Shifting Political Whims & Winds To Determine Constitutional Rights..Shut Up Already


USA – -( You’d think the puppeteers controlling the Parkland kiddies and their dopey attorney would have told them to close their traps by now. As I type this, I’m aware that SCOTUS is going to meet later today to determine, again, whether to move forward with the NY State case as planned on December 2nd.

None of that is what I’m writing about here; in fact, it’s an entirely different subject matter. Follow me:

Over the years, we’ve been saying all along that the Socialists (formerly known as Democrats) want our guns. It was just a matter of time before one of them let the cat out of the bag. Heck, they’ve been dropping hints for decades that gun confiscation and eradication of the right to bear arms was their real goal. Think Feinstein and her infamous, “Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in, I would have done it.” We know what the real end game here is and they know we know it. That’s why they’ve been relatively quiet about it over the years but not anymore.

Since Newtown, every once in awhile, someone slips and the truth comes out. Of course that’s never been clearer than Beto O’Rourke and his outright admission that his goal is, in fact, confiscation. Even more important is the silence emanating from the remaining Clown Posse of Socialists seeking the nomination, none of whom have disagreed with the rhetoric. Now comes the Parkland Kiddies attorney Ira Feinberg and an unusual request in a brief to SCOTUS regarding the NY State Pistol and Rifle case.

In brief, the request to allow the “political process” to lead the fight against “repeated mentions of “gun violence” takes center stage. Indeed, Feinberg went as far as explaining, “They’re asking the court to leave enough flexibility in the review of regulations to let public opinion and political developments have a say.” (Emphasis added) I spent yesterday on-air discussing this incredible admission from an attorney, (literally using the March For Our Lives’ ignorant kids), asking the Supreme Court of the United States of America to allow public opinion and shifting political whims and winds to determine our constitutional rights. [read it for yourself embedded below]

The level of disregard of our bedrock unalienable rights from an attorney practicing constitutional law is downright frightening as well as disturbing. Nobody wants your guns, they say, of course until they do want your guns. The constitution be damned.

  • Why would a group of Americans seemingly sign off on this type of activity, that would let ever-shifting politics and public opinion decide the rule of law?
  • How can one believe it’s okay to suggest such a thing?
  • Who in their right mind would ask the highest court in the land to allow such a perversion to our constitutional republic that would destroy the rule of law?
  • Have they not given thought to the fact that those winds will one day shift away from them?

To answer those questions, you have to understand how public opinion forms and what causes political winds to shift in the first place. Where do people get the information they consume to form an opinion? Where do people see, hear, and read the “information” they digest as “news” to make political decisions? That’s right! The “in the tank,” treasonous, gun-hating, socialist loving, left-wing controlled, progressive, legacy, mainstream media. The same media that the gun-grabbers themselves control and who regurgitate their talking points, with impunity, day after day after day.

This Incredible request in an Amicus Brief to the highest court in the land suggests just how frightened the gun grabbers are of a loss in this NY case. For years I’ve been telling my listeners that this progressive windbag machine, known as the “mainstream,” or more rightly called “legacy” media is the most dangerous “entity” in America. This reminds us of just how vital that media voice is to the gun-grabbers success.

Without “fake news” acting as the wind against their backs, (and in the face of a likely firm ruling that upholds the rule of law and not their shifting winds of public opinion and political tides), their house of cards collapses and they know it, as evidenced by this desperate request.

Funny how that works.


About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of several books, Grilling While Armed, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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“When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans” George Washington. The anti-American activist communist democrats demand a communist America. As Hillary said “I will be the last president”. The Indonesian usurper fired many good federal employees and replaced them with anti-American activist communists. They are still there. That set the tone for Hillary to finish the process of making the United States a communist craphole. The communist democrats are very angry they did not get their way. Donald Trump loves the… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Tetejuan, I can’t find the Hillary quote, do you have a source, URL or whatever, that I can check?


