Beto O’Rourke: “Hell yes, we’re going to take away your AR-15!”


USA – -( After years of Democrats denying they want to take anyone’s guns, last night during the presidential debate, Beto O’Rourke finally told the truth stating “Hell yes, we’re going to take away your AR-15”! Followed by thunderous applause.

Of course it won’t be Beto himself going door to door confiscating what he calls “weapons of war” from people who have done absolutely nothing wrong. He’ll send men with “weapons of war” to do it.

And we can all know how that will turn out. When will these people admit they don’t care about the lives of gun owners? Whether it’s Red Flag laws or full frontal gun confiscation, their policies are putting our lives at risk.

It didn’t end there though. Beto immediately took to Twitter selling a t-shirt with the same statement to raise funds for his campaign.

Well, we’ve got our own shirts for sale now too – including tanks, women’s fit, and hoodies.

All proceed directly support the fight to defend your guns rights! Get yours at

Rally for our Rights BannerAbout Rally for our Rights

Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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Beta knows he has no chance at the nomination, the DNC knows he has no chance. They are using him as a test run to how such an extreme measure would be received.

And it will only be accepted by Beta males..


HAY Beto have you ever given a Blow Job to a 12 Gauge!!!

Dave in Fairfax

Nam62, Thanks for the visual. I just flashed back to a scene from China Beach. And the first time I had to bag a trachea because the rest was mia.


O’Rourke is nothing but a privileged white prissy bitch. He a not a man , just barely qualifies as a male. I saw a photo of him posing with wounded from the El Paso shooting and never saw the media once say what a sick scenario it was. I’m certain that if he were not running for office , he would step over that same injured person and continue on his way.

Wild Bill

@Paul, Bonky Donkey is also a failed burglar, a failed grunge band “singer”, and a failed cross dresser. The only thing that he managed to do correctly was marry a libtard girl from a rich family, and successfully become a privileged, prissy bitch.

freedom isnt cheap

hey take your butt plug out and put it in your mouth douchebag betaboy


Well real Americans are coming for your socialist BS! He threatened every law abiding gun owner and when one called him on it, he ran scared telling police he threaten him! The word for him is PUSSY!


Beto, my AR-15 is ready for you. Call whomever you want you big baby!


Bozo O’Rourke… a spoiled rich brat who has nothing in common with the average law-abiding American who’s support comes mainly from snowflakes living in their parents’ basements. This country is in serious trouble if he is taken seriously.


These arrogant politicians have decided to directly attack the Constitution of the United States. This is clearly the definition of a domestic enemy.


…and the definition of treason, punishable by death by hanging (we don’t waste ammunition and we can re-use the rope)


BUT, you said people that say such things are “pissant. Real tough guy”.
Kneel and lick the hand of the tyrant, slave.


What none of them explain is who the “we” are that are going to do the confiscation. Really who do they think they can get to do it?


Well let’s see, if they actually were able to pass a law like this I can guarantee you it would be local, state and federal law enforcement, you know, all those guys who everybody says are 99% good, honest public servants.They will do whatever the law is no matter if it’s legal or not. Oh sure there will be a few who wont but the vast majority will because they want to. WTFU people

Capn Dad

Is Beto going to come up my road to gather them up himself? I’ll leave a light on for you Beto.


Everything Else Beatoff Orourkee Has Attempted to Do has Failed, So I’ll just add this to his List. Demonrats are getting Desperate and it’s only going to get worse. My Vote is on “TRUMP 2020”


To those of us who have been fighting these America & Constitution-hating communist democrats, this is nothing new.
In 1990, Dianne Feinstein said “If I had the votes, I would tell Mr. & Mrs. America ‘Turn in your guns, all of them'”. As long as I have heard Schumer & Biden’s names, I have observed their hatred for our Constitution as it limits their totalitarian objectives.

There were NO American flags at the 9-12-2019 democrat presidential debate.

KNOW your enemy by their actions. Democrats despise the United States.


Just like Barry & Michele said after his first win!!!!!!!!,


Beto O’Rourke just opened up Pandora’s Box with that comment and has shot himself in the head.


