Rogue Republicans and Democrats Join Forces to uphold NC Governor Veto of Gun Reform

North Carolina Governor Vetos Volunteer Security in Churches Co-Located with Schools, iStock-884214706
North Carolina Governor Vetos Volunteer Security in Churches Co-Located with Schools, iStock-884214706

U.S.A.-( On 2 July, 2020, the Democrat Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, vetoed Bill H652, also known as “The Second Amendment Protection Act”.

From the Bill:


The bill originally had plenty of votes to override Governor Cooper’s veto.

Three other mild and sensible gun law reforms were included in the bill:

  1. A person who allowed their permit to lapse would have 60 days to renew it. After that, they could take a refresher course, then renew, up to 120 days after the permit lapsed.
  2. The head of law enforcement agencies could allow non-sworn officers, who have a concealed carry permit, to carry in law enforcement facilities.
  3. Emergency medical personnel would be allowed to carry defensive firearms if they have a concealed carry permit and have completed an approved course for that purpose.

Bill H652 passed with veto-proof majorities: Yes 77, No 38 in the House.

To uphold the veto, nine Democrats and five Republicans changed their vote.

It was a finely calibrated show, to minimize the downside and maximize the upside for the members of the House. Clearly, the Governor and House leadership know how to count votes.

69 votes were needed to override the veto, with 114 members of the House present. 67 voted to override the veto.

The 67 number is from ballotpedia. The North Carolina legislative site shows two votes, with one member changing their vote a minute later, with 66 votes to override the veto.  Further research may be necessary to find the one vote difference.

Five Republicans changed their vote by not showing up for the vote.

Five Democrats changed their vote by showing up and voting against the override.

Four Democrats changed their vote for the bill to a vote against the Bill, by voting against the veto override.

One Democrat, Rep. Alexander, District 107, changed their vote against the bill to absent.

The five Republicans who refused to support the veto override were:

  • Rep. Davis, District 4.
  • Rep. Elmore, District 94
  • Rep. Lambeth, District 75
  • Rep. Rogers, District 112
  • Rep. Yarborough, District 2

The four Democrats who changed their vote from for to against the bill were:

  • Rep. Beasly, District 92
  • Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, District 24
  • Rep. John Sr., District 40
  • Rep. Pierce, District 48

These sorts of carefully calibrated shenanigans are not uncommon. In Wisconsin, Republicans had a veto-proof majority to pass a shall issue law. It happened at least twice and was extremely close the third time.

Wisconsin Governor Doyle twisted arms and almost certainly offered rewards to keep his veto from being overridden. In an especially memorable case, a Democrat who vote for the Shall issue law changed his vote to make the difference. Later, he was appointed to a judgeship.

Governors frequently offer rewards and twist arms to have legislators change their vote in veto override attempts.

In these votes, the progressive media favors those in favor of infringing on Second Amendment rights, which gives cover for those who change their votes.


Both John Richardson and Paul Valone, who I value as associates and friends, have contacted me to correct some of the analysis in the article.

Both of them are closer to the scene and have great insight into the details of the vote.

The five Republicans who were absent for the override vote were excused by the Republican leadership because they knew they were going to lose the override vote. The five are reliable allies in reforming NC gun law.

The Republican leadership wanted to override the veto but simply did not have the votes.

John Richardson writes that two of the five who were not present, Representatives Elmore (District 94) and Rodgers (District 112), have four-star ratings from Grass Roots North Carolina as particularly effective supporters of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.

The Correct the Record article is here on Ammoland.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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“Emergency medical personnel would be allowed to carry defensive firearms”

As opposed to offensive firearms for emergency medical personnel? It’s a sad day when such clarification is necessary. But who knows, perhaps this caveat might prevent some crazed ambulance driver from slaughtering dozens of people.

uncle dudley

I find it amazing that there are so many Spineless members in state legislatures across the country as well as D.C..


These days, the terms, “Democrat” and “Republican” mean nothing. They are simply interchangeable labels unscrupulous politicians (redundant, I know) use to get re-elected.


In my case at least, there is still a difference.

When I hear that some politician is a Republican, I can at least have a modicum of hope. On the other hand, I have ZERO respect for anyone who still calls themselves a Democrat.


Buster, we are on board the same boat. I’ll NEVER vote for or support or even associate with anyone or anything with a “Democrat” handle, but I’m at least fairly open minded when dealing with a so-called Republican, until he/she proves different.


Why bother…Why bother playing a game on their turf, their rules? When the only loser is us The People. Don’t play the game…time to change the turf and the rules…vote them out? No…run them out.

Time for talk has passed them by.

Deplorable Bill

Tyrants have pictures, names, addresses, phone numbers, emails etc. I suppose it’s time to post them for future reference. It’s all too obvious that the communist party, opps, I mean the demoncrapic socialist party is trying to subdue the U.S.A. by any means necessary, including disarming the American citizen en mass. This mess is about to go sideways. GOD help us.

Arm up, carry on.


NC was invaded again by Yankees (Progressives) many years ago and the fruit on the tree is rotten.

Country Boy

“In these votes, the progressive media favors those in favor of infringing on Second Amendment rights, which gives cover for those who change their votes.”

Sounds like Quid pro Qou to me……….


Primary them at the next opportunity.


These are no longer “rogue Republicans”. This is the Republican Party now. There are VERY few Republican politicians in office who actually support and defend the 2A. The majority of them are butters and Fudds who are more likely to enact gun control than repeal it even when they have complete control of government. They’ve proven that time and again most recently with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 which included gun control, the unconstitutional banning of an accessory, and the numerous Republican states that have enacted red flag laws in the past several years.


The “rogue Republicans” need to be transformed into PINATAS in the near future…And ALL Dems.…
Remember their names…. And Addresses.


“To uphold the veto, nine Democrats and five Republicans changed their vote.” Whether they changed their vote or simply failed to show up to vote, these five cowards let NC gun owners down, and badly, along with the nine Democrats. They knew how important this vote was and still they failed to show. They all suck, but this proves what others and myself have long said, that Republicans are almost as much the enemies of freedom as the Democrats. I wish that all who made the veto override a failure could be voted out at the first opportunity, but if… Read more »

J Richardson

Actually, there were SIX Democrats who changed their vote from Aye to Nay. You missed Rep. Brian Turner (D-Buncombe) and Rep. Marvin Lucas (D-Cumberland) As to the Republicans who were absent, an excused absence is far from voting “Present”. Their absence lowered the threshold from 72 down to 69 votes needed for an over-ride. At least two on your list, Elmore and Rogers has been strong on the 2A and are rated 4 star by Grass Roots North Carolina. A 4 star rating doesn’t come easy from GRNC. The anti’s made a big deal about EMTs being allowed to carry.… Read more »


Dean, 5 Republicans did not “change their vote.” They had an excused absence from leadership from ALL votes that day, presumably for solid reasons. (Thanks to Eric Holder’s lawsuits to overturn districts and Gov. Cooper’s vetoes against reopening the state, the legislature has been in session since basically forever.) And they most certainly did not “join forces” with Democrats. Nor would it have made a difference if they had been present, since the Democrats would have simply allotted fewer votes for the bill, given that Republicans do not hold the required 3/5 majority to overturn a gubernatorial veto. This failure… Read more »

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