Loveland, CO Student Banned From School For Going Target Shooting With His Mom


Loveland, CO Student Banned From School For Going Shooting With His Mom
Loveland, CO Student Banned From School For Going Target Shooting With His Mom

Colorado – -( Justine Myers is your pretty average northern Colorado mom. She loves her kids, supports the troops, praises our first responders, and owns firearms. On Wednesday, Justine picked up her 16 year old son Nate early from school for some mother-son bonding time – she took him shooting.

After a fun afternoon, they return home, get settled in – and the police show up. Nate had posted on his Snapchat that he was going shooting with his mom along with this video below (for those who need a little help translating the slang kids use these days “Finna be lit” basically means “Going to be a good time”.)…

And here’s a video of him shooting with his mother, who can be heard instructing him:

A report had come in to the police department about the video and they were told Nate was a threat. After showing the videos to the police officers and explaining that they’d simply gone on a mother-son outing to train with their legally owned firearms, the police stated that they had done nothing illegal and were well within their rights. They also determined Nate was not a threat to himself or anyone else, and went on their way.

But it wasn’t over.

This morning Justine woke up to a voicemail from Thompson Valley School District where Nate is a junior at Loveland High School in Loveland, CO. The voicemail informed Justine that a report had come in claiming Nate was a threat to the school and he was not allowed to return until further notice. The report presumably came through Safe 2 Tell. There are reports that a school wide email was also sent to parents about the “threat”. Justine immediately contacted the school assuming she could easily clear things up, especially since the police had already assessed the situation and realized no one had done anything wrong or made any threats. She was wrong. The school not only refused to provide her with more information about the “threat”, but they refused to provide Nate with schoolwork so he doesn’t get behind. A “threat assessment hearing” has been scheduled for Thursday morning at 10am at the school admin building where Justine will be allowed to defend her son against SEVEN school officials who will be in attendance to, as she was told, “make their case”.

Make their case of what? That Nate’s outing with his mother to train with her firearms somehow makes him a danger to the school?

I spoke with Justine, as well as two different attorneys who specialize in Second Amendment issues. The bottom line is the school is legally within their rights at this time. According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in through Safe 2 Tell or other means, even if the report is completely false – and there is nothing parents or students can legally do about it, even with a lawyer. If the student is charged or further action is taken, that changes. This is why students have dubbed Safe 2 Tell as “Safe 2 Swat”, referencing the act of “swatting“, a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and emergency service response team to another person’s address. The person who will face no repercussions? The false accuser. As for Nate, he has aspirations to join the military and is now worried this incident will go on his permanent school record with far-reaching implications.

If this happens to you or your child, what should you do? These are tips from an attorney (NOT legal advice).

1.) Don’t talk to the police.
2.) Be prepared for a visit from CPS.
3.) Consider moving your firearms to safe place until it is cleared up. [read; secret]
4.) Immediately obtain a psychiatric evaluation for the student from a qualified individual that can be provided to the above agencies as well as the school.
5.) Contact us for attorney referrals and moral support if needed.

Editor’s Note: For interested readers Loveland, CO School Offical Contact Information is found here.

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Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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There is a “Recall” petition going around in Colorado against Governor Polus that has nearly one million signatures on it. Only 6oo some thousand were needed to get the recall on the ballot. Polus was barely elected, seems there were a carload of ballots found at the last minute.
His anti-gun and gay agenda is what got the petition started. Lets hope he gets recalled and the boot from the Colorado voters.


Why do people insist on posting every aspect of their lives on social media? You want my advice, get completely off social media, and if you refuse to do that, at least show some common sense about what you post. Colorado is just another branch of California and Oregon.


So because of stupid ass school teacher a family is guilty before being allowed to face their accuser. The must spend money for a medical examination, hire an attorney, suffer through publicity brought on by some liberal left wing, probably communist, school official. Did I miss the sign post? Are we still in America? The damn DEMOCRAP A-holes are ruining our country and taking our freedoms. I bet the school official responsible for this has to ask a friend on which bathroom to use each day or whether to wear a dress or pants each day. This is a perfect… Read more »


Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion rounds of ammo.

Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you’d know it.


This is outrageous, can she sue the school board and can criminal charges be brought against whoever made the false report?


The damage is already done. This kid has lost time in school and may not be able to make it up. I’m sure it’ll be on his school record in some form or another when he goes to college or enlist in the armed forces and may even be in the police records somewhere. The biggest mistake was ever posting anything on the open web regarding shooting that was not a firearms friendly site, and even then, at his age it isn’t a good idea.

Phil in TX

“The biggest mistake was ever posting anything on the open web regarding shooting “. Exactly. Quit posting everything you do on social media. Others will do what was done to this young man to you. All it takes is one idiot that thinks this is “funny” or has a grudge against you and you’re screwed. This “Safe 2 Tell” crap needs to be changed so that false accusations are punished, severely. 1 strike and you are out. Allow the parent(s) to sue for damages. No “get out of jail free” cards. This is the only way to stop this crap.… Read more »

Wild Bill

in Tx, Yep, And false allegations should result in automatic paying of all costs, fees, and punitive damages. Thou shall not bear false witness.


