Fate of the Unarmed & U.S. Military’s Continued Support for Gun-Free Death Zones


Gun-Free-Zone Verboten
Fate of the Unarmed & U.S. Military’s Continued Support for Gun-Free Death Zones

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “‘’Terrorists are coming! ‘Turn-in your weapons and go immediately to the nearest gun-free zone!’… said no human with a functioning brain in the history of our planet!” ~ Anon

Another sad, yet inevitable, result of “gun-free Zones”

In his lame excuse, a continuation of the tiresome DOD “no-guns dance,” the commander of the Pensacola Air Station where Friday’s terrorist attack took place said:

“… no sailors nor Marines, other than MPs on duty, may possess weapons on-base”

Well once again, Islamic terrorists just can’t seem to follow instructions. Imagine that!

Our military bases are all gigantic “gun-free zones,” where our defenseless “unarmed forces,” wait around to be murdered by armed terrorists, and where professing “commanders” are petrified by the thought of deploying competently-armed warriors during an “in- extremis” incident.

The terrorist in this incident was ultimately shot to death, not by highly-touted Base MPs (who knows where they were) whom commanders love to talk about, but by audacious Escambia County Deputies, who entered the Base with guns, probably in violation of the “rules!”

The question needs to be asked loudly and openly:

“What is it exactly within the mission of our military that apparently prevented armed sailors and armed Marines from promptly confronting, with deadly force, a single armed enemy of the United States, who was in the process of actively murdering innocent persons on a domestic US military installation?”

One can see clearly the way Democrat-promoted anti-2A sentiment has saddled us with this obviously self-destructive philosophy.

  • No matter what they say, liberals, along with their promoters and supporters (in and out of uniform), do not trust American citizens (in or out of uniform) with guns.
  • No matter what they say, liberals do not trust American police (whom they not-so-silently regard as potential killers of members of their voting base), to possess guns while not actually working. They now even support disarming police while they are on watch.
  • No matter what they say, liberals do not trust American military personnel (whom they not-so-silently regard as war criminals) to possess guns when not actually deployed a combat zone. Even then, they want our soldiers and Marines disarmed most of the time.
  • No matter what they say, liberals do not trust even their own heavily-armed praetorian guards to be armed, when not actually protecting them.

Some history:

Likewise, both Lenin and Stalin, and their elite Communist cadres cynically viewed their own praetorian guards as only in-place to serve the short-term purpose of protecting them.

All were eventually shipped off to gulags, or liquidated, then casually replaced with naive new recruits.

In the “class-free” Soviet Union, nearness to Communist despots brought with it neither job security, nor life security.

Nearness to liberals (their spiritual ascendants) is no different, which is surprising only to the naive.

“Not every crisis can be ‘managed.’ As much as we want to keep ourselves ‘safe,’ we cannot be protected from everything. When we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos!” ~ Susan Phillips


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Deplorable Bill

Yes, we war against powers and principalities but they send evil, brainwashed people to do their dirty work. If one takes the time to look at what a muslim actually believes you will quickly come to the conclusion that THERE ARE NO MUSLIMS WHO ARE NOT SWORN TO KILL ANYBODY WHO WON’TJOIN THEIR RELIGION. It is really just that simple. Yes, they are people and they are GOD’s children. A rattle snake is pretty in it’s own right and it has the job of getting rid of vermin but I would caution you about letting one roam free in your… Read more »


Islam is not a religion its a POLITICAL movement(and a CULT), and it sustains itself by brainwashing from birth..


“and where professing ‘commanders’ are petrified by the thought of deploying competently-armed warriors during an ‘in-extremis’ incident.” If any of those armed men made a mistake, the commander wouldn’t get a perfect officer efficiency report, and his military career would be over. We learned after 9/11 sentries were generally either unarmed, or only have a magazine in a pocket, the same end of career would happen if one of them made a negligent discharge, and that general policy didn’t change. Same thing was part of why the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing was successful, by the time the gate guards had… Read more »


They keep letting Muslims in our country, and I hear “Well not all Muslims are out to kill us. There are good Muslims.” Go tell that to the kinfolk of the innocent people that were killed. Yea right, and not all Transgenders are Homos, and the Commie Rat Bastards in the Democratic party are not out to destroy this country. I suppose it’s true that if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it. Unfortunately the so called public education system in this country have been indoctrinating our children for so long that they can no long define… Read more »


Well said Hoss


I’m very interested to know why OFF-BASE LE (Escambia Co. SO), not the installation’s security forces (Base Police/MA), was the first responder and neutralized the shooter? Maybe there’s a good reason for that but it’s an obvious question.


