USCCA Celebrates Defeat of Illegal Pittsburgh Gun Laws

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Joecho-16; iStock-982486924
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ; iStock-982486924

U.S.A.-( The USSCA is hailing a long overdue decision by a Pennsylvania judge this week for striking down all three of Pittsburgh’s restrictive and unlawful gun ordinances that were passed by the City Council earlier this year. Calling it “a huge victory for self-defense and gun rights advocates,” the USCCA has been a vocal opponent of the Pittsburgh ordinances since they were first announced last December.

USCCA’s President and Founder Tim Schmidt made the following statement today:

“Of course, we’re thrilled with the decision. It’s just not every day you see a victory like this for responsibly armed Americans. A huge part of the problem is that many people simply don’t understand this simple fact: Responsible gun owners are amongst the most law-abiding citizens in the country. At the end of the day, we’re focused on protecting the people we love.”

In April 2019, the Pittsburgh City Council voted to break Pennsylvania law and approved the three new gun restrictions, which unlawfully regulated firearms and ammunition within the city. The USCCA was among those who warned the City Council that its actions were illegal. In January, the USCCA delivered a letter directly to the city council urging them not to further restrict the residents’ right to defend themselves and to instead focus their attention on supporting responsibly armed Americans, such as law enforcement and concealed carry permit holders, who are often the first line of defense in active shooter situations.

“I do believe we are making progress. I have a lot of hope for the future. But we know there are still many more battles to come. There will be new laws restricting law-abiding gun owners. There will likely be appeals to overturn our hard-earned victories. We need to stay strong and keep our focus on what really matters. We need to continue to defend and empower law-abiding Americans to be the strongest protectors they can be,” Schmidt concluded today.

The decision also comes right as responsible gun owners prepare to rally for their rights in Washington, D.C., on November 2 and USCCA’s Director of Content Kevin Michalowski will be among those in attendance this Saturday.

About USCCAU.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to responsible American gun owners. The USCCA is the largest and fastest-growing association whose sole focus is the responsibly armed American.

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No matter what law you win, or victory you think you had. If you own guns in America you are a second class citizen, especially if it’s a pistol or ar. Especially in New York and it will just spread. You are on a goverment list end of story. That means you by default are lower than some one who doesnt own a fire arm, or one that the goverment knows about I should say. I dono how americans got this stupid. Gun laws should not exist on ones own property, and they also shouldnt be so that owners of… Read more »


The fact that guns, at least most guns, will eventually be banned is quite possibly true simply because of the success of “dumbing down” of each generation. The bombardment of misinformation along with the removal of civics and history from our classrooms is a perfect recipe for the assault on our Constitution. It doesn’t mean, however, that we need to lie down to be trampled out of existence. Organizations such as USCCA, SAF, GOA, NRA, BHA (Backcountry Hunters and Anglers) and many others exist to helps us, as an organized voice, to prevent this assault and educate others on the… Read more »


Oh, they be banned by the Criminal Element ?


Gindy: With all due respect you need to do some research on BHA. They are NOT pro-hunting or pro-gun. They are a false flag organization.


Thanks for the update Vanns! I’ll do more research on them.


Been digging in to information as to your alert. The ‘Green Decoy’ group fronting the information has ties from an article by Will Coggins in 2014. Green Decoy is a project of the ‘Environmental Policy Alliance’ also affiliated with ‘Center for Consumer Freedom’ which is a front group for Berman and Co. A public relations firm run by Rick Berman which represents alcohol, tobacco, and restaurant interests. He also heads dozens of front groups , attack dog groups and makes millions of dollars doing so. In short he’s a shady dude!

As for me, I’ll keep my membership in BHA.


But, are the facts of the story in dispute just because you don’t like a guy?


I never said I don’t like the guy, or anybody for that matter. Nor am I saying that you have bad information. What I discovered was that there is another side to the story. The side you presented, and others related to it, was pretty much one sided from the ‘Green Decoy’ sources of which Berman & Co are the foundation of that source. There is a whole lot more positive information on BHA from different sources than negative sources of which are related to one source……Green Decoy. Why Berman and Co are the root carrier of this info just… Read more »