted and protected when told by the board to sever ties with them over 20 years ago — the group whose executive VP of Direct Marketing was Mrs. Wayne LaPierre. The NRA has been… Read more »


In his article, Joel mentions Wayne’s Trips. I have to agree with Joel. I (and all the rest of you) expect Wayne to go out and secure funding for the NRA. If I want to purchase an NRA Life Membership, Wayne is probably not going to come to my office and help me fill out the application. But if I am considering leaving a $20,000 per month endowment to the NRA and I had some questions, Wayne would likely agree to meet with me any where, any time, and at MY convenience. Being well-heeled, I understand the dollar value of… Read more »


@Buster. Then you should, if claiming to understand the value of a dollar, understand that the idea that $500K for a trip within the US to secure an endowment is ludicrous. A few thousand for First Class tickets max, if you found a nice hotel that ran $200 a night even for a week… Heck, splurge, $500 a night. Maybe a rental car at a hundred a day? So why shouldn’t wayne travel Commercial? Why do you seek to give him status such that he must be a King, beyond the reach of the common man? There is an old… Read more »


Its funny, But Buster certainly was active here today. So far he has done the following. 1. Decried the first amendment, after all if we disagree with him why should we be allowed to say it publically on forums like this? 2. Decried anyone who has a problem with Wayne Lapierre using membership generated funds for his clothing as being unintelligent. After all, when a man makes over $1 million a year, and in 2015 the total reimbursements were approximately 5.1 million. 3. Stated he is not here to defend or shill for Wayne, while doing exactly that. After all,… Read more »


It accidently erased part of point 2.

2. Decried anyone who has a problem with Wayne Lapierre using membership generated funds for his clothing as being unintelligent. After all, when a man makes over $1 million a year, and in 2015 the total reimbursements were approximately 5.1 million, why should he have to pay for his own clothing like the rest of us plebs?


I’m certain Wayne can afford his own clothing. Probably can afford his own vehicle, gasoline, and health insurance as well.

Obviously, the concept of pre-tax dollars vs after-tax dollars eludes you, as does the phenomenon known as “compensation package”.

Wild Bill

, obviously the concept of “Compensation by other meant” eludes you as well as the phenomenon known as Internal Revenue Code section 61.

Green Mtn. Boy

The Revelator

Perhaps one of WLP’s trolls as if the board members aren’t getting the job done.


@Green Mtn. Boy

We get a few who go through name changes. Mikial has been popping up in a few places too.

Buster though…. Whooeee.. Guy cant help but make himself look like a fool. As for the board members, I have a feeling they are out in force since their posterboy of the “Shill” variety, one Harold Hutchison, is now MIA. We have the pressure on them, and they are desperate to take some of the heat off. Its a good sign we are finally winning the battle.


You missed the point entirely. If Wayne could land my endowment and do so by only spending $10, it would great. But if it cost as much as $500,000, it would still be a good investment. Look at Wayne’s annual pay (I’m not saying the dollar amount is good or bad), divide it by the number of working minutes in a year – do we really want him wasting time arriving at the airport two hours early, checking luggage, sitting through layovers and delayed flights?? Or worse, risk him missing his scheduled meeting with me?? We all tend to criticize… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I understand that the NRA is paying Wayne more than any other entity would. I understand that he has arranged the high pay, the compensation by other means, the golden retirement parachute, and the can’t get fired status. I also understand that the NRA is his personal cash cow. I understand that the GCA still exists, And, I understand that I do not have to send him any more donations.
Buster you are an outstanding … when everyone else is in sitting.

Wild Bill

, I note with interest that you do not say that your are going to purchase a life membership. Any you also couch the $20,000 per month in hypothetical terms.
You do not know what is going on, good or bad, at the NRA, buy you’d give them an endowment for $20,000 per month. Well … you do not know what is going on at my ranch, good or bad, either! For that kind of money, I’ll meet you anywhere you like.


I’ve been a life member since 2002, and first joined NRA in ’76 when I turned 18.

