UN ‘Messenger of Peace’ Michael Douglas Railed against Guns while Enabling Violence

UN "Messenger of Peace" Michael Douglas stumped for citizen disarmament while his son says he was patronizing dealers in the illicit drug trade. (Michael Douglas/Facebook photo)
UN “Messenger of Peace” Michael Douglas stumped for citizen disarmament while his son says he was patronizing dealers in the illicit drug trade. (Michael Douglas/Facebook photo)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Michael Douglas’ son Cameron recalls passing around drugs at family Hollywood parties,” Fox News/New York Post’s Page Six reported Sunday. “He followed in his father’s footsteps, at least when it came to drugs, only he took a rougher path. For years, Cameron was a coke and heroin addict, dealing crystal meth and living a life of destruction which led to nearly eight years in prison.”

“Even as a really young kid, I remember running joints back and forth,” Cameron Douglas writes in his — they’re calling it a “memoir,” if you can believe it. “Dad would say, ‘Hey, bring this over to your uncle,’ and I would, not realizing until years later what it had been.”

Nice role-modeling. It’s hardly a wonder the son imprinted off the example set by the old man, or that the life of an addict and dealer would lead him into “a series of stickups,” where the over-privileged scion would put working people in fear for their lives. That Cameron now says the weapon he used was “an air gun” sounds self-serving and makes no difference anyway. That he felt terrorizing an old lady behind a motel desk for $20, and that that act of despicable cowardice entitled him to “bragging rights,” speaks of seriously twisted character defects.

Defects, it would seem, the younger Douglas owes to his father, a doctrinaire gun-grabber and “United Nations Messenger of Peace.”

“Sex is a wave that just sweeps over me,” Michael Douglas whined in 1995 according to Parade Magazine and numerous other media outlets. “When the urge comes, I am helpless.” That quote has not been retracted, but that Douglas didn’t start publicly denying a stint in sex “rehab” until 20 years later, instead claiming an alcohol problem, is hardly absolving. It’s also not very convincing, considering the reported $5M prenup for Catherine Zeta-Jones if he strayed. Add to that he reportedly lied about throat cancer “to protect his career,” so he wholly owns all his credibility issues.

And getting caught up in #MeToo doesn’t help. We’re supposed to #BelieveWomen, right?

Someone with self-control issues demanding controls over the rest of us is but one reason Michael Douglas’ gun stance reeks of hypocrisy: Despite profiting from guns in his films, he’s been going after them off-screen for years, evidently since John Lennon was murdered by a lunatic ignoring strict New York City gun laws. Several years later, he lent his name and image to the Brady Campaign’s “Light a candle/Too many victims” campaign. (As a side note, my blogging about that resulted in a troll hiding behind a mask of anonymity calling me a “coward” that suddenly stopped when I documented he/she frequented the Brady website log-in page. Busted.)

While he was speaking directed lines from a script, Douglas’ Andrew Shepherd from 1995’s An America President wasn’t saying anything inconsistent with the actor’s real-life positions:

“The other piece of legislation is the crime bill. As of today, it no longer exists. I’m throwing it out. I’m throwing it out and writing a law that makes sense. You cannot address crime prevention without getting rid of assault weapons and handguns. I consider them a threat to national security, and I will go door-to-door if I have to, but I’m gonna convince Americans that I’m right, and I’m gonna get the guns. We’ve got serious problems, and we need serious people.”

But no one’s talking about taking your guns, right?

Douglas doubled down in 2016 when he teamed with Alec Baldwin (of calling his young daughter a “pig” fame) to promote anti-NRA agitprop, “Making A Killing: Guns, Greed And The NRA,” for Oscar consideration. It not only didn’t make it among the finalists, but it also didn’t make much of a box office killing either, and is now available for free on YouTube, with fewer than 4,200 views after over a year of being posted.

But the main reason for Douglas’ duplicity is because of the drug use, and specifically its procurement.  We can stipulate that the War on Drugs is the reason why the violent criminal underworld is able to wreak such havoc, from Mexican cartels ambushing troops to the savage bloodshed occurring daily in U.S. inner cities like Baltimore, as gangs battle over turf and the resulting violent underworld culture victimizes everybody else.

We can point to the corrupting and self-defeating results of U.S. drug laws and enforcement and recognize that this is unlikely to change any time soon. Too many in government positions reap the benefits of money and power by playing their part in a rigged game. While the brutal system is not the fault of those who purchase illicit substances, what is undeniable is that the customers are the ones providing the money to keep things going.

And the “solution,” the same people with the incentives for keeping and expanding drug policies tell us, is to disarm the citizens who have nothing to do with the trade or the violence, and who want to protect themselves from it. Like in Mexico and in Baltimore.

That, more than anything, is what makes privileged and protected “UN Messenger of Peace” Michael Douglas, who patronized the dealers then feeding their suppliers and ultimately, the murderous international organized crime networks that franchise them, so sanctimonious and despicable.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Will Flatt

Screw that commie SOB and the donkey he rode in on! And screw the anti-American UN!! When the balloon goes up on the first day of general confiscation, these peckers had better leave the USA because they will receive the undiluted wrath of Angry Americans who are SICK of their hypocritical pontification for the last 30-50 years!


I guess that he is just stupid! The rest of the world can disarm if they want, but Americans won’t!!!

a.x. perez

It is kind of disgusting hearing people who go out of their way to be people I would not trust with guns tell honest folk we can’t have guns unless we are their armed bodyguards.


