Second Amendment Freedoms Deserve Promotion & Protection

Opinion by Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo: Why should the New York Governor have the right to refuse law-abiding citizens their right to protect themselves and their families?

New York – -( The ongoing call to keep gun stores closed (and attack the National Rifle Association for fighting for them to remain open) is as misguided as it is predictable. What’s sad is that it comes as no surprise that the anti-Second Amendment crowd seeks to leverage the COVID-19 health crisis to the benefit of their failing attack on constitutional freedoms of law-abiding New Yorkers.

The NRA recently filed a lawsuit against Gov. Cuomo and New York State for implementing an order that:

“effectively and indefinitely suspended a key component of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution – shutting down all gun stores in the State of New York, including federally licensed gun stores, by deeming them ‘non-essential’ businesses.”

By failing to list gun shops as “essential,” Gov. Cuomo eliminated the only way of legally purchasing firearms in the state. Given the Governor’s well-known contempt for the self-defense rights of rank-and-file Americans and his intense dislike for the NRA, this failure is no surprise.

Nonetheless, it is disturbing that many seek to politicize an economic and health crisis to promote their anti-gun agenda. But we’ve come to learn the anti-gunners are not above much when it comes to attacking freedoms that don’t suit their political agenda.

Using COVID-19 as their sword, the anti-Second Amendment crowd stokes fear by painting a picture of crowded gun stores and the lurking dangers of new owners purchasing firearms in federally licensed facilities. (We’re not only dealing with a virus, but also a total decay of human virtues!)

The truth is, the federal government and the vast majority of states and municipalities have designated gun stores “essential.”

The United States Department of Homeland Security has issued a list of critical infrastructure that included firearm and ammunition retailers. In the wake of this guidance, a number of states and municipalities reversed course – publicly announcing that gun stores would be classified as “essential.” Among them, New Jersey.

On March 30, 2020, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy stated, “In accordance with the guidance released over the weekend by the federal Department of Homeland Security, we will allow firearms sellers to operate.”

On May 7, 2020, a federal judge ordered Massachusetts authorities to allow gun stores to remain open after the governor there had deemed them “non-essential” businesses. The judge ruled that restrictions on gun stores imposed an “improper burden” on the constitutional rights of citizens.

Unfortunately, Gov. Cuomo has refused to reexamine his position on gun stores – to the detriment of shop owners and the citizens they serve. Meanwhile, liquor stores in the state remain “essential businesses” and open to the public.

Across the country, many gun stores are operating safely by following CDC recommendations and social distancing measures. These measures reduce health risks and allow citizens to exercise their Second Amendment freedoms – at a time when they need them the most. According to FBI numbers, April marked another historic month for background checks, as people visited gun stores in high numbers for the second month in a row amid worries about the COVID-19 pandemic. (In one week alone, April 13 – 19, 2020, the FBI reportedly conducted more than 766,000 checks.)

Meanwhile, in New York, some incidents of crime are soaring, our law enforcement is overwhelmed, and thousands of inmates are flooding our streets. The number of murders, burglaries and stolen cars remain on the rise, according to recent NYPD data. In fact, press reports indicate that “over approximately the last month in New York City, murder has increased by 55 percent: 28 murders vs. 18 in the same period last year.”

Why should the New York Governor have the right to refuse law-abiding citizens their right to protect themselves and their families?

Luckily, now, more than ever, the NRA is committed to fighting for its members and the freedoms in which they believe. The reason why was captured perfectly by NRA CEO and Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

“There isn’t a single person who has ever used a gun for self-defense who would consider it nonessential,” he says.

Our hope is that the courts will do what Governor Cuomo has failed to: protect the Constitution. Second Amendment rights are essential and unwavering.

Tom King
Cogito ergo armatum sum

Tom King

About the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association:

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is the state’s largest and oldest firearms advocacy organization. Since 1871, our organization has been dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports. Our membership consists of individuals and clubs throughout the state. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization and the official NRA-affiliated State Association in New York. Visit:

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Greg K

“Why should the New York Governor have the right to refuse law-abiding citizens their right to protect themselves and their families?”

Simple: He Doesn’t!

Wild Bill

, I concur. Defense of self and family, to include lethal force, is the first law of nature and our pre political civil right.


