NRA Board Members’ Maloney, Knight, Schneider Resign From NRA-BOD

NRA Board of Directors
NRA Board Members’ Maloney, Knight, Schneider Resign From NRA-BOD

USA – -( Today three of the most outspoken NRA board members resigned from the National Rifle Association Board of Directors.

In a series of letters each expressed their disappointment with leadership stating that their “confidence in the NRA’s leadership has been shattered” and that they as individuals had “been stonewalled, accused of disloyalty, stripped of committee assignments and denied effective counsel necessary to properly discharge our responsibilities as Board members.

Their letter states “In doing so, however, we hope that our action [ resignations ] will serve as a catalyst for much needed reform within the NRA so that it can return its focus to the mission which we remain unwaveringly committed — protecting the Constitution of the United States and especially, the Second Amendment.”

What follows is their official resignation letters:

NRA Board Members Maloney, Knight, Schneider Resignation Letter 2019

NRA Board Members’ Maloney, Knight, Schneider Resign From NRA-BOD, Esther Schneider Edition

In related news, a letter from NRA President, Carolyn Meadows to Board members was also leaked to online forums 07/29/2019 and may have been the main catalyst for the group’s resignation.

(Editors Note: the letter that follows came from an independent source not related to the above Board Members)

NRA President Carolyn Meadows Letter to NRA Board Members’ Maloney, Knight, Schneider 07.29.19

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Ej harbet

My question is does the 3 leaving give adam kraut a seat at the table?
If it does im laying in a supply of popcorn and delicious beverages! Its gonna get interesting.


I have stayed quiet on this subject up till now. – The NRA and its operations. I am a Patron life member. There is no higher level of membership. I would like to be on the board but I do not have a name to get me elected or added to the ballot. I have supported the organization for years. The NRA is vilified for every shooting in this country. You should know the NRA hasn’t shot anyone. No member has killed a single soul. The purpose of the NRA per its charter is to protect the rights of the… Read more »


@claimbo, realize that your statement, “So you anti-gunners beware, your rights will be taken away if the second amendment falls” is wholly false.

What the vast majority of people don’t understand and realize in this country is that the very split second, “the second amendment falls” is the very second that it’s going to come to full fruitation!


Tom King is the poison in the well…along with all those other crooks on the board. May you all rot in that well you call home.

jack mac

Board members standing against malfeasance are helplessly lost in the crowd of 77. It’s best that they work from the outside to remove the remaining self serving directors. Our NRA is to protect the right to arms for all Americans. Its BoD is doing the opposite and depleting our resources. About $100,000 a day to a nepotism law firm and promoting of Red Flag laws is what we have. There is no attempt to reverse. We need to protect the all rights of Americans, starting with the right to arms. Our primary organization’s leadership is against us. Anyone who does… Read more »


The resigning BOD officers Esther Schneider, Sean Maloney and Timothy Knight put the lie to President Carolyn D. Meadows public statement of 2 months ago. These directors refute the smears that they are NRA adversaries as falsehoods, that in attempting to execute their BOD responsibilities they: “…have been stonewalled, accused of disloyalty, stripped of committee assignments and denied effective counsel necessary to properly discharge our responsibilities as Board members” NRA member Ron Carter was threatened by BOD Officer Tom King with being sued for daring to question an exorbitant expense of 1 airplane ride that cost $40,345.00. The one leaked… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ahh, You ask, “… why is the NRA hiring the Brewer law firm that spends thousands of dollars on anti-gun Democrats?” Could it be that without an adversary, the NRA would have no reason for being; the NRA would not bring in rivers of money; and the resulting loss of donations would diminish WLP’s salary and expense account?

Charlie Foxtrot

There is a different and more scarier explanation for Bill Brewer’s involvement. His firm is known to run litigation forever and empty their client’s bank accounts in the process. I have no problem with that as it is capitalism and everyone is free to throw THIER OWN money away. With the NRA, however, it is not THIER OWN money. To the point, it is more likely that Wayne LaPierre and his cronies have convinced themselves and were convinced by Bill Brewer that they need Bill Brewer’s firm to stay at the top of the organization. I am pretty sure that… Read more »


@Wild Bill & @CGGator Foxtrot

It could be far worse than anyone realizes. Lapierre is a snake who stealthy plays everyone several moves ahead to win the game. This Brewer’s alliance could portend a scheme between anti gun attorney generals, Brewer’s and Lapierre for a gutted but transformed NRA that supports “sensible” gun control reform. Its utterly vital that a membership movement is fighting Lapierre on many fronts inside and outside the NRA.


