Peter Walker, Ex-Mckinsey Exec, Defends China In Face-To-Face With Tucker Carlson

U.S.A.-( There are two salient political and social philosophies, upon which a nation-state or other political, social, economic and cultural organization can be constructed: Collectivism and Individualism. One or the other philosophy may be the blueprint for a state or other political, social, economic and cultural entity; one or the other, but not both; and not an amalgam of the two, for the two are wholly incompatible.

A brief description of the two philosophies may be found in Peter B. Walker’s book, “Powerful, Different, Equal: Overcoming the misconceptions and differences between China and the US.”

Who is Peter B. Walker? He’s a senior partner emeritus of McKinsey & Company. And what is McKinsey & Company? It is an extremely powerful, extraordinarily successful global management consulting firm that was instrumental in convincing major U.S. manufacturers to offshore their business to China.

And, McKinsey & Company is growing. On its new website, McKinsey proudly announces:

This week [February 29, 2020] we’re starting to roll out a new visual identity to better express who we are and what we do today. For instance, more than half of our work for clients now, in areas like design, digital, and analytics, didn’t exist at our firm just five years ago.

“We’re excited about the new visual identity, which we think is beautiful,” says global managing partner Kevin Sneader. “But this is about more than how we look. It’s about updating how we communicate, so we can engage with the world more effectively, now and in the future as we continue to change.”

The refresh includes an updated graphic element, new fonts, a new color palette, and a revamped approach to data visualization and photography. Blue still figures prominently, symbolizing the constancy of our mission and values. Only now it’s a deeper shade set against a white background.

“We think the contrast depicts our clarity of thought and our ability to cut through and deliver what really matters,” says senior partner Peter Dahlstrom. “It symbolizes our aspiration to bring those qualities to all our clients.”

To learn more, check out this overview of the new identity in action. And for a refresher on the importance of good design to business, don’t miss our article, “The business value of design.”

Despite the hype and glitz, the Company’s announcement, begs the question, what does the Company really offer; what does the Company provide its business clients—those well-heeled multinational companies that can afford McKinzie’s services? One digs through various webpages on the site to find this:

“We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create Change that Matters.

From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them. This requires embedding digital, analytics, and design into core processes and mind-sets, and building capabilities that help organizations and people to thrive in an ever-changing context.

With exceptional people in 65 countries, we combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.”

The Company’s services are curiously, deliberately opaque.

Nothing to emulate, really, but it does attract a certain kind of people: the smug, ambitious, amoral, insensitive, and abjectly ruthless.

Who are some of these people who have worked for Company, Mckinsey? The names of a couple of them shouldn’t surprise you. They include the Radical Left Globalist toadies: Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton; and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, erstwhile contender for the Democrat Party nomination for U.S. President, to take on President Trump in the coming General Election.

Senior Partner Emeritus, Peter Walker, is one of the neoliberal global elites who has come out of the shadows, out of the woodwork, in the last few days, to make his case on behalf of the New World Order, and, it would be our guess, on behalf of the Bilderberg Group, whose own seemingly benign opacity, hides a most sinister intent:

“Since its inaugural Meeting in 1954, the annual Bilderberg Meeting has been a forum for informal discussions to foster dialogue between Europe and North America. Every year, approx. 130 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, labour, academia and the media are invited to take part in the Meeting. About two thirds of the participants come from Europe and the rest from North America; one third from politics and government and the rest from other fields. The Meeting is a forum for informal discussions about major issues. The Meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed. Thanks to the private nature of the Meeting, the participants take part as individuals rather than in any official capacity, and hence are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions. As such, they can take time to listen and reflect and gather insights. There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued.”

Peter Walker Emulates Political Power Brokers And Those Who Work For Them

Whom does Peter Walker admire? The names shouldn’t surprise you any less than those from the Ivy League schools that desire to work for McKinsey.

In his book Walker mentions Henry Kissinger: former Secretary of State; National Security Advisor; architect of regime change in Chile that brought the brutal dictator, Augusto Pinochet to power; author of a book with the candid title, “World Order;” and regular participant at the annual Bilderberg Group conferences.

Walker also mentions Hank Paulson, past Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, Secretary of the Treasury under George W. Bush, and principal architect of the massive 2008 Bank bailout.

Then there is Thomas Friedman, regular columnist for The New York Times, and perennial Trump hater, whose presumed areas of expertise include global trade, foreign affairs, globalization, and environmental issues, and whom the National Review dubs a “Liberal Fascist.”

