Alabama Gun Owners Take a Stand Over Firearms Permission-Slips

By Dan Wos

Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

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Alabama Gun Owners Take a Stand Over Firearms Permission-Slips iStock-greenleaf123

USA – -( There is often some disagreement about the best way to carry a gun in public. Some gun-owners are adamant about open-carry and some believe concealed-carry is best.

Regardless of your position, most gun-owners agree that the decision should be left to the gun-owner. The state of Alabama has been having a longtime debate over this very topic but it doesn’t seem to be focused on how guns should be carried as much as it is around the topic of a state-issued permit. The state believes that if you conceal your gun, you should pay a fee, but if everyone can see it, no fee is necessary.

At least that’s what they want the topic of discussion to be about. Some would argue, the State’s efforts to keep the concealed-carry permit is really about money.

Recently, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to eliminate the concealed-carry permit, essentially making Alabama a constitutional-carry state, should it become law.

Members of the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, an organization that lobbies for laws which violate the rights of American citizens and put them in danger by stripping them of their ability to defend themselves, were on hand to experience the miserable defeat as their dishonest gun-restriction policy failed.

Eddie Fulmer, President of BamaCarry, Inc. a gun-rights group who seeks to return gun-rights and freedoms to the intent of the original founders, explained exactly where this bill is and what Alabama gun-owners can expect.

Fulmer explained how this fight for freedom in Alabama has been a bone of contention for quite some time. “We have had a bill in the Senate for the last 7 years,” Fulmer said. The bill eliminates the requirement of the concealed carry permit which will prevent Alabamians from having to run to the government for a permission slip to protect themselves. It will also protect good people from becoming criminals should their license expire. Although anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action push the dishonest narrative that pistol permits are needed to keep people safe because of the background checks required, the truth is, their agenda is really built on creating as many roadblocks for law-abiding citizens as possible. A 2016 DOJ study shows us that 93% of criminals surveyed acquired guns illegally and never went through a background check. That’s a study the Demanding Moms consistently overlook because they don’t want to admit that law-abiding citizens are the real targets for gun control.

The Alabama bill to remove the concealed-carry permit is called Senate Bill 1. It was filed in 2019 and passed out of the Senate judiciary committee. Eddie Fulmer says, “for the first time in 2020 we now have a companion house bill that has over 25 co-sponsors on it.” It will go to the floor of the Senate and Fulmer believes it will pass the Senate. Next, it will go to the House but expectations are not quite as promising.

It seems that a big part of the battle for permits may be more about the revenue they generate in Alabama than the safety concerns. 800,000 permit holders put up approximately $15,500,000-$16,000,000 in fees to stay in compliance with the gun law. Gun-owners don’t believe their rights should be violated for the state to fund its budget.

As a side note, it was legal in Alabama to carry a handgun in a vehicle without a permit until 1957. The civil rights movement caused a dramatic change in the way the state allowed its citizens to carry firearms at that point. That original bill did not receive the customary 3-month delay at the time. It went into effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature. Some would argue that the 1957 law that prohibited pistols in a vehicle without a permit was enacted under racial bias.

Eddie Fulmer says, “BamaCarry is a firm believer that no law-abiding citizen should be required to have a permission slip from their government to exercise their right of self-defense.”

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

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I hope BamaCarry is successful.


It’s exactly like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) Now that they have been “officially” recognized, they put their nose into everything to justify their existence. Look at the python influx taking place in Florida. Wranglers who risk their lives can no longer just go out there and kill these invasive things, the very creatures that are turning the local ecosystem upside-down by killing and eating everything they can to include alligators and pets, but must now do it humanly or face the wrath of PETA. Same with the wild boar invasion of Texas. This is how you… Read more »


St.Wayne . . . YUP!


I remember once doing inventory in the military for the procurement of M16 ammo. After coming up with the correct numbers for our unit, the Duty Sargent told me to add 10%. When I pressed him on it, he told me it was because they would cut back on their normal funding if he didn’t. I remember being shocked when I learned that if you didn’t over-report your needs, your unit would be punished because of it.

Wild Bill

@StW, The entire federal government is that way. If an agency does not spend what it asked for in any given fiscal year, then their budget is reduced for the next fiscal year. That is why there is so much spending in September each fiscal year, just prior to the October first beginning of the next fiscal year.


Yeah, I was an E2 at the time, and figured I had a long way to go before I ever strapped more stripes to my shoulder.


I saw this many times during the Clinton Administration years. It was probably happening after that but I had realized by that time that it was the way of the Fed world and didn’t give it anymore thought, as I could do nothing to change it.


RoyD: It was long before Clinton, in the early 70’s I was in the motor pool, you couldn’t get a spark plug in the middle of the month but the day before the end of the month they’d give you two boxes so that they could add three for the next year!!!!!


Thanks, informative. As an aside it appears the ’57 handgun in vehicle ban is just another anecdote in a long list of “gun control” having its genesis in racism and discrimination.


