Rally for the Second Amendment November 2nd, the Capitol, Washington DC

Rally for the Second Amendment November 2nd, the Capitol, Washington DC IMG iStock-Matt Anderson
Rally for the Second Amendment November 2nd, the Capitol, Washington IMG DC iStock-Matt Anderson

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Gun owners, rights activists, and lovers of liberty will be gathering on the lawn of the Capitol in Washington DC on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, at 1:00 in the afternoon.

If you live within 200 miles of DC, there is little excuse for missing this critical event, and many people who live much farther away will be doing whatever it takes to be there. Buses are being arranged by local groups from as far away as New York, Ohio, and South Carolina. Check with your local groups to see what arrangements are being made, and if they aren’t doing anything, take the initiative and volunteer to be the local coordinator to take reservations and rent a bus or van.

This is a grassroots effort, and you are the grassroots. Without the active participation of you and other grassroots activists, this isn’t going to work. At the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference, activist Nicki Stallard characterized the difference between rights activists and gun control extremists, saying that we’re herding cats, while they are stampeding cattle. That’s pretty accurate, though I think sheep or lemmings would be more appropriate in describing anti-rights activists.

As I said in my presentation at GRPC, the most powerful force in the U.S. political system is YOU. You are the Gun Lobby. We can no longer let someone else do it for you, or say “I gave at the office.” It’s up to You. You must communicate with your elected servants – whether they agree with you or not – and be sure that they know what you expect from them. You must help elect politicians that understand and respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You must be sure that your family, your friends, your coworkers, your church family, your kids’ friends and their parents, all know the importance of the Second Amendment and the fallacy of gun control laws.

You don’t have to be a scholar or an expert, but you do need to do what you can. Politicians don’t actually read your letters and emails, nor do they get detailed notes about your phone calls. The majority of the time, a low-level staffer looks at your correspondence and puts a check-mark in a “For” or “Against” column, which is then relayed to the politician in the form of a report: “362 constituent comments opposing Bill xyz, 48 supporting it.” That’s it. So find a couple of resources you trust to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in Washington and your state capitol, and when they ask you to take action, take action – every time they ask. And call your elected servants once a week to make sure your check-mark is counted.

Anti-rights extremists think they have the upper hand right now because of the troubles at the NRA and the public’s emotional reaction to the horrific acts of a few murderous lunatics. Those anti-rights extremists are counting on you to shuffle around in circles wringing your hands and wondering what to do.

Even some in our own movement are more concerned about how it might look if only a few rights activists show up at the Capitol on November 2nd. What a self-defeating attitude. They’re not going to attend or encourage others to attend because there might not be enough people in attendance to make a good showing…? Get on-board or get out of the way. Call that defeatist attitude out for what it is.

Others worry about how our opponents might capitalize on one of our number saying something stupid to a reporter or being arrested for illegally bringing a gun into the District. Such concerns show a serious lack of faith and trust in their fellow gun owners. Antagonistic reporters roam the aisles of gun shows and pro-rights meetings on a regular basis. Of course, they’ll try to make us look bad. But refusing to stand up for rights, on the basis of such fears, is tantamount to surrender in advance.

Still others argue that they won’t attend because the laws of the District insist that they be disarmed, and they refuse to do that. I get that, I truly do. I well know the discomfort of “going naked,” especially in “enemy territory.” I spent years commuting into the District almost every day, and it was uncomfortable. But I did it for my wife, my sons, and my grandsons. I was willing to endure that discomfort and degradation, because that was the only way to do what needed to be done, and the risks of running afoul of law enforcement in DC are much greater than the risks of criminal assault. Of course it’s possible that some crazed “Beto” or Bernie, or Elizabeth Warren supporter might decide to take out their misplaced anger and frustration on a “mob of deplorable gun nuts,” but they’d be operating in one of the most densely policed areas in the country, and besides, everyone knows that leftists are lousy shots. If such fears don’t deter Representative Steve Scalise, they shouldn’t deter you.

The core message of the 2nd Amendment Rally, is “We Are the Gun Lobby,” as in “We the People,” and we demand that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights be respected and adhered to. The speakers list is still under construction, but President Trump, Vice President Pence, Representative Scalise, Representative Massie, Senator Paul, and other congressional leaders have been invited, to join with grassroots rights leaders and activists from around the country.

Are you going to be there, or are you going to come up with an excuse?

Is your favorite grassroots group actively working to inform members about the rally and encouraging them to attend, or are they making up excuses? Will you volunteer to change that?

It all comes down to YOU and what you’re willing to do. Get three buddies and plan a road-trip, or better yet, get six buddies and borrow your wife’s minivan. Or even better, get forty or fifty buddies and charter a bus. Push your groups to be involved, and volunteer to help. You can make all the difference.

