Virginia: House Gun Control Bills on Final Vote Today


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Virginia: House Gun Control Bills on Final Vote Today

Virginia – -( There was little to no debate on these bills. What little debate that was attempted was shut down by the majority Democrats.  The House Democrats have no interest in listening to opposing views and instead are ramming them through the process as introduced.

  • House Bill 2  – “Universal” Background Checks – This bill is different than the version passed in the Senate..
  • House Bill 9 Requires the reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours of gaining the knowledge that this has occurs.
  • House Bill 421 Rolling back pre-emption.  This bill allows local governments to enact their own gun control ordinances, potentially resulting in a patchwork of laws that will entrap gun owners.
  • House Bill 1083 Minors access to firearms.
  • House Bill 674 “Red Flag” bill.  This bill is different than SB240 which was amended several times before passage.  HB674 was not amended from the introduced version.
  • House Bill 812 Handgun rationing (one gun-a-month) – This bill is different that passed the Senate in that it does not include an exemption for concealed handgun permit holders.

There are still a number of bad gun bills awaiting action in the Senate Judiciary Committee, as well as in the House including HB961 – Governor Northam’s so-called “assault weapons” bill.  It has not moved and is facing an uncertain fate if it reaches the State Senate.

Continue to contact Senators PetersonLewisEdwards, and Deeds and politely tell them you oppose any attempt to ban rifles, shotguns, and pistols based on cosmetic features or the number of rounds the firearm will hold.

Tell them that the rifles that the House and the Governor is trying to ban are used by thousands of Virginians for competition, sport, and recreation.

A complete list of bills can be found on the VSSA Legislative Tracking Form.

If you want a good explanation of what is wrong with the red flag bills making their way through the Assembly, you are encouraged to read the article Seeing Red in Virginia by Dr. Dennis Petrocelli, MD.  Dr. Petrocelli is a clinical and forensic psychiatrist who has practiced for nearly 20 years in Virginia.

House Public Safety is currently scheduled to meet on Friday at 8:00 AM.  As soon as the agenda is posted, an update will be sent.

Virginia Shooting Sports AssociationAbout Virginia Shooting Sports Association:

The Virginia Shooting Sports Association (VSSA) was originally founded as the Virginia State Rifle and Revolver Association in 1938. VSSA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. VSSA is also closely affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), Virginia Outdoor Sports Information Network (VOSIN), National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Virginia Gun Collectors Association, and the Virginia Wildlife Federation (VWF). Visit:

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Mark 2nd

It’s way past time to vote with the ammo box. Voting with the ballot box does nothing, writing your congressmen does nothing, calling your congressmen does nothing, lobbying does nothing and massive 2nd amendment rallies does nothing. The tyrants will never respond to anything but actual force of arms and execution. Either we fight a real war or we kneel down and lick the jackboots of tyranny. I implore you all to understand, they intend to kill us if they gain complete power. This is not just a fight for freedom, this is also a fight for our lives. The… Read more »


You are both correct. More people than you know share your sentiment. I would venture to say a MAJORITY… but they dont have a voice in media or politics… What I can say with absolute CERTAINTY is that the vast majority of trained “enforcers” and “soldiers” in this nation are preparing to address this tyrannical oppression. Its fitting that Americans will utilize the 2nd Amendment IN THE DEFENSE of the 2nd Amendment as originally intended by the Founding Fathers. There is a time for diplomacy and a time for action. The Democrats have made it appallingly clear that diplomacy is… Read more »


Totally agree! Many have sent letters including myself, gone to General Assembly meetings, voiced concerns, and liberals are simply not hearing anything. They could care less what we want or believe.
I recently received a response back from K Kory of Virginia and it was basically “thank you for voicing your concerns however I don’t follow your viewpoint and will be ramming these new gun laws down your throat. Thank you for allowing me to represent Virginia constituents”….
The time for talk is rapidly coming to an end..


They don’t care how many irrational gun owners contact them because politics isn’t what it used to be. Their minds are made up, where yours is just sick. They have no fear of a “responsible gun owner,” because fear is not what responsible gun owners deal in. They should, Lord knows the time has come for that, but they don’t. No. The only thing that doesn’t care is the criminal that wields fear at the end of a barrel in spades of illegality. We protest, they ignore. They pass bills, we mope. They do as they please, we are ever-more… Read more »




Two lemmings must have not read past your first sentence, which I interpreted as sarcasm. So now you’re only down one vote. And you are EXACTLY correct. When THEY start feeling the pain they inflict on US they will back down. “When the government FEARS the people there is FREEDOM. When the people FEAR the GOVERNMENT there is TYRANNY. attributed to Thomas Jefferson. I ask you people…WHERE ARE WE TODAY????? And WHAT are WE going to do about it? How about 22,000 showing up next time and ignoring what they say and taking over the capitol building? I could puke…


So now, what happens if they pass all the anti-Second Amendment bills? A hope to repeal them later with a “new” legislature–that almost never ever ever happens in any state. So really, there is no concern on the part of the Democrats to press ahead and pass this stuff–there is no personal price to pay. That’s just the reality!


Equal justice for all, more equal for others! We’ve got the best politicians money can buy!


The best politicians that COUNTERFEIT can buy.