Acting Secretary Wolf Condemns The Rampant Long-Lasting Violence In Portland ~ VIDEO

Acting Secretary Wolf Condemns The Rampant Long-Lasting Violence In Portland Due To Local Inaction

Washington, DC – -( “The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order to protect their city. Each night, lawless anarchists destroy and desecrate property, including the federal courthouse, and attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it.

“A federal courthouse is a symbol of justice – to attack it is to attack America. Instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community. This failed response has only emboldened the violent mob as it escalates violence day after day.

“This siege can end if state and local officials decide to take appropriate action instead of refusing to enforce the law. DHS will not abdicate its solemn duty to protect federal facilities and those within them. Again, I reiterate the Department’s offer to assist local and state leaders to bring an end to the violence perpetuated by anarchists,” said Acting Secretary Chad Wolf

Below is a snapshot of the lawless destruction and violence of the past several weeks that Department of Homeland Security and its subcomponents of Ice and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, and Federal Protective Services have faced [in just Portland]:


  • Violent anarchists broke a front window at the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Overall, the cost of damages on federal property done by the violent mob this first night was estimated at $5,000.


  • Violent anarchists graffitied the BPA Building.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Building.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Terry Schrunk Plaza.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the 911 Federal Building.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Pioneer Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Gus J. Solomon Courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied Terry Schrunk Plaza.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied The Pioneer Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied The Gus J Solomon Courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists graffitied the U.S. Custom House.


  • Violent anarchists destroyed fencing surrounding federal property.


  • Violent anarchists damaged and breached the fence around the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Portland Police were forced to deploy crowd control spray to disperse a crowd that was throwing animal seed at officers.


  • Violent anarchists broke a window at the Hatfield Courthouse while pelting the building with objects.
  • Violent anarchists cut a hole in the fence surrounding Hatfield Courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists removed the entire fence around Hatfield Courthouse and graffitied its front columns.
  • Violent anarchists attempted to remove wooden barriers from a window on the Hatfield Courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists dismantled a section of the fence protecting the Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Federal Building.


  • Violent anarchists destroyed the card reader at the Hatfield Courthouse by ripping it off its mount.
  • Violent anarchists destroyed the fence at the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists threw metal pipes at the Hatfield Courthouse, causing Portland Police to issue a disbursal warning for unlawful assembly.


  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Hatfield Courthouse.


  • Among a group of over 400 protesters marching in front of the Pioneer Courthouse, violent anarchists attempted to cause eye damage to officers with commercial grade lasers.
  • Violent anarchists graffitied the Gus J. Solomon Courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists vandalized an FPS camera at the Hatfield Courthouse.
  • Violent anarchists breached the fence of the Justice Center, adjacent to the courthouse.


  • Violent anarchists ripped down plywood covering the windows at the Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Building, before breaking the windows.


  • Violent anarchists graffitied new plywood covering the windows at the Hatfield Courthouse and ripped down plywood on the other side of the building.
  • A group of over 200 violent anarchists blocked access to the building and proceeded to launch aerial fireworks at federal property.


  • Violent anarchists broke a front window to the Hatfield Courthouse and attempted to enter the building.
  • Violent anarchists refused orders to vacate the Hatfield Courthouse area, and instead launched fireworks and threw objects at officers, while attempting to cause eye damage with lasers. One explosive firework was shot into the courthouse.
  • FPS law enforcement officers were forced to utilized crowd control measures for safety.


  • After ongoing riots around the Hatfield Courthouse, crowds were dispersed only to make a return later into the night.
  • Violent Anarchists broke the front window of the Hatfield U.S. Courthouse and shot fireworks into the building.
  • Violent anarchists firebombed the building. Federal law enforcement extinguished the fire.


