Congressional Candidate Jim Simpson the Right Choice for Maryland Gun Owners

Jim Simpson has my support. If you share our priorities, help us get the word out. (Jim Simpson for Congress)

U.S.A. – -( “I have been reading, writing and speaking about our national crisis now for almost 20 years, and feel as though I am shouting at a wall,” colleague Jim Simpson advised via email. “So I’ve filed to be the GOP candidate for Maryland’s District 2 in the upcoming 2020 election.”

To that end, he’s launched Jim Simpson for Congress.

I’ve known Jim for many years through our mutual support of each others’ writing. The area where he is without peer is in exposing the cultural terraforming that will fundamentally transform the Founder’s Republic into a globalist hodgepodge where rights are what the government tells you they are. His “The Red/Green Axis” is the definitive guide to documenting the way foundations are exploiting a manufactured “refugee crisis” to reshape America into an alien nation, that is, to effectively erase it.

If he wins the primary, Simpson will run against Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger, an 18-year incumbent who’s an idiot on guns, along with a lot of other things. He was a typical opportunistic Parkland blood-dancer, doing what he could to leech off the story and parrot gun-grabber talking points for political advantage. Along with just about every other infringement you can imagine, he actually, with a straight face, proposes forcing peaceable gun-owners to submit to ammunition background checks as a “solution” to “the violent streak in Baltimore.”

Some Democrat contenders have emerged to challenge the established Ruppersberger machine and the Republican field is crowded. That’s why it’s important to get out specifics on Simpson’s campaign to as many gun owners as I can in advance of the April 28 primary.

To that end, I’ve asked Jim some questions similar to the ones I ask NRA Director candidates. That questionnaire is actually a spin-off from my Political Candidate Questionnaire, which has received some good responses over the years. Plenty will tell us they are “strong supporters of the Second Amendment,” but without narrowing that down to specifics, that leaves a lot of room to equivocate. While it’s true there’s nothing to stop a candidate from telling you what you want to hear and then backtracking later, the explicit answers the questions evoke make it difficult to do that later without being exposed as a deliberate deceiver.

Having seen nothing but consistency between what Jim Simpson says and what he does – for years – I have confidence he’s a straight shooter. Let’s hear what he has to say:

Do you believe that the Constitution is the “supreme Law of the Land” and that the Bill of Rights acknowledges the birthrights of all Americans?


If so, should these rights be proactively protected from infringement by all levels of government? How?  By promoting laws specifically allowing constitutional carry in each state and locale.


Please give some examples of gun laws you consider unconstitutional.

1934 National Firearms Act, 1968 Gun Control Act, all that followed. An exception is for convicted felons. While I understand that our rights come from God, not government, and that government is supposed to guarantee, rather than restrict those rights, those who break their covenant by committing criminal acts, can and should be punished and have freedoms, including the right to firearms, curtailed, both as an incentive for positive change, decreasing the risk of negative behavior, e.g. carrying a firearm in commission of crime, and to protect law-abiding citizens from their behavior. Unless fully pardoned, their “rights” can and should be restricted by government.

Please give some examples of gun laws you consider constitutional.

Laws that uphold private property rights. I don’t like it, but if a restaurant owner wants to ban guns in his establishment he is entitled to do so, just as he can require a dress code. Private property is private property.

Does the right to bear arms include the right for any peaceable citizen to carry them openly or concealed without a permit?

YES. With the condition that private property owners (both business and residences) can specify whether or not they will allow it, because their private property rights trump all others on their own property. However, governments often do not recognize these rights. Therein lies the real issue.

Do you believe that Americans have a right to own, use and carry full-auto weapons of militia utility?


Do you agree with “enforce existing gun laws” or “repeal existing gun laws”?

I would prefer to see existing gun laws repealed, with the exception of the Armed Career Criminal statutes, which I believe reduced crime.

Do you support or oppose licensing requirements to own or carry firearms? Why?

I oppose licensing requirements. Generally, they presuppose the government has the power to grant the right, when the right is preexisting, and it is the government’s job to protect it. In practical terms, licensing also gives the government authority to change licensing requirements, restrict or essentially end legal access, which they do to a great extent here in MD and in DC, and finally, it creates a database of gun owners that a future despotic government can, and in the case of Virginia, may well, use to ban and then confiscate privately-owned firearms. However, also from a practical standpoint, states vary in enacting and enforcing gun laws, and law enforcement is guided by state and local law, regardless of its constitutionality. So for example, ten years ago, I could not carry a firearm in Virginia openly without risking immediate arrest. An argument about my constitutional rights to the arresting officer would go nowhere. Virginia now allows open carry (don’t remember exactly when they made that explicit in law). So 10 years ago I was unwilling to risk open carry. Today I can and have. Similarly, many states honor carry licenses awarded in other states. For practical reasons, many people get carry licenses and gun groups lobby for reciprocity. In the absence of the restoration of widespread understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that would be reflected both among the electorate and the elected, this may be the best we can do to assure our ability to protect ourselves in the short run.