After several of your past attempts to flat out defend the actions within the NRA by circling the wagons against those on the outside, it seems you are changing your views slightly. If that is truly the case, and you are serious about it, then I commend you for it. What you will find between the two you are corresponding with is that our Rights are more important than an organization, and those who attempt to dictate what we must do is what we have had a problem with in our choices to try and fix the organization. If you… Read more »


73 is still too many board members. Half that is still too many? Twelve to fifteen sounds about right.


I don’t mean to say or imply that these 3 members are the problem. But it takes big actions to get the NRA’s leadership and the rest of the board to pay attention.

Please stop donating to the NRA until the leadership and board correct things.

Wild Bill

@MM1(SS), The boycott is ON, brother!


‘Stop the 2A’ is taking the “big actions” necessary to save the NRA. It takes infinitely more than merely just cutting off the money. It takes leadership, planning, organization, rallying the membership and dozens of other vitally important actions to move BOD officers to do the right thing and ultimately throw the bad apples out.

If all you got is money than make a donation to ‘Stop the 2A,’ Better you could never do.

jack mac

I think that I have joined the Save the Second. What is this Stop the 2A? It is unlikely that the current BOD will do the right thing.


‘Save the 2A’ (STS) is about saving the NRA from the gangsters who have usurped the association from the membership. Officers of the STS describe the goals and purposes of the movement on YouTube.


My bad, I meant to say “Save the 2A’ not “Stop the 2A.”

Wild Bill

Maloney, Knight, and Schneider should have stayed and quietly gathered evidence, passed along information, and awaited opportunities.

Autsin Miller III

Hopefully they left someone behind that will.

jack mac

Wild Bill: How can they or any director do anything under a dog pile of 77.


Rats leaving a sinking ship or people that are ashamed of what they have allowed to occur under their noses? We could do without a lot of board members as it is. If the NRA is to survive, which I feel is a good thing, sweeping changes need to be made. Sure would like to see someone there address the issues instead of offering trinkets to sign up for more years of membership.

Charlie Foxtrot

Looks like you haven’t read the article and generally don’t follow things related to the NRA, otherwise you would not have posted your first sentence. These three Board members were for a reduction of the size of the Board and for sweeping changes. They were trying to address these issues. They are leaving, because they got blackballed by the NRA leadership to the point that they can not do their job anymore. Stay informed at and


Wayne L. will be the last man standing at the NRA – a Farce of One. Please, BOD, take him out before the damage is irreversible.


His golden parachute may depend on termination by the BOD. If so, he’ll stay until terminated.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Buster

Perhaps he can wrap up in it at night when big Bubba comes looking for a new girl friend in the grey bar motel.



Any successful salesman/businessman will tell you “don’t bad-mouth your competition”.

I don’t know if your bad-mouthing the NRA is driving people towards NRA or not, but I suspect you are driving them away from GOA.

Your incessant “Join GOA” posts are not helpful in any way, shape, or form.



You know what else drives people away? Getting caught in a shameless lie like you did a few nights ago.


Buster, I don’t see how sales people bad mouthing their competition applies in this case. Will isn’t trying to get people to abandon the NRA for another organization for which he’ll be personally enriched.

He’s an active, or former, member of the NRA that has much concern about the NRA’s leadership capability and fiscal responsibility. Any of us that had donated to the NRA are well within our rights to support another organization, which appears to have better leadership and fiscal responsibility without being considered as folks who slam competition, play dirty pool, or whatever saying might be used.

jack mac

Pete: Well said. I am not forsaking my life plus NRA membership and at least add my name to other more staunch organizations. As we all should. We need to concentrate our energy in protecting American rights now.


It is comments like this that are making this tragedy even worse. These three were NRA board members voted on to the board by petition and were the only BOD members making a public effort to get to the bottom of dewayneing the NRA swamp.