Biden Naming Harris as VP Pick Poses Special Threat for Gun Owners

Harris and Biden agree on the plan to disarm their countrymen. (

U.S.A. – -( “I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my running mate,” Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Tuesday on Twitter, ending months of speculation on who he would choose. “Back when Kamala was Attorney General, she worked closely with Beau. I watched as they took on the big banks, lifted up working people, and protected women and kids from abuse. I was proud then, and I’m proud now to have her as my partner in this campaign.”

Harris “worked” on more issues than that, paying special attention to infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. And while none of the names recently speculated on as in the running would have been anything but a doctrinaire enemy of gun owner rights, Harris has a history that makes her especially dangerous.

We know the Democrat platform would mandate many firearms edicts, as would the infringements outlined by Biden on his campaign website.  Among the many firearms edicts Harris also demanded when she ran for president herself, as documented by “On the Issues,” were two huge ones, that would have made millions of gun owners felons for defying, and forced them to make the choice between surrendering or resisting:

  • Mandatory buyback for 5 million assault weapons
  • Executive action on gun control if Congress won’t do it

Those are the proposals of a tyrant. Noting her history on guns, that should surprise no one. The many infringements Harris has demanded over the years while claiming that she is a gun owner to feign credibility with the ignorant have given plenty of warning, including:

As California State Attorney General, she petitioned the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to review and reverse its decision in Peruta v. County of San Diego that requiring “good cause” for a concealed carry permit was unconstitutional. She also attempted “to restrict lawful handgun sales by reinterpreting a 15-year-old statute.” Further, she was named in a lawsuit by the Calguns Foundation on First Amendment grounds because “Firearms dealers in the state are no longer allowed to share either images of handguns or the word which describes them best — guns.”

American Thinker noted a Ninth Circuit decision “allowing Ms. Harris to collect confidential taxpayer information about donors to charities and nonprofit advocacy organizations, all without probable cause and a warrant,” a chilling prospect to grassroots groups opposed to “progressive” politics.

As usual, “gun owner” Harris is not “anti-gun,” as long as she and her allies control them. Showing the obligatory elitist hypocrisy gun-grabbing politicos reserve for themselves, she has made full use of taxpayer-funded armed police protection, even in situations where the deployment of municipal resources for state officials has been deemed “unprecedented.” Now that she’s on Biden’s ticket, the Secret Service will be keeping her protected while she works to undermine the ability of all Americans to protect themselves.

We could go on with other disarmament measures Harris would impose if given the power, NRA documented many, including banning semiauto rifle imports, attacking the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, meaning suing gun manufacturers out of existence for criminal abuse of their products, imposing more restrictions on firearm transfers and enacting “near-universal background checks,” providing a mechanism to later impose registration and confiscation, by executive order.

These are all things all the Democrat candidates wanted to do to us. But as alluded to in the title to this article, Harris includes a special threat few of the others were talking about until she brought it up:

“Kamala Harris is proposing a new kind of ‘red flag’ law to take guns away from racists,” Breitbart reported a year ago. “It’s part of her plan to ‘disarm violent hate’.”

All without due process—and guess who gets to determine what constitutes “racism,” and who qualifies as a “prohibited person,” subject to orders you won’t even know about until the confiscation raid.

Harris being the VP choice is a direct result of pressure by the left as it furiously works to further divide the country across racial lines.

“Failing to select a Black woman … means YOU WILL lose the election,” a letter signed by “more than 100 self-appointed’ black male leaders” threatened the Biden campaign. “Black women are defining the future of politics so it’s time you let one define the future of your campaign.”

Agree with Dr. King that “content of character” is what should matter, and prepare to be smeared as a hater, along with risking everything that will happen after that.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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uncle dudley

We have seen the stupid laws that California has put in place on their citizens do we really want someone from that liberal cesspool being the number two person in our government with a good chance of becoming number one and putting those laws on the entire country.
East coast declining man meets west coast liberal as a team spells disaster for the country and lawful gun owners.
Re-elect Trump.

Xaun Loc

Let’s face facts, Kamala Harris was NOT selected for her anti-gun positions or her anti-gun record. The media show about selecting a VP candidate was all a show. The actual selection process was simpler. The selection process never included Senile Joe until he was told who to announce. The power brokers behind the DNC had already decided that the ticket needed a Woman of Color to balance the creepy old white guy. Kamala was one of the available candidates who qualified on that basis but the choice of Kamala over the others boiled down to the fact that she was… Read more »

Liberty Valance

Yes but no. Let me explain. You know that Biden had no part in the decision. He probably didn’t understand it in his state of mind. Kamala was a brilliant move by the left power brokers to cement a victory in November. Think about it. An extreme leftist female who is “black” and able to calm the BLM warlords and ANTIFA groupies. You know Bernie must be having a wet dream over this choice. Radical blacks will be pleased and middle class whites will be relieved that a “Seattle” won’t be coming to their rural small town at least for… Read more »


@Liberty – No. Most of us simply lose our status as “law abiding” citizens.

