N.J. Gov. Murphy Backs Down, Allows Gun Shops Back Open, SAF Victory


N.J. Gov. Murphy Backs Down, Allows Gun Shops Back Open, SAF Victory – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy IMG NJ.Gov

BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Second Amendment Foundation declared victory today when New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy backed away from his earlier position on gun shop operations in the state during the current COVID-19 panic, and will now allow operations by appointment.

The Second Amendment Foundation sued Murphy and acting State Police Supt. Col. Patrick Callahan in U.S. District Court last week, seeking a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order.

They were ultimately joined by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Legacy Indoor Range and Armory LLC and the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Racing Rails LLC d/b/a Legend Firearms and several private citizens. Plaintiffs were represented by noted civil rights attorney David Jensen of New York and Adam Kraut of California.

“We’re delighted that Gov. Murphy has reversed course on this matter, even if it took a lawsuit to get him to do it,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Our lawsuit cut right to the heart of what the Second Amendment is all about, which is personal protection during emergency situations like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the nation.”

Murphy found himself in the uncomfortable, and untenable, position of having to defend his armed protection detail while having closed down Garden State gun shops, making it impossible for average citizens to by even ammunition, much less a firearm.

“While we pursue litigation elsewhere,” Gottlieb said, “we’re happy that the situation in New Jersey has changed. Regardless of what some politicians might think, the Second Amendment is not subject to emergency orders, same as the First, Fourth, Fifth or other constitutional protections.

“This is one more example of SAF’s ongoing mission to win back firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time,” he concluded.

Second Amendment FoundationThe Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. Founded in 1974, The Foundation has grown to more than 650,000 members and supporters and conducts many programs designed to better inform the public about the consequences of gun control.

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Black Powder 26

The title of this article is BS. Murphy didn’t allow squat! He was forced to reopen gun shops because he was in violation of federal law. get the fact straight and don’t give that total asshole any credit for anything. Murphy and all the demorats in NJ hate guns and gun owners. So wake up NJ gun owners and get out and vote the bastards out of office. Unless that happens these fools running NJ government will continue to trample your 2a rights. Vote or face the consequences.

Green Mtn. Boy

The only thing I give Murphy credit for is the look on his face as he was bent over, grabbing his ankles while taking it in the shorts.

Deplorable Bill

This guy broke FEDERAL LAW and he is not charged or jailed, why? If you or I had done anything close to the same, it would be a fair bet we would be jailed and rightly so. When is the two tiered justice system going to end? The ONLY reason he let gun shops open was under pressure from Trump not from us.

Arm up, carry on.

Wild Bill

@DB, Find out the United States Attorney for that district is and put the questions to him.

Wild Bill

, Perhaps, but that USAttorney is the only one that can, truly, answer the question.


Ask yourself where the ANGRY Americans are.
Sorry, there are no angry Americans….just slaves.
Kneel, slaves, kneel!
Also, he does NOT fear the public. Cowardly Americans will sit, quietly, as the water rises around them. All the while claiming “I need my guns to stop government tyranny”, which is EXACTLY what gay wad Murphy did.
Sit quietly, slaves, sit quietly.


Appointment My Ass…Maintain Social Distancing…Who’s Next???


New Jersey needs to use the Coronavirus Pandemic to wake up and realize that it’s not just Governor Murphy and his political conies, BUT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR WHICH THEY REPRESENT! If Democrats are fine with having their Constitutional rights usurped by tyrants who would Lord over them, then I would tell you that you haven’t seen anything to just vote “Democratic” in the 2020 election so that these power hungry demigods can finish what they started. And then while they bitch amongst themselves about what happened to all those flowery promises, okay lies that they made during the campaign… Read more »


They don’t have to worry about bitter bread, under communism there will more than likely not be any bread at all.


Heres the problem, Id have rather seen this go to court so these scumbag leftists wouldnt be able to do this again.


Have them ARRESTED for breaking US Federal Laws,jail is too good for these TWERPS.

18 U.S. Code § 241/242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

Ej harbet

This scuzzball needs slapped harder! He’s worth millions and a good chunk of that money needs ripped from his pocket and used to battle other tyrants! He also should not be close to the lever of any sort of power. Congratulations for this victory jersey but you got a long way to go before you can be recognized as a part of the real America instead of the parasite dictatorship you are!

Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” ANYBODY who delays or denies an American citizen the GOD given, constitutionally protected, unalienable right to keep and bear arms is treasonous and evil. That goes for legislators, governors, judges, lawyers, enforcement and those who fund them. Why this man and his ilk are not in jail right now baffles me. He/they are clearly criminal. He/they should be arrested and jailed without bail due to his flight risk potential. He/they should be tried in court and if found guilty, should be put to death. This would… Read more »


Hit the beach! Storm their positions! Kick Ass! Get moving! Lead from the front, Deplorable Bill! P.S. Quit watching so many war movies.


Regardless of reason, it’s good to get more gun owners, whether they know where the trigger is or not, they are now invested in the Bill Of Rights.

Ansel Hazen

Murphy had to, Fed overrules state. The firearms industry is now essential business. (Like we didn’t know that)


Nope, proclamation issued by the Feds is ADVISORY, not mandatory.

