Conspiracy to Commit Theft of Your Legal Arms? File a Police Report

Opinion Jim Pope (Retired Captain, Columbus Police Department, Columbus, GA)
The opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the Columbus Police Department or it’s Chief of Police.

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Conspiracy to Commit Theft of Your Legal Arms? File a Police Report, iStock-aijohn784

Virginia – -( I was enjoying the Christmas holidays with my relatives in the state of Virginia. Was, being the keyword. The next thing I knew I was being asked by relatives if they should give their weapons to me since I don’t live in Virginia and never would considering the proposed democratic scheme to seize legally owned and constitutionally protected property. (Editors Note: as of the publish date of this article an Assault Weapons Ban bill has NOT been introduced for VA. for 2020 and may never be as the pressure has been so great, but the political year is young.)

Think about this. My relatives are so scared of their own government that they were considering (giving me/transferring ownership or whatever you want to call it) of their weapons to me for safekeeping from elected tyrants in their state. We gun owners have all talked about this happening one day for as far back as I can remember and here, I was faced with the reality of it during the Christmas holidays.

Let us get a few things out the way up front:

1) This is blatantly unconstitutional. Our founding fathers did not use the term “shall not be infringed” in any other portion of the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights. They didn’t use it when referencing ownership of your home, your horse or even your food and water. They viewed this specific property as so critical that they chose a very specific language and addressed it in the 2nd amendment to the Constitution. Why? This is the last line of defense against tyranny. The tyranny that is taking place in the state of Virginia as I write this.

2) I could quote 20 different studies and/or statistics that all show clearly that this will not lower the crime rate in any way. It will actually increase it. It always does. Look at the crime rate in all jurisdictions that have done this and compare it to areas that do the opposite and respect the Constitution. Any police officer will tell you this. All common-sense dictates this because it only affects law-abiding citizens, not criminals. It makes the job of a criminal much easier.

3) It is a conspiracy to commit theft under Virginia law and that is the main point of this article.

18.2-22. Conspiracy to commit a felony.  (The value of the property, $500 or more would make the offense a felony) The suspects are elected officials in that state. My assumption is all elected Democrats, but I don’t know that to be a fact and there are probably a few so-called Republicans that would go along with this that needed the votes due to the district they are in. Any future voting record is prima facie evidence of the conspiracy. I suggested to a couple of my relatives that they call their local police department and request that a report be made because they are the victim of a conspiracy to commit theft of their property.

If I lived in the state of Virginia and tyrants were trying to take my property, this is what I would do and specifically how I would handle it. Call your local police department. Tell them that elected representatives in the state are committing a conspiracy to commit theft and that you and all other law-abiding gun owners are the victims. (You can only report yourself as a victim. Others will have to do the same.) If you can obtain a list of the voting record for the specific legislation in that state, do so and provide that information as possible suspects. Listing your guns, serial numbers, etc. may not be the best way to go about this for obvious reasons. You could choose one gun that you are sure is valued at more than $500 and use that as the property being taken under penalty of law by the State. You could state that you do not want to provide specifics pertaining to the specific firearm at this time but if/when specifics are needed to bring these elected officials to justice, you will provide the necessary information pertaining to whatever gun you choose to be the property in question.

Your argument is based on the fear of the government seizing the property and you don’t want to make it easier for them with an itemized list of the property.

Expect a dumbfounded look from the officer when you do this because nothing like this has done before. The officer may want to call a supervisor, may tell you no that he is not going to do the report, may tell you he will get back with you, etc. You have a right to report what you believe to be a violation of the law. The department has an obligation to do a report. That does not mean there will be any actual investigation. They may do the report, get a good laugh about it and nothing will be done. Judging from how the police departments are refusing to enforce this unconstitutional law, they will probably be cooperative. Using what I just described, you have more than enough to justify a report being taken. If they refuse to do a criminal offense report, ask them to do a Miscellaneous Incident report to document that you alleged you were a victim and that you tried to make a report. The report is step-one of this process. Illegal legislation like has been proposed is already being challenged and will continue to be challenged in Federal District Courts and probably the Supreme Court before it is all over. If for example, 250,000 citizens make an offense report of Conspiracy to commit theft/larceny, that is a feather in our collective hats when this goes before any court of law. It will also benefit our side in any lawsuits that should be taking place as well. It also sends a strong message to Democrats if they want to be re-elected. Be polite and professional to the officer. Do “NOTHING” that would look bad on the 6:00 news so the enemy can twist and turn it into anything negative about gun owners.

