Lying Anti-Trump Ad No Surprise When You See Who’s Behind It

U.S.A. – -(“An Erie County man who describes regret over voting for President Donald Trump in 2016 didn’t vote for him, according to news organizations that checked his voting record,” Penn Live reported Friday. “Mark Graham is featured in videos created by America Bridge, a Democrat-supporting political action committee, or PAC.”

Shame on Graham. The story indicates that despite protests and demands for an apology by Pennsylvania Republicans, the video has not been taken down from America Bridge’s website. Even if it is, the internet is forever and this will follow him around in meatspace, probably for the rest of his life – as it should, especially noting his unremorseful, defensive and even proud attitude.

But Graham is just a tool. The real reputation to look at is that belonging to the group that knowingly sticks to the lie even after being exposed, and that does not even have the integrity to admit it was wrong, let alone to fess up to being so deliberately. It’s fair to conclude the only thing they’re sorry about is getting caught.

It’s also fair to conclude that these “Democrats” don’t much care about what people think. Otherwise, we’d be able to count “up” votes vs. “down” votes and they would not have disabled comments on their YouTube posting, which still claims Graham “voted for Donald Trump in 2016.”

Lie much?

So who are these guys trying to dishonestly influence an election (and you’d think there’d be laws against knowing fraud)? The Penn Live report just gives us the name of the PAC. A cursory scan for related stories shows the media isn’t exactly tripping all over itself to identify who is behind “American Bridge,” which just looking at the video proves to be “American Bridge 21st Century.” Any reporter with another 10 seconds to spare would have then been able to document it’s a multi-million-dollar effort to run anti-Trump ads “led” by (one-time “conservative”) David Brock, of Media Matters notoriety. In fairness to “real reporters,” it did take me over a minute to locate a copy of Brock’s 2010 statement of organization to the Federal Elections Commission. Perhaps, since they obviously enjoy more resources than #justablogger, one or more intrepid journalists could look into why so many American Bridge donors cite “Not Employed” as their occupation.

But back to Brock and Media Matters, which recently was caught in another lie it has not corrected, one that involved “misquoting” Armed American Radio host Mark Walters from a conversation he had with me on his program: Walters had clearly stated he was “lawfully carrying [his] sidearm.” To make him appear a scofflaw, Media Matters transcribed it as “laughing and carrying [his] sidearm.”

Speaking of guns, in 2012, Tucker Carlson and Vince Coglianese writing in the Daily Caller reported “paranoid” Media Matters founder David Brock had bodyguards, and an “executive assistant [who] carried a handgun to public events,” including in Washington, D.C. At the time of the report, that was illegal, meaning he could not have been “lawfully carrying.” Evidently, “progressive” elites believe “gun laws” they demand for the rest of us do not apply to them.

Add to that Media Matters reportedly coordinated spin with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice on stories about ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious “gun-walking” plot that resulted in the deaths of two federal agents and an untold number of Mexican nationals. Curiously, the same DOJ operative on point with Media Matters dismissed a bar complaint against Holder I had made with colleague Mike Vanderboegh as “specious” and “frivolous.”

The Daily Caller report further cited employee assessments of Brock’s “volatile and erratic behavior and struggled with mental illness,” and his abusive treatment of employees:

“Meanwhile, Brock became rigid and harsh with his employees — ‘viciously mean,’ in the words of someone who witnessed it. ‘He spent a lot of time ripping up researchers. It was abusive. I never understood why more people didn’t quit.’ One staffer recalls Brock saying he would like to fire a researcher for being physically repugnant. ‘David definitely does not like ugly people.’”

It makes it fair to ask what kind of self-loathing lickspittles would work for such a man, or for Media Matters President Angelo Carusone, who “wrote of ‘japs,’ ‘jewry’ and ‘trannies’.” If there’s one thing “progressives” are consistent with, it’s in-your-face hypocrisy.