Deplorable Bill

So he does not abide by the constitution or the 2A. That is tyranny. That is socialism/communism. WHY IS THIS MAN NOT LOCKED UP IN JAIL? There WILL BE A RECCONING. If he wants to practice socialism/communism, tyranny and dictatorship he should move to Russia or China or Arabia. It’s becoming more obvious by the day that he and his ilk want a totalitarian state. When England did this to U.S. it cost them the colonies, a war and a lot of lives. It sure looks like history is about to repeat itself.

Arm up, carry on.


DB sorry but there will be NO day of reckoning, the voters got what they voted for.


– Seems to me that there is “a day of reckoning”, as they are getting precisely what they’ve voted for.

Black Powder 26

Because not enough gun owners in NJ vote, that;s why! If every gun owner voted in NJ they coud oust thes fools in one election cycle. Don;t believe me, just ask anyone involved in NJ2A.


He backed down not because he’s a good GUY, he did it because he didn’t want to be sued or arrested for breaking FEDERAL LAWS.You cannot block access to buying guns./weapons that go bang, from Americans WHENEVER they want one/ some.Unless you are a Felon or one of the other BS classes of folks the SO called GOVT has dreamed up.


Another typical two-faced, lying hypocrite weasel Democrat governor.


Murphy is such an idiot. N J Voters must be nuts to select this moron for anything.


Remember, gun owners are a minority in NJ, and tbey certainly didnt vote for this toolbag. The lefties did.


And how is this a victory for people in NJ? How are you going to practice with your new gun if you can not go to the range? Duh……….


Outdoor ranges are open, private property, and many new purchases are existing gun owners that just need something extra.

Fredy Lowe

Our New Jersey outdoor ranges, on club-owned private property, are still CLOSED!


Or if they can’t get a permission slip and background check what good is having gun stores open?


Thank you to all the pro gun groups and individuals who brought the lawsuit and won here in NJ , this is good news .
Governor Murphy is anti gun, he is a progressive and he is proud of being anti gun. Gun stores should be the ones making appointments as stated in .this article here, not the Governor.
The Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police was also named in the lawsuit. In NJ, the NJSP is the point of contact for a NICS check, it can’t be done by gun stores here .


2A victory in Commiefornia.
California sheriff reverses order closing gun stores | Fox News
Thanks to President Trump and Dept. of Homeland Security memorandum on defining Firearms Industry as Essential Business’s Winning Winning Winning. #Trump/Pence2020 #KAG

Ej harbet

Saf just mightve,,,,,mmm not sure actually i am sure they played a big part in this! I dont know bout you guys but im gonna send a few rounds to reload their magazines,aka dollars.
And good bless mr gottlieb who has been at the helm of this war since i was a snot nosed teen!
He’s a hero who doesnt get nearly enough sung about him as wlp banks his millions from a crippled nra and others put on a good show.

Green Mtn. Boy

Gov. Murphy bent over grabbed his ankles and took it in the shorts, he had no choice whether he liked it or not, just another would be petty tyrant that found out he wasn’t the biggest fish in the pond.


He “took it” in the keester. It was reported, a smile slowly crept to his lips until the “rogering” stopped.


What different does it make if gun shops are allowed to reopen if the NICS check system is still shut down? The article doesn’t say anything about him ordering the state NICS check staff back to work. Hmmmm???

Green Mtn. Boy

As NICS check is a un Constitutional infringement why bother.


NJ voters, remember this stunt come election time. This guy was willing to put your life at risk to forward his anti gun agenda.


Jeez…… what an Omega. I’ll bet this one was the RUNT of the litter.


Or something


TYPO: “Murphy found himself in the uncomfortable, and untenable, position of having to defend his armed protection detail while having closed down Garden State gun shops, making it impossible for average citizens to by even ammunition, much less a firearm.”

CORRECTION: “Murphy found himself in the uncomfortable, and untenable, position of having to defend his armed protection detail while having closed down Garden State gun shops, making it impossible for average citizens to buy even ammunition, much less a firearm.”


He sounds just like tyranny. He (the governor) knows what is good for you because you are too stupid and incompetent to fend for yourself. He respects the Second Amendment, but. When you are unable to exercise your fundamental Constitutional right to protect yourself and your family due to tyrannical pronouncements by the rulers, that, my friends is the very definition of tyranny. To a “ruler”, “It is what it is”. “Shall Not Be Infringed” turns out to not really mean what it says. Doesn’t it?


Why does N.J. Gov. Murphy look like he just pumped a 6 year-old boy?

I guess it is just how the totalitarian communist democrats look.

Wild Bill

@tt, It is just trying to bait you so that he will get paid. It is obviously desperate for responses.


“Buy?” Not “By.” Simple, isn’t it?


Wow skullfncker, you’re way outside the fence there, aren’t ya!!

Wild Bill

, Just don’t reply to it directly, please, or you will be getting him paid.

Wild Bill

, Soros’ has a web of corporations, foundations, and organizations. Same for Bloomberg and the Clinton political machine. All three are effecting elections, even local elections, all across the nation.
The anti-constitutionalists are well organized and well funded. They are after the governments, at all levels, because governments have the power to tax.
The new word for slave is taxpayer. A few things are still in their way, however. We are one of those things.

Dave in Fairfax

skull, Here’s something to look at. It’s the comment policy. Funny thing, we had someone else acting like this just 2 days ago and here you are with a brand new acct. Makes me curious.