What specific gun laws will you work to get repealed?

I would have to study the laws more closely to determine which should be changed/repealed first. I think the whole problem started with the 1968 GCA. But while calling for repeal might get me some headlines, I doubt if there is the political will at present to repeal. That would be a long process – though one I support. Would more likely have to chip around the edges of current gun restrictions. Especially regarding Maryland, I would use whatever influence I have in the state to push for repeal of the O’Malley gun laws. And push for loosening restrictions on concealed carry.

If elected, will you back your words of support for firearms rights up with consistent actions? How?

YES  I will, for example strongly oppose so-called “red-flag” laws both in word and deed, and seek to educate some otherwise intelligent legislators who currently support red flag laws. I will oppose efforts to further restrict guns at the federal level. And go anywhere to speak forcefully against efforts of those in power like VA gov Northam.

Do you agree that politicians should be held accountable in their NRA and other “gun lobby” grades for immigration actions that undermine the Second Amendment?


I’ll be candid—I see two areas where I’d be happy to argue with Jim around a campfire. I believe laws that keep people disarmed after they have been released don’t do any good and if a person is too dangerous to be trusted with a gun they’re too dangerous to be trusted without a custodian.

I’ve also had the argument about businesses creating “gun-free zones,” and note the way banks and social media giants are basically using the market to eviscerate the right to keep and bear arms. I’ve toyed with the idea of giving such business owners a card to sign admitting they have a special duty to protect those they require to disarm, but that’s been more to make a point, although I understand at least one state, Tennessee, has considered making gun-banning businesses liable for resulting injury and death damages. That said, there are tremendous dangers involved when the government can tell a person what they must do with their property, and going down that route could result in unintended consequences.

They’re both subjects for further discussion but certainly not showstoppers here.  Looking at his answers, Jim Simpson is for all the stuff we’re likely to promote and against what the Democrats are trying to do to us. Add to that he is one of the only Republican candidates nationwide who understands that the immigration/pathway to citizenship issue is the greatest threat we face as gun owners.

A Republican winning in Maryland’s District 2 is admittedly going to be a long shot, but stranger things can happen, and I want to do what I can to help him gain more attention for his platform.

Even if you’re not from Maryland – I’m not – I urge you to visit his campaign website, Jim Simpson for Congress ( I urge you to tell your gun owner friends about him via emails and social media. I urge you to get involved and donate to his campaign—everything in politics costs money, and if that’s not provided, the information about this unique candidate will simply not get out. I also urge you to press gun groups to tell their members—the primary is but a few short months away and action is needed now.

Bloomberg is constantly pouring Astroturf money into other states – there’s nothing that says we the grassroots can’t do the same with our individual contributions. Gun owners are always complaining about Republican politicians who fall short. Jim Simpson is one of us, a citizen advocate, and he wants what we want. How can we expect fidelity and unbending support for our cause if we don’t show it to those who could advance our interests if we’d only help get them to a position where they can?

Will it work? Who knows until you try? Jim Simpson will be spreading a message that most of the District 2 voters will have never heard before, let alone considered.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to find that message, if properly articulated, actually resonates, especially with a constituency that’s been taken for granted for years by an entitled poltroon who’s ever in it for himself?

Please help me support Jim Simpson for Congress. I also recommend that you follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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You have it wrong. I am not opposed to restoring rights for felons. If you are pardoned for your offense, you should have all your rights restored, and you do get that. In some states it is an involved process culminating in total expungment of the record, in others it occurs the minute you complete your sentence, but you still have a record. But many felons just return to their old ways. I did volunteer work trying to help incarcerated felons for five years, and the recidivism rate was depressing. I don’t see anything wrong with making crime a little… Read more »


I have followed Jim Simpson’s writing for years and there is no doubt in my mind that he is a great, tireless champion of our God-given Second Amendment rights.

Someone needs to go to Congress to give those weak-kneed Republicans more of a backbone. Jim Simpson is the man to do just that.




Have you given any thought to your actions, stealing ? At 18 you should know better. So who is to blame ? I do agree though to a point a felony charge does seem excessive for such a small crime. Did you steal at gun point ? If not your 2A right should not be in question. Just as drinking & driving should not infringe on your right to 2A. Unless you was using the firearm to inflict damage or hurt on others. IMOP

Linda Linda

Jim Simpson not only has an incredible intellect, he has a thorough understanding of local, national and global issues that threaten our democracy and our Constitution. He is well-respected and is results driven. He is not your typical politician who reads from a boiler plate speech. Congratulations, Jim!

