America’s Lying and Ignorance Crisis – Fueled by the Media


Marianne Williamson: America doesn’t just have a gun crisis
Marianne Williamson: America doesn’t just have a gun crisis

USA – -( In the midst of an “epidemic” of emotion and disinformation, let’s have a national discussion about “gun violence,” their words.

But first a couple of ground-rules:

  1. Only one side gets to talk.
  2. That side gets to make up their own “facts.”

That’s the gist of an op-ed piece by Marianne Williamson in a guest editorial in the Washington Post. Williamson, my absolute favorite among the crowded field of truly bizarre Democratic candidates for President, is a latter-day hippy and High Priestess of the Church of Spiritual Self-Enlightenment and Warm-Fuzziness (okay, I just made that last part up). In the piece, she shares her “peace-based” wisdom, discussing America’s “gun crisis,” which she says is just part of a more significant “culture crisis.” She’s right that America has a “culture problem,” but as to the nature of the “problem” and the “culture,” she’s all wet.

Williams epitomizes the hard left turn the Democratic Party has taken in recent years. A late Baby Boomer child of the ’60s, who, after what she refers to as “her wasted decade” of drugs, self-indulgence, and depression, found her calling in a self-help course that she interpreted to promote a reinterpretation of “Christian values.” Of course, her interpretation was free of the discomfort of sin, guilt, God, or Christ. She went on to turn her Godless religion of non-religiosity, into a multi-million dollar empire of feel-good books and lectures.

Williamson is remarkably bright, articulate, and crazy as a bedbug. She is a perfect progenitor of the spoiled and triggered, “snowflake” generation that contends that being offended amounts to oppression, and that victim-hood deserves deference and reparations. She represents the philosophy that has doomed a significant portion of a generation to helplessness and dependence.

Ms. Williamson starts her WaPo diatribe in accordance with current dogma, lamenting a tragic and horrific act by a deeply disturbed individual, then goes on to further regret the aftermath of these atrocities: heavy media coverage, widespread outrage, political calls and promises to “Do something,” followed by a subsiding of emotion and reporting, and no substantive action being taken.

We all know the cycle, and we all know the article opening that describes the cycle. Those of us who follow the gun issue as supporters of the Second Amendment also can anticipate the distortions, half-truths, over-simplification, false conclusions, and flat out lies.

Ms. Williamson doesn’t bother with suggestions or explanations, but rather, jumps right in with a series of declarations that she suggests are self-evident and irrefutable:

“Of course, we need universal background checks; we need to close all loopholes; we need to outlaw bump stocks; and we need to outlaw assault weapons and the bullets needed to shoot them.” And, of course, this whole issue, she doesn’t need to tell us (but does anyway), is a “horrific and uniquely American problem.”

Of course, we need to do these things, and of course, crazy people killing people is “uniquely American.” Everyone knows these things – except for the few, gun nuts and industry shills who don’t – because the media and politicians have repeated these “truths” over and over, and over again, with little to no counter to the claims.

Ms. Williamson and the dominant media have perpetrated a hoax on the American people. She may be just another victim of the deception, but I think she may be smart enough to see it for the lie it is. At least she might if she had any interest in doing so. It is the sad truth that, if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth – at least until the truth eventually prevails.

So let’s explore some truths.

Murder, mass murder, terrorism, domestic violence, workplace violence, political violence, etc., is not unique to America. It’s not even uniquely more frequent here. Even though the widespread availability of firearms of all sorts is relatively unique to the U.S., yet the phenomenon of mass public shootings is not unusual to us. As with most things firearm-related, some people like manipulating the data, but in any real comparison, the US is always well down on the list, so not only are we not unique, we’re not even number one.

Williamson then says; “It is not just our gun policy but our politics that fails to free us of this insanity,” before pointing the finger of blame at money in politics, and the favorite bogeyman, the NRA.

Well sorry, Ms. Williamson, it’s not our gun policy or our politics that are at fault. It’s our humanity. Unfortunately, criminals and madness are part of the human condition. Perhaps some policy or political solution can be found to address this, but so far in all of human history, no one has found a solution. The odds are against us.

Williams goes on to suggest that taking money out of politics and having the government fund political campaigns – and along the way presumably making it illegal for citizens to spend money to express their support for their favorite candidates – will somehow remove corruption from government. There are some pretty fundamental constitutional issues involved in that idea, but if you want to do that, go for it.

The funny thing is that such a law would make the NRA and the greater Gun Lobby much more powerful than it already is because the Gun Lobby’s power doesn’t come from money. It comes from our millions of active members and supporters. While the NRA and its sister groups spend a lot of money on political campaigns, anti-rights groups and billionaires like Mike Bloomberg spend as much or more. But they don’t have the broad, loyal following that the so-called Gun Lobby has, so your plan would neuter gun control groups – because money is all they’ve got – while magnifying the power of rights advocates.