Interesting: I read this piece by David Codrea just AFTER I watched the video provided by the piece one or two below in today’s lineup, the one by Walter Williams. This video is of the recent speech by AtG William Barr as he addressed the Law School at University of Notre Dame… and Barr does a masterful job of getting to the ROOT of the very moral and political decay this piece of David Codrea’s demonstrates so perfectly. One of the commenters under the video itself provided the link to the written transcript of Berr’s speech, Convenient for download. I… Read more »


Excellent of you to mention that column by Walter Williams.

It does include the video. I had read the video was expunged because Progressives were upset with Notre Dame.

we cannot have liberty without self governance – and that includes self control.

Thanks Tionico.

Autsin Miller III

Why does anyone care what the opinion is of someone who pretends for a living (and I will include politicians on both sides of that question.) Good grief, people like Douglas don’t improve the world, they degrade it by influencing the weak minded into thinking their opinion counts. It is the farmers and the construction workers, those working all day in millions of jobs all over our nation that make things happen, not these people whom are lauded for “Acting!” Disgusts me.


Would anyone expect a Hollywood slug to be in touch with reality? Ha!


Just another hollyweird that got lucky and rich off of people that go to movies. I haven’t been to a movie in several years and the main reason is that I have no need to contribute to the hate these “actors” bestow upon us. If you can’t believe in the person delivering the message then there is no reason to be entertained.


I can count the number of movies that I’ve seen at the theater in the last ten years on one hand. Because our wives would not be interested, a friend and I have plans to see the new “Midway” movie when it comes out.


But how many movies have you bought (the DVD), or rented (Netflix, etc.), and how about your cable fees. Unless you are like me, who hasn’t patronized Hollywood in any way in more than 30 years, you’re still supporting these dirtbags indirectly.


The problem with these kinds of people is that they set the bar so low, all they can do is trip over it.


Quote: “While the brutal system is not the fault of those who purchase illicit substances, what is undeniable is that the customers are the ones providing the money to keep things going.” That statement is true in so many ways. It’s used here to explain drug use, but I have used it for years to explain just about every hot button issue we face today. You have so many ignorant young people today complaining about the 1% being so rich, and it seems none of them realize that they and everyone else who buy their products are the ones making… Read more »


And we need to vote it too. How many of the “1%” are getting richer off of our 18 years of war in the middle east? And how about prescription drugs that we pay the cost of R&D, while the drug companies sell or license the same drugs to every other country for pennies on the dollar? There’s more to it than movie theaters and Walmart.


When making the guest list for Harry’s Grand Opening of his presidential museum in Independence, Bess was asked if she would invite any of the Hollywood crowd. Her response, reportedly was No, they pretend to be something they are not!

Not much has changed.

1776 Patriot

If it weren’t for low standards, Hollywierdos would have no standards.


In order to understand this class of progressive you need to understand one thing. They not only hate God, they want to be God. This is how they can live in a parallel universe like that of Douglas or Baldwin. Live in a your own cess pool and rail at the world for the smell. This kind of mind and soul can only be formed within a bubble of privilege and protection. Hollywood kids are especially prone to this level of dual existence. Let daddy bail them out time and again, never deal with consequences and rail at the world… Read more »


Do we have two different members with the name, “nrringlee”? Because how could the same person write this post and also write the one responding to me several posts below this. Very strange.


Wait Michael Douglas is still alive?..who knew..Just keep using the drugs Mike..

I guess he forgets about all the movies that he starred in, he used firearms in..


I wonder why people are surprised at this. Look at his father and his grandfather and great grandfather. When you come from Russian Jews there is always that pull to the left. Some wish to ignore it or deny it; but, it is what it is.


I met his father on numerous occasions. Kirk Douglas was a veteran of WW II who started life dirt poor. His kids’ failings are their own. Visit not the sins of the son on the father in this case. He gave them every advantage and they squandered those advantages. Like so many in hollywierd the dominant culture draws the young in to a life of degradation.


You made my point. You don’t know much about Kirk Douglas.

Wild Bill

@ring, We can not deny the impact of the father to son relationship and choose to blame failings on the culture. To have a good product, one has to work on it and shape it.
Michael Douglas provided a really destructive example, so he made a really poor product.


Yes, his kids’ failings ARE their own.. but I cannot NOT fault the Father for failing to instill into his offspring a strong moral character and set of values. THAT is the job of the FATHER. My guess: Kirk was too busy wiht his “career” to spend the time TEACHING his children, as he is commanded to do. THIS is how kids turn out when Hitlery’s advice “it takes a village to raise a child” is put into practice. It is this very collectivist “village” nonsense that has been a tool for the destructioin of our culture. And the Clinton… Read more »


Allow me to share just one Kirk Douglas tidbit: “Throughout their marriage, Douglas had affairs with other women including several Hollywood starlets, though he never hid his infidelities from his wife who was accepting of them and explained, “as a European, I understood it was unrealistic to expect total fidelity in a marriage.””
This was with his second wife after having his two older sons with the first.


Michael Douglas is just another dummycratic, hollywoodie, socialist slime who thinks his acting gives him the right to talk, off the cuff, in public. No more than a Kalifornika homeless transgender drug addict!


Yes, he is another typical Hollywood hypocrite.