ANJRPC Prepping Major Lawsuit, Gov Murphy Unilaterally Shuts Down NJ Gun Stores, NICS

People Need Self-Defense Rights When They are Most Vulnerable.
State Government Has No Legal Authority to Suspend 2A Rights.
Governor Should Have Applied “Social Distancing” Measures (as He Has Elsewhere) Instead of Shutting Down the Means by Which People Obtain and Train With Firearms.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy IMG NJ.Gov
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy IMG NJ.Gov

New Jersey – -( On Saturday, March 21, 2020, N.J. Governor Phil Murphy issued Executive Order 107 amidst the Coronavirus crisis, shuttering all “non-essential” businesses until further notice.

Although the Executive Order does not specifically discuss gun stores or ranges, it applies to all businesses except those specifically exempted, and gun stores and ranges are not listed as exempt (ironically, certain non-essential sellers are exempted while gun sellers aren’t). Additionally, we have received specific “clarification” from the Governor’s office that:

  1. Gun stores are not deemed “essential” and are therefore ordered closed (shutting off the flow of firearms and ammunition to honest citizens, who may need them in times of emergency);
  2. The National Instant Check System in NJ (NICS) for processing all firearms and ammunition transactions has been shut down completely; and
  3. All ranges (indoor and outdoor, public and private) are ordered closed under a restriction on “recreational activities” (is developing proficiency to defend your life really just “recreation?”).

Thus, two major parts of the Second Amendment (means of firearms acquisition, and means of developing firearms proficiency) have been shut down completely, without an end date, by a single government official, by executive fiat. Social distancing protocols, utilized elsewhere to justify keeping certain other supposedly “essential” businesses open, are not even part of the equation when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and ranges.

While ANJRPC continues to dialogue with the Governor’s office over this dramatic and unprecedented overreach, we are not optimistic about changing it through discussion.

Accordingly, ANJRPC is proceeding with rapid development of a major lawsuit to address these unconstitutional measures and to take Governor Murphy (and others in the executive branch of government) to task for overreaching and essentially suspending Second Amendment rights, at a time of emergency when those rights may be needed most for self-protection by the most vulnerable in society.

ANJRPC is also pursuing, at the federal government level, potential proposals that will incentivize states to protect Second Amendment rights in times of emergency instead of undermining them.

Gun rights exist precisely for emergencies like the one the country is facing right now with the Coronavirus. Honest citizens must be able to defend themselves and their families from all manner of threats in this type of emergency – not be blocked from exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. A health emergency may not be used as an excuse to suspend access to firearms and training for self-protection, especially when social distancing practices could have easily been applied to ranges and gun stores instead to keep them open (as they have been applied elsewhere). Failure to do so is an abuse of power, a violation of oath, a violation of the Second Amendment, and puts the public at risk. ANJRPC will spare no effort or expense to challenge this Executive Order and to hold those responsible for it fully accountable for their unconstitutional actions and overreach.

Watch for further updates coming later this week. You can support our efforts by making a donation to ANJRPC’s Litigation and Special Projects Fund by clicking here.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs

About Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs:The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, Inc. is the official NRA State Association in New Jersey. Our mission is to implement all of the programs and activities at the state level that the NRA does at the national level. This mission includes the following: To support and defend the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. To take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state and federal level that would infringe upon these rights. Visit:

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Green Mtn. Boy

“Many gun owners have said for years, maybe decades, that the background check system — whether it’s the FBI’s NICS system or state-run operations — could be used as a convenient way to shut down gun sales in an emergency or other situation.”

And leave it to totalitarian tyrannical @zz wipes to prove them correct, next would be petty tyrant.



The following is a quote from a national leader. “God the Almighty has made our nation. By defending its existence, we are defending his work…. Therefore, it is all the more necessary on this twelfth anniversary of the rise to power to strengthen the heart more than ever before, and to steel ourselves in the holy determination to wield the sword, no-matter where and under what circumstances, until final victory crowns our efforts.” Adolph Hitler 30 Jan 1945.

jack mac

Green Mtn. Boy: All private citizens should now be aware of the real purpose of background checks. The lawmakers who made the law have always known the purpose is to shut down free trade in firearms and identify buyers. Our officials have already identified those they have been subjugated into the prohibited underclass. These checks provide identities of those to be subjugated.