Williamson finally gets to the crux of the matter, basically admitting that the solutions she’s been talking about, won’t solve the problems, and saying that we need to address the root causes of the violence. Of course, she has to couch it using more gun control hype, referring to America’s “epidemic of violence.” Epidemic has become a very popular word in the context of crimes involving guns in recent years. That word choice is suspect at best since violent crime rates have fallen precipitously over the past three decades. According to the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crime fell between 59% and 74% from its high in 1993, and 2017. People keep using this word, “epidemic,” but I don’t think it means what they think it means.

Williamson goes on to decry the rampant violence of our society: Violence toward the earth, violence toward people of color in the justice system, violence in movies and video games, violence against women, violence of our government helping those who don’t need help, and not helping those that do need help…. In short, she says we’re hooked on violence, and can only change that by opening our hearts to peace. She goes on to lament the disparity between what the U.S. spends on the military and what we spend on diplomats.

Seriously? How effective does she think our diplomats would be dealing with Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, et al., if they didn’t have the might of the U.S. military backing them up? As I read Williamson’s pleas and her proposal for a “U.S. Department of Peace to coordinate and harness the powers of conflict resolution; restorative justice; violence prevention…” and all sorts of peace, love, and harmony exercises, I kept flashing to an old western movie from the 1970s called “The Culpepper Cattle Company.” In that movie a group of upstanding cowboys trying to get their herd to market, stumble upon a group of people from some sort of Williamsonesque religious sect that has chosen to settle in a beautiful valley. But they’re being threatened by an evil cattle baron and his hired henchmen. The peaceful religious folks are given an ultimatum, to either move on, or be wiped out. The pacifists refuse to leave, and the good cowboys of the Culpepper Cattle Company take up arms in their defense, defeating the evil cattle baron, but losing most of their own men and a few of the settlers in the process. After the dust clears, the pacifists start packing up their wagons. The surviving cowboys ask what they’re doing and are told by the Elders that they’re leaving because they can’t stay in the valley now that it’s stained with blood.

Peace and non-violence are wonderful things, I’m a big fan, but peace can’t be achieved unilaterally. Some 100 million peaceful gun owners avoid shooting or threatening anyone every day across this land. But Ms. Williamson’s plan would, of necessity, require that a goodly percentage of those peaceful people be arrested, imprisoned, or even killed, as a way of keeping a tiny sliver of one percent of criminals from potentially having access to guns. Experience in places like Chicago and Brazil indicates that the criminals probably won’t have any problem getting guns, but will enjoy having more helpless victims.

Ms. Williamson’s solution doesn’t seem very peaceful or socially just.

The scary part though is that as wacky as Marianne Williamson’s ideas are, almost all of the Democratic presidential candidates have publicly endorsed similar gun control proposals.
There seems to be an epidemic of this sort of idiocy these days, so stay vigilant and well-armed my friends.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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The liberals have cultured the culture problem. Gun control is like cutting off your foot to fix a


Your comment is spot-on my friend. Liberal policies are directly responsible for perpetrating our “cultural crisis.” There use to be right and wrong, white and black, now its all gray.


When I was in grade school in Los Angeles, back in 1955, our school had no graffiti, no real trash on the school yard. In the main hall was a large painting of “Grace”, a painting of an old man saying grace over his simple meal. Painted in 1918 in Bovey, Minnesota. Our phone booth was made of fine wood, it was fine furniture. It smelled of fine furniture polish. It had soft velour seat, a brass light, a desk for the non-damaged phone book and a pay phone not scratched or damaged in any way. There was no writing… Read more »


What manner of government is that we have that condones sin?


Benjamin Franklin stated, when asked what kind of government we now had, said; “you have a republic, if you can keep it.”
To answer your question, we now have a democracy. Another version of that word is; “deMOCKracy.” The left makes a mockery out of everything they hate.

Wild Bill

, I think that the role of grandparents is more important than ever. Parents are too busy working to sit down with kids and tell them that the crap taught in schools is to be regurgitated for the test, and then forgotten.


Two things lie at the root of what you describe. First, a failure to uphold the foundational concept of RIGHT and WRONG, which two are immutable. In your time (and mine, same time frame but about thirty miles away) we ALL knew that to swipe someone else’s “stuff”, or carve a name into a desk of phone booth, or wantinly destroy someone else’s book, were simply WRONG. Was it done? Oh yes….. and that gets to the second thing, which is Second, the separation of action from the consequences of that action. The REASON there were no carvings in that… Read more »


Judgement isn’t coming, judgement is here. Younger people have missed out on the world we lived in during our youth. Was it perfect? No. Was it better? Definitely.

Wild Bill

, I don’t know if it is judgement, but it certainly is a situation of over regulation of the law abiding, and under regulation of the law breaking.
I think that grand parents are in a unique position to give eye witness accounts of freedom. Hopefully, someday that generation will demand the freedom that they heard about from Grandpa.


True. I never said it was perfect, as it was not, but it was certainly better. A man down the street had gotten hurt. My mother & Grandmother fixed meals, put them in containers and brought them to him so he would not have to shop or make meals.
THAT was how Christian Americans did things in America.


CHAOS is the desired democrat result. For, in chaos, there is opportunity to get people to accept communism.
It is called the Hegelian Dialectic, from Georg Hegel, communist. Democrats have been plying it for about 75 years. YOU create the shootings, drug problem and other chaos, when the people can stand it no longer and cry for relief, you deliver communism.