The Supreme COurt has established that to exact a tax as a prior condition to exercising one’s right to vote is against the Constitution. Time they apply the same logic to these Mother May I Cards which clearly ARE prior restraints to the exercise of our right to arms.

Greedy sheriffs suck it up.. we gun owners are not a special class of cash cow.

Wild Bill

They should be called “Moms Against Constitutional Rights for Pay”; Old Ladies for Oligarchs; or Shills for Soros.


In this case, “Moms” is a gross misnomer. They are better described as, unmarried/divorced Feminist cat owners who won’t mind their own business with too much time on their hands.


JPM . . . Rush has it right. How about FemiNazis?


Are they still considered “moms” if they abort their children?


Wild Bill . . . How about Whores for Washington?


Love the permission slips narrative. It completely throws the anti freedom people off their game and puts the ear worm in others about these permit ideas whether firearms or other freedoms that requiring govt permission is not what the US is about and they are a restriction on freedom and permission slips either make us children or make us slaves – their is no third option. The anti’s have no effective come back unless they want to sound authoritarian, so they just dig a deeper hole. Taking the language and narrative back are crucial if we plan to do more… Read more »


@option – agree, but true believers see things completely differently. Only connection to other rights which they see is dead children shot by guns – don’t see the shooter or parents disarmed by harmful laws. Think of them as the three monkeys: deaf dumb and blind.


yes very true, we will never convert the true believers/radicals, but we are not after them anyway – we are after the mushy middle and once arguments like these are used and we reframe the arguments they move our way.


Of course…. it’s about money. Even redneck peckerwood politician ‘creams their proverbial jeans’ every morning waking up, knowing they get to spend other people’s money. Wouldn’t YOU? Somehow, my committee’s gotta spend half a million dollars this week. Lemme seeee, who did me a solid this month? It’s ALWAYS been about the money (and the power). “Maybe I should get those frosted hair plugs… I think that smokin’ hot lobbyist from Mobile just winked at me, again.” Wouldn’t every 32 year old beauty want to be seen with this virile 75 year old stud… that needs his steak chewed up… Read more »


And in this case, it’s the county sheriffs who oppose eliminating Pistol Permits. Each county sheriff sets his own price for the yearly permits, anywhere from $15 to $60+ dollars. That’s $15.5 to $16 million a year in fees to a slush fund in each county, to be used by the local sheriff as he sees fit. If he wants more, he simply raises the fee. No having to fight county commissioners for a bigger budget. No, the sheriffs do NOT want to give up their free money, and the county commissioners do NOT want to be pestered by sheriffs… Read more »


– While your description suits stereotypes, it’s only accurate for a minority. I sometimes get to spend other people’s money – when I do, I’m far more careful & responsible than when I spend my own. Simple rule – it’s not mine to waste.


Finnky . . . . Fine. However, you are in a very small minority.


MS-Steve . . . I am with you on term limits. However, do NOT hold your breath until that happens!


Heck D C has shut down, this virus hits the old age harder than the young people, gives you an idea as to who is running the country, THE OVER THE HILL GANG!!! They really are showing their COLORS, and FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR COVER BOYS!!!!!!!!!


Politicians see the Little Peeps money as their’s to scim, scam, squander, impose controls, and with which to buy votes. All that free shit they pay for with Little Peeps’s money keeps the subjects on the Government Plantation.


Recently, Moms Demand Action sponsored a ‘Town Hall’-style forum in Oklahoma City regarding “gun control.” The event started with a mini-debate between a lawyer representing Moms and the president of OK2A. The debate occurred precisely as expected. However, the question-and-answer period that followed the debate was quite interesting. One woman lost her self-control and began to curse me. So I stared blankly, tilted my head, and blinked at her a few times, before interrupting her tirade by asking, “Moms Demand Action?” She stopped talking and frowned, but nodded yes. I said, “I remember! It was that famous porn movie in… Read more »


“The state of Alabama has been having a longtime debate over this very topic but it doesn’t seem to be focused on how guns should be carried as much as it is around the topic of a state-issued permit. The state believes that if you conceal your gun, you should pay a fee, but if everyone can see it, no fee is necessary.” Can we start making an effort to stop giving life to non existing entity? Something that is a FICTION and only exists in the minds of men? Maybe this statement should read more accurately… The psychopathic control… Read more »


NO HUMAN has to have another HUMANS special permission slip or too have to pay ANYTHING to exercise their GOD GIVEN NATURAL BORN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY ANYTHING, IN ANY MANNER, TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, FAMILY, FRIENDS, PROPERTY ETC……, PERIOD. If you Nazi wannabe power happy control freak Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god busy body nosy can’t mind your own Fing business Libtard coward sheeple can’t handle that TOO FING BAD. Go hide and stay in your safe space, Or get the F out of America, go live in a suppressed Nazi wannabe/Terrorist/Fascist/Communist/Slave Ran already established country… Read more »