CCRKBA: Lawmaker more Interested in Gun Control Than Virus Control

NRA Guns Virus Photo by Jeremy Tremp
Recent correspondence from Gov. Newsom of CA shows he is more concerned with gun control than saving lives. Photo: Jeremy Tremp Source: NRA-ILA

Bellevue, WA -( A letter from California Assemblyman Miguel Santiago to Gov. Gavin Newsom shows the 53rd District legislator is more interested in gun control than he is about controlling the deadly coronavirus, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

In his April 13 letter, Santiago declared,

“Firearm and ammunition sales have surged exponentially in the last 30 days with some retailers claiming an increase of 70 percent in the 11 days following Italy’s reported outbreak of COVID-19 cases. While personal safety is extremely important during these challenging times, so is public safety… Adding more firearms to our current state of affairs perpetuates the cycle of public panic and impulsive action. An increased population of firearms in our state not only poses a greater risk to children and families who are largely confined to their homes, but also to our communities facing racially motivated or otherwise targeted hate…By suspending firearm and ammunition sales and arming Californians with strong safeguards on public health and safety reinforced by state peace officers, we can mitigate undue risks to our public.”

“At a time when so many are fighting this virus and so many more have lost their jobs due to the governor’s ‘stay home’ order, and the state’s economy is hurting,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “Santiago’s
preoccupation with restricting the rights of gun owners seems, at the very least, to be completely out of place.

“His letter to the governor has nothing to do with containing the spread of the virus and everything to do with preventing people from buying guns and ammunition,” Gottlieb continued. “Santiago obviously cares more about his gun prohibition agenda than saving lives from the coronavirus or from criminals preying on unarmed victims.” California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and Newsom’s effort to keep gun stores closed, using the COVID-19 crisis as a convenient excuse, is rapidly losing credibility.

“Since Santiago is so interested in gun control,” Gottlieb stated, “he should know that restricting the rights of law-abiding firearms owners, and those who want to buy their first firearm, is not the panacea to the pandemic. At a time when jail inmates are being released to protect them from infection, Santiago wants to prevent honest citizens from protecting themselves from criminals. He’s neither interested in public health or public safety. He’s just interested in public disarmament.”

About CCRKBACitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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Every Democrat in government, no matter on which level, cannot be trusted to guarantee the freedoms that are listed in the Constitution. They adhere to the party line and are out to maintain and increase their own power. NEVER vote for a Democrat under any circumstances.


Western mass here sounds like he wants as much of Bloomberg’s communist money as he can get. Believe me guys if we don’t get to the polls we are screwed .Bloomberg is buying up the Dems in all the swing states and if they get in they owe him. We need to stop them from the local city votes all the way to November all the law suits and letters in the world won’t help us. (GET OUT AND VOTE AND BRING FRIENDS WITH YOU !)


Chill, brother, he’s a democrat, what did you expect? While there are a few who have a love for the Second Amendment, most seem not too. This is typical leftist BS. I broke a tooth three weeks ago when this lock down stuff started. My dentist looed at it and said, by order of the State, No major dental work that’s not an emergency, if its not abscessed, it waits. My brother needs a kidney stone taken out, they told him the same thing and stuck a bypass in around it (in and out in hours), come back after Corona-gedden… Read more »


@Stone – In moderation liquor can help people cope with stress. Weed definitely mellows people out so that they can stay at home and not fight with each other so much – also stoned people are far less likely to protest governmental overreach. Easy to understand why governors would consider weed essential. As for medical needs – once things open up, hurry and get everything done as quickly as possible. Don’t put anything off as there almost certainly will be a second and possibly third wave. In about six months we can expect second wave resulting in renewed “social distancing”… Read more »


Today is the anniversary of the most important day in the history of Firearms Rights. On a bloody battle field 245 years ago. A group of citizens banded together. To fight against the Tyranny that was being forced upon they. By an Omnipotent Regime. They were unsure of the outcome of their fight. Yet fight they did because they knew their way of life was at stake. Why people fight for Freedom has taken many forms. While Oppression is always the same. Denying people of the Right to choose their destiny. Whether it be Firearms Right, Voting Rights, The Right… Read more »

moe mensale

Too bad nobody remembers the anniversary of another very important event in American history 27 years ago today. Another group of citizens. Another tyrannical government. Shameful, really.


That event and the event that it precipitated had a direct impact on my life for three years. The indirect impact haunts me still.


