NY Shutdown Forces Kimber Mfg. to Cease Production During Pandemic

Kimber Warrior 1911
Kimber’s Desert Warrior 1911 is among the many pistols the NY-based gun maker will be delaying production on.

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Following New York’s declaration that it is in a State of Emergency, New York-based Kimber Manufacturing Inc. was forced to close its NY manufacturing effective immediately. This is because NY is only allowing businesses that the government designates as essential to continue operation, and firearm manufacutrers and sellers are not among that list.

In response, Kimber Mfg. Inc. released the following statement.

Due to the New York state decision to shutter non-essential businesses as part of the COVID-19 response plan, Kimber Mfg. Inc. has stopped production at its New York facilities.

Production continues at Kimber’s new, state-of-the-art Troy, Alabama manufacturing facility, with the entire line of handguns and long guns being assembled. Due to the large number of parts manufactured in Yonkers and the state-mandated closure in New York, the Troy facility will suspend production on March 31st. “This situation is unfortunate as we were off to an incredible start in gun shipments in 2020 and were running our factories seven days a week. We would like to thank our dealers and consumers for their overwhelmingly positive response to our 2020 new products,” said Greg Grogan, Kimber president. With that said, if you are in the market for a Kimber firearm, now is the time to make that purchase.”

Kimber’s Alabama based customer service and repair services remain open to help customers with any questions they may have. In addition, the Alabama-based Kimber online store is open and products are shipping as long as inventory lasts. Montana based dealer sales and customer service departments also remain open.

“We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our dealers and our fans,” Grogan said. “Rest assured that any disruptions in product manufacturing are temporary, but the duration is out of our hands. As soon as we are allowed, we have plans in place to restart production as quickly as possible.”

In addition to the temporary closure of the Kimber, New York facilities, Kimber has adopted CDC-issued guidelines to protect employee health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 at all Kimber locations.

“Much like all Americans, Kimber will be challenged by these closures,” Grogan said. “But no one here has any doubt that we will all soon be back in production and stronger than ever.”

About Kimber Mfg., Inc.Kimber

Kimber Mfg., Inc. is an American company that designs and manufactures premium firearms for individual, sporting, law enforcement and military markets. Complete information on Kimber firearms, accessories and Less-Lethal products is available at www.kimberamerica.com or by phone from Kimber in-house staff at +1 (888) 243-4522. A detailed product catalog is available upon request. Kimber can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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For the life of me, I cannot understand why any firearm related manufacturer would do business in a state, the government of which is committed to the destruction of that business. Continuing to finance that State’s government with your tax dollars is ludicrous. Sometimes I think we in the pro-firearms community just love shooting ourselves in the foot.


I logged on to say the same thing…Kimber, divorce yourself from NY completely.

J Gibbons

I hate to see a good firearms company struggle and maybe not survive, but when you make poor decisions, you get bad results. I hope Kimber leadership is making plans to move everything out of NY while they are quarantined at home right now.


Yup. Kimber should simply pull out of New York. Let them rot.
AND establish a firm policy of not doing ANY business with any government entitity in that or any other anti-gun state. Expand the productioin facility in Alabama. The good folks arond there deserve the industry and all its attendant benefits…. income, taxes, etc. Stop selling to any government agency in any state not supportive of the Second Article of Ammendment.


Why the hell does Kimber stay a New York Manufacturer ? Get out of that “New York City run” mess ! Get out from under that tyrannical, anti-gun Governor !
Practically the whole North-East is a constitution bashing democRAT stronghold hat wants individuals to be unable to protect themselves from them ! Almost anywhere in the South has better weather, and a better climate for the manufacture of fine firearms.
Tell the Governor and the idiot, muslim sucking,Mayor of New York City to “SHOVE IT !” and get the hell out of there !


“The term ‘Dancing with the Devil” applies to any gun-maker doing business in New York.


Don’t own any NEW KIMBERS prefer the ones made 10 yrs ago and older, I think better quality and more pride was built in to the gun in those days but I HATE to see this happening I know they have a HUGE following… get out of N.Y. they obviously don’t want you there.


The irony of doing business in a state that’s hostile to your industry.


While I’m no Kimber guy, Kimber could move on down here to FL, or GA or TX.


Why would they do that? They have a facility in Alabama. They should just expand that facility and move everything from New York to there. Then shut down the New York facility since it is in a Democrat controlled state, which is bad news for anything to do with guns.


Never been a fan of Kimbers……with today’s machining technology, “hand fitted” is marketing hype for “can’t machine shit.” But, anyway, state mandated production shutdown. Relocation is not production. When Godfather Cuomo allows production to resume, let him find you GONE!!!. Get the hell out of NY. Relocate completely to Alabama or anywhere pro-2A. Forest Gump was correct….”Stupid is as stupid does.”


I thought that the DHS (thanks to President Trump) had issued orders that businesses related to firearms, ammo, and firearms related accessories were essential. Ammoland even ran an article about it: https://www.ammoland.com/2020/03/dhs-firearms-retailers-manufacturers-are-essential-businesses/. Will Kimber reopen?


I’ve only had a couple of Kimbers but both of them seemed well made and shot great. I’ve seen the haters online but I absolutely have no complaints. I guess it has to do with some MIM parts. but, hey, they’re not selling for $3-$4 grand either like a 100% hand fitted custom 1911. There were some REALLY great deals out there on their aluminum framed models prior to this news. I’ll bet those sales have been pulled now. I think I’ll check right now-might be a good time (and this news can be used to justify a purchase to… Read more »