I find it FUNNY that the cowards on here post hate when the mere thought of refusing to obey the unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’ is suggested. The Founding Fathers made it CLEAR that the American People were supposed to control government by force if necessary. Oddly, half the posters wet their pants at that thought and went to immediate hate posts. They talk tough and want SOMEBODY to do something…just not them. So safe is the slave. Also, for you that called me “pissant’ and “tough guy”, I am 67 years old and a Viet Nam & Cambodia veteran (1971-1973,… Read more »


Thank you for revealing a little bit of personal information about yourself. I’m sure some of us would like to know a lot more. You see most of us beer swilling, cheeto eating , toilet licking , cowardly slaves really did not understand your brilliance. Some of us have been wrong about you and your tactics. I guess some foolishly thought you were on our side, and just being strident. Now it makes sense that any person that tries to do all the things that a good pro-gun activist should do, and comes to this forum thinking he might find… Read more »


Perhaps a little too much contact with Agent Orange?


@ tetjaun, You have been on the same rant for several days about beer and cheetos and about the commenters here being cowards. Don’t you think you have said that enough? There are a number of us that have been on this site for several years and we have never thought of our fellow patriots as cowards. It is not fair to call someone that unless you have actually seen them as a coward.

a.x. perez

Mr. O’Rourke should be given props for telling the truth about what the Democratic Party wishes to do. I give him respect for honesty. On 3 November 2020 I will give the Republican party my vote.

Random guy from Texas

Robert Francis should be given a swift kick to those chompers every time he opens his mouth


He deserves no respect at all because he is a liar and a gun grabber.

Random guy from Texas

Robert Francis IS nothing more than annoying millie mouth little douche bag who has never done a damn thing for the state of Texas except get in the way of anything good. I hope and pray that if he really plans on getting my AR’s or whatever else his punk ass THINKS he might get that he is the one who knocks on or tries to kick in my door because I will show him a nightmare he never thought possible!!!! We all knew the left wanted our firearms and like others have stated this dumbass has finally proved their… Read more »


Wonder how many people yelled at their TV “Bring it, boy! You ‘n me, right now.”

Thank you Beto, for voicing what we have known all along. Not only have you sealed your fate, but you probably just handed a sound drubbing to the entire Dem field.

This sound bite will echo forever in our minds. Some enterprising musician should enshrine this in a song.

Like the Pace Picante sauce commercial says, “Get a rope”.


With this comment, I just wonder how many houses Francis can obtain with the HIDDEN PAY-OFF he has received!. ‘n.paloosy’ is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE while ONLY working in government. WE the PEOPLE KNOW how much a Worker is compensated. Ditto for ‘s.sanders’, ‘d.feinstein’ and MANY other cabal members.

Get Out

O’Rourke threatens to violate millions of gun owners constitutional rights and then gets butt-hurt when he receives pushback from those he threatens, amazing. Hopefully every gun owner now realizes that the anti-gunners aren’t going to just stop at confiscating just the AR-15 rifles.

Papa J

I really wish you would stop calling this Bozo “Betto” His name is Robert Francis O’Rourke. Betto is a false name his parents got him to use, probably to keep him from getting his scrannie little ass kicked when he was a kid. This clown is no more Hispanic than I am.

Middle finger mike

His words alone just sold a million more ar & aks


Odd. Up ahead, you talk of NEVER opposing anyone with your arms.
Can you turn your cowardice on and off?


Come and get it bitch.


One a personal level. out of a 33 year career in law enforcement I have saved over a dozen lives…with firearms. Based on letters and phone calls from my students…their opinon, not mine…I
have saved at least 82.
How about YOU, Skateboard Boy Buff My Balls? How many have YOU saved?


LOLOLOL! Beto is just hoping for some more “down time” with ol’ Mayor Peterpuffer Buttboy.


Gentlemen, we all owe “Beto” a great debt of gratitude ! What ! Why ? Because for years the democrats have gotten away with telling a big lie – “No one is coming to take your guns away from you ” In his desperate moves to rise above the pack of gun grabbers running for president he has taken off the mask. Since he was praised and no one raised any objections what so ever, he also proved that all of these democrats want or ever wanted, is to confiscate your firearms He has openly revealed the end goal of… Read more »


What you see as a revelation, some of us have known as a fact for decades. Maybe you just aren’t old enough or haven’t been politically aware for whatever reason. I for one got my first handgun fifty one years ago. The same year the 1968 GCA became the law of the land. The wool was never pulled over my eyes or the eyes of many of my contemporaries. Welcome to the party; better late than never.


