Canadian Cops Take Down Star Wars Storm Trooper for Toy Gun – Video

U.S.A.-( On 4 May, a small restaurant in Alberta, Canada was using a person with a Star Wars stormtrooper costume as a promotion.  The Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina is located at 531 13th St. North, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The promotion was on the unofficial Star Wars Day, “May the 4th be With You”.

The police in Lethbridge decided to do their own interpretation of stormtroopers.

The 19-year-old woman who was employed by the Cantina as a draw was assaulted by the police at gunpoint for having the temerity to wear her Storm Trooper costume with a plastic blaster.  Most of the interaction was caught on video.

The police completely overreact, they drew guns on the young woman in the Star Wars costume and order her to get down. This is difficult to do in a hard plastic costume, as she attempts to explain. The Canadian police will have none of it, even after the restaurant owner tries to tell them it is a promotion.

There was no reason to require the woman to get down on the ground and be handcuffed after she puts down the toy gun.

When the videographer comes up to video the incident one of the police tells him to leave or he will be arrested. He backs off but continues to video. Then a police officer in police truck drives between him and the victim and blocks his recording angle.

The Canadian police appear to be carrying Sig equipment. The long gun used by the officer confronting the Storm Trooper looks like a Sig 551. The sights, flash hider, and fore-end are distinctive.

Lethbridge police rifle, side view, twitter

SIG SAUER SIG551-A1 10in Short-Barreled Rifle
SIG SAUER SIG551-A1 10in Short-Barreled Rifle

The police firearm has a flash hider, short barrel, pistol grip, folding stock, and standard 30 round capacity magazines. How does the Canadian police find all those things useful, when they are precisely the things Americans who want the public disarmed, find abhorrent?

The Lethbridge police use Sig P226 pistols in .40 caliber, according to Wikipedia.

The incident has drawn international attention. One commenter on the Lethbridge police Facebook page, Chris Laidlow, posted a clip of a Star Wars movie and made this comment:

You people are so pathetic and stupid. You humiliated our entire country and you dint even have the bells to apologize.

You are simply the worst.

Canadian police are considered to be more familiar with firearms than Australians. It made the news when Australian police took down a man walking on the beach with a 1/3 scale plastic, toy rifle.   The Australian incident happened a year ago. The Australians had the excuse of a law requiring replica guns to be registered the same as real guns.

Perhaps that is anticipated in Canada.  In the United States, those pushing for a disarmed population have been pushing for a ban on toy guns for decades. New York City banned black, blue, and silver toy guns in 1955.

It is reasonable for police to respond to a “man with gun” complaint. Requiring a promotional actor to get on the ground and be handcuffed after they have been disarmed of a plastic toy, and have been told it is a promotion; seems beyond reason.

The incident is being investigated by the Lethbridge police.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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Gosh, what big, bad, brave, men those cops were!!!!! To take down an armed Storm Trooper took so much courage. Give them a few months and they might do an exchange program with the Ector County, Texas Sheriff’s Office which arrested patriots and a bar owner using their armored vehicle and SWAT team, this past Monday.

Seriously, butt clowns like these bring shame to a profession that I once considered honorable.

Will Flatt

Oh yes, now they can go home proudly and strut like a peacock, because they were so brave, so stunning.


They should have had more storm troopers (police) to help with the take-down. I am sure 20 or 30 would have been enough to take down one 19 year old woman. Congratulations to the police. They made the Idiot Hall of Fame.

Will Flatt

The irony here is overwhelming. Actual stormtroopers taking down a pretend stormtrooper.

Ansel Hazen

Is there any outcry from Canadians?

Ansel Hazen

I can only figure that they never fought for their rights, what few they have as it is. It’s not part of their history, thus not in their blood.

Ansel Hazen

As I understand it “The Crown” basically gave them their country. But they were handed it to them without any real freedoms. Perhaps “The Boogaloo” should cross the border as well.


They are still Subjects of the Crown. Although they were granted self rule The Crown owns 90% of Canadian land. As well they follow the British form of government and take guidance on what laws to enact. From the British Parliament model..


I believe the prince is in the LA area now.

Will Flatt

Canadians are so cucked they wouldn’t know how to raise their voices. They’re painfully polite to the extreme and would rather commit seppuku than “offend” someone. This is what happens when you’re “subjects of the Crown” who never knew liberty. Plus, most of them are libtards.

Dubi Loo

While this incident is in Canada, there are many similar, some more egregious, incidents happening all over our country. Stupid, tyrannical, unconstitutional actions taken by some police officers are doing great damage to the trust and support of We The People. They, not us, are moving them from the friend to foe category. Not smart.


When you get right down to it and face the facts. The Canadian perspective on Freedoms and Rights. Is not a whole lot different than a vast majority of U.S. citizens. Who were handed their Freedoms and Rights without working/fighting to get them. They have no real intrinsic value since they’ve always been there. They too are willing to give them up. “For the Greater Good” of society. Sort of like since everybody gets a trophy. It’s value is diminished and if everyone else is doing it. It must be the right thing to do. Keep Your Powder Dry.


Ummmm I’m confused (this is the United states of america and these are Donald trumps people) Is he lost ? I thought some natzi named treadua was in charge in the great white north?


(1) Apparently Canadian police (or at least these in Alberta are real storm troopers, much as so many here in the US. No brains, no discretion, no respect. Difference is that had they shot the young woman while she was handcuffed on the ground – cops in the US would be protected by qualified immunity. Highly doubt there is case history of shooting a woman, face down and handcuffed in a restaurant parking lot while wearing a star wars – storm trooper costume. (2) Seems to me that banning toy guns or requiring orange markings is a quite silly approach.… Read more »

Will Flatt

Well now, it takes commitment to put on the jackboots every day like they do. Not everyone can look themselves in the mirror wearing the SS uniform.