Anyone know of a good-safe offshore investment which US-gov cannot seize? If I survive, would prefer to not retire broke. Perhaps other ways to protect assets? I’m not interested in buying gold & diamonds, then depending on memory of where I’ve buried them. Prefer to invest in lesser “base” metals (lead, brass, stainless and polymer 🙂 )

Liberty Valance

“No. Most of us simply lose our status as “law abiding” citizens.”

That’s a pretty big loss don’t you think, sir? In effect what you’re saying is you are now a criminal in the eyes of the law.

Heed the Call-up

The Socialists already view us as criminals. I had a leftist politician effectively call me a criminal solely due to the fact that I own firearms.


“For those worried about the de-funding of police departments, fear not. There won’t be any police departments in major cities.”

I remember someone who, ninety years ago, also did not bother using the Police because he had his own enforcement arm, the Brownshirts.

Some guy

One piece of shit democrat is no different from any other piece of shit democrat. The existence of any democrat poses a deadly threat to your existence, period. They have the full resources of the Chinese communist party behind them. They have a violent terrorist organization spread throughout our nation. If you want to live, you better be prepared to die, because this isn’t going to end with the election.


Do we have guns because they “allow” us to have guns?
or . . .
Do we have guns because it is our god given right and if they try to take them we’ll shoot them in the fukin’ head?


shots will be fired


“Resistance to sudden violence, for the preservation not only of my person, my limbs, and life, but of my property, is an indisputable right of nature which I have never surrendered to the public by the compact of society, and which perhaps, I could not surrender if I would.”
-John Adams

Ziggerman Nobody

Under Martial Law, the Constitution is held into total disregard. All property, meaning land, money held in savings and retirement accounts, food stores an food production equipment, is transferred over into government hands. They can legally round the masses up and deliver them into concentration camps, where they may be forced to labor for the “national benefit,” rather than their own. Citizens have no rights…, and few Americans comprehend this fact of being, and even less accept it’s possibility when they do.


Biden will go down in history as the trigger for the 2nd American Revolution.

To surrender ones arms is to die. To surrender ones arms insures the American Republic will die.

The Second Amendment was written for Americans if confronted by Tyrants like Biden and his VP. Remember these are communists.


Wow. Easily the most ignorant, confusing and paranoid comment of 2020 so far on this website. You need to come out of your ‘comma’ and move to ‘Antarktica’.


Clark. Usually, I don’t agree with you but this time, I do! PSs comment was utter gibberish!

moe mensale

“Patriot Solutions” or “USA”. It doesn’t matter which name you post under. You’re still a moron and an idiot. You post some pretty dumb shit but this one is beyond description. Do us all a favor. Induce a self coma and stay there.


@moe – So I’m not the only one who noticed similarity? USA certainly disappeared approximately same time as this one appeared. I think there is enough difference, that if they reside in the same body, this is a different and less sane personality. @PS certainly seems less concerned with reality.

Liberty Valance

No, Biden will not trigger the 2nd American Revolution. Kamala might if these two get in office which atm is highly likely. You people think that this is an election about gun control. It isn’t. It’s about FEAR. Fear of the China Virus, fear of BLM & ANTIFA, and fear of the economy tanking. Kamala was chosen because she will appease the protesters of BLM and ANTIFA and promote the de-funding of police departments thus leaving Pedo Joe Biden to calm the rest of white America’s fears. As for gun control that will be a piece of cake. All the… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Liberty Valance
Ziggerman Nobody

I wish a state such as Texas would mass produce guns and ammo, then call for its citizens to buy it all up for their own self protection when they succeed, should these National Socialist Tyrants win.

a.x. perez

The Democratic Party has pretty much declared war on gun owners. Harris is scary because she almost certainly finish Biden’s turn if they are elected. The Democrats are committed to imposing an authoritarian socialist program. Any Democrat in the White House is bad for the US, not just us gunnies.

Heed the Call-up

I believe the word you are searching for is pogrom, not program, against anyone that is in opposition to their agenda.

a.x. perez

No I meant program, which does in fact include a pogrom against their opponents.

Ryben Flynn

Breitbart reported yesterday that the Masters of the Universe (Social Media) are busy sanitizing her web pages and Wikipedia of all derogatory information to make her look squeaky clean.




