Biden Endorsement Shows ‘Former Republican Lawmakers’ Flaking Out on Gun Owners

Flake and a fitting friend: With “Republicans” like him, who needs Democrats? (Senator Jeff Flake/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent critic of President Trump’s, is endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden along with several other former Republican lawmakers,” The Hill reported Monday. “The list includes other former members of Congress who had previously announced their support for Biden, including former Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), who is now an independent, and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.). Other former lawmakers on the list include former Reps. Steve Bartlett (R-Texas), Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), Chris Shays (R-Conn.), Alan Steelman (R-Texas) and Jim Walsh (R-N.Y.).”

The move follows other high-profile “Republican” betrayals timed to help the Democrats take it all in November, as has been reported by AmmoLand features on the Lincoln Project/Defending Democracy Together defectors and on John Kasich sucking up to lefties at the Democrat Convention.

Some are no surprise here for gun owners who have been paying attention. Case in point, Warner endorsed gun-grabber Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanger against pro-gun Republican Dave Brat.

Humphrey tried to get the RNC to drop Trump for 2016 by mischaracterizing his speculation that “Second Amendment people” would stop Hillary Clinton as making a threat.

Bartlett supported a Democrat for Mayor of Dallas who went on to appoint a Moms Demand Action apparatchik to his “violent crime task force.”

“The NRA ended up defeating me because I voted for the Brady Bill,” Coleman told MSNBC. “I had an F rating.”

Steelman’s record on guns is unclear, meaning he never did anything remarkable to advance the right to keep and bear arms—he appears to have been a “moderate” squish whose one claim to congressional success was getting a federal building named after a former Dallas mayor alleged by conspiracy theorists to have rerouted the Kennedy motorcade as a favor to his brother.

Walsh appears to have been similarly squishy and unremarkable in terms of doing anything for the Second Amendment.

Shays was rated 100% by the Brady Campaign (he supported suing gun manufacturers and distributors for crimes committed with lawful products).

There are some stark betrayals though. Dent was endorsed by NRA, which sold him to its members as “a staunch defender of the Second Amendment freedoms of law-abiding gun owners, hunters and sportsmen in Pennsylvania and across America.” The same was said of Inglis. That must be why they’re all in for the Biden/Harris RKBA evisceration a Democrat win threatens to enact.

Flake is probably the biggest non-surprise of all –  he’s been flaking out on his base for years. He’s also the biggest betrayer of those who trusted him with political power.

“Jeff Flake is the right choice to represent Arizona gun owners in the U.S. Senate,” NRA-ILA told members in 2012. “He opposes Supreme Court nominees who would overturn our fundamental freedoms.  And he opposes any United Nations treaty that would restrict our Second Amendment rights.”

So “right choice” Flake is going to give Biden the choice on Supreme Court nominees now? And the UN treaty was a no-brainer for a politician dependent on Arizona gun owners to get elected.

OK, sure, Flake supported nationwide reciprocity, but that was a safe vote because he represented Arizona and he knew the Republican leadership used the bill to pander to gun owners but never intended for it to go anywhere. Ditto for opposing a federal database, but that will pass for sure if the Democrats do a November sweep. As for “sportsmen’s heritage,” fine and good, but there are plenty of Democrat Fudds and that’s not what the Second Amendment is about.  And signing his name to the Heller brief was hardly controversial, seeing as how it was signed by 55 members of the Senate including several Democrats. All in all, pretty weak tea…

Now he’s trading that away for “The Biden Plan to End Our Gun Violence Epidemic.”

“The Second Amendment survived in the Supreme Court by just one vote,” NRA told its members when Flake wanted something from them. “We cannot risk even one more anti-gun justice. That’s why the NRA is endorsing Jeff Flake for Senate.”

Who the hell does Flake think Biden will appoint?

It’s too bad the gun owners he swindled for campaign contributions don’t have recourse. A look at his campaign literature ought to, at a minimum, provide ample evidence of mail fraud.

Also see: Flake Stance on Immigration Undoes His ‘Good’ Gun Votes

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Nothing but K street whores and elitist, globalist trash


Bitch looks like a F**KING MULE !


A left proper look for it !


Her dad was Francis the talking Mule!

Heed the Call-up

Mules are more attractive and are useful.


Your statement almost makes me feel like you live or have lived in sacratomato.


Everyone on that list is a swamp rat circling the drain…


The corruption of the GOP is nowhere more evident than in Arizona. If any state could elect authentic conservatives it is Arizona, and yet the Arizona GOP goes out of its way to ensure that none are ever nominated. Instead, we get flakes.


I left the Republican party over McCain.