This could be the most important Second Amendment event of our lifetime. Only You can ensure that it’s a success. Go to www.2ndAmendmentRally.com to register and get more information. Together we can shake up Washington and save the republic. Let’s roll.

About Jeff Knox:Jeff Knox

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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I want to go so bad! This is seriously such short notice! I calculated the cost it’s gonna be 1,100 just For my fiancé and I to go for 1 day. I’d love to go but I can’t scrape that dough up on such short notice. Why not give a bigger heads up? I feel like you would have a much better turnout.


Organizers should join the Event already planned for Nov. 9th. This is the problem. You have too many groups doing things without coordinating them. That is why you get low turnouts.
Nov. 9th has been in the works for months. Join that Rally.


I expect this will be ignored by congress and suppressed by the media. Or worse, called a gathering of right wing pro gun extremists. Roundtrip air fare for me $350 plus one night hotel. In the end, no beneficial impact. Look at the liberal rallies that get publicity for a few days, then forgotten. Just a fraction of our travel costs donated to GOA and SAF could do a lot more.

jack mac

I hope that there is a massive showing. It would be of great benefit if national news would announce the upcoming gathering. I find it not beneficial to berate people who would like to attend but can not. Excuses should not be expected for things that cannot be helped. Let us keep everybody on our side by our side.

Wild Bill

@jm, A massive showing by gun owners, at the rally, would be impressive, but a massive showing of gun owners, at the polls, would be determinative.


He didn’t have our “backs” when he allowed the BATFE to outlaw bump stocks now did he?

Dave in Fairfax

USA, What’s the link to Shrillary’s announcement?

Dave in Fairfax

I see the Marine info at 26:45+, but nothing about Hillary, really. It looks like the standard, ISO documentation, just for the MC. It’s called by whoever is President upon request by the local authorities, usually. At the moment, that would be Trump, Shrillary doesn’t enter into the picture. Cusack, Silverman and Handler have called for one, https://conservativefiringline.com/democrat-activist-calls-for-coup-against-trump-says-hillary-should-take-over-after-summit-with-putin/ They’re pro-Hillary, but that isn’t the same as her calling for it. I’m sure it’s one of her dreams and then a widespread call for her to ascend, but that’s just dreaming. Rush is calling her the Architect of the Coup, but… Read more »


Someone else who’s heard of Bohemn grov (the bots will stick the real words down the memory hole…)! Cool. Seldom do I encounter anyone who’s heard of it… or Moloch either. Kudos for being so well informed.

Dave in Fairfax

USA, Thanks for the updated link.
It reiterates the ISO for the USMC, and mentions, at about the 3 min mark, HRC re-tweeting a many year old quote from another official suggesting that the Constitution be scrapped. Heinous, sure. Treasonous, not really. A call for a coup, naw.

She is evil, greedy, mega-maniacal and conniving, but rarely stupid. She knows better than to go on record as advocating a violent revolt against the government. That’s the point of the RESIST! movement, it’s not aggressive enough, supposedly, to cross the line to outright treason. THAT’S actionable.

Ansel Hazen

Will Trump be attending? (He better be)

Ryben Flynn

Too bad we can’t go armed because of the D.C. gun laws, unlike other State Capitols where they have rallies with Open Carry.


You can go armed . Just don’t get caught


That’s why the DISTRICT of Colombia is not a State, and never will be. Keeping it out of the US means that they can use whatever ‘laws’ they please. I always knew there had to be a reason. It just took me a whole lifetime to figure out what it was.


You could get a non-resident DC permit. They are available, not cheap, but you can get them.

Ansel Hazen

Even that won’t do you any good.


Heed the Call-up

The pertinent part of the link above, Prohibited Places to Carry a Concealed Firearm, 12, The area around the White House ( between Constitution Ave. and H St. and between 15th St. and 17th St. NW); and possibly, 15, A Demonstration in a public place (within a perimeter of 1,000 feet designated by a law enforcement agency, and notice has been given by signs or an officer’s order).


Fair point

jack mac

Overloading DC Officials with multi-thousands of permit request would be fun.

Mike L

I have heard this is an anti-NRA rally? I won’t show up for something unless I know who is running it and how it is going to be “spinned” by the organizers. Too many people went to the women’s march thinking it was about women, not realizing it was a leftist ploy. I see nothing about this rally from groups like SAF, GOA, NRA, NSSF, etc. – who is organizing this and why isn’t any organization involved? Also, there is no time given. I don’t think the rally is going to be 24 hours… at least I’m not going to… Read more »


You have heard wrong. I’ve been following the development of the rally from the beginning. It is a Pro 2nd Amendment Rally, pure and simple. It’s about preserving our rights as they are spelled out in the Bill of Rights and US Constitution. The Rally is at PM on November 2nd.