Yet, you sit, quietly, and let these things happen.
Get back to cleaning your government master’s toilets, slave.


Please, RoyD, I also have known the facts for decades as well, The point I sought to get across was that it should be a revelation for people that the democrats had fooled. There has to be a large percentage of people that bought in to their denials of confiscation being their goal. Now Beto has confirmed to everyone , that what we have been saying is right. Previously when we made claims about where the slippery slope ends, a legislator could dismiss our positions as a wild theory. Now Beto is proving to them that we were right all… Read more »


And, if they find it necessary to do so, they will cast Beto aside as a nut job kook who doesn’t really understand the situation. Because the “facts” are situational to communists.


You are right and Roy D so are you been watching and acting against it as best as I can for years! He is scum but at least he exposed what the Party Really WANTS, He shows what they want to Destroy the Constitution and Trample The Bill Of Rights, PLANE AND SIMPLE!!!!!!


Yeah, and remember, it wont be him taking them it will be that 99% of law enforcement who everybody always says are good people. BS. All they’ll say is “Its the law” and “We are just doing our job”. Those excuses didnt work for Nazis after the war but it will work for Leo’s here.
I just wish people would wake the F up.


Local police have NO Constitutional authorization. THAT was supposed to be the Militia or the armed populace at large.
Local police owe their allegiance to whomever signs their paycheck.

Country Boy


Green Mtn. Boy

Hey Bobby boy,these men would argue with your ranting and suggest you get bent,you would disagree but your Feelz carry no weight in this Constitutional Republic. Mολὼν λαβέ! Thomas Jefferson: “Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” Samuel Adams: “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.” Patrick Henry: “Sir, we are not weak if we make a… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Beto, and when did an AR-15 ever get used on a battle field? One firearm we do know that was used on battle fields was the 1911. And that type handgun, actually two of them, was recently used in a mass-killing. No proposal to ban that one, though, eh, Beto? These Socialists need to move to one of their Utopian countries and learn what life is like there. I would suggest traveling, but most Socialists are too poor to travel, which is why their views on the world are so myopic. I would also have suggested reading, but their reading… Read more »

Mark 2nd

Beatoff O’Dork wouldn’t be elected porta potty cleaner. That aside however, this communist rot infecting our nation is a serious matter. The younger generations have been and are being indoctrinated into communism by the schools, media and Hollyweird. The younger generations are by and large lazy, violent and completely without morals or values. They’re ignorant of history and basically uneducated in most areas except communist propaganda. This is a fight for freedom and our very lives. We must win. On a side note; buying our AR’s and AK’s with our tax money is still STEALING. Don’t give in and don’t… Read more »


The PEOPLE created governments as a servant. The Founding Fathers KNEW the politicians would garner power and attempt to become tyrants. THAT is why we have a Second Amendment, to rout and stop these tyrants, by force if necessary. Governments exist because the PEOPLE allow it. When Bill Clinton sent the FBI to shoot and burn alive American men, women & children in Waco, TX, it was a test. Americans failed that test. Americans did nothing, thus telling the tyrants that Americans will suffer any murderous oppression and sit quietly. Heck, the cowards would even re-elect the murderous tyrant. Oppressive… Read more »


I can think of two Americans who did something. I remember that moment as if it was one minute ago. And then there was the following year and a half that it affected my work space.


You cowardice makes me puke. You DARE align the Oklahoima City Bombing (that was CONSTRUCTED by the FBI same as the FIRST bombing of the World Trade Center. FBI made it, too) as EQUAL to refusing to bow to tyrants? MAYBE you are just too stupid to know Ammonium Nitrate used as bomb material (true anhydrous which YOU CANNOT BUY AT THE FARM STORE) MUST be purchased with an explosives license ONLY from an explosives dealer. In the quantity the FBI said they bought, every agent in ten states would have been at their homes. Ignorant cowards like YOU fall… Read more »


All you have are ignorance & cowardice, yellow slave.
Talking like our Founding Fathers SCARES you.


The trouble with talking shit all the time TT is that eventually you stray outside the lines and expose yourself as a poser. Such is the case here with your “knowledge” of ANFO and the facts surrounding the OKC bombing. Come back and continue spewing your shit when you get some education on the subject. Your turn.


