Murders/Suicide at Pearl Harbor were by Active Duty Armed Guard

Murders/Suicide at Pearl Harbor were by Active Duty Armed Guard
Murders/Suicide at Pearl Harbor were by Active Duty Armed Guard

U.S.A.-( On 4 December 2019,at about 2:30 p.m. in Hawaii, at the Pearl Harbor shipyard, an armed sailor guarding the nuclear attack submarine the Columbia, shot and killed two shipyard workers and wounded a third. The armed guard then killed himself with his government-issued M9 9mm Beretta pistol.

The guard used his government-issued M4 carbine (5.56 mm) to kill the two civilian workers and wound the third. From

The Columbia is a Los Angeles-class submarine, meaning it is a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine. At the time of the attack, the Columbia was in drydock for maintenance, and Romero was assigned as an armed guard to monitor the submarine.

The incident has dropped off the media radar. The murderer was an active duty sailor officially assigned guard duty. None of the infringements on Second Amendment rights being suggested by those who wish a disarmed population would have made the slightest difference in this case. All have exceptions for people who are engaged in their military missions while being officially armed by the government.

In this case, some have suggested the sailor had anger control and discipline problems. From

Romero used his service weapons ― an M4 rifle and an M9 pistol ― in the shooting and on Wednesday had been assigned to stand watch at a submarine undergoing repairs.

The multiple sources, who requested anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, expressed concern Romero had been assigned an armed position at the shipyard despite his history of problems.

Those who the government issues firearms are people as well as the rest of us.

People who have gone to the trouble of obtaining a carry permit from the government are many times less likely to break the law than police are.

Hawaii has a very low crime rate and very restrictive gun laws. Two other island entities within the jurisdiction of the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, also have very strict gun laws. It is arguable their gun laws are more restrictive than Hawaii’s, but they are, at minimum, comparable. Their murder and crime rates are several times greater than the United States average. From an article written in 2015:

Three United States island polities with quite similar, strict, gun control laws. Two have murder rates more than 7 and 5 times greater than the United States average; one has a murder rate one third as great as the United States average.

It is clear that the gun control laws are not a major factor in the rate of murder.

Few people in the world would dispute the necessity of an armed guard for a nuclear attack submarine. Few would dispute the necessity of armed police to maintain public order.

In the United States, many millions of legally armed citizens have shown they are more trustworthy than the police.

Severe restrictions on ordinary peoples’ access to firearms do not affect the murder rate. They do not prevent mass murders. They restrict ordinary people from legally owning and using firearms.

They restrict the power of the ordinary person. That is their purpose, and what they are meant to do.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Liston Matthews

What about the Personnel Reliability Program?

Deplorable Bill

Even as restrictive, unconstitutional gun laws do nothing to slow or stop gun violence, those who write and/or enforce them are culpable in every assault, every murder, every rape that was accomplished because the attackee had no means of defending him/herself. They have the bold of the innocent on their hands just as much as the physical attackers do. Scripture and the constitution and common sense all dictate one’s right of self defense and one’s right to keep and bare arms. There is no higher authority than the LORD and this nation is founded upon HIS WORD. Therefore it is… Read more »

Wild Bill

@DP, What is gun violence?


That is when a gun, all by itself, jumps out of the storage box and commits a crime. NO human intervention.

Deplorable Bill

@WB. Maybe I should phrase that better. Gun violence/violence while using a gun. Anyone who uses a firearm for ill will, intimidation, assault or murder. I took it for granted that we all know that a firearm is just an object, just a tool. It does nothing on it’s own. Just for the record, more people are murdered with hammers than AR-15’s

Arm up, carry on.


Just something of side interest. I knew a guy who robbed a bank and the Feds also charged him with possession of a firearm during the robbery. Only thing is the gun that he had was, at the time of the robbery, at his residence miles and miles away and not in his car or physical possession. And he received an enhanced sentence because of that “possession.” The lesson here is that the Feds will do what they think they can get away with.