Another “official” trying to take away our Second Amendment and God given rights to keep and carry. WE NEED TO STAND UP AND STOP THIS NONSENSE.

Arm up, and carry on.

The other Jim

During the duration of Phil Murthy’s Executive Order 107, if anyone is killed, and it can be shown that they could have defended themselves had it not been for Murphy’s hate for the 2nd. Amendment and Executive Order 107; I do hope the family lawyer of the deceased sues Murphy personally for being an accessory in the murder and/or wrongful death suit, etc.

The Classical Liberal

I wish it was as simple as that but the Supreme Court has said, on more than one occasion, that neither the State nor Federal Government is responsible for your safety.

Wild Bill

@TCL, True, and so why can the state or federal government claim “public safety” and their basis for passing laws that infringe upon our Constitutionally enshrined rights?

The Classical Liberal

That’s a good question isn’t it? I would love to see that fleshed out in a legal setting. That state attempts to act in our interest, in order to ensure public safety, but there aren’t any consequences to the state if their actions harm the public.

In one sense I understand that – but that would be the basis for valuing the right of citizens to be able to defend themselves.


Based on the pictures of long lines waiting to get into a gun store to make a purchase, it seems that they serve an essential purpose. Your hellholes you and your fellow dems have created require a method to defend yourself, allow people to do so. Sue the pants off of these imbeciles, and don’t forget to vote them out of office.


Now that all you New Jersey people are waking up to the fact that you’re being played by your communist governemt, you need to start voting these anticonstitutionalists out of office and holding them accountable, or they will be going after your 1A rights next: just ask Virginal Governor Ralph Northam and his cronies.


Article in today’s The Star Ledger on page A 13, also on an early afternoon news conference a person pro 2A asked Murphy about closing gun stores .Murphy answered and also deferred to AG Grewal and Colonel Callahan of NJSP on this. Gun Stores are deemed not essential .
same for NICs checks not being done. Maybe some info on JSP website about this, would have to check


The State Police are the Governor’s personal goosesteppers. They owe their allegiance ONLY to the Governor.

Meanwhile, cowardly New Jersey Americans sit quietly.
Politicians do these things because they KNOW Americans will sit quietly as unconstitutional usurpation after unconstitutional usurpation is heaped on them.
There is no threat to them in elections or any other thing.
Inaction and cowardice have their consequences.
Heck, only 43% of Republicans voted in 2016. Remember that ‘inaction’ I spoke of?
The other 57% were just too busy drinking beer, eating Cheetos and watching the Bloods and Crips play bassetball to go VOTE for Freedom!


In many states you don’t have to go anywhere to vote; just mail in a ballot. Here in Washington state even the postage is covered.


Really? I wonder how many illegal votes this allows to get through.

Arm up, and carry on.

jack mac

ShooterOne: There are really too many states that do not require identification even to vote in person. I like to be able to vote by mail. Most of the polling places are no gun zones. States that do not verify voters as qualified citizens, of our country, should not be allowed to participate in national elections.


Anyone on Govt subsidies should also not be allowed to vote. They need to learn how to run their lives before they decide to vote how mine should be able to run


You do have to admit that these NJ folk have brought this on themselves. Additionally, people just discovering that they might ‘need’ to have access to some means of personal/family protection are LOST far behind the curve! If those having never used a firearm in the past think to arm themselves with almost anything, especially a handgun should understand that they will require more ‘time’ than this ‘virus’ will last to acquire any reasonable capability with that device! Last, but not least, NEVER FEAR, there are over 100 million gun owners in America with enough guns and ammo to equip… Read more »


As Citizens, thus, mebers of the militia that will be called on to protect said State, firearms should always be accessible to the law abiding. That’s my 0.02