Wild Bill

@Yacob, What felony were you convicted of?


“file for Executive clemency (pardon) which for my case is at least $6,500 – $7,500 pending the attorney you go with. I do not have that kind of money.” -Yakoff

If you weren’t bent over all day spraying commentary, you could get a job and earn it, or panhandle it. Alternatively, if you weren’t an anklebiting psycho, people might donate and the Governor might consider it.


Thanks Jim.
To my knowledge, there is no one in my home state currently running for office that comes anywhere near what you advocate, except for Chief Culp. If we had any they are way too scared to come out of the closet. Let’s get back to what the Founders intended with the Bill of Rights, before it is too late.


Jacob’s either a sloppy reader, low-comprehension, or way out of line with strawman arguments. No opinion by David in that article opposed armed felons. Quite the contrary is implied. They shouldn’t be released if they can’t be trusted with guns, since guns & other weapons are available and criminals don’t obey laws. Anyone released, felon or not, should be trusted with guns, or don’t release them. Either logic or honesty is not your forte. As to Jim, not all felonies are =. Many are non-violent, even victimless crimes that weren’t even crimes 150 yrs ago. A felony is not a… Read more »


Good points again Russn8r. If they are not safe to release, they should not be released. But they are anyway. And I disagree on pardons, having had some experience with that. I should also have specified the kinds of felonies that I am speaking of, i.e. violent crime, but I didn’t do that. It’s late. I’m tired, so I’ll say good night.


You said “Your red flag laws…” Now maybe you didn’t mean mine or ours, but it sounds like that’s what you’re saying. And why do many states now allow felons to vote? It’s because just like many of those same states allow illegals to get drivers licenses (and be registered to vote via the motor voter law), Democrats who push those laws are confident felons will vote for them. Former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe illegally changed that process w/o legislative support, giving 200,000 felons the right to vote. So now Virginia has a Democrat legislature and governor. Congratulations! Look what… Read more »


Childish, unhinged. No way would I donate to try to help you get your guns back. You sound like one of those who aren’t safe outside a cage. Grow up. Take your meds. Get sane.

Wild Bill

@Jacob, Jim Simpson is a gun guy that has gotten off the couch to defend our Civil Rights, … and you want to quibble with him. Why don’t you send him a donation instead?


Projection of the day:
“You’re mental.” – Jacob

Wild Bill

@Jac, So you say.


Fail again, Yakoff. And coming out of the closet while you’re at it. I’m glad you lost your guns. Makes me feel safer.

You don’t come here for the hunting, do you?


Failed again, Yakoff.


Your a deranged maniac.


You have derange syndrome.


Gee Yackoff, I already donated. Don’t care if he wins, long as he makes the oppo spend money. Also only read the 1st 3 sentences of your psycho rant.


“You should care wether he wins or not.” -Yacoff

But I don’t. See how that works?

(Cue full-auto diarrhea reply in 3-2-1…spray!)


Wow, Yakoff lobbied an ex-state legislator! We’re you holding a knife on her while she “worked” with you?


The reason not to vote Demorat is cause they are demanding taking guns and lining about following the constitution which for last 3 years have done nothing but impeach to try get President Trump out of office wasting all their pay do nothing for the people they took oath for. All that Trump has accomplished been without the help from Dems.


@Jacob – Finally a sensible thought from you. Few here support compromise any more than I do – my idea of a reasonable compromise is that if the gun grabbing politicians dismantle current gun controls and resign with prejudice – then we won’t hang them. See – I’m proposing a major concession!
Yes @wjd & @USA – I know I used your trigger word “compromise”. Don’t bother ragging on me for it because I’m not listening.

Wild Bill

@Knute Knute, presuming that he can count and spell.


A bit of a stertch, I will admit. 🙂 But it looks like I lost my extra credit for thinking he would say “hazmat”, which is what you get if you use a crossword dictionary. 🙂 I choose that question very carefully. Their god, google, is no help for them at all with this question. Googling “firearms dangerous end” just gets page after page of lamesteam articles on how bad guns are, but no facts. Not even the one word that EVERY ONE of us gunowners know from the first day onwards… 🙂 Ahh, the brainless trolls. So easy to… Read more »


I did win the bet though, which was that there would be no response. But my son couldn’t believe that he might say hazmat, which is too brainless for words to adequately describe…

Wild Bill

@Yacup, The logic of blasting us, who can not change the law, escapes me. Perhaps you are in the wrong place.


