Attack on Self-Defense Insurance: Under-Reported News


Attack on Self-Defense Insurance: Under-Reported News: img 514436843

Montana – -( Some states with anti-gun leadership [read Democrats] are trying to eliminate any sort of insurance that will help protect a gun owner if a gun owner should be forced to use a gun in self-defense. These states offer as authority for halting self-defense insurance that it’s disallowed to insure an illegal activity.

Yeah, right. Another anti-gun lie.

Most states have a position titled “Insurance Commissioner” who regulates insurance matters.

In Washington State, the Office of Insurance Commissioner has sent cease and desist letters to the NRA for their Carry Guard insurance. The WA OIC has sent similar letters to the United States Concealed Carry Association, the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network, U.S. Law Shield, Firearms Legal Protection, and CCW Safe, demanding that all quit doing business in WA. The same thing is happening in New York, and likely other states not yet on my radar.

In Montana, the function of an insurance commissioner is performed by our State Auditor, an elected position most people don’t think about much. Our current State Auditor is Matt Rosendale. Matt served formerly in the Montana Senate, and while there successfully carried MSSA’s Ammunition Availability Act. Matt is now running for Montana’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, so he will not be Montana’s State Auditor beyond 2020.

There are three Republicans, two Democrats, and a Libertarian who have filed to run to be Montana’s next State Auditor. So, there is a Primary race among both the Republicans and Democrats.

Because of the attack on self-defense insurance in other states, the race for State Auditor is worth paying attention to in Montana. As voters, you and your friends should know which candidates pledge that self-defense insurance will NOT be targeted for eradication in Montana. Ask them.

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Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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Is it not illegal to run over someone with a car? Isn’t burning down a house arson and also illegal? By their logic, shouldn’t insurance for such events be just as illegal as self defense insurance? Next thing you know they will make it illegal for homeowners insurance to cover stolen firearms.


Fin- this has been on display for quite a while now. Selective outrage and selective prosecution are the key to their success and slowly but surely they implemented it without much fanfare nor concern from the general public.

The attitude of most people moving around blindly is that ‘if it doesn’t affect me then I’m not worried about it ‘.


Finnky, when the Gunner’s Guru, Jeff Cooper, coined the word, “hoplophobia”(fear of guns), he knew we needed a means to describe this mindless antagonism to anything having to do with something, which in and of itself, is only a tool. Recently, anti- gunners (hoplophobes), led by Schumer, actually called for mandatory insurance by gun owners. But now that there are powers wanting to prohibit even that shouldn’t surprise us. Hypocrisy is their main brand.


Very good Finnky. Simple logic however is not their strong suit as we know.


Not good examples to use. Generally any insurance you purchase does not cover an intentional illegal act. If you commit arson (at least on your own property) and it can be proven, your insurance company would not pay you a dime.

That is why they have insurance investigators who work hand in glove with the police, and state investigators.

Deplorable Bill

Tyranny under color of law. Their oath of office IS broken. The day IS COMMING when those who would disavow their oath of office are put/thrown out of office. These people vowed before GOD ALMIGHTY they would defend the nation, the people and the constitution against ALL enemies. They have meet the enemy and it is them. These people should be dragged out of office, arrested, held without bail until they are judged by the courts. Then, if/when found guilty, they should be hung by the neck until dead. If the courts, enforcement, lawyers and judges won’t follow the constitution,… Read more »


How about they be “put down or thrown out of office” instead. Since I’m all out of forgiveness for these creatures I would opt for the former. Yes, they vowed before Almighty God and swore an oath but, the one they worship is not the God we worship it is moloch, the Cannanite god of cannibalism who advocated the consuming of the flesh of children. These are evil, nasty, filthy people. There are several of them who post here regularly trying to stir people up. Their kind will loose.

Ryben Flynn

So they say “self defense” is an illegal activity.


Washington is being run by anti-gun assholes. I still have US Law Shield. I haven’t heard they’ve been booted. I had to leave USCCAs program because of this fearful autocratic anti Constitution state.


Leave it to democrat politicians and bureaucrats to make legal defense a new criminal activity. Usually the coverage afforded by this so-called gun insurance will only provide legal protection if their use of a weapon is a lawful response. What are these morons so afraid of? This is just another infringement on the 2nd Amendment and we know it. These treasonous tyrants must be removed or our country is truly lost.


This is a good wake-up call to all gun owners, in every state. Now is a good time for it as many of us have another week or two during the Corvid economy stall out. We can write our representatives, governors, etc. This is just one more way the anti-gunner try to stop our lifestyle and right to defend our families. One more thing they do to legislate the cost of self-defense out the roof.


Somehow we’ve got to organize and find the funds to sue over this law in WA.


No one can constitutionally mandate insurance nor constitutionally restrict insurance. We have been allowing these autocrats to violate Article VI for too long, look at the mess we are in because we placate these tyrants by allowing them to enforce “reasonable” self serving legislation.

Deplorable Bill

That’s how they got obama care through — they called it a tax.


You gets what you allows. Very Very soon YOU will have to answer the question of what exactly YOU will NOT accept NOW or in the future IF you are to have one from the government. Choose wisely. Although YOU are in the very deep woods and cannot see it where Every decision in parts of a second determines IF you live or die, In society it is Much worse as there are far more predators than the Prey that You are. You are now in the ring for the final fight for your life. There are no friends in… Read more »