Democrats Call for Secret Lists, But Don’t Worry Your Gun Rights Will Be Fine


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Democrats Call for Secret Lists, But Don’t Worry Your Gun Rights Will Be Fine

Ft Collins, CO –-( All government “Lists”:

“A mournful discovery: Who agree with you are ‘insane’. Who do not agree with you are in power.” ~ PK Dick

Over 700k Russians were rounded-up by Stalin’s dreaded NKVD and summarily shot during his infamous “purges” of 1937/38. Countless others rotted and died in gulags.

Many were executed by “troikas” (secret military tribunals).

But for 44k, their death sentences were personally approved by Stalin. His initials, always scribbled in bright red, appear on 357 separate “lists.”

On Sunday, Bernie Sanders proposed the establishment of a “list” of “disreputable federal law enforcement officers” He also proposed federal funding to assist states in establishing similar “lists.” When in power, Bernie will surely establish all kinds of such “lists.”

Of course, membership on such a “list” is arbitrary, but permanent, and despite all phoney Democrat/socialist/Marxist/Communist drivel about “transparency,” such “lists” are secret, capricious, and ever-lasting.

They’re off to a good start with Red Flag Law [and terrorist watch] “lists.”

Once you’re arbitrarily “red-flagged,” you’re status as a shunned, ever-distrusted, “mentally-ill,” second-class citizen is permanent. Your Second-Amendment Rights as a American Citizen are forever revoked, without trial, without recourse, and all in secret!

No transparent “due process” is ever involved when your name is casually added to the “Red Flag List,” and you can never get off the “list.”

All this, despite the fact that you’ve never been so much as changed with, much less convicted of, any crime, nor have you ever been examined by any real doctor to authoritatively determine your mental-health-status.

Simultaneously, Bernie wants to release from prison violent felons who actually have been, via exhaustive due process, charged, convicted, and sentenced.

So, real criminals go free, while innocent citizens go on a ‘list?”

When you’re wondering what “socialism” looks like, you need look no further.

“Dictatorship of the Communist Party is maintained by recourse to every form of violence.” ~ Leon Trotsky


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Socialism/communism equals, anti-Christ. It doesn’t get any simpler than that to describe where the world is today according to the scriptures.


Yeah I have some disreputable law enforcement officers for Bernie’s list: Peter Strzok (Ferret Face), Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Comey, Robert Muller, Scott Israel, the list goes on,but you get the point.


Will there be a list for lying, cheating, anti-American socialists that Bernie can be on?


Many Americans are already on government lists, placed there arbitrarily by Federal, and some state, bureaucrats without any due process whatsoever. The “No Fly” list is a prime example. If you have, or have ever had, an Federal Firearms License, you will be the first in line if any kind of Federal gun roundup takes place. If you were ever arrested, not charged or convicted, but arrested, falsely accused, charges dropped and released, you are on a list for the rest of your days. As usual the Democrats are advocating nothing new, just the same old unconstitutional crap they have… Read more »

Wild Bill

It will happen in the cities, first. Flee the city.


The visual of Bernie yelling at Putin with arms raised during some national summit makes me laugh out loud.


While he thankfully will never be president, his rhetoric sparks the idiots in the crowds who unknowingly are being manipulated to settle for socialism, AKA communism. “The GOAL of Socialism IS Communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

He actually is a dangerous person because he “speaks” to a dissatisfied group of people whose votes only further his cause of communism. Sad, these brain-dead easily manipulated people never got the proper education in history and government.


The scary part is that if Bernie had run as an independent in 2016, he might have won the election.


As much as the two major party candidates were disliked and despised in 2016, there was no strong movement to elect a third party. Most people want to keep the status quo 2-party system.

Others, like me, were initially lukewarm to Trump and voted against Hillary and the deep state by voting for Trump. I considered a 3rd party candidate, but my calculus was only one of the 2 major party candidates had any chance of winning. For me (and speaking only for myself), voting for an independent is 2016 was the same as not voting.

Wild Bill

@MM1(SS), Maybe it is time that all political parties should go. Political parties have been corrupting candidates and distorting our Constitutional Republic since day two.
Let the candidates post their resumes online, and the fact checkers, check the facts.

Wild Bill

@Truth, ” … never got the proper education in history and government.” Or a job and paycheck!

Scotty Gunn

Americans will easily accept Socialism. Only a few of us see it for the evil that it is.


@ USA I have questioned for a long time how Bernie was elected and has held on this long as a congressman from the Vermont citizens.