Government Action Puts Churches Under “The Gun”

Government Action Puts Churches Under "The Gun"
Government Action Puts Churches Under “The Gun”

U.S.A.-( America is first and foremost a Christian Nation. This isn’t hypothesis, or hyperbole, or manifestation of hysteria. It is fact. This fact is the backbone and linchpin of our Constitution. It is the foundation of our natural rights; rights bestowed on man by a loving, Divine Creator. It is a self-evident truth.

In recent years, the would-be destroyers of our Nation have attacked this notion; and, with the intentional or reckless unleashing of a pandemic on our Nation and on other nations by the amoral, irreligious, autocratic, and diabolical, Communist regime of Xi Jinping of China, the would-be destroyers of our Nation have renewed their assault on the Christian Church. They have done so with unusual feral ferocity.

Who are these would-be destroyers of our Constitution; these betrayers of our National heritage, of our natural rights and liberties; these sowers of ill will; these destructive, hateful forces who disingenuously, hypocritically, coldly, callously, calculatedly assert a need, an impulse to tear down the Christian framework of our Nation, ostensibly, as they say, or so they claim, to save it? We know them. They are all around us. They comprise an heterogeneous, amorphous conglomeration of malcontents both here and abroad who seek to remake the world in their own image: Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Neoliberal Billionaire Globalists, and others. They share the same belief system, the same value system: distrust of the common man; a strong, tenacious, insatiable desire to subjugate humanity; and a bias toward and a disturbing penchant for Atheism, Agnosticism, Satanism, and concomitant amorality, immorality, or pseudo-morality albeit disguised as seemingly benign secularism, moral relativism, and nontheistic humanism.

A Modern Civil War

America is in the midst of a Civil War. This war isn’t fought with guns or bombs, at least for the moment. But it’s war, nonetheless. We see this war waged in the attempt to control the mind, the thoughts of Americans. The despoilers of our Nation have sought to drive a wedge between Americans and their sacred rights and liberties. If successful, our Nation will cease to exist, for the sovereignty of the American people exists and thrives only in the unfettered exercise of their God-given rights and liberties. For only in the exercise of those rights and liberties may the power of Government be restrained and constrained.

These would-be annihilators of our Nation use calamity to drive a wedge between the citizenry and their fundamental rights and liberties. They are adept at seducing many Americans to surrender their rights and liberties for security. Recall Benjamin Franklin’s famous, oft reiterated, prescient quote: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

After the attack on the World Trade Center, the assassins of our Bill of Rights said Americans don’t require freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures because Government must protect Americans from terrorists; ergo, Americans came to lose their sovereignty through a slow, inexorable process toward creation of the Surveillance State, and the concomitant whittling away of the sacred right embodied in the Fourth Amendment.

After some lunatics went on a shooting binge, in the last couple of decades the assassins of our Bill of Rights said Americans ought not exercise their unalienable God-given right to keep and bear arms because Government must promote public safety and ensure public order; ergo, we see the rapid evolution toward restricting ownership and possession of firearms, and the concomitant whittling away of the sacred right embodied in the Second Amendment.

And now, with the Chinese Communist Coronavirus unleashed upon us, the assassins of our Bill of Rights have said Government must constrain the free exercise of religion, restrain the freedom of speech, preclude the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to curtail the right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances; ergo we see the rapid evolution toward controlling the thoughts and actions of the citizenry; the subjugation of the people, and the concomitant whittling away of the sacred rights embodied in the First Amendment.

State Governments Prepared To Use Force To Demand Church Closures

Ironically, it isn’t the Federal Government, but the Governors of a few States who seek to curtail the free exercise of religion.

With all the bluster of the Radical Left that calls President Trump an autocrat, the actions of Radical Left Governors make plain who the autocrats really are.

Radical Left New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer have closed churches claiming, as a rationale, the need to promote public health due to the Chinese Coronavirus.