Rebel VA

I hope you didn’t become a commiecrat.

Green Mtn. Boy

RINO’s are just pretend versions of their Commiecrat brothern,all worthless POS.


Flake lives up to his name every day!

a.x. perez

A. Many of these guys are known as RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only).
B. Many conservatives are anti-gun, wanting to keep the Hoi polloi in line.

Trump is causing these people to show their true colors, and they are not beautiful.

moe mensale

Once again USA, oops, I mean Patriot Solutions shows what an utter fool and complete moron he really is. Joe Biden has never owned an island in the US Virgin Islands or anywhere else for that matter. His brother Jim does own a lot on some island out there though. Some simple searching would show this but you’re just an idiot that repeats the bullshit you read on your conspiracy websites.

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the submarine Joe’s storing on his island for Ghislaine Maxwell’s future escape plans.

You’re such an asshole.

Last edited 2 years ago by moe mensale

Really you’re going to split hairs on who’s name is on the deeds ? Where did the brother get the money ? He couldn’t pay his loans. And it was a sub base at one time. My guess would be drugs, human trafficking with unmanned sub drones. But that’s my CONSPIRACY. LOL


To me, being a republican doesn’t guarantee they’re on our side. But there seems to be a different issue when it comes to supporting the President. Donald Trump is not your everyday politician who can be bought or coerced and its scares the status quo who are not in it for the good of the nation. Until President Trump took office, we knew government was corrupt but not to the extent that it really is. Now that the democrat left has revealed who they truly are, it appears some republicans are doing that as well. We must remain diligent regarding… Read more »


ALL of these turncoat traitors WILL be remembered… And dealt with.


We have several local Democrats who recently switched to the Republican party so as to stand a better chance for political positions outside the Democrat controlled city.
One is a friend who I would have voted for had he stayed a Democrat but not anymore.
Just what we need, a Republican party made up of s holes holding Democrat values.
No thanks.

uncle dudley

Swamp creatures don’t like Trump because he wasn’t part of the good ole boy politician group, he is a businessman who could see the waste of taxpayer money being spent.
President Trump also says what he feels and isn’t afraid of the blow back from any one of them.
Making a deal with someone is one thing, you do that face to face, but these guys are the kind that will stab you in the back to further their agenda.


Great photo op for Flake & Hillary! Two of a kind.

Peel the onion

I recall Jeff Flake acquiescing to Chris Combs during the Kavanaugh hearings to extend it another week for Another FBI investigation. But he got Nothing in return from Combs. No quid pro quo. Not even, ok Chris, but if we continue to find nothing on Kavanaugh, You support him with your vote if I support another FBI investigation. But NO. Flake was a Very Weak senator and is, imho, a weak man. Good job for him is maybe sweeping the parking lot. My apologies to those who sweep parking lots. Which I recently did as part of my senior tax… Read more »


Jeff Flake (makes me puke just to type his name) is the embodiment, as Barry O is also, of the self-serving traitorous citizens who only seek positions of power to further their own bank accounts. This person gives Arizonans a bad name as well as sullying the good deeds of Mormons of our state. He has no ethics and I find him to be a person of particularly low integrity.


There are VERY FEW politicans in maryland who actually support the Constitutional SUPREME LAW of the LAND with the Second Amendment. Most of the radicalized politicians in maryland belong to the DemocRAT National Communist party and are SPITTING on LEGAL LAW ABIDING gun Owners of maryland. TERM LIMITS MUST Be past to clear out these “practicing permanent lawyer politicians”.


I think Arizona is a true indicator of what you get when it comes to politian’s that turn into turncoats. The problem is that they lie. Say one thing and do another. We need to force what they said they would do and what they actually do down their throat when they break their word and fire them. Don’t know if you can impeach a legislator but there should be a way to get them out especially when you can take their advertisements and show their words vs. actions and prove that they are liars and deceivers and should be… Read more »


I at least want a logial explanation & then the right to remove their ass before they cause anymore damage.

Phil in TX

Why Alan Steelman matters is beyond me. He was a one term congressman who got himself elected for the payday he receives now of his congressional salary for life. I remember his campaign slogan: Alan Steelman will work! Well, he didn’t work very hard or for very long. That was back in the early 70’s sometime and his list of accomplishments is very short. I was one of his constituents and voted for him and I cannot remember anything with his name on it that was important. In my opinion he is just another RINO.

Phil in TX


Let them eat shit and live.


We now know that the majority of Dems are, or support the Commie Rat Bastards, Flake is no different. I sometimes worry about the NRA because of the people they have endorsed in the past. It pretty much says what I believe most of us have learned, WLP, and some others are out for them selves.