Cuomo is a tyrant, I wish Tom King rallied the FUDD army back in 2013 rather than calling the outraged 2a supporters, that stood in defiance of cuomos UN safe act, radicals and potentially dangerous. But now that the FUDD army cant buy ammo for their grandaddies old huntin rifle and their shotguns, cuomos tyrannical edicts are a problem. Pffft.

Tk, it would do you well to remember that all gun owners are on the same side, regardless of whether they shoot ar15s or double barrel shotguns.

If we dont stand united then we will surely fall divided.


Democrat governors used the pandemic to infringe upon citizens religious freedoms, freedom of speech, and second amendment rights. You think this is just about guns, think again. Charge them with high crimes! They are knowingly violating Article VI, violate one right, violate them all!


Wayne LaPierre spends millions of dollars a month of membership funds not to defend the NRA, but rather for his own personal legal defense. All the while cronies like Tom King spew out Goebbels like, all hail king Wayne based, propaganda articles. Tom King is the textbook definition of a bureaucratic, deep state, swamp Fudd. He is the poster child for why the NRA is being drained of cash, credibility, and members. The BOD is an all for show, powerless fraud. They’re all window dressing designed to provide a front for Wayne’s organized crime family’s business of embezzling and money… Read more »


Got proof or is this opinion?


It really doesn’t seem like an unreasonable question. Personally, I fail to see why it deserves such a vitriolic response.


Why is it that I have to watch this idiot everyday on my tv. It’s like, New York should be the deciding factor on how things should be ran in the USA. It’s like he is a doctor or something and he knows better what it best for the rest of us than we do. He is so special, just ask him I am sure. He makes me sick. Why doe’s this Mafia attitude dude get so much air time. Are they going to push him for president? He is the last ass I would vote for. I would rather… Read more »


The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. It was ratified on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. Criminal liberal Socialist/Communist/Marxists in Congress & the public sector are endangering the rest of the law-abiding American public, Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States. They have no place in a Free Constitutional Republic. In which… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” A grade school kid can read and understand this. Regardless of what any politician tells you, the 2A IS the law of the land. Anyone telling you otherwise is either very uneducated or is evil. Governor Cuomo is a tyrant and is treasonous. There is a legal, legitimate and very final penalty for both treason and tyranny here in America, that penalty is death. Anyone who writes, legislates, judges, lawyers, enforces, promotes or finances any law that is anti constitutional is treasonous and may be a… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

“Governor Cuomo is a tyrant and is treasonous. There is a legal, legitimate and very final penalty for both treason and tyranny here in America, that penalty is death.”

He built this and earned it all on his own, he had a choice and yet he was more than willing to violate his oath.


Hell, New Yorkers, buy on the black market just like criminals do. If Cuomo is going to shut down the only mechanism by which you can “legally” obtain a gun, then a bit of innovation is in order.


The state of new york hassles gun stores, manufacturers, and owners so don’t do business with any governmental entity that threatens your livelihood. It’s simple, protect and defend your own.


It would appear that Bill Barr and the Supreme Court are falling down in their Jobs in protecting the constitutional rights of NY.

tetejaun is the PEOPLE that are Constitutionally directed to protect Rights.
Kneel, slave. You want others to do your Duty.


Good article. Appropriate sentiment. OBJECTION. … Tom King is a conflicted patriot. He is the NRA at the state-level. King squashes the competition – “Yes. There are ‘gun-rights’ organizations in NY other than NYSRPA.” Were King to work with these other organizations, he could possibly facilitate reforms – respect for the US Constitution and NYS “… Article 2, Section 4 of the New York Civil Rights Law provides: ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.’” ( However, it would seem that… Read more »


“Second Amendment Freedoms Deserve Promotion & Protection”…. So true. BUT…as long as American gun-owners kneel to unconstitutional tyranny (the unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’) and refuse to vote against the communist democrats (only 43% of Republicans voted in 2016..the 57% just had so much better things to do than support Liberty & Freedom. ) nothing will change. The American PEOPLE created the city, state and federal governments as servants. But, since 1884, Americans have felt compelled to kneel and obey unconstitutional acts by governments. Why? Well, there a few reasons: 1. Americans are just not worried about such things as “Rights”… Read more »