I doubt you will find that quote. Hillary and the media leave few loose ends. I was watching her get into a rant, live, and she pulled back from the lecturn and in a low voice said “I will be the last president”, as she looked through the tops of her eyes. I don’t remember where I saw that. Too long ago. It was the last two months in 2016 before the election. Sometime in there. I do wish I had taken better notes. I watch as many communist democrat leading candidates as I can. I always watch the DNC… Read more »


TRUE. That veterans are mentally ill and MUST NOT be allowed to own firearms as we could be terrorists.
Didn’t FDR’s wife say the same about WW1 veterans, that “They are murderers, trained to kill. They cannot be allowed on the streets. They should be jailed or killed”.
That was before my time, but the Indonesian usurper made it clear all veterans and gun owners are domestic terrorists.

Country Boy

Uhhh I’ll take door #1 tetejuan


@Country Boy

Don’t let the agitator goad you into murder. He’s a coward anyway who has been here crying for months because nobody is doing what he says.

Best thing to do is Temper your response with understanding and knowledge of the Founding fathers and the difference between the American and French revolutions. tetejaun wants people to turn into Robespierre. He sets this up with a lie that you either murder dissenters, or you capitulate. How about trying non-compliance and self defense against gov’t overreach first before jumping headlong into killing people over differences in opinion.

Dave in Fairfax

I wish I could say that it was beyond belief. Unfortunately it isn’t. It’s as though they are searching for the last straw.


I’ve been thinking for a few years now they can’t sink any lower. Now I say that they’ve scrapped the bottom of the barrel, and then busted right through the bottom and are still digging….


digging their road to …


Maybe if they dig deep enough it will all come crashing down on them.


Not “maybe.” It certainly WILL crash down on them!


It absolutely boggles the mind and makes me sick that these Socialist/Communist thugs are using and abusing ignorant and gullible children to bring about their dream of enslaving us! I hope and pray that the good men and women on the Supreme Court realize this disgusting power play for what it is.


This attempt is nothing new and it follows Nazi history. There is a lot of “using the kids” to promote communism. The kids are not smart enough to see what they are doing and just go along with it. The mentally ill little girl that blasted the UN last week is a perfect example. The church of Sweden is calling her the second coming of Christ. The whole world is on a path to nowhere.


TC. Kind of reminiscent of the Salem Witch trials where Epileptic children cried Witch!


Nuff said, Spot on.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Someone, on this site, asked “Would you take financial advice from these kids?” So then why would any country take national economic or industrial advice from a kid?


Wild Bill Another problem with the vocal youth, the don’t know when to shut up. All of a sudden they are experts on everything. We all know an expert is a drip under pressure.


Will, Many of them have been neutered by only having a mommy at home. No surgery but the same results.

Ej harbet

Ever see a typical russian playground? There’s no sawdust and the swings and equipment are metal.sometimes they leave a old tank to climb on! If you survive the fall your injury educates you on the right way to climb on metal! And this 49 year old american climbed on a t62 mbt.I couldn’t resist! It did kinda freak out my fiance’ But the real point I’m trying to make is the boys who used this playground may someday fight american boys and too many of our kids are weak in mind and body.we best get our shit together or get… Read more »



There have been other individuals, of the same age as these from Parkland, who are also survivors of the Parkland murders, but have taken the exact opposite tack in regards firearms, laws relating to them, and so on. Funny they aren’t making the huge spash the marching brats are.
The comment in the piece above about the key role mainstream, or legacy, media are taking in this sham is remarkably on point. Were it not for the shameless huckstering of kids like HoggBoyy they’d not have a voice.

Ej harbet

Society nurtures the weak and this is the result!
It’s a recent phenomenon and we will see more of this idiocy! Am I saying allow the weak to die or even kill them NO! educate them so their brains become strong and step back from the unfixable and let nature take its course


The truth will shine as a crown over the sunrise on the day after the promise is fulfilled.The evils ones will vanish into the winds,but not be gone,the guard of freedom must be kept for eternity.


Are we being politically correct calling democrats “socialists”? The correct term used to be communists. Any one who would subvert the Constitution should be labeled as such. How and why we have not removed these treasonous politicians and bureaucrats from office is beyond any logic. Democrats no longer represent balance in government, they incite a mob mentality with no apparent end in sight. Term limits would have kept our government from becoming so polarized reducing the amount of corruption and strongholds on both sides of the aisle. No one in Congress, Senate or at any level of govenment should ever… Read more »

Wild Bill

J, Pinko … ( a not quite red in public kind of color) is what “they” used to call “them”! And Yes to the rest of it, too!


