WMMF Podcast Ep. 554 with Ken McAlister from K&M Arms

Hank Strange Shooting K&M Arms M17S In 308

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- I have to admit of all the Awesome Categories of Guns: Bullpups are my Favorite so I’m definitely a collector of any firearm with its action sensibly positioned behind the trigger. (go ahead leave your comments below I already expect it) That being said I always make a point of making friends with the experts and manufacturers in the often maligned and downtrodden Bullpup Ilk. Ken McAlister has been one of those friends for over five years, and Episode 554 is his third appearance on the WMMF Podcast. Walter Keller of Safety Harbor Firearms who manufactures a 50 BMG Upper that goes on your AR-15 Lower was also on the show as my Co-Host.

Our show is usually two hilariously entertaining hours long, starting promptly at 7 pm Eastern time and ending around 9 pm. With our guests beaming in from their homes and business around the country, and we always have a lively audience adding to the mix on YouTube. We don’t really plan out our conversation, usually allowing the subject matter to flow naturally, however, we do try to break the show up into six twenty-minute sections (which mostly never works out perfectly) However to give you some flavor of the conversation here we’ll go ahead and break the show down into six rough segments.

[First 20 Minutes] K&M Arms is located in Chandler Arizona, so based on the current Covid-19 Lockdown tyranny the first thing we wanted to check in with Ken on was how is his part of the world affected by the crisis?

[Second 20 Minutes] The second part of our conversation turned to discussing what its like to be a niche manufacturer. Both K&M Arms and Safety Harbor Firearms that our Co Host Walter Keller runs falls squarely in that category. Also we went over the pluses and minuses of running a small business, like costs of materials, managing employees etc.

[Third 20 Minutes] Yes we’re Gun Nerds! The third section of the podcast finds us angling the conversation towards the passion necessary to avoid the burnout that inevitably comes with running your own business, especially when facing completion from larger gun makers. Also Ken goes over the cool guns on his wall in the background (you have to watch the video to see this, however we do explain them on the audio version as well).

[Fourth 20 Minutes] This section of the show we turned to politics, specifically the 2020 Presidential Elections, is it really going to be Trump verses Biden or will some other person jump in at the last minute?

[Fifth 20 Minutes] Here we turn to the Bullpups we would like to have in our collections, how and where do we find rare and sometimes very collectable guns from?

[Sixth 20 Minutes] In the final minutes of the show Ken explains the problem with developing a 300 Black Out variation of his Rifle and then we get into what calibers we would like to see K&M Arms M17S in the future.

Or Guests on Tonight’s Episode 556 are Joe From 13C Gun Reviews on YouTube & Richard Of BWE Firearms.

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