Your reading comprehension is lacking.

Wild Bill

, I can not read what you did not write. Personal attacks will bring no one to your way of thinking.


What a load of bull


Yawn, another day and another LaPee boot licker pleads his case to keep the ball rolling . The ball is rolling for those inside the group that is benefiting from the member’s money. Do they not understand that we can see right through that curtain? So far I have seen and heard nothing that will make me get my check book out and lavish them with any more money.


Well, Joel has made the list of directors who need to go. Anyone who defends the actions of WL is part of the problem. Anyone who glosses over the fact that the NRA is responsible for the biggest infringements on our rights needs to go.


Well folks, we really do have to acknowledge that the NRA was a significant force during the presidential election, helping greatly to defeat Hillary. That was the last beneficial action to have come out of the NRA. In many ways I gave up on the NRA long before the election, and their activism then was an unexpected and welcome surprise. I see it as a bright and shining bubble in a dark sea of NRA corporate self-serving dishonesty, incompetence, and plain old stupidity. Now we’re back to the normal NRA BS. Nope, no more money or support from me unless… Read more »


An Illustrated Guide to the NRA’s Lavish Spending and Cozy Deals
How NRA Executives and Board Of Directors Are Bleeding The Gun Group Dry


do you REALLY trust The Trace to be honest and above board on anything related to firearms?

I sure don’t. Their track record is near perfect…….ly dead set against our right to arms.

Find something original along these lines from a TRUSTED source and bring that to us.


The numbers quoted in the article come directly from the NRA’s own public information financial records. NRA money flowed to board members amid allegedly lavish spending by top officials and vendors Major NRA Donors commit to withholding 200 Million Dollars “Wayne and his cronies are destroying the NRA. ” Randy Luth DPMS Panther Arms Founder NRA Life Member NRA Major Donor Removing Wayne LaPierre / Eye-Opening Interview with Randy Luth Gun Talk Radio 7.21.19 “You will not find out what’s going on at the NRA from the NRA, because they’re lying.” Tom Gresham NRA Life Member NRA… Read more »


Ad hominem. That’s like saying nothing snopes says is true because they’re democrats. Or water is bad because gun grabbers drink it. They’re actually doing us a favor, though they don’t realize it.


Regarding Wayne’s wardrobe: In a business setting, the importance of quality, well-fitting attire cannot be overstated. It is entirely possible that Wayne cannot shop “off-the-shelf” and find suits that fit him properly. I don’t know Wayne’s itinerary (nor do you), but I suspect there are very few days when Wayne is not required to wear a suit – and suits wear out. I’m 100% okay with Wayne’s attire because it is important that Wayne be successful in his NRA-related endeavors – and a man in his position needs everything possible going for him. I’d suggest until you learn: 1) the… Read more »


You sound like a 14 year old…


I have known some pretty sharp and savvy 14 year olds… but NOT ONE OF THEM has anywhere near the real world experience required to make a proper assessment in the categories “Buster” names. Maybe the 14 year old meme fits yuo better than the one you are trashing? Consider one of the current “heroes” in the war against guns… that silly 19 year old HoggBoy. Does HE demonstrate the kind of savvy described above? And he likely has help with HIS wardrobe, such as it is. His Mommy likely dressed him funny, and the BloomingIdiotBurg bots are trying to… Read more »


Tionico – thank you. I logged back in specifically to address the “14 year old” comment 🙂

The problem with this forum (and others similar) is that people can post anything they choose, whether it’s right or wrong. Even trolls can post here – and they will if it helps keep the NRA-dissention pot stirred.

Renov8 (and Oldvet below) may be trolls – or maybe they get their business apparel advice from a 14 year old, but I’ve never known a successful businessman to do so.