These are the creatures the disposable tool in Erie lied for and allowed himself to be exploited by. These are the ones he now rightfully shares a reputation with, although in the case of Brock and Media Matters, one gets the sense they know exactly what they are and that they revel in the role.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Florida Gun-Owners, Wake Up. If you (we) don’t get off the sofa and say something now, We will probably see the same fate as is going down in Va. These are the facts; -There are 41 gun related bills pre-filed in Tallahassee, 38 of them are UnConstitutional Gun-Grabs of all types. 1 of the 41 is ‘Constitutional Carry’. -‘Everytown’ gave the Senate President’s (GOP) super-pac $500000.00 (yes, that’s one-half million) end of 2018. He promptly shared that with the rest of the Florida senate. Are you going to sit there and believe that they will ‘do what’s right’ by the… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

I smell a Bloomturd, can’t disguise the stench.


Democrats lie everyday in about 99.9 % of their conversations and then brag about it. Nancy Pig-Losi even made an instructional video about how to do it and get the media to do the distribution. It is called the “Wrap Up Smear” . Never trust a democrap.

Will Flatt

The only thing you can trust a commiecrat to do is obey the laws of physics and gravity. 9.8 meters per second squared, to be precise.


Hey David,

Last time I checked the body count due to guns from Fast and Furious in Mexico were up to about 5,500.

Do you have any more up-to-date numbers?

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming and happy New Year

Will Flatt

Is the grass green and the sky blue??

Will Flatt

Was it something I said?

Will Flatt

My 2020 hopes for Soros the SS man:


Maybe he might need something akin to Mussolini’s parting gift. Hilter’s buddy. We need another Judge Roy Bean


The American People are the ultimate authority and power in our REPUBLIC.
In a republic, the PEOPLE are the masters.
Too many pathetic Americans believe the government is their god, father and nurse maid.



Notice, it also means no public comments from @loveaduck, though I think he did get on long enough to thumb down each of my comments on his boyfriends last article.

While I wont sign your petition because I support the 1st amendment, I do agree that any day without Harold is in fact a better day.


Are you ready for the roaring 20’s? Write, call, be heard and don’t stand for the abuse. Push back and prepare yourself to put up a valid argument. Vote. Never give up.


Lies, lies and more lies. The politicians in America thrive on lives and the fools who choose to believe them.


He has made sizable contributions to Media Matters so birds of a feather that is for sure.


Graham is a TOOL alright. Maybe the whole shed.


Yes. Media Matters is a Soros-paid disease.

Will Flatt

I don’t know everything they do with aborted babies but I know that tissue is used in ALL VACCINES, and cosmetics, and a rather substantial number of other things. As for Harold, I think if the demon rats ate him, they’d all get major indigestion. No, I think we’ll be seeing more of him in the year to come unless we get the petition signed by as many people as possible. Oh, speaking of hidden ingredients in things people eat, do y’all know that these meatless food products like Imposible Burger are filled with overwhelming amounts of GMO and ESTROGEN?!?… Read more »


Hmmm Soylent Green

Will Flatt

Yep, it’s for real.


Facebook is perfect for spying. Morons get on there and spew their guts out, telling every story, picture, name & secret.

moe mensale

“Don’t forget to sign & share the petition!”

Congratulations, Will. You actually found 37 people who are more stupid than you by giving a big raised middle finger to the Constitution’s 1st Amendment. Unbelievable. Why worry about the outright commies and socialists in this country when we have people like you 3 dozen morons who will do their dirty work for them.

Intolerance. It’s not just a “left” thing anymore.

Will Flatt

Ok, commietard. School lesson. People who write for a living do not have an absolute right to be published by a particular publisher. If I write a shitty novel, Simon and Schuster are not obligated to contract with me to sell it. Same thing with Ammoland; they can choose to not publish HH if enough readers dont want him on Ammoland. Moreover, the 1A is a restriction on GOVERNMENT, not a blanket requirement that publishers must obey under penalty of law. And finally Harold is free to submit and have his drivel published… ELSEWHERE! Thanks moe for showing us all… Read more »