NSSF: The Two Faces of Anti-Gunner, Stacey Abrams

By Larry Keane

Stacy Abrams Official Website
The author argues that Stacy Abrams is less Democrat than an opportunistic populist. Either way, she’s still anti Second Amendment. IMG StacyAbrams.com

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)-Just like Seinfeld’s George Constanza, failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams probably thinks to herself, “I must be liked!”

She’s trying awfully hard as she auditions to join 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s ticket as the vice-presidential candidate. Millions of gun-owning Americans have reasons for concern and should pay attention as Election Day nears.

Abrams joined Everytown for Gun Safety’s Veepstakes pageant, the gun control group bankrolled by failed 2020 Democratic presidential contender and billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Abrams spent a decade in the Georgia state legislature, including six years as Democratic minority leader, where she championed gun control. She introduced gun confiscation legislation deemed “some of the strictest gun regulation in the nation.” This is the same Stacey Abrams who ran for Georgia governor in 2018 and lost to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. Abrams cried foul and repeated inflammatory accusations. Still, none of it was true. That didn’t keep her from repeating her false claim that she had actually won the race to be governor of the Peach State.

Biden’s gun control history is well-known.

Gun Grab, Different Name

Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts spoke one truth during the Twitter townhall that gun control advocates usually avoid. “We know firearms don’t cause hate crimes…,” Watts admitted. Millions of law-abiding firearm owners would agree. Abrams did too, but added her presence in Washington, D.C. would include a reinstatement of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. “We need to make certain that we have an assault weapons ban put back in place. It has worked before and it will work again.” That ban did not work, of course. Abrams’ comments now are considerably different than her views on gun confiscation just a few short years ago when she told CNN’s Jake Tapper the gun-grabbing bill she cosponsored in Georgia was just, “to start a conversation.” That bill wasn’t even referred to a committee for consideration. If enacted, it would’ve turned thousands of law-abiding Georgians into felons by forcing them to turn in their modern sporting rifles, destroy them or go to jail. If she joins the Biden ticket and gets her way, that could mean owners of the nearly 18 million modern sporting rifles would be instant felons.

Abrams tried to tell Watts, “There is no one who believes in eroding the Second Amendment…” Her legislative track record isn’t eroding the Bill of Rights, it’s taking a wrecking ball to it.  Her record is more in line with former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, Biden’s proclaimed gun control sheriff, than Main Street, USA.

Belittling American Rights

Watts and Abrams also demonstrated they have little sympathy for the legitimate concerns of law-abiding Americans who recently purchased firearms for the first time. Instead, they smugly dismissed them as an easily manipulated group. They also cast aside their reasons for purchasing firearms during the coronavirus pandemic. Watts instead blamed the NRA. “They’re using this pandemic to fearmonger. To divide our communities. And of course, above all, to sell guns.” Abrams smiled and agreed. There was no mention of local law enforcement stretched thin. No talk of criminals being released from jail. Not a word about those criminals committing crimes again.

November is Coming

Wrapping up the discussion, Abrams urged people to get involved and educated on the issues. She boasted of a 139 percent increase in youth voters in the race she lost in 2018.

Education and information on the issues is something all voters need. There are hundreds of thousands of new gun owners who now must consider what the candidates would do to their right to protect themselves and their families, even as they are learning about safe and responsible firearm ownership, handling, and storage.

To get informed, get registered and get ready, visit NSSF’s #GUNVOTE.

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uncle dudley

The scary part is that the vice president is just a heartbeat away from becoming president and with all the Trump haters in the media they will do everything possible to beat him.
Biden will do anything to get the oval office and who he picks for VP will help get him the votes and this loud mouth woman is being considered not for experience but her skin color.


This Leftist fool has never gotten over her election loss. She is a Democrat and should never be trusted.


A very crude and rude low IQ person.

Deplorable Bill

There are ways to stop tyranny. You can vote for someone else. You can have a recall. You can vote with a rifle. Evil is defined BIBLICALLY. This is because BIBLICAL law doesn’t change with the whims of mankind, it cannot be bought and there is no higher authority. There can be no justice, peace or truth when you hold no law higher than you’re own. Obviously tyrants have no god higher than themselves and the same can be said for traitors. If one just watches the news it is not uncommon to see tyrants and traitors on a daily… Read more »


Well said. And yet on nearly a daily basis I hear some clown claiming the goal of seizing our firearms is about “crime”, and we shouldn’t resist because we’ll “still be able to hunt.”


We didn’t need to see her two faces ! Her one face makes me want to puke !!


She be needin’ some dat bondo in those teeth…..

Wild Bill

@wjd, Woman thy name is revulsion.


She thinks she is ENTITLED.
It’s idiots like her that have DESTROYED every BLUE state in the UNION.
Also, since C19 has hit, WHO is the first to come to the REST of us begging for handouts?.
THE MOST perverted,fascists staes in the country.Dead broke with their UTOPIA Ideals that have utterly BOMBED.
Gavin (movie star)NEWSOM was FIRST he won;t be the last, and Trump will CAVE and GIVE good money to SOB’;s that can’t run a cool aid stand or a PAY toilet.


You cannot have a socialist country and the 2nd amendment!


The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

Ej harbet

This cretin becomes veep and joe has a fatal brain fart. And the squawd runs the country!

Wild Bill

@V12Guy, good motive for voting. And bring the entire family.

Wild Bill

@OV, Yes, the two most homely females on the planet.


Maybe we should require these morons to take a background check and a test of their Constitutional knowledge. Nevermind.


Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…


She sucks.


well at least in Georgia the governor wannabe wasn’t caught in a hotel room puking their guts out after indulging in crystal meth with a naked gay prostitute passed out almost dead. looks like floirda man wins again.


Who do you think the Democratic party would put on the ticket with Biden; a 2nd amendment patriot? There are no patriots on either party just politicians trying to create the new normal. Wake up sheeple we are a one party system headed to oblivion. You have to give China credit, at least they don’t try to hide their one party system. Vote on……….LOL


TWO !!! My God… the first is bad enough


Well said!


Abrams is a Communist Democrap Party, anti-American; anti-Constitutional A*****E!!!

Wild Bill

@USA, Let her talk.


this is why we have to post on social media, write letters to the editor, talk with people at work, church, the store and tell them what leftists have in store for them if they get elected. who in their right mind wants America to turn into venezula, or cuba? the traditional media will continue to push the lefitst agenda without thought, the free press will actually do their job.


This gap toothed, cow assed, brainless pig is a pure socialist tramp… Buddying up to Biden for a Veep spot, thinks she’s all that and a box of chocolates… The bitch isn’t qualified to clean the SHITTERS in the White House. Whined when she lost, called her loss RACIST. Uh, NO, YOU weren’t what the people of Georgia wanted…


Stacey Abrams said she was proud of how hard she worked in the GA Legislature…..but did not tell anyone it is a PART TIME Position.


This is rich coming from the NSSF. You supported the nomination of that scumbag Barr.


@wjd She is an American. Her heritage has nothing to do with this, and by classifying her like that, it is you who looks like the fool. I do not know what background you are, but I would not call you and Irishman or a Russian or an Asian. You are an American, and I would fight to defend your rights. I sure don’t agree with Abrams, but I would fight for her as well. Words are important @wjd.

Heed the Call-up

JJ, until she identifies as an “American”, then she is want she claims to be, an “African-American”, not a whole US citizen, which may explain the mental dissonance coming fro the Left. They do not believe in patriotism and nationalism, to the detriment of the USA. Words are important – as are their meanings.