USA; “Thank Trump because no one else is on our side.” You mean like when he allowed one of his Federal Agencies to violate the law and make possession of bumpstocks illegal?
As far as Barr is concerned he has done nothing to bring those law enforcement personnel to justice who were responsible for the atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco. I am still waiting for that to happen and know I will go to my grave with nothing having been done. Of course that would involve him indicting himself so…………

Wild Bill

@RD, Whatever Trump did or did not do, Hillary would have been way worse. Imagine facing every federal and state LEO agency; every Ausa office, and local prosecutor; and every federal and state judge.
Like the man said, They are really after you, DJT is just in the way.


WB: When one of my friends commits an egregious act that I am aware of I call them out on it. They don’t get a “friend” pass. Maybe that’s why I don’t have very many “friends.”

Wild Bill

@USA, Re-post that federal case, please!

Wild Bill

@USA, Ahhh … a troll trap!


Wow! someone tore the cover off of my fifth grade history book…I always loved that picture of Paul Revere and the church in the background.


Since it is brought up below I am posting an article related to AR15s and bumpstocks and a ruling by a Federal judge in Nevada:


Will: Why, yes he was. “The Senate confirmed Gordon in a voice vote on March 11, 2013. He received his commission on March 12, 2013.


this is what liberals do. take your rights, and use it as an excuse to take more of your rights. #neverdem


Well of course he’s more interested in gun control. Dems need a crisis to advance their agenda, the ‘pandemic’ is the latest to be used.


In a state such as California, which has the strictest guns laws, anyone buying from a FFL is extremely vetted. Apparently, the Ass//man does not trust even vetted citizens. Of course, as was recently illustrated in Canada even strict gun laws do not 100% guarantee public safety. Not even a 100% police state would do that. Even if a 100% police state is what he is promoting, it would not have a “state peace officer” at the disposal of every household. By restricting vetted lawful citizens and releasing inmates, and supporting illegal aliens, it looks as if the State of… Read more »


If one takes time to understand Santiago’s perspective, it is easy to understand his priorities. AS HE SEES IT (not me!) – in US guns kill 30-40k every year, with many of them being children. COVID-19 has so far only killed some 20k who were mostly the old and crippled, and is a one time thing. Given that perspective, if one agreed with him – it would be easy to see that guns are worse than the virus. Of course those of us who have taken a serious look know that guns save 500k-3M every year, and that COVID-19 has… Read more »


Finnky, Good post. I do think you are too generous toward Santiago. I think his perspective is that anything he can do to promote himself and secure more power for the government, the better. That more Californians are waking up to the importance of gun ownership is better. Let’s hope that these new gun owners remember the difficulties the State of California imposes on them for exercising a God-given right come November.

Arizona Don

Santiago has proven his ignorance of facts once again. Some years ago we here in Arizona learned a lesson every state should learn. Arizona more specifically the Phoenix valley was fast becoming the car jack and kidnap capital of the United States. We knew something had to be done if we were ever to stop the lawlessness. Now even though it has always been legal to carry a gun in Arizona openly but not concealed. And that alone made carrying in a car more complicated then it needed to be. Most people did not understand what was legal and what… Read more »


He needs to be removed from office He’s BROKEN HIS OATH OF OFFICE,therefore he is not suited to hold it.


Well, Whatcha going to do about it ? All the gun owners in Calif. , if I may suggest, should flood the e-mails and switchbrds of these gun grabbers who hold public office. Its been said in the past,that when contacting a public 'official' one should be respectful,and polite. Ive tried that approach and get a condescending reply full of buzz words and BS that amount to a brush off. To heII with that. They have no concern,no respect,and no effort at politeness when issuing their edicts,agendas. Tell them how you feel in plain language they cannot ignore,or fail to… Read more »


Well, both my US Senators, my Congressman, my Governor and my State reps are all on board the train and people that don’t represent me, from other states, don’t give a damn what I think and nor should they so I don’t waste my time or theirs.


Will: Yes.


How about we forget about this right and left stuff as I have not paid any attention to it in 50 years of voting and about 58 years of shooting. If Our Right is so pro gun way do we not have National Carry? I carry anyway but it would be nice to be legal in all our States. Then The Right should free up all of those Gun Free Zones they are protecting. You read that right, free up all of Our Governments Office and such and then I might believe u are actually Pro Gun. Until then I… Read more »

Wild Bill

@gd, We do have national carry. Bear means carry. All three branches of federal government and the states are denying us our civil Rights by force of their armed enforcers.


Santiago is just another Communist Azzhole who wants to enslave every person in America under a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government! He is atypical of the type. A Communist Idealog with a thirst for power over other people. He probably does not understand the kind of society up for which he is standing. When you cut through all of the Communist Democrap Party hyperbole, propaganda, and BULLSHIITE, Theirs would be a society of OPPRESSION AND SLAVERY NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN THIS COUNTRY!!!