@Buster “The problem with this forum (and others similar) is that people can post anything they choose, whether it’s right or wrong” Indeed, that’s why we have idiots who come here trying to rationalize wrongdoing as, well not really as bad as it seems because “this is how the system works.” So perhaps you can answer this, since you are arguing that Wayne Lapierre needs Armani suits, and should be ferried around on private jets at cost to the organization while pulling a seven figure income……. Is that worth the betrayals we have had on bumpstock regulation, the NRA endorsement… Read more »


Buster I do not agree with your outlook. I was a self employed business person for many years and the job demanded I wear suits and ties. The difference here is that no one took me to Beverly Hills and bought my clothes for me. I had to buy them myself. I don’t think La Pee is any better than myself. Your number 5 fits your post to a tee.”that you don’t know what you don’t know.”


I too wore suits and ties. I found that a client who did not recognize (or appreciate) quality apparel was unaffected by the fit and finish of my suit.

If my job was to go out in the real world, meet with wealthy and powerful individuals, and try to promote the NRA, you (and I) would never need to worry that the quality of my clothing might jeopardize my performance.

jack mac

Buster, a book should not be judged by its cover; people should not be judged by their clothes. The people believing as you express are usually snobs trying to outdo other snobs. There are people who like to wear expensive clothes just because they like to. Wearing regardless of impression upon others. The NRA is a not for profit organization. Wayne’s expensive wardrobe was not bought with his personal funds. They provide no snob appeal, except maybe to other people who derive their income through unethical activities. The expenditure on Wayne’s clothes presents a minuscule amount of funds misdirected by… Read more »


Right or wrong, people do judge others by their clothing. When you are in sales (which is much of what Wayne does), you need to cut as wide a path through the marketplace as possible.

If you dress professionally, very few potential clients will be turned off. At the other extreme: if you have a swastika tattooed on your forehead, you will only appeal to a select few individuals 😉


And I meant to remind you that my original post was made regarding Wayne’s wardrobe – and nothing else.
But when people spew nonsense about something they obviously know nothing about (in this instance Wayne’s wardrobe and his [Wayne’s] professional attire comfort level), it makes everything they say suspect.

And if I could be clothed with pre-tax dollars (vs post-tax dollars), I would choose pre-tax – just say’n 😉


@Buster, I just can’t find a way to agree with what you are saying. Yes, proper attire matters, though a $400 suit looks just fine. The reason that retailers that sell suits have tailors on staff is so they get a great fit. Flying first class or renting planes while working for a non-profit? Absolutely not. When I donate money to a non profit, I expect the organization to carefully watch any spending all spending. There is no way I’m sending money to the NRA when they aren’t being good stewards with the money. Even if he weren’t lavishly taking… Read more »


I’m not a billionaire with an anti-gun agenda, nor am I blind, deaf, dumb or stupid. I was the NRA until I saw for myself LaPierre and all his sycophants and toadies and paid-off apologists (You included) abusing their offices and “dropping the ball” while only half-heartedly attempting to defend the 2nd Amendment. I watched for decades the squandering of NRA contributions on personal profits, exorbitant salaries, self-serving PR productions, ridiculous clothing expenses and travel expenses, including travel by private jet. I saw the half-assed membership appeals with the cheapest possible enticements (2-bit knives made in Ireland-Irish steel- really? Titanic… Read more »


“abusing their offices and “dropping the ball” while only half-heartedly attempting to defend the 2nd Amendment.” ^ This. I don’t give a squat about Wayne’s suits or how much they cost. If Wayne had been effective on the AW issue, gun-free school zones, gun-free zones in general, universal carry reciprocity, the suppressor issue, and even perhaps made some inroads into getting entrenched gun bans repealed, I wouldn’t care if he wanted to coat himself with glue and roll in gold leaf. But when he actively sells us out by making public pronouncements that nobody should have a gun in a… Read more »


Per capita, we did more in a few short weeks to secure more fun rights for citizens that the NRA has done in it’s entire lifetime…

Had the NRA been doing it’a job, WE THE People wouldn’t have,to be doing THIS all across the country!

Presidio County Texas declared first Second Amendment Sanctuary in Texas!