@Mike J The difference between the two is that Communism is the stated goal, where people as a whole just pool all their resources and everybody only gets what they need to survive. Socialism is the in between measure in which Gov’t control is mandated and enforced because Human Nature, especially after experiencing freedom, does not take kindly to such controls or being forced to see the fruits of their labor going to a guy who didn’t work as hard as they did. (See Hong Kong China Riots.) As I am sure you are aware, at no time that it… Read more »


It’s true, once socialism is adopted, its called communism for the sake of a definition. Socialism it seems is always voted in peacefully but it’s removal is hardly anything but. In either system the people have totally lost their say and an armed dictatorship is usually left in its wake. Idiots here who never experienced socialism want socialism but there’s a reason people come here to escape it. It doesn’t work. Why won’t they listen to the voice of experience and history? Because we allowed the dumbing down of America in our school systems. No longer is intelligent debate allowed.


Fascism is government CONTROL of private means of production. Socialism is government OWNERSHIP of all means of production. And once government have control over that, it is a series of very small almost unnoticed steps to communism, totalitarian control of every aspect of life. Without that progression, government can not long maintain ownership of means of production. Seems that level of control can only flow from the barrel of a gun…. and make no mistake, THIS is the endgame. As long as WE remain armed to some signficant degree, they know they can never control every aspect of our lives.… Read more »


History reveals that socialism, left unchecked, ALWAYS leads to communism. As against your claim that term limits will fix anything, I offer as unimpeachable evidence the four female freshman congresscritters now infesting our nation’s capitol. A term limit of ZERO is the only term limit that would fix THAT scandal. No, the root issue concerning our elected representatives is ignorant, lazt voters refusing to become educated on the issues, and candidates, each election cycle. That, and blatant corruption… such as a few Ohio precincts returning votes numbering 120% of the total number of CITIZENS in those precincts… and ALL of… Read more »


Those 4 freshman women were voted in by those who didn’t show up to vote and this will continue until we get off our ass’ and vote in every election. Now that they’re in, they stand a better chance of creating much damage. Term limits would minimize career corruption.

Chris Mallory

Do you call the right wing drug warriors and judges who subvert the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendments “Communists” too? Or do you support those big government, progressive actions?


Yes. I don’t support them, either. Government has NO business controlling my private life.


I spent a good amount of time around the top 3%, and I can tell you that it’s nothing new that they are scared to have a capable armed populace. (it’s not a logical fear) I have seen this coming, and the thing that pisses me off the most of all are the apologists and those who stick their head in the sand ans suck it up as our rights are stolen systematically by these politicians influencing legislators. If you don’t already know, the legislators are sneaking stuff in at the State level while everyone is focused on the coming… Read more »


TRUE! All laws must be made in harmony with the Constitution otherwise they are null & void. Article 6 is extremely clear on that matter. Just because some anti-America activist communist democrat ‘judge’ says gun control laws are constitutional DOES NOT make it so.

Dubi Loo

I think this quote begs the question “who paid to use the “kids?”

“No party or counsel for a party authored this brief in whole or in part. No party, counsel for party, or person other than amicus curiae or counsel made any monetary contribution intended to fund the preparation or submission of this brief. All parties have filed with the Clerk a notice of blanket consent.”

Me thinks I smell Bloomberg.


Your smeller is fairly well calibrated.

I can’t tell whether mine is smelling Mr. B or Mr. S… so I assume it is detecting BOTH Bloomie and Soros.


The gun free world of unicorn farts glowing as it rises over a diverse rainbow filled with the colors of discontent and angst will be the end of their wishes as their souls go back to whence they came.


The constitution is the law of the land and it is what it is! If you don’t like it, then get the congress and president to write a law to change it, BUT you can NOT take away the right of the people and think that they will stand by and let it happen!


Stand up and shout out loud I’m a free man and will not apologize or make any concessions for the right to be not taxed into poverty and submissive to any government not for or of the people. .

Ej harbet

Heard this just now,I catch all the shows later.
Couldn’t agree more with mr gottlieb and the pit boss gunslinger!
MAKE THE THEM EAT IT! and the billionaires supporting the puppets!