  • Around 1,000 violent anarchists spray painted, threw rocks, and shot fireworks (including mortar style fireworks) at the Hatfield Courthouse. They also destroyed a security camera at the facility.
  • A CBP team supporting FPS at the courthouse arrested suspects from the graffiti and camera vandalism incidents.
  • The mob continued to throw rocks and paint-filled balloons, while attempting to breach the doors.
  • Teams were forced to utilize crowd control measures for safety.
  • Multiple individuals were seen carrying rifles, including the driver of a vehicle who attempted to strike a Portland Police Bureau officer with his care in front of the Hatfield Courthouse.


  • A hostile crowd of about 250 violent anarchists returned to the vicinity of Hatfield Courthouse to vandalize and attack numerous facilities and police, while failing to comply with dispersal order.
  • Violent anarchists surrounded and blocked law enforcement from the area as extremists proceeded to attack police with thrown projectiles and large mortar style fireworks.
  • Two Portland Police Bureau officers were injured by the crowd (possible concussion).
  • Portland Police Bureau took five into custody for directing lasers against aircraft.
  • Violent anarchists set fires in front of Hatfield Courthouse and Chapman park.
  • At the entrance of Hatfield Courthouse, Violent Anarchists fired large fireworks and threw other dangerous objects toward the entrance and the personnel protecting it.
  • The mob was pushed completely out of the area of Hatfield Courthouse; FPS made two arrests during push.
  • Portland Police made multiple arrests and found a loaded weapon on one subject.
  • Two more violent anarchists were arrested, and one was found to be carrying what appears to be a pipe bomb.
  • Violent anarchists assaulted construction crews by targeting them with fireworks while they repaired Hatfield Building.
  • A joint team had to be deployed to create buffer between violent anarchists and construction crew to protect construction workers.


  • Violent anarchists attempted to cause vision damage to personnel with lasers. Five arrests were made for assaulting law enforcement.


  • Violent anarchists held a “Night of Rage,” in which a 400-500-person protest devolved into riots, assaulting law enforcement officers and federal property.
  • Approximately 200 violent anarchists began pursuing law enforcement officers to disrupt enforcement actions, assaulting them with rocks and bottles.
  • Around 150 violent anarchists in front of the Justice Center began attacking personnel with lasers and peppered the area with fireworks.
  • Three violent anarchists were arrested for attacking law enforcement.


  • Approximately 200 violent anarchists attacked DHS law enforcement officers while apprehending a subject who was wanted for property damage.
  • One arrest was made after three law enforcement officers were injured.
  • Law enforcement officers’ personal information was publicly exposed, including FPS, ICE, and CBP personnel.
  • Violent anarchists continued to attack officers with lasers.


  • Violent anarchists attacked DHS law enforcement officers while apprehending a subject who was wanted for property damage.
  • A violent anarchist graffitied the Hatfield courthouse.
  • An unidentified subject fired several shots from a gun into the air from the rear seat of a passing white SUV.


  • Crowds of approximately 300 violent anarchists vandalized federal property and cameras with spray paint, blocked roadways, and assaulted law enforcement officers.
  • Three were arrested for Assault on a Federal Officer.
  • Violent anarchists attempted to ambush Portland Police Department PD during their shift change, but a DHS team was deployed and able to prevent any attacks.


  • DHS law enforcement officers supported local police to help a violent anarchist who overdosed.
  • Four violent anarchists were arrested, including one who attempted to assault an officer with a hammer.
  • Violent anarchists sieged the barricade of the courthouse and tried to damage it with a large hammer.
  • A law enforcement officer was assaulted with blows from a hammer. Violent anarchists fought officers while they were arresting those responsible.


