Benelli Partners with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA to Help Special Needs Hunters

Benelli Partners with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA to Help Special Needs Hunters
Benelli Partners with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA to Help Special Needs Hunters

U.S.A.-( Benelli has partnered with Disabled Outdoorsmen USA to give special needs hunters the opportunity to go afield or on the water to pursue their passion for the outdoors. In addition to donating funds, Benelli provided Disabled Outdoorsmen USA with Super Black Eagle 3 shotguns to use on their latest duck hunt, which was filmed by Wild Air Films and can be viewed here.

Disabled Outdoorsmen USA Founder Weston Jenkins found inspiration to create the group from his disabled cousin T.J. duPerier, who hunts despite his muscular dystrophy diagnosis. Over the years, Jenkins has helped duPerier adapt and find ways to still do what he loves. This love of helping his family naturally evolved into creating a group to help others who face similar challenges.

The latest hunt was set up with the help of the Utah chapter of Disabled Outdoorsmen and member Sidney Smith. The group hunted a Utah stubble field from an A-frame blind and limited out using Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 shotguns.

“It brings great joy to take these guys who have these impairments out so they can get away from their situations,” said Smith. “It’s kind of put on the back burner. The focus is harvesting that animal and getting to enjoy the outdoors. In some cases it is their first time so it is exciting to share someone’s experience to do something they have never done before.”

Using their personal time and money, Disabled Outdoorsmen USA is able to help brighten a disabled person’s day, but without the help of industry partners such as Benelli and other benefactors, the group would be limited in the scope of their programs.

“I’m not getting paid to do this and some of the money comes from our pockets,” said Smith. “Having companies join in makes it possible for us to do what we love and that’s to help people.”

Disabled Outdoorsmen USA also raises funds by selling merchandise through their website. Individuals who wish to support the group or are interested in helping the group can contact the group via social media or at their website,

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