She would take guns away from people who are racists?
The democrats call all Republicans racists.
So, guess who the democrat parties gun grabbing is going to be targeted at. Remember, “red flag” laws exclude criminals already. The reason for that is the democrats will make criminals the new police force of their choice.
Birds of a feather…

Ziggerman Nobody

Well just hang on to your gun and refuse to turn them in, and she will declare you a felon for making the choice. The red flag laws then will not apply to you, so therefore you continue to retain your guns. Have plenty of ammo to go with them, however. I will be honest here. What all of this Covid-19 and gun control business is about is the crashing economy. I saw signs of inflation way before Trumps day in office. All of this began with Regan dismantling the checks and balances in the system, and the production base… Read more »


Talk about being bigots, “Unless you name a black female as your pick, you’ll lose the black vote.”
All my people are from the south, and I’ve heard just about every racist comment ever made. I can tell you this that I’ve seen, and heard more racist, and prejudicial BS from black people than all the comments I’ve heard from whites.


Actually, any VP selection by Biden would be as anti-gun as Harris. It’s the solid position of the Democrat Party that, to quote a recent Supreme Court justice: “The Second Amendment was a mistake”. This view is gospel for Dems. Period.


@Wass – Problem runs deeper than the party as well. Very few demo voters I’ve spoken with disagree meaningfully with any piece of gun grabbing intent. Part of the problem is human tendency to pick a team and then follow that team anyway. We see it more on the left, but it is definitely present on the right as well. I suspect extent on left is largely relative mutability youth and age of recruitment to demo party. Republicans tend to be a more varied group and includes a significant number of reformed democrats – who have moved as a result… Read more »


Its the unchecked and often groomed tribalism that will destroy us


A Biden/Harris ticket for the Presidency is exactly what Nikita Khrushchev stated would be the slow radical communist takeover of the USA. As is well known and understood 3/4 + of the (D) party in D.C. sides with Communism. If these 2 subversives seize power, the new slogan ‘ you are on your own ‘ will take on a even more serious meaning.


I think President Trump has the right take on the Demo/Soc ticket. We couldn’t ask for a better pair to defeat in November. What is a greater threat is getting a handle on the mass mailings of hundreds of K’s of ballets to every grave yard in California and New York trying to get vote.



She should spend her time taking away guns from people like this. Because she is Black and can identify.


Thanks for that article just terrible and senseless, I’m afraid if I was the kids father there would have been no arrest scenario I would have killed him with a shovel if I didn’t have a gun. Funny how we haven’t heard about this huh?
Come and get it Kamala better send back up cause I ain’t giving up or registering a DAMN THING.


@SEMPAI – I appreciate the sentiment. You might manage that, but in this case it sounds as though by the time the father reacted and got outside, the perp had driven away. I hated being forced to be a helicopter parent, but at that age kids wouldn’t have been out like that without a dog. Even a chihuahua recognizes evil intent faster than most people and would create a ruckus – possibly allowing kids to run and adults to react. Article mentioned a neighbor witnessing it, and not recognizing what happened until father ran out screaming, even though they must… Read more »


The main complaint my wife had about my job until I retired is that it had made me into a “hard man.” It certainly left me with a calloused outlook about other people.


Two campaign Tees due up on the DNC fund raising site.

“But, but, but….her hair smells so nice.”

“Heels Up!!!
Bang Her!!!”

This is all headed in one direction…..again. And, it didn’t end well the first lap for King Georgie’s flunkies. Then, Redcoats; today, Burn/Loot/Mayhem and AntFarts.

Post-November 3 Forecast: TRE, with 90+% chance of barrel cooking.

Learn from history,or be doomed to repeat it.


“Civil wars” are as old as time and will occur until things are set right.


Nice thorough article…as usual.

Green Mtn. Boy

The totalitarian Marxist’s that comprise the DEMOcRAT party pose a clear and distinct threat to the republic that comprises this nation.


Harris Biden The issue in front of all Americans is U.N. Agenda 21-2030 in fact it is a problem for all of those that considered our freedoms in the world today necessary. Our gun rights are on the chopping block by not only the Democrats you have to add in the United Nation , World Health Organisation the New World Order along with the very rich the likes of Bill Gates and the founders of Facebook Twitter Amazon it is a very long list. So that said here you go Homework :: Agenda 21 Soon to Become ‘the 2030 Agenda’.… Read more »


David has published an important column on the malicious Harris. She is a monster. As David posted today, she how she persecuted a disabled Asian-American woman. Given her atrocious record as DA, it is fair to conclude she is evil. Once an Authoritarian… From the article: When San Francisco police broke down a door inside a group home for mentally disabled people in 2008 and shot a 56-year-old resident, then-District Attorney Kamala Harris didn’t charge the officers with a crime. Instead she prosecuted the schizophrenic woman who was severely injured in the shooting. Harris charged Teresa Sheehan with assaulting… Read more »


How much do they hate Bernie to continue to back this dope?