Unsurprisingly, a website that calls itself, the “Friendly Atheist,” says, that State Governors can do this:

“ ‘Policies don’t violate religious freedom laws if they’re created in order to save people’s lives,’ said Michael Moreland, director of the Ellen H. McCullen Center for Law, Religion and Public Policy at Villanova University.” ‘So long as those restrictions are neutral and applicable to everybody, religious institutions have to abide by them,’ he said. . . . So, yes, governors can and should shut down church gatherings in the same way they’re shutting down public schools and restaurants. Treat them fairly. Treat them equally. There’s nothing illegal going on no matter how many pastors whine about religious discrimination.”

Let’s parse a couple of these comments. First, the “Friendly Atheist” draws a false dilemma, claiming that either Churches remain closed or people fall sick and die. That’s untrue. Churches are cognizant of the threat. They have been implementing proper protocols to preclude the spread of the Chinese Coronavirus. Second, the remark of the legal expert, Ellen McCullen is vague and ambiguous. She asserts, “So long as those restrictions are neutral and applicable to everybody, religious institutions have to abide by them.”

Is Ellen McCullen saying that, so long as State Governors force every religion to close its doors, not just Christian denominations, then Church closure orders are lawful? Or is McCullen saying that, as long as those restrictions apply to all political, social, and business organizations and establishments—truly, literally everyone, and every establishment, throughout a State, apart from hospitals, pharmacies, and food establishments—then Church closure orders are lawful? If the former statement is what McCullen means, then the Church closure actions are not “content-neutral,” and are therefore unconstitutional. If the latter statement is what McCullen means, then the Government ordered Church closure actions are likely still unconstitutional. Why? It comes down to what constitutes an “essential service,” terminology that State Governments themselves have concocted. No one would deny that severely ill people need the care of health care providers that, in many cases only hospitals can effectively provide. And no one can honestly deny that many people require prescription medicines to remain well. And no one can deny that everybody requires food sustenance to survive. What about Churches?

Is attendance at Church an essential service? Well, under both the test created by State Governors that like to draw distinction between essential and non-essential services, houses of worship do fall into the category of essential services, as spiritual need is arguably just as essential to well-being and survival as are food, medicine, and medical care. Moreover, the free exercise of religion isn’t a mere privilege, nor is it a minor right. It is a fundamental right. That right and the right of self-defense and personal autonomy are the most sacred of rights.

These State Governors are simply wrong. Churches must remain open in our free Republic.

Curiously, it is the U.S. President, not the State Governors who recognize the importance of our sacred rights and liberties. As just reported in the website, U.S. News, for one:

“President Donald Trump on Friday said he has deemed churches and other houses of worship ‘essential’ and called on governors to allow them to reopen this weekend despite the threat of the coronavirus.”

“ ‘Today I’m identifying houses of worship — churches, synagogues and mosques — as essential places that provide essential services,’ Trump said during a hastily arranged press conference Friday. He said if governors don’t abide by his request, he will ‘override’ them, though it’s unclear what authority he has to do so.”

Who is the autocrat? Who is the tyrant? It isn’t Donald Trump. The real autocrats and tyrants are those State Governors who usurp the sovereignty of the American people by daring to deny to them their fundamental right to worship the Divine Creator: the one Being who gave man free will, and who bestowed on man fundamental, unalienable, immutable rights.

There are those of us who adore the Divine Creator.

But for those who would deny the Divine Creator, there is no limit to their capacity for evil. They use a catastrophe as an excuse to destroy rights and liberties they never created yet have the effrontery to strike down. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste:” Rahm’s Rule—the arrogant “first principle” of the deniers of the Divine Creator.

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Get Out

IMOA no ones denying anyone their free exercise of their chosen religion, you can pray anywhere. I’ve seen church services held in a cow pasture in Spain, in the Black Forest in Germany, on the flight deck of a carrier, in the well deck of amphibious ships, in the desert during a sand storm, in tents, etc.. We now sit in the living room and watch church services on the tele while enjoying crisp bacon, eggs and toast.