    • Six violent anarchists were detained and cited.
    • A mob of 300 refused to comply with directions not to trespass on federal property.
    • Another mob of 200 individuals armed with sledgehammers, tasers and/or stun guns, gathered in Chapman Park across from the Hatfield Courthouse.
    • Violent anarchists launched fireworks, threw fecal matter and large objects, and pointed lasers at federal law enforcement officers.
    • Violent anarchists deployed a plywood blockade while graffitiing the Edith Green-Wenell Wyatt Federal Building, before firing wrist rockets at the facility.
    • When an arrest team was deployed to apprehend a rioter who encroached on a police barrier and refused to leave, they were assaulted by violent anarchists.
    • A rioter trespassed on the steps of the Hatfield Courthouse and was confronted by federal law enforcement Officers, then swallowed a large amount of narcotics. Law enforcement called medical services after the individual started to convulse.
    • Despite more orders to stay off of federal property and to cease unlawful activity, FPS was forced to push back violent anarchists. The Portland Police Bureau declared the mob an unlawful assembly.


  • Violent anarchists released personal information of federal law enforcement officers to the public, publishing names of those in Portland.
  • Violent anarchists continued to assault law enforcement officers with lasers, slingshots and fireworks. Others were armed with sledge hammers, tasers, and stun guns, and dragged flaming debris into the scene.


  • Violent anarchists set a container of liquid on fire at the Terry Schrunk Plaza.
  • Violent anarchists jumped a fence and attempted to breach the Edith Green Federal Building.
  • Violent anarchists assaulted federal law enforcement officers with cans and other hard objects while they attempted to unblock the entrance of the Edith Green Federal Building.


Chad F. Wolf acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
Chad F. Wolf acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Violent anarchists doxed members of federal law enforcement.
  • Violent anarchists attempted to damage the Hatfield Courthouse by throwing objects at it and spray painting it. Numerous fireworks were also lit.
  • Violent anarchists trespassed on federal property and destroyed a card reader at the Justice Center.

Chad F. Wolf is the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

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We need to defund the leadership and locales that are violating Article VI within the US Constitution until they restore Supreme Law. Until this happens, Democrat leadership will continue to abuse constitutional rights. This places ALL citizens at significant risk when leadership use politics to push legislation and executive orders that conflict with our inalienable rights.


Ahhh! Biden’s America.


Are you just mentally challenged? This political stunt being pulled by inserting Federal “law enforcement” agents into Portland without being asked is happening under tRump….or are you already admitting your boy is gonna be run out of office in the biggest political landslide in history this Nov?


It is time to start cracking the skulls of these rioting scum



Part of me agrees with you. But since the general public seems to learn best from video, the other part of me says ‘let the stupid bastards demonstrate their insanity’.

I’m perplexed.


Don’t beperplexed. The general publicof Portland don’t need video. They already KNOW which parts of downtown to avoid, where they can no longer safely go about their normal business.. and do not like it. Im surprised there has not been a recall, or even arrest and prosecution, of Portland’s rotten sorry excuse of a mayor. HE seems to think he is king or something.


delusional much? the majority of Portlanders support the protesting, hence why our ELECTED politicians are chosing not to create dead bodies due to a little spray paint and broken windows…or defacing of stupid monuments and statues….but I have to give tRump credit, he’s hoping to create a few dead innocent citizens bodies just for those weak ass reasons…and it will only HELP get him run out of office and in to a prison cell this Nov….

Last edited 2 years ago by pdxhk9mm

Strt with the derelict “public servants” who are practicing anarchy by REFUSING to DO that for which they are employed to do. Right out of the gate, Federal Marshalls should arrest and charge the idiot mayor of Portland for his abject failure to DO HIS JOB. It has been HIS orders that have castrated the Portland Police Bureau. THEY stand ready to do their job, and DEAL with the anarchists/destroyers. He swore an oath that he would uphold and faithfully execute the LAWS in Portland. Instead he makes his own and Portland rots. Cut off the ehad of that snake… Read more »



an order from a court to an inferior government official ordering the government official to properly fulfill their official duties or correct an abuse of discretion.


so by your definition, the Portland mayor should be doing his job and using the Portland Police to ARREST these ILLEGAL Feds in my city,,,hey I am all for that! Your logic doesn’t work Tionico, and if you lived here, you’d realize that the majority of the Portland population support these protests….