J Gibbons

They don’t hate Bernie. They know Bernie couldn’t win. He’s too radical.


Fun fact: Did you know that Kamala is also a Finnish word, it directly translates to horrible. Check for your self on google.

Horrible Harris; her parents really hit that one on the head…

Heed the Call-up

Also this from wikipedia: James Harris (born May 28, 1950) is an American retired professional wrestler, better known by the ring name Kamala. As Kamala, he portrayed a fearsome and simpleminded Ugandan who wrestled barefoot in war paint and a loincloth, and approached the ring wearing an African mask and carrying a spear and shield. He is best known for his appearances with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. Most likely, given her mother’s origin: Kamala is a common Sanskrit name, usually meaning Nelumbo nucifera, the lotus. … It is unrelated to the similar-sounding name… Read more »

Ziggerman Nobody

I honestly can’t see where every state will buy into the great lies of Karl Marx, whose philosophy has lead to far greater destruction and lives lost than Hitler’s or anybody else. Are Americans going to let the Great State Of Texas stand alone? I hope it does succeed if these communist pigs win! If courts could sentence Charles Manson to life in prison for his influence alone, since he never committed any act of violence, then by the same ideology Marx is the most evil man who ever walked on the face of the earth. Why is his face… Read more »


Kamala is a prostitute.


Kamala Harris Kamala Harris is ending her presidential campaign after months of failing to lift her candidacy from the bottom of the field a perfect choice Joe Biden.Harris wrote in a note to supporters. “I’ve taken stock and looked at this from every angle, and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my life. My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue.” The senator “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign,”  “And as the campaign has gone on, it has become harder and harder to… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Kamala Hairy @sses qualification to public office is being Willie Browns willing willie warmer,not to mention that she is thru har family involved in slavery.

Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, Her Father Says

Is Kamala Harris Legally African American, Indian, Both, Neither, or Something Else?


What is known is she is a un American Marxist.


I honestly don’t think there is any threat now. Of all the people the DNC could have picked it was her. She will quickly become a liability. What we need to do now is get out there and vote and watch like hawks for DNC election fraud.

Liberty Valance

Do you really think the left is that stupid, sir? Do you really think she was chosen for her gun control rhetoric? The left has set this election up as peace vs war. Kamala can appease BLM and Lebron with her lips alone without wiggling her tush. Bernie’s supporters are probably dancing in the streets as I write this. The leftist media has instilled such fear of the Chinese virus into the majority of Fudds that they will be more than happy to totally support some dementia ridden candidate for president, regardless of gun control. I’m not saying gun control… Read more »

Ziggerman Nobody

You well may be onto something there in your last sentence. Should Biden win, I could visualize him mysteriously rendered incompetent or being totally removed from the oval office scene for some vague reason. Maybe the UN might strangely get in behind it. Harris would then become America’s first officially recognized female president. Keep in mind here Hillary stayed behind the curtain during her reign over the great Emerald City, while her hubby, Billy Boy, played lollipop man with Lewinsky in the back room all day long, remember? I must admit here that this dawning leftist tyranny and its forth… Read more »


Quid pro and Horizontal Harris are nothing but mouthpieces in more ways than one. They aren’t leading the message. That would be Soros, the Nazi sympathizer, among others mentioned below. There will be the lofty elite, Nancy and company; and the rest us of us will be screwed paying for their lies; if that group gets any where near control.
Savage, maybe rethink that; the threat is present; get the word out. I agree, vote/throw that garbage out and dispo accordingly.


he`s not black,she is indian and jamaican


One drop.


But if you don’t vote for you Creepy, traitorous Joe, you are not black and horizontal, lying Harris the team picture of socialism come to the USA

Ziggerman Nobody

Is she even female? She-male? Or what? With a hard core leftist one never knows!


Harris further struggled with the question of electability. Harris was subject to conspiracy theories that ricocheted around social media, even giving way to a reprisal of the same birtherism smears that plagued former President Barack Obama. She was unable to make significant inroads with black voters, a key to Democratic voting endorsements . California suffers with the likes of Harris going forward she will only hurt Joe Biden even more than he does himself while running for president from his basement. It’s recently come to light that, 20 years ago, Kamala Harris dated former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. While Brown was still… Read more »