There is another side to the obvious criminal aspect of this. This is a direct violation of your constitutional rights. I will leave this up to Attorneys that specialize in this type of thing but this reeks of potential civil rights violations. If you are a minority, (Black, Hispanic, female, homosexual, over age 40, etc. basically any protected status) an argument could be made that this is a violation of your civil rights and possibly even a hate crime by depriving you of a basic right to protect yourself against violence. Arguments that make far less sense are argued before the courts daily. Don’t just laugh this off.

The time is now to act to properly and legally to fight back against these tyrants. Do not wait until the National Guard shows up at your front door. Although, personally, I don’t think that will happen. I think it will lead to a split in the armed forces if the Governor tries to implement that. A few leftover Obama-ites might agree to do it but the rest would refuse. It may end up with local police and citizens standing up to the National Guard. We cannot let it get to that point because that is when gunshots will ring out and that is what we need to avoid. Do every legal thing possible to make sure all these tyrants are voted out of office in the next election. Make your voice and your vote is known.

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There needs to be a nationwide license to own and carry like a drivers license. I need to stop all the nonsense!


At the risk of sounding like some “redneck gun nut”, a “nationwide license” to own/carry a firearm is a hard no. We are not England. We shot them in the face & won our freedom. Remember? Besides, this license is a first, GIANT step towards a registry which the left wants. Would you require a license to speak in public?


Why don’t you wake up and smell what you’re shovelin’…The Constitution “IS” that nationwide document…Good grief man…

Wild Bill

@Gr8, You have a monstrous misunderstanding of the Constitution.


Like hell a license to own and carry. That’s already authorized by the 2nd Amendment. Concealed carry perhaps a national license.


These scum really hate us and everything our country stands for


Nice theory. I can’t imagine a single law enforcement officer in Virginia actually heading out to arrest a state legislator or the Governor for this.

By the when all these laws pass, will you hold some “stuff” for me until I can move to another state?


Check out the [your] State laws on “stalking” and “exploitation” as well as “neglect to protect” provisions in State law [upholding and enforcing the law by parties under Oath of Office] as well as Title 18 USC §1621 concerning the “neglect to protect” by persons under Oath, and Title 42 USC § 1986, wherein a person having “knowledge of the law”, “the power to stop a wrong” and the “duty to prevent a wrong from being done” is liable for any failure to act. Should they fail to prevent a wrong, having knowledge of the law, the power to prevent,… Read more »


Perhaps one way for people to overcome this confiscation agenda especially with red flag laws, is for the citizens of Virginia and all states who have written this legislation is for said citizens to file against those legislators and judges as well as lawyers and DA’s for thoughts of taking rights of law abiding citizens without due process. Isn’t that what the Constitution is about? protecting the rights of American citizens? Those pushing red flag laws are conspiring against American citizens for the very purpose of taking away our rights for their own unlawful agendas.


Join the discussion…USC18-242 read it !

Wild Bill

, file what?


A red flag order against those who threaten the people with confiscation of private property? Would turning the RF order back on the perpetrators of an unconstitutional law against law-abiding citizens work? giving them a taste of their own medicine? If it were and would work, wouldn’t it bring the status of mentally incapable of being the governor or a state representative?

Wild Bill

, I thought that these began by talking to the police.


If the police are against the red flag orders, yes, that would be a good place to start.
Doesn’t the Constitution have something in it about the legislators making laws that exempt themselves? How about laws that exempt criminals and target law-abiding citizens? Isn’t that what the red flag legislators are all about?
Who are the police really supposed to protect?


The state of Virginia has become traitors and anti American but they don’t care. If our country relied on Virginia to secure our nation we would all be speaking Japanese or German now. My father and other family members who died and served in WWII would be ashamed of all DEMOCRAPS because like our enemies THEY HATE AMERICA. It is time to rid our country of DEMOCRATS and call them what they really are TRAITORS. TRAITORS: peglosi. schumer, clintons, obama, hollywood and all democrats.


Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 –  Conspiracy Against Rights


Check 18 Section 242 also.

Wild Bill

@USA, that is because the US code is an accumulation, over many years and Congresses.

Arizona Don

What is beginning to happen in Virginia right now is exactly what happened in Europe and Asia during the bloodiest century in mankind’s history the twentieth century. More then 170 million (yes that is hundreds of millions) of people were murdered by their own governments. Think about that! AFTER the guns were first registered and then, shortly after, confiscated from the people to make them safer of course! But safer in whose eyes? Some mostly in Europe say that number is more like 270 million! However, the citizens ARE NOT SAFER and were not safer but instead more vulnerable and… Read more »


Many Americans have never read the Constitution nor the history behind the Bill of Rights. Many have never read nor thought about the Declaration of Independence. Our schools teach to the left now. Time to change that in your local elections.