So the majority of the Portland population would support THEIR property being destroyed or damaged? Grow up.


it isn’t the majority of Portlanders property being destroyed and damaged…sorry, thats a weak ass argument you expound…some spray paint, broken windows, damaged or burned vehicles, damaged buildings will ALL be fixed/repaired/replaced by those thieving insurance companies, and i’m sorry, i grew up and realized human life is more valuable than “property” any day of the week…so yeah, YOU grow up….

Last edited 2 years ago by pdxhk9mm
Deplorable Bill

That insurrection act is looking good right now and has been for some months now. When governors, mayors, state and city cops won’t, can’t or don’t allow their law enforcement to do their jobs, it is time for the federal government to step up to the plate. Lock up the malifactors, deny bail and just through sheer attrition the numbers of socialist, communist, progressive demoncrapic party lovers will win through to ultimate victory. The poor people who live nearby or work near the places that are under attack have gone through a version of hell. I am surprised there are… Read more »


Oregon is one of the easier states as far as firearms laws are concerned. Mother May I Cards are SHALL ISSUE, aply at your local city police or county sherif,f, yur choice.. Non-residents can apply for and are usually granted Mother May I Cards if they live in a contiguous state. Restrictions on purchase are standard Federal levvel nonsense. I can go into a gun sture, select my item, pay for it, wait for the BGC, and walk out with it. But there HAVE been some incidents in the recnt past involving firearms. Personally I suspect they’ve been mostly out… Read more »

Alan in NH

Federal property belongs to all of us no matter where it is. These anarchist punks show up every night with helmets and weapons ready for war against the USA in general. Now they are whining it’s not fair to arrest them? Choot ’em.


The city of Portland administration are all communists or at least socialists. The whole place is trashy dope smoking A-holes.


The citizens of Portland must get together and DEMAND the city and or state government stop the violence. All the touchy fealy nonsense will do NOTHING to stop it. Arrest, try, convict and JAIL works EVERY time.


The citizens of Portland voted in the politicians who refuse to enforce the law. The only demand they have is for the federal police to leave. But thanks for playing.


Conversely, you are also saying that since they voted in the people who passed the laws, you have no problem with places that have laws restricting your right to protect yourself and your family with the availability/use of firearms. Even though the Constitution says that you have that right. OK, thanks for playing.


Sorry RoyD, Portland and the state of Oregon have the most lenient concealed carry laws in the whole United States, anyone without a crim record can apply for a CCW and get one, no questions asked…we can also legally carry automatic knives in the state of Oregon, so yeah, this “liberal” state of Oregon is one of the most 2nd Amendment friendly…now try and come up with some BS comeback/excuse for that… RoyD, thanks for playing…


Hmmm so lienient yet you cant carry said auto knife concealed. While you try again, I have to figure out if today is a concealed Kabar or Fairbairn kind of day….


exactly…these tRump Brown Shirts need to get the f*ck out of my city…they are here ILLEGALLY….I just wish all the 2nd amendment peeps who claim they keep guns to protect themselves from government tyranny would actually realize the Feds being here ILLEGALLY, kidnapping citizens off the street without arresting or Mirandizing them, is government tyranny and put their money where their mouth is and help protest their presence….but Ive always known when illegal use of force by the Feds actually came about, our 2nd amendment people would just sit quietly and do nothing…I call them “Paper Patriots”


What part of marxists attempting to burn down a federal courthouse, causes the US Marshall service to do their job, which is protecting the Federal Courts; do you not get? Are their actions proper for a citizen to have done to them, no. But unfortunately thanks to the Patriot, Insurrection, Riot acts and the NDAA, its all technically legal in their eyes, especially as we the people have not tried to get them repealed. Is it Constitutional hell no. Did they step from protesting, which is legal, to rioting, which is not? Yes, when the first molotov or brick went… Read more »


In Portland, you see the Bolshevik Revolution being replayed to support the democrat’s desire for a communist America.
Why these commies are still breathing is beyond me.
Cowardice and inaction have their consequences.