@Silk – Much as they appear to be omnipresent, law enforcement is spread pretty thin in most places. Apparently that includes on this base. When call goes out, whoever can get there first, gets there first. In this case the deputies must have been closest. I’m not too familiar with military bases, but the ones I’ve seen are quite large. I’d guess the closest armed MPs would have been gate guards – who I would also guess may not have a vehicle readily available and may not leave their post unattended even to respond to a shooting. A nearby deputy… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Finnky, That reminds me … our county SD sends a deputy out this way, once a year, about Christmas time … just to show the flag and say “Howdy”. Ought to be here any day now!


My condolences to those who lost a family member as a result of this senseless shooting. After reading in the papers about this tragedy, I wonder if the question will be brought up as to who this Saudi officer that committed the shooting had a gun when our own US Military personnel aren’t are not allowed to keep their personal weapons on a base where they are stationed. How did this Saudi officer get the gun? What is brought with him from his home country? Let the investigation reveal what may have been a motive here. Agreed the possibility of… Read more »


He bought it legally. That’s something that needs to be changed. If you are not a citizen, you can’t buy a weapon period.


@Montana59 – I would like to respectfully disagree. Constitution says nothing about requiring citizenship to have basic human rights. I have known numerous people who lived here for decades as residents (green-card). There can be several reasons to put off the citizenship process including: bureaucracy, costs, or even difficulty passing the tests. In practical terms the only benefits may be: honor, voting, and ability to take certain government jobs (including those requiring security clearances). I would contend that current requirement for green card is sufficient. In case of this shooter – the law apparently allows anyone with a hunting license… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Unfortunately, the S. Ct. has ruled that a person in permanent resident status has the same Civil Right to keeping and baring arms as citizens do. Please note: there never has been a green card. The Alien Registration Receipt Card was never green. The Alien Registration Receipt Card is now a kind of pink color.


Generally, one must be a citizen OR lawful resident (green card). Not sure aoub temp, as in student visas. I think that would also qualify one to buy arms. Remember a whort while ago a foreign exchange student had legally purchased arms, then some technical glitch cancelled his student visa but he did not know that. So he was charged with unlawful possession of arms. I think that got sorted out, but the distinction WAS made. As Finnkey below states, the rights we all have guaranteed us as humans are not dependeit upon one’s citizenship status.. they apply to “persons”.… Read more »


The military learned NOTHING from the Ft. Hood, Texas Muslim massacre. We are at war and have been for decades, but it doesn’t seem to matter to Democrats, liberals and the military here in country.


So our military is now overseen by bureaucrats who don’t trust the defenders of freedom. Gun free zones have been show to be shooting galleries with no positive effect. If fully trained soldiers can’t be trusted with firearms how can we defend our nation?


The Unorganized militia will take care of it, and the ones responsible and it will happen soon, see VA.
Civilians run the military and when you have the Obama emasculation of our soldiers, and anyone in the military with stars are no longer soldiers but are POLITICAL hacks, the men and women are just meat for cannon fodder.
When he took power, most of the REALLY good Officers and Generals resigned.

Big George

WHO do you think approved all the rules for engagement of our military fighting in the middle east for Obummer?!…VALORIE JARRETT!!!…his top adviser, a civilian and a devout muslim!


Why are we teaching our future enemies how to defeat us in the first place? If this program has to continue, why aren’t we just sending instructors to those countries? This program has cost America lives over and over. Foreign Nationals have no business being on military bases in the US. Contrary to what everybody thinks the Saudies are not our friends, they have shown that time and time again.

Wild Bill

@Cruiser, It is not a matter of friends. Nations do not have friends. They have allies. The Saudi Kingdom is seen as our ally that has enough money to buy our expensive war planes. If we do not teach them how to fly those expensive war planes, the Saudis will buy from France. Remember at the beginning of the Trump administration, we made billions in a war plane package deal with the Saudis? That kept thousands of American families in work. Trump is keeping us safe by utilizing the second most powerful force that the world has ever known …… Read more »

Wild Bill

@OV, Yes, that is one more reason that it would be effective to keep it Moslem against Moslem.
The Arabs have an old saying, that goes something like: I and my tribe against all others. I and my brother against the tribe. I against my brother.


That description fits to a “T” to both Islam and communism, but those who choose one or the other are blind to it by choice.


The battle building up in the ME at present is going to be as you described, but at the same time it is going to effect the rest of the world. The fuse is at the point of entering the keg.


@WB; I understand about the financial end deal. How about the World Trade Buildings that ” were brought down by SAUDI ARABIA people? How about Bush allowing the Saudi Arabia family members to FLY OUT OF America while ALL PLANES WERE GROUNDED???? How about the crew that stayed on a floor that was OFF LIMITS to everyone else that worked in the buildings? How about the crew that WIRED the Towers with FACTUAL and PROVABLE MILITARY DEMOLITIONS ???

Wild Bill

@Laddy, When you write how about this or how about that, I can not decipher what you are asking.


It’s an absolute travesty of justice that theCounty Sheriff’s Deputies have to come on to an US Military base to stop a criminal/Terrorist attack! What in the Hell is wrong with our country?!!

