Deep Waters – Time to Arm All U.S. Military Officers & S/NCOs


No Guns Gun Free Zone
Deep Waters – Time to Arm All U.S. Military Officers & S/NCOs

Ft Collins, CO –-( “In deep waters, you encounter the wise and brave. In shallow waters, the naive and fearful” ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Speaking of the shallow, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, yesterday flippantly said of the Pensacola, FL incident:

“At some point, President Trump, and members of Congress must summon the political courage and take meaningful action to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat to others.”

Oh please!

Any specifics, or just more wearisome drivel?

The unprovoked murder of three brave, but disarmed, US sailors by an armed Islamic terrorist on a US military base constitutes an unforgivable scandal, for which the President and Congress bear full responsibility.

Here is the real outrage that DJT and Congress “must summon the political courage and take action” to correct:

DOD currently requires active-duty sailors who are “standing watch” to be disarmed as they “guard” other naval personnel and naval property.

One must conclude that the progressive left, silent and unconcerned about the unarmed status of sailors, soldiers, and Marines who are wantonly murdered by armed terrorists, hates our Second Amendment more than it loves the lives of our courageous military service members.

“Action” that needs to be taken is to implement an audacious new policy where all military officers and S/NCOs are to be continuously armed with issue M17/18 pistols at all times, on and off base.

That is the only way we can adequately protect our military members from terrorists, something at which we’re obviously failing miserably now.

The left says they are worried about suicides. I’m sure leftists feel much better when they jump off of bridges.

Radical Islamic jihadis, newly-clad in button-front sweaters and sneakers, are not likely to surrender worldwide in order to eagerly line-up to watch Tom Hanks play Mister Rogers any time soon.

“Who ply ‘deep waters’ go armed!” ~ Anon


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Mr. Farnam presents a mostly good article and lays the blame squarely where it belongs; at the feet of the President and Congress. The only thing that I have an objection to is his proposal that, “Action” that needs to be taken is to implement an audacious new policy where all military officers and S/NCOs are to be continuously armed with issue M17/18 pistols at all times, on and off base.” As with any other segment of our society, seniority and or rank in the military does not necessarily make a good deciding factor for who should be carrying a… Read more »


My exact thoughts RoyD! I say all or none.


This just shows the armed citizens of the United States are more prepared for an invasion of our Country than our military. As was told to the Japanese Emperor by his military Commander. If we invade the US mainland there will be a gun behind every blade of grass. The Armed Citizens!


That those who defend our country are denied the ability to defend themselves, given
the numerous events of the last few years, is inexcusable.
Let’s have the armed protective details removed from our “leaders” for a while.

uncle dudley

What gets me is that someone from a foreign country who is in the states for training from another country was allowed to buy a firearm, he is not a citizen of the United States and is on TDY here.
He should not enjoy the rights of the second amendment.
The law needs to be fixed and the military needs to allow soldiers to carry a sidearm when on base.


Huge +1 it has always confued me when a citizen must junp though hoops to purchase a firearm when an non citizen is basicaly given a free pass in NICS….


Citizens and lawful permanent residents are legally allowed to buy arms, given meeting the other qualifications. that should not change. SHort term temp visas should not qualify. Perhaps student visas granted for periods of a year or more should qualify. SOmeone on vacation, or temp assignemnt here for a few weeks of training? Nah. I doan t’eeeenk so.


I believe as Commander in Chief, the President can -and should- order the Sec. of Def. to immediately authorize arming the security troops on posts and bases. Further, active military officers and enlisted should be authorized to carry where the presence of a sidearm would not interfere with their normal duties. Most enlisted personnel would have the M-16 as a assigned weapon. In Georgia, active military personnel are not required to obtain a state Weapons Carry License. They may carry concealed off base. When I was stationed at Fr. McPherson, Atlanta [Cpt. MSC], we shot the 1911’s at a pistol… Read more »


I agree with this rather than all troops being armed all the time. A bunch of rowdy young people with access to booze and guns? What could go wrong?


