KC Eusebio on Electronic Hearing Protection

KC Eusebio on Electronic Hearing Protection
KC Eusebio on Electronic Hearing Protection

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Since its introduction, the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuff has become a favored addition to the range bags of shooting enthusiasts throughout the world – including five-time World Speed-Shooting Champion, KC Eusebio.

“I first used Howard Leight hearing protection products when I was enlisted in the U.S. Army,” says Eusebio, who began competitive shooting over 20 years ago at age 8. “And it’s still the brand I trust today. After shooting over a million rounds in my lifetime, I just want to say thank you to Howard Leight for helping keep my ears protected and my hearing safe!”

KC drills down on what he considers to be the top five features of Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic hearing protection.


Featuring a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22, Impact Sport is a versatile earmuff for most shooting situations and environments, including rifle, shotgun, handgun, hunting and tactical applications.


Internal circuitry allows ambient and low-frequency sounds to be safely amplified up to four times to a peak of 82dB, making it easy for wearers to hear range commands and conduct conversation, even in noisy environments. Amplification automatically reduces at 82dB, attenuating hazardous impulse noises from gunfire. “Impact Sport’s adjustable amplification makes it a great hearing protection choice for competition, practicing at the range, or for hunting,” says Eusebio.


Impact Sport models feature a sleek, extremely low-profile earcup design with carefully engineered cutouts that facilitate the shouldering of a rifle or shotgun while maintaining clearance from the firearm stock. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, Impact Sport models incorporate a padded headband with vertical height adjustments for a secure, non-slip fit. When not in use, the headband and earcups fold for easy, compact storage. “I trust Howard Leight to make reliable, long-lasting products,” KC says. “I know people who have used the same set of Impact Sports for the past ten years and they still perform great. Howard Leight sells replacement ear cushions, and you can even add Howard Leight Cool Pads to increase comfort on those hot summer days when it’s muggy and you’re sweating,” he adds.


Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic muffs are powered by two included AAA batteries, which can be expected to last for over 150 hours of use.

“A lot of ranges don’t sell batteries, so Howard Leight includes them with their electronic muffs to make sure their products are ready to protect right out of the packaging,” says Eusebio. “I’ve had this particular set of Impact Sport muffs for about a year-and-a-half and haven’t had to change batteries yet. One of the coolest features is the four-hour automatic shutoff that preserves battery life. After a long day of shooting, the last thing you’re thinking of is having to turn them off, so they’ll shut down automatically after four hours. The next time you use them, simply turn them off and turn them back on and you’re good to go.”


Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic muffs come in multiple colors to complement the individual taste and style of any shooting sports enthusiast, including Black, OD Green, Teal, Purple, Pink, and – KC’s favorites – MultiCam®, MultiCam Black and MultiCam Alpine.

“In addition to just looking incredibly cool, MultiCam patterns bring the advantages of stealth and concealment to hunters and tactical operators who want to protect their hearing in the field without compromising their cover,” Eusebio says.

Starting in July, Impact Sport will also be available in three brand-new Honor Collection colors to celebrate and honor our nation’s first responders. The unique One Nation®, Smoke and Real Blue colorways are sure to be appreciated by anyone who values our unique American freedoms.

Whether you’re a recreational shooter, competitive shooter, tactical professional or hunter—there’s an Impact Sport that’s right for you. MSRP ranges from $54-$70. Learn more about Howard Leight’s complete line of hearing protection products for shooting sports enthusiasts at howardleightshootingsports.com or join the conversation on social media at @howardleightshootingsports.

Follow KC Eusebio on Facebook @kceusebio.fanpage and Instagram @kc_eusebio.


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Rex Nanorum wrote an article for AMMOLAND in August 2019 on how to boost the nrr rating in Howard Leight’s.


There are electronic hearing protectors that have a 30 NRR rating. Every 3 decibels is a10% increase its decrease in protection. Don’t fall for hearing damage. I did and now I wear hearing aids that cost 1,000’s of dollars. I still don’t have the hearing with which I was born.

Go for the best protectors. Chk Anazon & Optics Planet!