Many of the Founding Fathers were murdered as were their families.
FREEDOM and RIGHTS are WORTH dying for.
Cowardice was NOT among their traits.
Your post is weak and wreaks of cowardice.
The PEOPLE are the ultimate power & authority in this Republic. Because Americans sit quietly as their Rights are denied, we have gotten to this place.
SOMETHINGS are worth dying for. I guess they are not that important to you.
Enjoy kneeling as a slave.


Aww, poor baby. All you can do is pretend to have balls by typing on a computer.
The yellow stripe on your back can be seen from space.
You cowards complain but REFUSE to even vote. In 2016 only 43% of conservatives voted. The 57% that stated home were busy typing out how others who demand freedom and Rights are “pissant. Real tough guy”.
Also, you should get your eyes checked, slave.


Beto O’Rourke on national television, (presidential debate) responded to the question asked by David Muir, a communist too. O’Rourke has just threatened the law abiding American gun owners with confiscation of their AR 15’s, AK 47’s etc. he like other anti gun supported blames the gun and not the person for the shooting. O’Rourke is like Rep. Eric Swalwell from Ca who had threatened to nuke law abiding people if they don’t turn in their guns under their propOsals or other anti gun proposals. This is legally owned property and not the government’s to “buy back” or confiscate which is… Read more »


@ JMB1911 Letter writing to these low IQ idiots may sound like a good idea but it would be futile. They are not smart enough to realize there is a Constitution that governs their actions and writing to them would mean they would have to have someone read it to them. They are are nothing burgers.



Mark 2nd

Warlok11, I find it hard to believe that anyone could be a liberal and still support the Constitution. Liberalism is the antithesis of a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. You should walk away from communism. That form of “government” only benefits those in power and the elite boot lickers that serve them, everyone else suffers. That being said, I applaud your stand on the Constitution.


Francis has no clue about guns and talks like he is an expert. That is called a Poser. What he is proposing is what started a civil war. If he wants another civil war, then keep up his lies and misinformation. These killings are done by mentally deficit people(like Beto) and mental health is the issue, not guns. I know for a fact that Francis has never gone Boar or Pig hunting, because if he did, he would know that an AR-15 is a must, to prevent the hunter from getting killed by a wounded animal. I cannot believe he… Read more »


What is this guy polling at, 1%. He has restarted his campaign two or three times now. He is going no where other than back to his rich life style and pussy ways. He is below a douchebag.


10 4 to that


Will, bucktooth sure doesn’t act like a real Texan or a real American either.


Beto has barf for brains.


Tomcat, Perhaps you are right that a letter writing campaign to his HQ isn’t worth the time, and someone would have to read it to them. We know that the Constitution and Bill of rights doesn’t matter to liberals, progressives, socialist, communists. Flood his office with letters that what he said on a nationally televised debate was heard by many viewers so he ort his campaign staff can’t deny it. In that aspect O’Rourke is no better than Eric Swalwell who last year mentioned about nuking gun owners if they don’t turn in their guns. Swalwell also threatened us with… Read more »


Why is this rabbit-faced clown still coming to the debates? This moron couldn’t even defeat Ted Cruz.

Middle finger mike

I hope his family is apart of the task force my family will be wating with open arms or ar 15 what ever he wants call it


Good luck “Francis”!


Yes, Sir. Ordered two. Thanks.

Ej harbet

Wonder if he’ll be in his furry suit when he knocks on your door?


@ USA Yes, Jordan is a true patriot, as far as you can say that about a politician. It is beyond reason why there are not more that follow this avenue. I wrote a tweet to Marsha Blackburn, our senator, this morning telling her that her hedging on gun regulations is showing and that would lose my vote. I said it more respectful than that, though.


But, BELOW you state “somehow Americans still think they have rights.”
You REFUSE to STOP the tyrants, but you talk tough.
Yellow is the coward.

Wild Bill

@tt, Well, you have not really explained, in detail, what it is that you are trying to manipulate us into doing. So … why don’t you go do what ever it is that you want done?


@ Wild Bill, I think we have another paid troll on our hands but this one has a little different approach to getting us to comment to him but he is baiting us every time he starts his programed comments.

Ej harbet

You can always tell who the feds were,they’re the ones most eager to begin”direct action”