Quit messing around, start with the state’s leadership, then round up the city’s criminal management.


These Cities when they are destroyed to the point where they request assistance from the Federal Government. The Federal Government need only take out the Terrorist. Leave the City the Hell hole they created. Then they can be seen for what their values are.


Could this all be a ploy to take more of your rights ? Enact stricter unconstitutional laws ? We need more police ? Police need more funding to do their jobs ? etc etc.


@Arny – Are you suggesting that use of unmarked and unidentified secret police snatching people off Portland streets could just be a test run. Are we moving toward nationwide martial law? I don’t think so. While Portland activity must be stopped with extreme prejudice to keep it Fromm setting precedent – US military as a whole would be unlikely to support martial law out of respect for the constitution. Before flaming me for opposing federal law enforcement action in Oregon – consider how those same tactics would be deployed against gun owners and their friends and family when gun-haters have… Read more »


Throw us a few FACTS and then we might consider buying your bilge water.


The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order to protect their city. Not quite.This stuff has been ongoing i Portland for most of the last four years. Riot,s sdestruction, physical assaults on innocents, occupying federal facilites and/or blocking entry to them by those who work there. Blocing streets, attacking reporters…. This will not end until SOME agency grows a stiff enough spine to stand their ground, arrest ALL who are breaking the law, and trying/convicting them as indicated by their unlawful behaviour. The US… Read more »


What a great job the Corruptible Dumacraps are doing! This is what the brain dead Democrats want, and it won’t stop untill they wake up!


Anonymous federal police in our cities? Too much like Nazi Germany for my tastes. This is Portland’s problem or Oregon’s problem.


Yes Burford, isnt it amazing that all the gun owners on here claim that they own guns to defend against a tyrannical government…yet when the government ILLEGALLY sends in Feds to Portland without INSIGNIAS on their uniforms stating who they are…KIDNAPPING American citizens off the street, throwing them in an unmarked van without reading them Miranda, this is EVERYTHING you gun owners say you’d fight against, the exact tyranny you oppose…yet all of you are amazingly quiet or complicit about it…..your silence or support of this illegal activity on the part of our government speaks volumes as to you guys… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by pdxhk9mm

You have a vivid imagination. Any FACTS to back up your blather?


BINGO! Cowardice and inaction have VERY tight grips on the Freedom-challenged cowards who claim to be gun owners who need their guns to stop government tyranny. YET..THEY SAT, quietly as a church in Waco was attacked and American men, American women, American children and American infants were shot, gassed and burned alive. THEY SIT statues, stores, vehicles and people are destroyed. This board is FULL of screaming yellow cowards who ALL talk tough, but have never worn the uniform, do not shoot in competition and whom would rather drink beer, eat Cheetos and watch bassetball rather than do their… Read more »


Verminous psychotic drug-addicted pasty adipose-tissue losers. It must have rained in Portland, as the rains have washed the STD-ridden F}cK/ng Bolshevik stinking scumbag drug-addicted coelenterates out of the Portland sewer-system and onto the streets. This is how the evil leftist/socialist/commie party celebrates their hate speech. //:0 Pathetic anarchists, with no future other than totally meaningless jobs, esoteric community college or worthless liberal-arts degree, living in mommy’s and daddy’s basement, welfare-dependent wards of the state, chronic drug addiction, mental institutions, jails, prisons, and working the drive-up window at fast-food joints for minimum wage. Mug shots of a few Marxist BLM Antifa… Read more »


Let the citizens of Portland live under what they’ve allowed to happen to their city, and what they’ve been voting for, for decades, democratic-socialist rule. It’s up to them to take their city back, or not.

Mission: create a class of Americans that are willing to protect and defend themselves, their families, and their communities from violent actors in turbulent times. We are a pro-active class that is PREPARED to MOBILIZE and DEFEND our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.