The first rule should be NEVER post anything on social media. It never goes away and may come back to haunt you years down the road. it’s a shame that we have to hide any activities from the worlds prying eyes but that is what MSM has forced us to do. Getting a sandwich at Chick-Fil-A may at some point be used against you by Big Brother.


Part of our problem is widespread “hoplophobia” (a word coined by the late Col. Jeff Cooper from the Greek word for weapon “hoplon”.) Part of it is ignorance. Part of it is fear of weapons. I have seen fear of “sharp” knives even though a sign in a deli read “Sharp is safe; dull in not”; meaning it takes less effort to cut or slice; therefor reducing the chance of cutting yourself.


I absolutely disagree with this.

Going plinking with your Mom, or anyone, isn’t something to be ashamed of. Hiding an absolutely normal, legal activity from social media feeds into the perception that you are doing something wrong. You’re not.

DO NOT back down and hide your shooting-related activities. That’s what they want.

They want to make it seem abnormal.

Don’t let them.


It shouldn’t matter if the young man shared an outing with his mom. Learning how to handle weapons. The police gave the family an AOK on shooting. The school is the problem. Schools need to focus on teaching students not to become the policemen of all the kids they should be teaching. To interfere is a shock since the schools are some of the worse in the world. Only to be getting the best funds provided to reach a higher potential then they do. Maybe it is because they are sticking their nose into lives they have no right to… Read more »

Will Flatt

This is more than discrimination, it is intimidation. It is deprivation of natural rights under color of law and a violation of civil rights. This mother should immediately withdraw her son from that school, enroll him in a charter school, private academy or homeschool him (whatever works best within the law), and then sue the ever loving hell out of that school district, and each of the school officials severally!!!


What is so difficult to understand about lawyers stating the school is legally within its rights? You can’t sue if you have no standing. Nice try; no cigar.


I guess you have never heard of a federal lawsuit.. and just because it says the school is within their legal rights does it mean a lawsuit can’t be filed at the state level either..there is a certain thing is unconstitutional reversals..


LYING LAWYERS will always spew words that support the government they work for! REFUSAL to teach a student IS BREAKING the LAW!


I notice someone else has discovered the words in the ‘secret’ (but not very) oath lawyers take to become attorneys. 🙂


Its really nice to see that others have researched this also. The mechanism is so diabolical. They must swear fealty to the Court above all else (esp. the clients paying their wages…), and then take orders from the INTERNATIONAL (not American…) Bar Association. Which just so happens to be located next to Buckingham Palace and the Queen, who sends her “Knights of the Garter” there each day with orders. What a co-incidence THAT is…..


And, lawyers always tell t(e truth, rig(t?


Once upon a time, a farmer had a watermelon patch, and he had trouble with people stealing watermelons. One day, he put up a sign that read, “Warning! One of the watermelons in this patch has been POISONED!” The farmer was sure that would frighten off any thieves. Then he checked on his patch the next morning, and found that someone had crossed through the “0ne”, and written, “TWO.” It just occurred to me that that school might ought to use caution in how they “protect their patch.” How many phone “tips” about school officials would it take before that… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Clark, If the school gets federal funds then it is considered an extension of the fed. gov. The fed gov and the school have no rights. They have powers or authorities. Only individual human persons have civil rights.

Get Out

Wow, a young man goes shooting with his mother and no crime or threats were issued or implied, so why is he being treated as a criminal? Appears to smell of a school version of “Red Flag” doesn’t it? The mother should sue the school for character assassination of her son, because now he has an unfounded police report and suspension from school. What threat was anyone under to warrant a visit from police or be suspended from school? “According to the attorneys, the school has a protocol that must be followed when a report of a threat comes in… Read more »


so the school “has a protocol”. So what. Whoever made up that protocol is the one responsible for all this nonsense. If that protocol is not consistent with the Constitution it is null, void, and of no effect. The fact of the “protocol’ being in place does not relieve the school or district of responsibility to maintain the due process rights of this Mum and her son.

Wild Bill

@Tio, Yep, if the school receives federal monies.

Wild Bill

@GO, Mom was also defamed, and she is not subject to the school’s dictates. She could find out every thing during the discovery phase of her case against the school.


Colorado was once a free state. Today its behind enemy lines. The fact that anyone can be “swatted” and subsequently lose their rights and freedoms is stuff straight from Stalins playbook. But when one is forced to hire expensive council to defend ones lawful actions or to sue the for return of legal weapons, or other property then it becomes a heist and the property held for ransom. I dont believe the police and judges are that ignorant to believe inert grenades and plumbing materials are dangerous weapons at all. Same for a thousand rounds of ammunition which in .22… Read more »


Our enemies lurk on Snapchat and Facebook, I do not post on any of those sites.

Dave C

If the kid was gay he’d have no problem…. the school would be afraid he’d claim discrimination!

Deplorable Bill

This is tyranny. I hope the kid and his mom sue the cops, the city and the school. And they wonder why people don’t trust the cops, the politicians etc. Arm up, carry on.