The thing about mandatory church closures that has me really upset is the number of so-called Christians who willingly accept the orders that they can no longer worship as they choose and obey the governors and then defend their actions as “safety” measures and claim that going on line is the same thing as attending church services with their fellow Christians. I have to wonder who are the worse hypocrites, the government officials claiming church closures are necessary, or the “Christians” complying and justifying.


call them “mug nappies”


Excellent analisis. One quibble: you left Jay Inslee, Supreme Grand Poohbah of Washington State off the list.. he is on recored as intending to defy President Trump’s orders to include churches in reopenting plans. When Home Depot and Lowes, and abortioin clinics, can remain open there IS clearly a selection process tha tputs churches etc on a different level than these places. Sorry I do not go to Home Cheapo to bow down to the winderful pumps, hammers, pipe fittings, nuts and bolts, or paint. Granted, in the eyse of some these items have magical powers and can wor miracles….… Read more »


Inslee needs to be arrested, tried, found guilty by his peers, and incarcerated……OR….., but we know that ain’t going to happen, don’t we? Culp for Gov!

Tin Man

Thank you for the well written and researched article. Thanks for you efforts.


To the Author / Authors of this article. SPOT ON and may God Bless You and the Constitution of these United States of AMERICA and our Great President Donald J. Trump. These tyrannical governors need to be thrown from office and prosecuted.

uncle dudley

I’ve wondered since day one of this covid-19 outbreak was China working on a biological weapon for use or if it was just a screw up by a scientist and the virus got loose from them.
Would really like the answer.


Waiting for someone to explain how a state can arbitrarily suspend the bill of rights — and don’t claim 10th Amendment


I WIL claim the Tenth.. to prove they cannot.
Powers not granted FedGov or prohibited the states, are reserved to the states, and to the people. The Bill of Rights lays out powers NOT granted the states…. such as curtailing our freedom to peaceably assemble, to exercise our religion of choice freely, and thus the power to curtail these is specifically DENIED the states.


here in south florida it isn’t that way. I went to the local Chinese-mart to return some spoiled cabbage I just purchased and walked in the out door, was instantly told to go out and come back in the in door (follow the arrows) by several female employees. I told them I was going to the service counter right next to out door and then another barked that I wouldn’t be served if I didn’t comply (“that’s just how we do it”). I jumped over some boxes by the front door and entered. another said I had to have a… Read more »


Happy Memorial Day Just watch the link to this video below Katie do not let America fall like europe If we stay the course without questioning those in power we will lose our freedom. The fact is that those elected can say anything even when we know it is false. Washington has not lost it way it is now in the spotlight daily thanks to President Trump. Democrats have enslaved their followers offering free not freedom our constitutional protection is no longer guaranteed. The Bill of Rights ask a 35 year old down to a college student they do not… Read more »


, Spot ON! Funny, but not really…..I do love sarcasm.


For the NWO tyrants to prevail they must destroy the First and Second Amendments. It is actually just that simple. How that transpires is the question; but do look for severe persecution of Christians to continue and intensify. Revelation Chapter 6 gives us a good idea of how the rollout will occur.


Indeed, chapter six of Revelation is where I see the world in the present times we live in. Verse 2 speaks of the rider on the white horse which is the anti-Christ, going forth to conquer. I see that event being linked to 9-11-01. The second is the rider on the red horse, representing civil unrest, civil disobedience and finally, civil war. Not just in the U S, but all around the world. The third is the rider on the black horse, representing economic failure on a worldwide scale, I often wondered how that would come about, now we know.… Read more »


They are hoping no one notices what you just spoke, they have blinded every body looking for freebies now they are hoping to blind side everyone else.
We need to be louder so people will take notice of what the left doesn’t want anyone to see.