Wild Bill

@lduck, I agree that the schools are the key! And further, anyone can run for school board. Recapturing the schools is the key to restoring the republic.


how about voting on the schools with your wallet? True, oir property taxes fund schools, but you can always take YOUR kids OUT….. or better yet, never send them there in the first place. “BBBBbbut I’ve already paid for their services, how can I now go spend MORE money to teach them at home?” First, the schools ONLY get money when YOUR kid shows up. He doesn’t show up, they don’t get that money. Second, what is the value to you, and the community, of yuor child KNOWING history, ethics, truth, the legal system of this country AS FOUNDED (and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tio, The school only gets Federal Funds when your kids attend. Your county property tax, that goes to the schools, does not stop if you take your kids out or have no kid to send to public school.

Wild Bill

, No, that is my opinion about property taxes. My apologies for being unclear.
Here in Texas, the state is very Home School oriented. Texas provides many sample curricula. Every home schooled kid that I know is way more educated than I was at a similar age.


So… the cops are coming to take our guns and the solution is to… call a cop?


It’s harder for them to get a dick in you while you are armed. And they are coming with dick out for all of us.


Never before have the Democrats shown their autocratic stripes so clearly, and never before have their leadership proven they answer ONLY to their elite backers, and NOT citizens!


This Is a well thought out article and makes you think.

It makes me think that you don’t understand how the Socialist Police State Fascist Democrats and some Republicans, loathes the Constitution. Thinks it’s outdated and would use it as toilet paper if ever given the chance.

Now what?


True, Trump in his usual BLURTS(with zero thought given), basically said Citizens under the Red Flag Laws were not “PERMITTED”DUE PROCESS,take their weapons FIRST and worry about “DUE PROCESS later” .After LaPierre went to pay a visit and advise him of what a FUROR that stupid statement was causing among HIS most LOYAL BASE, Trump backed OFF quickly. When they were coming after Trump HE was the FIRST SHEEP to bleat about HIS right of DUE PROCESS,rather hypocritical right?. Then before HIM, was G W Bush, who in a fit of anger over some issue, made a statement about something… Read more »

Some guy

Yep, keep talking and protesting that it is unconstitutional……and you fools will still be talking about laws and rights as the democrat jackboots herd you off the trains into the showers. The only choice left to each of us is do you die in a pile of brass like a man, or in a re education camp like a slave. The Sanders campaign just told you what they have in store for us, as hard as the media has tried to hide it. But you go ahead, keep up your baa baa baa like the sheep you are.

Wild Bill

@Sg, manipulative, much?


“If you are a minority, (Black, Hispanic, female, homosexual, over age 40, etc. basically any protected status) an argument could be made that this is a violation of your civil rights and possibly even a hate crime by depriving you of a basic right to protect yourself against violence.”

It’s also a violation of your civil rights and possibly even a hate crime if you’re white, male, or heterosexual. Stop using leftest language.


Yup. And it is a felony to deprive us of our rights under color of law.


I get irked by people who OOrah the second amendment, but then talk like it is “just common sense” to keep felons, mentals, etc. away from guns. They don’t get it. Freedom is DANGEROUS, and it MUST be. Sure, we all want guaranteed safety and security, but you cannot have both safety and freedom. Freedom means that you have an internal sense of right and wrong and morality and that you take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. I wish we 2A supporters would stop with the “everybody except” language and accept the fact that if we have guns… Read more »


No right is absolute. Think of the 1st A and libel, slander, etc. Or keeping you from getting close to your verbal target when demonstrating.

Wild Bill

@lduck, If it is not absolute then it is not a right. A right is a complete immunity to government action. A right has been described as a shield behind which one can stand behind and not be touched. The notion of limited rights has been developed only since the 1890s by the US government and the US judiciary. As to libel or slander you have a complete right to libel and slander whom ever you want to, but you are responsible and liable for your lies. Libel and slander do not prevent one from libeling or slandering, as a… Read more »


There are some who should NOT be allowed the use of arms….. but the problem comes in that this was defined way back as anyone who is guilty of a “felony” offense. OK fine back when things like murder or attempted murder, kidnapping, forcible rape, were about the only things called felonies. These days, drive your car when the pointer on the speedo is at some arbitraty number, a certain amount above the madjick number some government poohbah determined is “safe” on that road, that’s a felony. Or you have in your possession some bit of green plant material that… Read more »


Why does everybody get all up the air when someone is trying to give them helpful info. If you don’t want to help yourself, don’t,you will be on a train to a camp and you should be. Freedom comes with a price, lose your attitude for a day and try to help yourself and all of us. If we don’t quit with the bickering over BS, we lose. Band together and we can win. Read the damn article again, most of you skipped over a lot of it, I know I read it all. It all makes good sense, you… Read more »


@electrode – I think the point was to use leftist emotion triggered responses to our own ends. Recognizing what motivates other people is not the same as buying into their premises… OTOH – I do buy into concept that people are sometimes targeted by reason of belonging to a subclass of citizens such as those you listed. Many gays are aware of violent threats to them – and arm themselves accordingly. We should applaud their self reliance and use them as allies in war to retain our civil rights. I’d guess that majority of gun owners are over 40. Why… Read more »


Florida isn’t far behind. Look up Florida bill SB 7028 and we already have red flag laws and a 21 year old buying restriction for long guns. We are losing the battle!