Guess you missed the part where lawyers advised the school is legally within their rights. So, no lawsuit. And the police said everything was fine and let mom and son go on their way. Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, amigo. Begin again with reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ by Dr. Seuss for starters.


Just because some so called lawyers said “there’s no lawsuit here” doesn’t mean there can’t be … a lot of things get overturned in special places called appeals and Supreme Courts ..Being a superhero isn’t your strong suit… it appears your reading comprehension only consist socialism and communism related materials.. Or you may be an anti-gun troll.. give up the superhero gig and change your handle to “Lois Lane” after your sex change..

Wild Bill

@24 and 7, and liquor bottle labels.


@S; You apparently have no COMMON SENSE! No laws were broken by the mother OR son! Slander was done by the person who did the SWATTING report. This person MUST be held accountable for this attempt at SWATTING the mother and son. This gun-control-freak MUST be made to pay for all expenses caused by their actions. FALSE REPORTS to the Police ARE punishable BY LAW! FALSE reports to institutions, such as schools, ARE punishable by LAW! When the mother talked to the school administrator(s), that removes the suspension – – then and there. The son should have gone to class… Read more »


I guess Clark forgot the Biblical commandment…” Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Or, is Clark a Godless Commie?!

Get Out

The police said everything was fine and let mom and son go on their way, yet the school still suspended him until the “threat assessment hearing” even after the police cleared him. What’s legal about that?


it would seem the school’s “protocols” that MUST be followed are outside the law, as they do not protect the due process rights of the accused….. and don’t buy the lie that there IS no “accused” here. The Mum and her Son are accused, and will now have to prove their innocence and conpetence, at their own expense. Nor do they have any opportunity to examine the evidence so far gathered against them. The complainer will never be brought to that meeting to be examined (questioned) by the Mum or anyone else. Thje ones who “decided” the kid is a… Read more »

Wild Bill

Now Clark, Mom is not subject to any school rules. She was defamed. So, yes, a lawsuit. No need for insults either.


From: Rick Wannall Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2019 5:59 PM To: ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ ; ‘[email protected]’ Subject: In the matter of Justine and Nathan Miles I write to encourage you to work with Nathan to keep up with his school work while he is being kept out of school. In my opinion, he is being kept out based on a completely baseless accusation, and one that is being assumed true in the absence of any credible evidence, and without honoring his right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty. If he is… Read more »


One argument the anti gunners use is that the 2nd amendment was written back in the days of muskets and is outdated. News flash: So was the 1st amendment! We did not have cable news, CNN, MSNBC, late nite talk host, or even TV or Radio. But most important the truth stood for something and the 1st amendment allowed no excuse for lying!

Get Out

At the end of the article it says the young man is concerned about “joining the military”.. the young man has nothing to worry about.. I’ve seen former gang members, jailbirds and troubled kids with long juvenile records easily joined.. some have even dropped out of school and joined with GEDs.. basically he just has to be honest about everything to avoid fraudulent Enlistment.. but the military is desperate to reach their recruiting goals anyway..SIGN UP WHEN READY!


Horrible advise to not talk to the police and get documented that you did nothing wrong. You have a good case vs this school with all that documentation and possible body cam.


Just more idiot bias, the same as everywhere else. Now even at The Truth About Guns. Of all places. It was never that way until Wide Open Media took over.
Does anyone know who the main stockholders of W.O.M. are? I haven’t subscribed to the Handbook Of Corporate Affiliations since a couple of decades ago. Does anyone out there have a copy and willing to look up Wide Open Media?

I Haz A Question

There are only two. Founders Denis O’Dywer and Chris Mitchell are the only board members listed under W.O.M., but it’s a smaller company.


While you’re here, I’ve now been banned at TTAG. I guess JWTaylor didn’t like being caught in bold faced lies. OFC, they’ll SAY they didn’t but that’s still what happened. I did research Geoff’s suggestion and I could go back with a VPN, but why should I bother? Just to have Boch and Taylor call me more names and give TTAG support with clicks and dwell time? They can go pound sand. And thanks for the names. I’m going to dig into their backgrounds a little. I’m curious if they belong to the same country clubs as Bloomberg, hang with… Read more »

I Haz A Question

What? I was wondering where you were yesterday. Are you ‘blocked’ somehow? You don’t have the ability to comment at all? IP address, or username? You can’t “resurrect” under a new/similar name?

I Haz A Question

Wow! I left a comment there that was relevant to the new article just posted, and simply asked at the end “Hey Knute, where are you?” That was twenty minutes ago. It’s already taken down. Even the mention of your name is verboten there now. You said something about using a VPN…try ToR. It’s free.


Just as I figured. No second chances for me. I guess even the user name is persona non grata. They just lump me right in with cisco kid, another username no one but TTAG admins are allowed to say. Just call me Voldamort, the one who must not be named… 🙂 Tin pot dictators like WLP, and now TTAG, are all the same. Just shoot the messenger. Too bad they never heard of the Battle of Tigranocerta. If they had they might have noticed how shooting the bearer of bad news cost Tigranes not only his entire empire, but later… Read more »