July: Outdoor Businesses Paid $1.8 Billion in Tariffs in U.S.-China Trade War

Outdoor Industry Association, members including Nemo Equipment, VF Corporation, Nester Hosiery, Columbia Sportswear visit D.C.to urge Congress to help resolve U.S.-China trade war.

Trade Deficits
July: Outdoor Businesses Paid $1.8 Billion in Tariffs in U.S.-China Trade War

BOULDER, Colo., –  -(AmmoLand.com)- America’s outdoor recreation businesses have paid $1.8 billion more in tariffs over the last eleven months (Sept 2018 to July 2019) compared to the previous period a year ago on affected outdoor products.

New data compiled and analyzed by the Trade Partnership includes the toll of tariffs on a variety of outdoor recreation equipment including backpacks, camp chairs, leather ski gloves, kayaks and bicycles, which are saddled with the 25 percent punitive tariffs, causing the average tariff rate on outdoor equipment to more than double compared to the previous year. Since the start of the trade war with China last year, outdoor industry companies have paid nearly three times the number of tariffs on outdoor products hit with Section 301 China tariffs for a total of $2.8 billion.

“The trade war is wreaking havoc on the American outdoor industry, among many others,” said Patricia Rojas-Ungar, vice president of government affairs at Outdoor Industry Association.

“As we have said before, the numbers do not lie, American outdoor businesses have paid an extra $1.8 billion in tariffs since the trade war started, nearly triple what we paid last year. The punitive tariff payments are essentially new taxes on American businesses and consumers, forcing American companies to halt new hiring, close new product lines and absorb these unexpected costs wherever they can. The cushion is now essentially gone. We are urging Congress to get off the sidelines and help put an end to this destructive tariff policy that is hurting Americans from coast to coast.”

“We are here in Washington to communicate to Congress the increasingly negative impacts tariffs are having on our ability to continue to grow American jobs, said Brent Merriam, COO of Nemo Equipment.

“We are a small, founder-led business that produces performance outdoor gear including tents, camp chairs and sleeping bags. The punitive tariffs threaten our ability to bring these innovative products to market, with the end results being increased costs, limited investment in new products and personnel, and potentially higher prices for our consumers. We implore Congress to work with President Trump to end the trade war with China.”

American outdoor industry manufacturers and retailers are holding off on filling jobs, expanding facilities and developing new products due to the economic strain the tariffs are having on their operations because they themselves are paying the tariffs, not China. If the trade war wages on for much longer American outdoor industry manufacturers and retailers will be forced to eliminate products, cut jobs, or in some cases, go out of business altogether. At some point, if they have not already, consumers will feel the impact of higher prices on outdoor products – from hiking shoes to ski jackets and everything in between.

OIA will continue to update and release the industry’s tariff payments as the U.S.-China trade war wears on, so that American consumers are aware of the real impacts to an escalation strategy rather than talks and diplomacy. Stay tuned for more info, but it remains our hope that a trade deal can be reached and that all punitive tariffs will be removed.

Outdoor Industry Association

About Outdoor Industry Association

Based in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Washington, D.C., Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is the leading trade association for the outdoor industry and the title sponsor of Outdoor Retailer. OIA unites and serves 1300 manufacturer, supplier, sales representative and retailer members through its focus on trade and recreation policy, sustainable business innovation and outdoor participation. For more information, visit outdoorindustry.org.

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Will Flatt


I have no sympathy for these companies. They should leave the USA or shut their doors!


They already HAVE left America. They keep their corporate address here and move all the manufacturing to China, split the profits with the commie state-run factory managers, and ship the sub-standard junk back here for sale under their “American Company” labels.

Will Flatt

Pretty much what I was alluding to!


Uuhhmm, maybe you should tell your industry members to buy or make their products in the USA. MAGA!


Time for this “industry” to find a different supplier. And stop whining about tariffs. Personally, I am tired of buying Chinese junk because their products are all that are available because the stuff isn’t made here anymore. These are typically American designed items that have been reverse-engineered and manufactured in communist gulags, or state subsidized sweat shops, by unfortunate people and their commie rulers who will do anything to make a buck, and NEVER buy anything from us. Trade is supposed to be a two-way street. China’s idea of trade is to buy a couple of American products, reverse-engineer them… Read more »


Pay now (and forever) or pay a little now and stomp China! I’ll pay a little now, thank you!


Too bad, so sad. Make in local, or if u need it cheaper than US made, your telling me that you can’t find a sweat shop in Mexico to make your Chinese crap? Maybe if you can’t help American workers, you can help Mexican jobs that will keep them from immigrating here? FU, I will never buy product from any of the companies named in the article.


Duh, I think a solution to this problem would be to build the outdoor stuff here. You never know, the quality would probably improve. If it says “made in China” I try to avoid it.


The beauty of the tariffs is that they will drive American companies to rethink sourcing goods from China and bring those jobs back. Or easier yet, source from another country. Free enterprise will drive businesses to help Americans.


Most of these “outdoor industry manufacturers” think they lose money when they “only” make 10 million dollars when last year they made 11 million dollars. American Capitalism is not based upon supply & demand any more, it’s based solely upon greed. Any one of these manufacturers is successful or they wouldn’t be in business at all, but if the executives don’t get a six figure bonus or a raise when they’re already making millions, in their minds, it’s a crime. God forbid they should spend or invest their own money into the business to boost profits, but all most will… Read more »


There was a time in the distant past when I would avoid buying any product that was labeled “Made In China”. Well that certainly changed. I retain a memory of the reality of China: its abuse of its own citizens and minorities in country, its proxy wars around the world. It is now nearly impossible to buy “Made in America” but I still try. Well past time for a divorce.


When I go to buy product I always look at the tag to see where bit is made. If it is made in China I almost always put it back.


The point of these tariffs is to keep from having all manufacturing take place in China, and return manufacturing in the US to a competitive status. So, someone wants to just keep buying cheap goods from Chinese manufacturers by making use of Chinese currency under-valuation, instead of supporting a return to American manufacturing, but now has to pay a price in tariffs? So sad. Kind of missing the whole point. Waaaah. We all like getting nice stuff and not needing to pay much for it; no question about that. The question is, how many Americans are more than happy to… Read more »


It would be nice if we could buy quality stuff “Made in America.” Then we wouldn’t have to worry about tariffs.


Yah kind of funny when Walmart was spouting made in USA and then was found to be getting most out of China all the lib’s were condemning them and now Walmart Bowing to the same libs about Gun and Ammo sells.

Sam Walton I am sure is rolling in his grave with the yellow belly’s running his company now.


These seem to be the same products that the tree-huggers whined about having to pay the same excise taxes on as guns and ammo.

But up until income tax, which BTW was the usual only the rich will pay, Tariffs’ was how the country paid its bills, and actually balanced the budget.

Ej harbet

China makes my mind picture a container full of type 56 spiker akms.
Giggle setting fully operational.


So, if my math is right, we are now paying 600 million in tariffs ? Wow, that’s a lot of money that could and should be spent in the USA