I just gave you a thumbs down and here is why: “A bunch of rowdy young people with access to booze and guns?” You mean like all those “young people” in civilian life that have the same attributes? Spend more time thinking before you post.


Oops, I thought I had. There is a great difference from on base to off.


Time to end Army Regulation 190–14.

Wild Bill

Chapter 2 Carrying of Firearms by Law Enforcement and Security Personnel Section I Authorizations 2–1. Authorizing officials a. Officers of field grade rank or higher, or civilian equivalent of grade General Schedule (GS)–12 or above may authorize the carry- ing of firearms for law enforcement and security duties described in paragraph 2–2. b. The carrying of firearms for personal protection will only be approved on a case-by-case basis per paragraph 2–2d. (1) The Secretary of the Army may authorize the carrying of firearms for personal protection within the continental United States. (2) Commanders of MACOMs, or their appointed representative, in… Read more »


So, you’re arguing for only E-7+ to be armed, while neglected the vast majority of the military forces. I would trust a E-4 being armed before I trust an O-2. Both would be in the same age category, early 20s, but the E-4 has more time in service and more training with their weapon than the O-2. Consider also, to make E-6 requires a minimum of 7 years service and 10 months as an E-5. E-4 will be the discharge rank of most soldiers, E-5 will be the cap for most NCO soldiers, E-6 will be the cap for most… Read more »


It’s a disgrace that our troops are still vulnerable long after the Ft Hood terrorist attack. The last administration predictably tried to sweep the connect to radical Islam under the rug, but the public knows better. I hope C-in-C Trump gives the order to allow our troops to be armed on base. I also believe this proposal does not go far enough. Our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen are all trained in firearm safety and marksmanship and should be allowed to concealed carry a firearm on and off base except in restricted areas where concealed weapons would be prohibited. Granted,… Read more »


Why just Officers and Senior NCO’s? Is there a concern that the lower ranking people are not responsible enough? As I recall the Ft Hood shooter was and officer. Just a Thought…..


Enlisted personnel would generally only be assigned an M-16.

Wild Bill

@USA, A very wise observation.


By law, foreign nationals can only purchase a firearm with a hunting license. Did it raise any red flags when the shooter purchased a Glock 9mm pistol for hunting?


Um they use to be that is until the anti crowd took the helm and disarmed those who are entrusted to protect America but apparently not themselves….


or each other


Oh please. How many deaths are required to convince the pinheads that gun free zones simply do not work. We can’t even trust our military with weapons now? How many more would have died in the Pearl Harbor attack if our brave airmen and seamen couldn’t have access to weapons.


They are not interested in the fact that gun-free zones are death traps. They are only interested in changing the public’s perception of guns to be purely negative. Guns are the new tobacco. Create a strong social stigma against them. Reinforce it wherever possible. Teach the children to hate guns. Then, taking them away will be easy.

Deplorable Bill

All I can tell you is there were those of us who purchased our own firearms and ammo and carried anyway. Even when issued a rifle and blanks, someone always had a mag or three of live ammo. This was especially true when overseas, especially Europe and even more so in Germany. This was done at the risk of article 15 or courts martial. This was from the late 70’s forward. There were and likely still are those of us who are not politically correct.

Arm up, carry on.


I was in the Reserves in the 1980’s. Whenever I was on my duty weekend, I checked my weapon (an M-16A1) out of the armory and carried it for the day. As did others in my unit that were not the paper pushers. Granted, for routine training we had no ammo or mags, but if there were any hint of a threat that would change very quickly. It bred confidence, competence, and complete familiarization. When I did my two week summer camp, because of the need for security, I not only had my weapon, but a compliment of loaded 20… Read more »


Why shouldn’t any and every military person who is legally permitted to carry off-post not be allowed to carry on-post, regardless of rank?


Here is an article which says that the instructor pilots have asked to be armed.


Why even bother with any military if they can’t be armed. Those morons who impose and implement these policies must be held accountable for their actions as surely if they themselves pulled the trigger.