In a country (the US) that has, in round numbers, 90 million legal, responsible firearms owners… an annual average of 9 insane owners [of illegal firearms] kills multiple victims. Let’s see… 90 million “good guys” and 9 mass murders. 90 million – 9…

Define “epidemic” again….


Well she’s half right we have a culture problem, but we do NOT have a gun problem at all!


I will respectfully disagree.. we certainly DO have a gun problem. Thatproblem is two-fold. FIrst we don’t have near enough of them in near enough hands. Until EVERY adult American is armed, or easily could be if desired, the problem will not have been cured. Second, we have a superabundance of unconstitutional anti gun laws. Until the ONLY law of the land concerning guns is “shall not be infringed” this problem will remain uncured. The clearly obvious goals of people like this strange creature are first, to decrease the number who are armed, and second to increase the outrageous number… Read more »


Ironic that the left says we have a cultural problem, WHICH in reality has birthed their “gun crisis”… The left (Dems and libs) have stripped this nation of any and ALL normalcy, respect, honor, godliness and the truth. They have sadly left us with a PC fragile hollow shell of what this great nation once was and THEY complain now because it is finally yet ANOTHER thing for them to complain about and point fingers at everyone but the person in the mirror. YOU Marianne are a part of that leftist scum that has had a direct hand in the… Read more »

Chuck Burns

The lady is correct, we have a culture crisis! The culture crisis was and is being brought about because of the Cultural Marxist assault on America. This started after the Frankfurt School was established to determine why Marxism was rejected by Western Society. Our way of life has been under assault ever since the academics of the Frankfurt school fled Nazi Germany and were welcomed in America by academia, specifically Max Horchiemer at Columbia University for one. The American family unit, the male as the family patriarch and father figure, the Christian religion, and identity politics were all under attack… Read more »


We have a culture crisis because the Progressive New Left in America has attacked and for the most part destroyed the institutions of America. Hillary detailed the game plan in her senior thesis at Wellseley College. Wrap up Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci in to a neat package and then march through the institutions of American Culture in order to upend that culture. They have approached that task with the vigor and compassion of Red Guards and have left no casualties alive. And now they are wondering why the culture is falling apart. When you attack and destroy the institutions that… Read more »

Will Flatt

“…Ms. Williamson’s plan would, of necessity, require that a goodly percentage of those peaceful people be arrested, imprisoned, or even killed…” And if the Commiecrats want to get froggy and go that route, those peaceful people will become the most violent and lethal insurgents in the history of mankind, to wage WAR on those gun-grabbers!! No prisoners, no mercy, no trials, no after-action review. Tens of thousands of tyrants, traitors, and quislings hanging from streetlamps in 51 capitols. That’s not a threat but a promise. Americans will not be subjugated, EVER. Take away our right to protect our families, take… Read more »


Bill Ayers and the other clowns of the Weather Underground told us 45 years ago that if their revolution was to succeed they would have had to put at least 1/3 of the American population in to concentration camps. So much for democracy.

Wild Bill

@ring, That is scary and well documented, too? That sort of thing is more likely to happen in a democracy than in a Constitutional Republic.

Will Flatt

Reza Aslan proves that the leftist vision of genociding all conservatives in the USA is alive & well. And he is FAR from alone!!


Always remember that which most Democrats do not understand…”An armed society is a polite society manners are good when one may have to back up his actions with his life.”
Robert Anson Heinlein from Beyond This Horizon 1942

He also said…” America. A country where professional athletes and entertainers are mistaken for people of importance.”


I assume everyone here know Amazon owns Washington Post, but did you know that Amazon is/has shed almost all parts that go into guns. Not only that, but if you go look back at your purchase history you will find that recoil spring you bought is missing. If you call them they say “we don’t find any record of you buying that item and we do not carry such items!” So, while we can’t do anything to WaPO (unless some crazy ass democratic paid mass murderer shows up on their door step) we can all support a boycott of… Read more »


and you have just described only one of many ways Amazon play dirty. Having sold on their for some time, I know only too well the abuses they have wrought on their selling dealers, but also on retail trade in general. Not enough time to go into it now…. but they are nasty.


This article is “right on”. The democrats, with all the socialist, communists, anti American beliefs and desire to take away all of our freedoms are worse than a caustic chemical. There is not more than 10 politicians in DC that believe in our country. The rest are there to get more power and get rich.


Was that a “Princess Bride” reference? 🙂
Vizzini: Inconceivable!
Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Wild Bill

, Are you from Minnesota?

Wild Bill

I think that we have a mutual acquaintance. A Mr. Jaques LaBlanc from Burnsville, MN.

Country Boy

seems this dizzy bitch has forgotten that guns are the reason she lives in a FREE COUNTRY.

I guess she forgot about Great Britain, Colonies, guns and Concorde.
Someone stick a fork in her chicken ass, she’s done.


Williamson is no crazier than the rest of the democrats running for president. They are very dangerous because they are so crazy. No one knows what they might do if they ever got the chance to do anything other than thump their chests.