Wild Bill

@hippy, I think that H explained the situation very well in his post below.




There were 6 altogether, 3 of whom actually FILMED the event.

That military bases are “gun-free-zones” defies all logic, all rational thinking, unless, of course you are a communist/democrat. This asinine rule must be changed yesterday.

David Tong

Contrast this miserable turn of events versus what the Israelis do. They carry their weapons nearly everywhere, always, even without a localized threat. They understand that they are at war, and take measures to ensure the safety of everyone in their AoO.


The matter of gun free zones contributing to murder and mayhem has been covered very well. However, notice that after this horrific murder at the naval base in Pensacola, Fl., there has been no call for expelling the rest of the Saudi contingent of pilot students, nor have the antis, so far, weighed in on the massacre. Contrast this to how quick, after some horror, there would be calls for collective correction,ie. gun restrictions on the law-abiding. Nobody can tell me this whole matter of “guns in America” is about “public safety”, not politics.


Typical,just like 98% of a Mass Shootings INSIDE schools could have been stopped years ago,refusal to do away with GUN FREE ZONES really is billboard for all sickos and terrorists to invite them to PLEASE MURDER FREELY ZONES. This is almost 100% the Lefts fault(DEMOSCUM),while they LOVE to drag out mass shootings all through their bought and paid for MSM outlets, they ARE ALLOWING them to continue, and blame guns. Most conservative American,( esp gun owners) know who is allowing the Murders, it’s the Democratic Party. Don’t believe it?, Just look at the crime rates in ALL major areas, WHO… Read more »


How big was the army trained by Obama’s people that was to “back up” the police? Was it a million, a million and a half? Is it still in place through out the country? My thoughts when it was being talked about was that they wanted to replace our regular military made up of volunteers who were faithful to the American people, and replace it with people who were faithful to the democrat party. There has been nothing more said about it, so, are these people acting as sleepers awaiting the call to arms? Since the red flag laws exempt… Read more »


Etc., etc., etc.
The dumb people are those who believe the people on the right have all the guns, the democrats would not be so brave to talk confiscation, if that were the case.


Absolutely, I have witnessed south of the border people practicing squad tactics in the desert. What reason would they have to do that?

Big George

The dumbocraps refer to their army as the ‘PURGE’. What DID you think that movie is about?!

Wild Bill

@USA, If Marachucha Salvadora is just a bunch of little bitches, then you can not shoot them. If they are a bunch of little bitches with machetes, then you can.

American Patriot

Kinda of sick when it takes an armed Civilian to protect a military base!


What I don’t get is that he supposedly bought the handgun legally locally (Pensacola). Why are we allowing sales of firearms to citizens of other countries who are only here temporarily. I hate any kind of restrictions on any Constitutionally guaranteed rights, but I think you should have to be a Citizen to buy a gun, not just a resident. BTW, I also don’t believe you have Constitutional Rights if you’re not a Citizen in case you mistake where I’m coming from.


Because there is no where in the Constitution it says ‘citizens’. It says ‘people”. They have the same rights as you and I on our soil. That’s why Democrats and some Republicans want open borders.

Heed the Call-up

Those with permanent resident alien status have the right to obtain and possess firearms in the USA. I have actually met some at gun shows. They are grateful to be allowed to own firearms here, where in their home countries they are disbarred that right. Using your argument about why let someone own firearms because they might do harm to others with them is why we have “gun control” now. Look at the ever expanding list of prohibited persons. Then look at who is committing crime with firearms. Most of the former are on the latter. So how does designating… Read more »


The USA, USAF, and USN issue CCWs to those who meet the qualifications… and they are better than other CCWs because they supersede state laws, they are good in all 50 states, US Territories, and DC.

Oddly to some, many military installations do not recognize them. Why? The answer is simple. The installation commander takes responsibility for any wrongful use. A wrongful use would kill the commander’s career.

That’s a bit different than a Sheriff issuing a CCW.


I think the cigar remains intact.

“As with their civilian counterparts, the LEOSA is designed to give some service members who have another day job, such as National Guard or Reserve members who work in law enforcement, the ability to carry personal weapons to their next location without violating other DoD or federal laws.

To qualify to carry a concealed weapon, service members must be actively serving in law enforcement or have 10 or more years’ experience in law enforcement.


‘“What is it exactly within the mission of our military that apparently prevented armed sailors and armed Marines from promptly confronting, with deadly force, a single armed enemy of the United States”? Not a dam’ thing.

Flag officers (generals/admirals) are just politicians and like all politicians, especially grads of the Clinton/Bush/obama schools, are of a mind that they can control everything. Any right thinking human being knows that they have internal control only of the 2 Sq Ft they occupy at any given time.

The political mindset leads the so-called leaders away from leadership to dictatorship, which DOES NOT WORK.


Everyone should read this:

“Can Military Servicemembers Carry Firearms for Personal Protection on Duty?”
* https://fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/IN10318.pdf