To each and every one of you NRA managers, directors and other holders of fancy titles that are in charge of the NRA operations for the last 40 years, that means anybody that has had ANY management or leadership role, has a management or leadership role or the ability to maintain a leadership role… Had you been doing your jobs all along, the NRA would be the richest group on the planet and we wouldn’t be sitting here having to read all of your extremely piss-excuses as to WHY EVERYTHING in the NRA is all f”s up!


More to the point, there is a “honor roll” of past directors who DID at least attempt to do this very job, and every one of whom was steamrolled by LaPierre’s “Winning Team,” illegally targeted by “Do Not Vote For” ads in NRA magazines, and denounced as “enemies of the NRA” by the entrenched interests every time they ran for office. What the current directors need to understand is that they hold their chairs now ONLY because the NRA’s Deep State considered them not to be a threat to its hold on power. And from all the evidence, the Deep… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Mr. Friedman
You Marion and the other 75 enablers of WLP are as much of the problem within the organization as is WLP himself. All of NRA management,any director who voted to retain WLP at the 2019 annual meeting need to go along with WLP as you are as much of the mismanagement as WLP is. Not One Penny More !


Mr. Friedman:

You do a good job of articulating the position of the NRA. Given that lately we have only heard the negatives, I would love to have you on my radio show, “Guns, Politics and Freedom,” which airs on WFBT in Wilmington, NC and also streams live at However, I would like to do the interview either tomorrow or Friday, if possible, for Sunday’s show. Can you contact me at [email protected]?

Paul Valone


Paul Valone,

Going to do a puff piece, or ask real questions and then press for answers if Friedman tries the Potomac two step?

Propaganda pieces are not what is needed right now. Here’s an idea. If you want to have Friedman on, why not have an intelligent outside voice who knows what questions to ask come on at the same time and let them have a little back and forth? I don’t know… Maybe someone like Adam Kraut?


Adam Kraut? No thanks. The evasive “extremists on both sides but I’m the voice of constructive reason” approach is tiresome and tired. Not what is called for in these dire circumstances.

Also, Firearms Policy Coalition is in bed with Brandon Combs, a Norquist toady and fool who declared “Victory in California” when “secretly pro gun” Jerry Brown only signed half the gun grabs on his desk.

David Codrea would be a much better choice.

Finally, I doubt Valone will lob softballs.


Right after NRAAM 2019 I sent an email to every member of the board sharing my thoughts and opinion of how I thought WLP should be outed especially after there was so much talk about the disagreements from the board members and then was mysteriously was elected by unanimous vote the next day. I had one member reply who gave me his phone number and spoke with me who said he had the same reservations and that there were a small group of members who felt as I did. He suggested that I tell everyone I knew of, how unhappy… Read more »

Carl up North

I’m sorry Joel Friedman but you sound just like another shill, Marion Hammer, in defense of the status quo and Wayne. The tipping point for that was the last NRA Members meeting and you, Marion and Wayne have been found lacking. It’s time for the light of day. Signed, Endowment Life Member no longer sending funding.


“The NRA supported The National Firearms Act of 1934 which taxes and requires registration of such firearms as machine guns, sawed-off rifles and sawed-off shotguns. … NRA support of Federal gun legislation did not stop with the earlier Dodd bills. It currently backs several Senate and House bills which, through amendment, would put new teeth into the National and Federal Firearms Acts.” —American Rifleman, March 1968, P. 22
Please tell me more about how you’re fighting for our rights? Because I don’t see a damn thing you’re fighting for other than money.

Steve Hoback

More of the same vapid nonsense from the inner circle. Friedman’s defense of Brewer is the MOST laughable. This lawyer, who can’t even practice in Virginia or New York, will make MILLIONS whether the cases are won or lost. Just as is the case with the threat of lawsuits against Directors who dare to speak out against Lapierre’s Reign of Terrible: if NRA won the suits against these Directors (they wouldn’t) or lost, Brewer laughs all the way to the bank. His slobbering at the feet of Lapierre is pathetic, as well. WHY ARE THEY VENERATING A LOBBYIST? Lobbyists are… Read more »


Yep, if I were speaking for the NRA, or my personal work for the RKBA, I wouldn’t be bragging much about my successes in California. That beings said, California does represent a “learning opportunity” for the rest of us.