Look at themselves seriously, that is. Dang, they look like peacocks after slaming their tail in a gate.


I still make toy guns for my brothers. We are always told to paint the tips orange so that the police don’t shoot us. Like, I have to do extra work so that the police don’t pop me off.


It’s Quixotic, I know, but I would like to see firearms manufacturers and vendors stand up to this kind of tyranny. Refuse to sell firearms to police departments in any district that doesn’t allow their citizens to freely own those same firearms. If the people can only own revolvers and break action shotguns, then that’s all their police should have access to as well. I’d also like to see police departments that pull off stupid stunts like this one completely blacklisted by the firearms industry. Anyone too stupid to tell the girl’s gun was far too light to be real… Read more »


Obviously the Canadian cops are more than capable of dealing with someone with a toy gun, but not a real gun; they are much safer that way.


Looks like some of those “good ole’ boys” should have been the ones wearing the Storm Trooper costumes. A few stupid turds like that make the good cops look bad.


@Rat – It doesn’t just make them look bad, it puts them at risk. Videos like this one and that NJ cop beating a bystander for stepping back when charged by a cop are enough to make rational people fear for their lives in presence of any cop. When they present a threat, use of deadly force in self defense is justified. If I’m ever on a jury, judging a cop killer, I will be open to such a line of defense – this from a strong supported of law and order, and decreasingly strong supporter of cops in general.


That damn Donald Trump! (How funny) Canadians must watch and form their opinions from American network news.
It just goes to show you. Holes are the same, regardless what country they come from.
” Holes?” you say. “What kind of holes?”
You know what kind.

Commiefornia Sucks

first of all, who taught the guy filming how to film?? i got dizzy and almost started throwing up.

yeah, this is the way of the future, i’m afraid. hate to say it but eventually the US will be there too. what i wanna know, though, is where are the billionaire pro 2A people and why aren’t they donating millions to our cause like the anti-2A radical left are doing for their cause? they have bloomberg and we have who/what??? has anyone wondered that besides me?


Pro-gun people aren’t allowed to become billionaires. That is reserved for globalist anyi-gun folks, only.


I’ve wondered the same thing. Are all billionaires leftists? If so, how did they use capitalism to get rich?


One thumb up just for the username.


Well then, just become rich and all our problems will be solved.

The other Jim

Disgusting display of a real group of cowards, especially the short Lethbridge Canada policewoman with the powerful loud lesbian voice cowardly yelling from a great distance; the one whose body dimensions resembled the old 1970’s kids toy “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” cowardly yelling “get down on your stomach”. Weebles and her police gang pals will be investigated per the article: “The incident is being investigated by the Lethbridge police.”. I’m sure they will be deemed hero’s by their thug pals on the Lethbridge Police. More and more this is why Civilian Police Review Boards with subpoena authority… Read more »

uncle dudley

The guy that posted the video sure sounded like a Mexican, maybe that is why he had the bad comment about Trump.


Your comment is about as bad as a loud fart in church, and smells pretty much the same. Climb out of the garbage can and join the real world.


Duuuude settle down it was far from offensive I’m more offended that he said this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THESE ARE TRUMPS BOYZZZZ , now that sir is offensive. ( does he think he’s in Nebraska)
But farting in church that’s a different story although Jesus and I know you do. LOL


The man with the camera (phone?) sure didn’t have a Canadian accent.


That sounds pretty ignorant.

Operator Z

I remember when the police in Crappyfornia shot a kid with a toy AK. Andy Lopez. The fear of guns runs deep in that shit hole. I went through the police academy there and the narrative was very anti gun. Thank God I was finally able to move. This anti gun bullshit had got to be stopped.


Maybe they’re trained to hate fictional characters.


In defense of Dudley Do-Right, that “weapon” is on the list of the 1500 banned guns.

Heed the Call-up

Star Wars Blasters are banned in Canada? What other fictional arms are banned?

Dave in Fairfax

Heed, RMCP makes it up as they go, so it changes very frequently.


@heed, I think the rule is any gun which a hoplophobe could possibly think looks like it might resemble a gun which could kill. Note I didn’t say kill a human, appearing capable of being used to kill a gnat is sufficient. Thus a fly swatted with a gun sticker on it gualifies.


Ok, I don’t know the laws of Canada but I have a couple of questions that might make the difference. First off, are they allowed to open carry. That could make a difference in how things were handled. If they are, then it was not handled properly. If they cant, this may be their procedure. Second, do they have the same rules for toy guns as we do? I didn’t see the little red or orange tip on the end of the plastic gun. That could have made a difference too. As far as the President Trump comment. I think… Read more »


Do families in small Canadian towns intermarry? Perhaps the officers are inbred, much like hillbillies sometimes did in the rural U.S. (Did I hear banjo music in the background?) One would think the fact the person they arrested was (1) dressed in a Star Wars costume in broad daylight, and (2) armed with a plastic toy gun, (3) while outside a restaurant advertising a Star Wars special, would be a dead giveaway. It’s obvious these pathetic, and confused uniformed cretins are simply unable to differentiate between reality and make believe.



American Patriot

The whole thing is stupid…..and of course another “I don’t care story” not my country!


The person taking the video should get locked up. The video showed very little of the person and LOTS of street, curb, traffic passing by. And what the hell does an arrest in Canada have to do with President Trump? Asking for a friend.


ASSHOLE doing the video probably jumped the Mexican border, kept going north and jumped the Canadian border… WHAT does Trump and his people have to do with what happened… NOTHING DICKBAG ! Just another brainless Trump hater looking for ANYTHING to pin on Trump or “his people”… Maybe the video asshole and HIS PEOPLE should stay in Mexico or where ever he slithered in from.