Deplorable Bill

It is difficult to piece this one together but, as far as the photo goes, I can’t see a reason why he has his sidearm out of it’s holster and pointed at the kid. Evidently the police report leaves much to be desired in accuracy and truth. Without seeing the entire, unedited, body cam footage it is difficult to judge. It’s fishy to say the least. Apparently, that is why the chief is not letting it out. With no other verifiable facts, I believe the officer and his c.o. should be talking to a grand jury and i m h… Read more »


QUICK! Notify the relevant authorities in Colorado! YOU obviously were at the scene and know EXACTLY what happened there, including the accuracy of the police report! GET GOING!


Quick, Will, get out the Raid! I don’t think the Deet is working. He’s still buzzing shit and bothering people.

jack mac

Hey, Superit, Sounds like a job for Superman as Clark Kent.


Normally I would ignore you as I have many times before and I don’t expect you to say anything other than the trash that always spews from that childish mouth of yours. The way you talk would normally leave me to believe that you’re just a child with no friends and nothing better to do, but seeing how childish the left, republicans act when they don’t get their way I’m going to lean towards the possibility that you’re a millennial, most likely in your mid to late twenties, still living with mommy and daddy that are most likely regretting giving… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Who are you addressing this to?

Arm up, carry on.


Sorry DB I was responding to Superman, super child, super stupid, super whatever.

Deplorable Bill

Thanks, no worries.

Arm up, carry on

Wild Bill

@Clark, I believe that DB is saying the opposite of what you allege. DB clearly states that, based upon the information available to him, the true situation is difficult to piece together.

Deplorable Bill

S M. Are you referring to the mother, the police, the courts or me?

Arm up, carry on.


This woman was brave enough to let it be known that she filed a report, something the lefties didn’t want anyone to be known for. The left loves secrecy, because they think they can get away with taking rights away from law-abiding people. Now this person filed a report against a law enforcement officer and it may effect the rest of the people he works with, including a DA. Hopefully, a mass of corruption will be exposed. The red flag laws could backfire on the political factions working to disarm law-abiding people and being exposed for their own corruption. People… Read more »


From what I gather she’s arguing the legitimacy of the video of the shooting. The timestamp has a different date. And the authorities won’t release the original for verification from a third party. From the video released & on youtube looks like a legitimate shooting.

Deplorable Bill

OK, apparently there is viewable body cam footage of this event available here on A.L. It CLEARLY shows the cop pulling up to a guy he then calls him by name. The guy has a large knife. The guy keeps repeating his life is over. The cop keeps repeating put the knife down. The guy approaches the cop and the cop reverses direction – away from the guy. Second officer arrives and tells the guy to drop the knife. The guy still is approaching the first officer who is still retreating. First officer says he is going to taze the… Read more »


@DB – Thank you for clear, well thought out summary of the event. 1) Mentally unhinged young man goes after armed officer with deadly weapon – seemed to want to die as he intensified attack when officer announced plan to use non-lethal force. 2) Mother in quite understandable pain lashes out in unreasonable manner. 3) Colorado law supports mother and enables her irrational behavior. 4) Everybody gets screwed. Sorry to hear of your loss. Blessed to not have such experience, but as a parent I cannot imagine the pain is every completely gone. I fear any similar situation. I don’t… Read more »

Will Flatt

Also, file against the gun-grabbers under 18USC241, “Conspiracy against Rights”, a felony. If they actually DO infringe against you, then they can be charged under 18USC242, “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law”, a separate felony. Sentencing enhancements apply if the victim was subject to deadly force, the threat of deadly force, or is killed. Someone convicted under this statute for the maiming or killing of an innocent individual can receive life, or even be sentenced to death.


high noon: 1,22,356, 8,9,15


Bear in mind the Progressives feel the Virginia Felony Larceny law is too burdensome on POC (people of color) so they want to raise the threshold to $1,000.



Oh, I do like that. Nice!

Deplorable Bill

FINALLY a chance of the tyrannical elect to pay for their crimes short of battle. MAYBE, there is some hope left. Still,

Arm up, carry on.