Ron Carter

Funny. I made a blog post today dispelling this bogus nonsense today. You are all welcome to read it here: Let’s assume you’re right, Mr Friedman. You aren’t, but let’s assume you are. Seeing as how your ad agency supposedly tried to take over the NRA, couldn’t Brewer Law Firm do it too?! Yeah. You’d obviously want to agree with Sean Maloney, Robert Brown, Tim Knight and Esther Schneider in calling for an independent audit conducted to see where the moles are, since Chris Cox, Jennifer Baker, Oliver North and more we supposedly complicit in the attempted take over.… Read more »


” I have been involved in the firearm rights movement for over 30 years,” So do you remember how LaPierre said repealing the Hughes was a “top priority” in 86 then did nothing? Why didn’t you oppose him till now? “these people are working to destroy the reputation of the NRA ” Nah, Frederick, Orth and LaPierre did that just fine on their own. “The NRA contends that Governor Cuomo and DFS are trying to coerce banks and insurance companies to withhold services from the NRA as retaliation for our political advocacy.” And the facts contend that he’s doing it… Read more »


“So long as he gets a closet of nice suits out of it.”

Wayne LaPierre can only be buried in ONE suit – FACT!!


Supported Lautenberg, loss of gun rights by judicial decree.
Championed Carolyn McCarthy’s law that disarmed veterans without trial by jury. Trolled veterans websites for donations to “fix” it, adding insult to injury. Like a protection racket.
Testified for “gun free school zones” after columbine.
Helped Harry Reid “fix” and pass Obamacare.
Insisted on “gun free” zones in the shall issue “carry “ laws of Florida and Virginia, resulting in carnage.
Called for armed government union cops in schools instead of arming civilian teachers and staff.
I could go on. LaPierre is no friend of the 2A.


Did nothing to stop the confirmations of Kagan, Sotomayor and other gun grabbers. No downgrades for voting for them.

Charlie Foxtrot

I am assuming that this is one of a few open letters we will see from NRA Directors backing the current leadership, rewriting history and repeating the same old propaganda we have been told for months now. The current NRA leadership created the very legal and financial troubles the NRA organization is in now and is blaming the enemies of the 2nd Amendment for that. This, not only absolves them from any accountability, but also creates a nice target to blame the NRA’s crisis on. Sorry, but we ain’t buying it. After all, it wasn’t Bloomberg who created NRA Carry… Read more »


Hey Joel, better lawyer up as soon as you can. D.C. Attorney General’s Subpoenas went out last Friday. Grab yourself a deal while you can. I guarantee you Wayne LaPleaBargain most certainly will. Your own inner circle of major donors have now pledged to withhold 200 million dollars in donations. They’re reading the writing on the wall and don’t want their money frozen and seized when financial regulators come knocking.

Removing Wayne LaPierre

Petition to the NRA Board of Directors


This is really lame. 1. Petitions are nearly always useless fundraising and misdirection tools used on chumps. 2. The board re-elected LaPierre UNANIMOUSLY this year AFTER the world learned of the corruption, and the board did so for 22 years since the vampire coup. They’re ALL guilty of gross dereliction or corruption. Yet this group is petitioning these corrupt negligent cowards and toadies, which achieves nothing but gathering names and misdirecting potential power from what must be done to save 2A and reform NRA. 3. Cox was in on ALL the sellouts. 4. Alan West was getting PAID BIG MONEY.… Read more »


Joel Friedman – that was a swing and a miss. We, The People will accept nothing less than Wayne Lapierre’s ouster, he’s got to go.

Wayne LaPierre is destroying the NRA from the inside, he’s a sociopath determined to take down the NRA with him as he fights to keep his power. I refuse to help fund the NRA as long as he’s connected with it in any manner. Period.

Do the math – how long can the NRA survive without our money?? WAKE UP and smell the empty bank account.