Here is the link.. Don’t pass along false information.


Heed the Call-up

As Mr. Knox stated in his article, it is Saturday, November 2, at 1 pm. It is at the Capitol. That information is also provided on the website with the link to that website provided in the article: http://www.2ndamendmentrally.com

Mike L

So, nobody knows who’s organizing it, or why no major 2A group is even talking about it, let alone endorsing it?


Not a single word on this from Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) in any of their “Alerts” or notices! Why not? They are, literally, right next door. They should be letting everyone in Virginia know about this!

VCDL President

Not true, Dave. It was announced back on September 26, including a link to the website.


I happily stand corrected. Just haven’t seen it recently. Will there be any busses running from Virginia? Meet-up gathering places?


The more I think about this the more I come back to “you mentioned it ONCE, more than a month ago”? If this had been Lobby Day how many times would you be drilling down on it? This is one of the most important rallies of the past few years and you mention it ONCE? Have you thought about getting busses arranged as you do for Lobby Day? Meet up points for ride sharing? This is a time to show Trump and the whole country that there are a LOT of people concerned with their Rights and you mention it… Read more »

VCDL President

Dave, did I say that was it? I didn’t. There is an alert set to go out today. That said, In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a major and extremely crucial election in Virginia in just a few weeks now and we have been a tad busy with that. For Virginia that is our top priority right now.

Finally September 26th was NOT even close to being a month ago. It was less than two weeks ago.


Ok Gentlemen, lets settle down. Whats done is done. VCDL could have done more to spread the word here given that they have a considerable following yes. VCDL also is a state organization with limited resources comparatively speaking which must prioritize manpower and actions.

Ultimately they do need to prioritize the citizens of their state as getting service first. Vanns40, yes a better job should have been done to take care of announcing this, but all we can do is proceed from here. There is still a month.

VCDL President

Oh, I’m perfectly calm. One can be calm, but firm at the same time. As president, I try to correct any public misstatements about the group, be they either inadvertent or malicious. And that I will continue to do. The event was announced once I learned of the event and could vet who was behind it to make sure it was legitimate. VCDL was NOT told about the event when it was being put together, so we had no “heads up”. It was like, “Here’s an event you didn’t know was coming, didn’t have any input on, and organized by… Read more »


Mr. Knox’s request for ALL those who can show up to do so sounds very reasonable to me. I would have said 300 miles. Drive, carpool or even Greyhound it!


I live in a nearby red flag state. I show up at one of these things and my rights are going to be taken from me in a hurry. My neighbors see my face on some social media page and it’s all over for me. It would do authors like Knox well to live in a red flag state before trying to shame everyone. When any of these organizations start helping those out behind the iron curtain the I might attend a rally. Venture out beyond your red state protection before lecturing us.


That’s just about the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. You’re afraid of what your neighbors think? I guess you feel like you have to agree with them no matter what they say because otherwise it’s “all over for you”.

I live in a really Liberal State part of the year and I say what I damn well please. It’s called free speech. Grow up.


Do you even know what red flag laws are? You need to educate yourself. BS you live in a liberal state. You have no clue what your neighbors can do to you in a red flag state.


The police call 911 then they are dispatched to the call so they can enter with out a warrant. Then thy plant dirty evidence and charge you.

jack mac

That can happen.


Yes I do know and I’ve been fighting this a lot longer than you have. I can’t begin to tell you what my opinion is of you if you live in that much fear of your neighbors.

Dave in Fairfax

Will, Pilot25 obviously lives in MD and, as he stated, he’s worried about being seen on social media and recognized. Pilot25 isn’t a regular commenter, so he doesn’t know the personalities involved or their backgrounds, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone after Vannns40. It’s unfortunate that he lives in such a state of fear regarding his neighbors. Perhaps he should reconsider relocating. My state is going blue, though not as badly as his is, despite that I wear a ghillie suit and carry a believable fake rifle for Halloween. The neighbors and their kids aren’t worried and complain if they don’t… Read more »

jack mac

Will, fellow Tex, around by ranch neighbors back each other up. Around my town home it is iffy.


How could LE see anything? The ones with “Eyes Wide Shut” are the same ones who sign their paychecks. Any LEO who says a single word will get the Serpico treatment, and they know it.

Dave in Fairfax

USA, He said that he lived in a nearby state. Now it’s been a long time since I took Geography, but I don’t think Colorado is near DC. MD is much more likely.