Walker would be just another secretive Global elite centimillionaire or billionaire, perhaps, but for the fact that he appeared recently on Tucker Carlson Tonight? How did this come about, given the usual almost painful reticence of powerful, wealthy Collectivist Globalists who hate to appear in the limelight?

Walker’s name came up in the last couple of days when Tucker Carlson, Fox News host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, explained the tremendous crippling influence of McKinsey & Company our manufacturing base and, impliedly, how McKinsey has endangered our National Security, helping to make China a preeminent global economic, and geopolitical power.

Why did McKinsey CEO appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Carlson didn’t indicate that he reached out to Walker. Apparently, Walker reached out to Carlson, not the other way around. Why would Walker do this? Perhaps, he was pressed to do this in an attempt at “damage control” for the Global elites, lest the American public take notice of the threat to the Nation should Trump win a second term in Office and defeat the quest toward NWO Armageddon that Walker and other neoliberal Global elites seek to return to and will be able to return to if they can seat their stooge, Biden, in the White House.

Carlson treated Walker respectfully, allowed Walker to talk; wanted him to talk; did not barge in on his responses to questions. And talk and talk, Walker did!

Walker said at one point during the fox news interview:

“[China] is a collectivist society . . . That difference between collectivism and common good is a huge disconnect with the U.S. We regard and always have been proud that every human life is sacred and therefore any unjustice or injustice is something we ought to be railing against and they are just not wired that way,” Peter Walker told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

AQ continues analysis of the Carlson-Walker interview in our next segment.

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Again, Arbalest Quarrel is dead on the target!
And, speaking of China…:
Note that this “scenario”, despite its similarities to what we see today, was recorded many years ago.

uncle dudley

I wonder if there is a connection to Joe and Bo Biden with this guy?

Wild Bill

@ud, There sure is … China!


This guy is a POG and a communist. As noted below by Circle8, his millions depend on the Chinese communists. He spoke of the Chinese and democracy. What a bunch of malarkey. Part of communism is the stage where they must go through a “capitalist” phase. Democracy has no place in their maoist goals! NWO hacks are now coming out of the woodwork.

Wild Bill

, Thank you for your service. And Peter Walker, and McKinsey and Co. are the globalists that we have been hunting for. Lots of conspiracy theorists blame the Rothschilds, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati, and other mythical organizations. But it is Peter Walker and Kinsey and Co! Nor does Peter Walker and Kinsey deny it. They have sold out and weakened their country.


Red Communist China Really? Nothing else applies, unless you are a NWO Globalist!
Tired of this Cabal, have been since the first Clinton Administration…


FOLLOW THE MONEY. Walker’s income relies on his ability to do business with China therefore his opinion is biased and useless for this discussion.


Just look at the guest list and you know there’s something sinister brewing.


Every human life is sacred would not appear to anyone with eyes and ears to be a driving
force among the Red Chinese Government. Enlightenment? Yeah, they are doing a lot of
“enlightening” in the interior “enlightenment camps” at the moment with minorities. They also
practice abortion on demand. Their demand, not yours. Walker and all hiis ilk make me want to vomit.


McKinsey has been enabler in chief for the Communist Chinese. These shameless progressives have sold liberty down the pike. There are fools and there are useful fools. Witness the useful fool.

Wild Bill

@ring, Yes, but now we know who, by name, are the actual people are rather than adhering to worn out old faceless conspiracy theories (e.g. Bilderburgers, Rothchilds, Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones, etc.).

Dave in Fairfax

Selling the rope to hang themselves with.


Did ya notice Walker dodged the question from Tucker on how much money he made working in China? Evidently treason pays very well!

Wild Bill

, Yes, and I also noticed that Walker agreed with the chi com government that locking people up in their own houses until they were all dead was the right thing to do. The man is a sociopath.


@WB, I pretty much was aghast when I saw that one too. And there are those out there who don’t believe China released this pandemic on the world purposely. Only a fool would believe that!


When asked about how much money he’s made off our backs, he told us how much of his precious time he has spent in China, a country that he just loves, to hear him tell it. This man makes my blood boil. He keeps talking about how “everybody” thought it was a good idea to sell America out, and how “everybody” could see the logic, and how “everybody” has benefited. What a lying, blood sucking, self centered, piece of crap!