Ryben Flynn

Hawaii is a Gun Free State. You can own guns, they are registered and Hawaii puts your name on a U.S. Government Crime Watch List of some sort. Carry Permit is MAY (NOT) ISSUE. Even if you get a permit it is only valid in the issuing County. (Magnum, P.I. would NOT get a permit in Hawaii TV show is total B.S.). Military Police are exempt from any State gun law while on duty on a Military base, that is, armed guards at entrances and other designated locations.

late for supper

I am not, was not and will not be a navy type, so I am not sure how the submarine security is handled at landside and docking. He was guarding a nuclear reactor, special precautions are required here. I can only relate to my experience and in general terms that are dated. In general, military types that have nuclear weapons access, nuclear access control orders and at a lower level, those who guard nuclear ‘stuff’ are in a special program to monitor their behaviour. We have habits, this person just did not explode one day after being just a normal… Read more »


I remember when the “program” designation changed and we all had to go through the short process to be under the new “program.” This was in ’74 or ’75.


Thanks for another well written, well researched article. I’m sure the facts will continue to come out on the Pearl Harbor Sailor. Probably a disgruntled young man who had been having issues with his contemporaries. Many folks want to “do something” without analyzing the underlying causes. There may not be one central cause for firearms violence, and there certainly is no “one size fits all” solution, even though the left and the anti-2A folks keep pushing for gun control.. When you step back from the immediacy of these events, you can see this is a problem that we didn’t get… Read more »


I truly enjoy your common sense articles Mr Weingarten. Thank you.

Will Flatt

Because we see what these infringements are really for, we will not comply with their BS. If they want to make a stink about it or make an example of some hapless soul, “SEND BACHELORS HEAVILY ARMED”. And a good supply of bodybags. Because we won’t be taking their crap anymore.


Any verifiable FACTS to back up your claim that folks who have a CCW are ‘many times less likely to break the law than police are’? I’m waiting….

Dave in Fairfax

Dean, It’s good of your to furnish the link, I personally appreciate it. We, the long-term membership, suspect that Superman is a sock puppet of Clark Kent. A troll in other words. If you check his past posts you’ll see why we think that.


As you are well aware, LEO’s are given tremendous responsibility and latitude, and therefore, is the reason that agencies commit their applicants to such a rigorous background check, as well as qualification requirements before they can even proceed on to an academy for completion, and then certification. No matter how much an agency can test for moral and ethical traits, we still have no way of knowing what the character of an individual might be. Unfortunately, we do have certified peace officers who will fail this test by their actions.

jack mac

N/A: Authority is given, not responsibility. Most agencies recruit their own kind. A tyrannical agency recruits those with tyrannical following mentality. People certified as peace officers are too often placed on duty as enforcers. US citizens are not civilians We are not to be ruled over by our public servants’ enforcers.

Ansel Hazen

I looked in the mirror, what did I see? A nine stone weakling with knobbly knees.

jack mac

Ansel, what is the official american weight of a “stone”? I know what knobbly knees are.

Ansel Hazen

1 stone is 14 lbs. I guess I’ll have to admit I know what knobbly knees are too.


And there was this article from 11/28:
Now please show us an article where CCW holders are committing crime sprees. I believe you owe Mr. Weingarten an apology. It takes a big person to admit they are wrong, I doubt you are that person; we’re waiting…


Must be new to the whole “gun rights and safety” scene. Those stats are readily availble and common knowledge amongst we who follow these things. Multiple sources study these things from various viewpoints, yet all come up with similar numbers. Roughtly, those wiht Mother May I Cards to conceal and carry commit about six percent of the number of crimes as do law enforcement (on and off duty), Further, ordinarly folks stop about six times as many crimes as do LE, hit about one tenth the number of innocents/uninvolved iwth their fired rounds compared to LE. Further, normal folks are… Read more »