Jacob just curious as to why you think Rep should come to your defense when you committed the crime ? The difference here is we didn’t commit a crime. So yeah keep supporting liberals they are good at playing the victim. And NOT taking responsibility for your actions. I see you support them out of spite. So from what I see its the party for you.

Heed the Call-up

Jacob, no, we do not believe in “gun control”. If one did his/her sentence, one should not be further punished by having hi/her rights revoked. As appealing an idea that it is, of defanging predators is, we know that making it illegal does not work, felons that want firearms will illegally obtain them. The other problem is that laws used to try to prevent felons from obtaining, possessing and using firearms curtail our rights and do not prevent felons from obtaining, possessing and using firearms.

You are “barking up the wrong tree”.


“But while calling for repeal might get me some headlines, I doubt if there is the political will at present to repeal.”

If it would be repealed now is irrelevant. Support would increase more as an actual bill than as just an idea. Fair Tax has been introduced 1999 and I doubt any of its supporters think it was a bad idea to put it up as a bill. More importantly, it allows us to very clearly identify “I support the second amendment but”theads by seeing who refuses to co-sponsor.


Good point. I wouldn’t be against proposing it.


I’ll probably go ahead and donate, but in addition to David Codrea’s caveats, I strongly disagree with the “libertarian” case against preemption of “gun free” zones for businesses that are open to the public on the grounds that “their private property rights trump all others on their own property”. These exemptions create a patchwork-quilt of “gun free” zones that threaten both public safety and gun rights. Not only does it deter carry in the “gun free” zones, it deters carry in the legal carry zones too for many reasons: Inconvenience. Too much hassle planning ahead. If you make a mistake… Read more »


You make a lot of good points and I have to say I agree with you. Defending private property rights should not mean supporting the idea of gun free zones, and I certainly don’t. But inadvertently that’s what I appear to have said. Where property rights begin and end is a sticky subject but you very well capture what happens when places open to the public ban firearms.


Thanks Jim.
Could you please post your campaign information, website etc so folks here can donate? I prefer to send a check, but others may want to donate online.
Good Hunting!


Thanks Russn8r! It’s linked in the article but does not appear as a url. Here it is:


@jh45gun – You garner much respect from me for your willingness to accept criticism, recognize validity of other’s points, and adjust as necessary. Far too many in politics lack flexibility to benefit from “the wisdom of the crowd”. As for rights restrictions applied to felons, even violent felons – as a (so far mostly) law abiding person, I fear impact those laws could have upon me. Extremists seem to be continually pushing laws which could make me an felon whether or not I try to follow their laws. In Orwellian twist, possession of a gun part during commission of a… Read more »


First, a message here is to Maryland gun owners and their families, plus anyone in Maryland who hopes that we don’t become the next Soviet Union: VOTE. Virginia turned blue with a 40% voter turnout. AOC was elected with a 28% voter turnout. The last presidential election voter turnout barely broke 50% of registered voters. If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain about bad laws. Now my point on property owners’ rights. This is a tough one. I’m in Texas, and I don’t mind saying the system is inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. Two state… Read more »


What you said! Right on!

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, Well said.


Banning “gun free” zones for businesses open to the public does not violate property rights any more than forcing restaurant staff to wash their hands after taking a crap or banning the taking of a crap in a “private” stream that flows into a neighbor’s property or public property. These are reasonable “infringements” of “property rights” for public safety. Posted or not, business “gun free” zones are a threat to life, liberty, property & gun rights and should be banned ASAP. We need to stop nancing around, stop humoring dogmatic LOLibertarian Libertards, and get it done while there’s still time.


Agree absolutely.


@Bowserb – At least last year’s new laws reduced penalties for accidentally violating the 30.06 or 30.07 signs. My understanding is that at this point it is a mere ticket. As for a hotel, does 30.07 mean that you cannot carry into your room in similar manage to how you’d carry through enemy territory? It’s never occurred to me to check hotel doors for signage – so extremely happy I haven’t been burned! OTOH, being cheap I generally stay in places where each room has separate entrance to outdoor walkway. Lobby may be marked, requiring disarmament at check-in – but… Read more »


@wjd – Thank you for that. I was referring to @Bowserb’s post saying he’d encountered signage on a hotel where he had called ahead and been assured there was no issue. Thought I had said that I’d never seen signage on a hotel in Texas – but then I rarely stay in hotels in TX. Weather is nice enough here year around, that if I’m not traveling for work – I’m probably camping. Never seen or considered looking for signage at a camp ground… As for penalties for missing a sign – thank you for the clarification. As time goes… Read more »


“I’m probably camping. Never seen or considered looking for signage at a camp ground”

It does happen…


Changing probably to definitely. Please post donation info.
Good Hunting.


Can I add your widget to my facebook gun group