Kamala Harris is the One Offering ‘False Choice’ on Second Amendment

Seasoned swindler Kamala Harris pulls an old gun-grabber con.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “I am a gun owner and I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do, for personal safety,” California Senator and Democrat presidential contender Kamala Harris told reporters in Iowa. “And in terms of gun policy, I think that for too long and still today we are being offered a false choice which suggests you’re either in favor of the Second Amendment or you want to take everyone’s guns away.

“I believe it is a false choice that is born out of a lack of courage from leaders, who must recognize and agree that there are some practical solutions to what is a clear problem in our country,” Harris elaborated. “And part of the practical solution is to agree that we need smart gun safety laws, which include universal background checks, which include a renewal of the assault weapons ban. Period.”

Harris was being disingenuous, which means she was lying. She was parroting tried and tested gun-grabber talking points to bamboozle the uninformed and the predisposed, meaning useful idiot DSM “reporters” and those who turn to them for filtered information.

While personal protection is indeed a benefit of the right to keep and bear arms, it is not the exclusive justification the Founders articulated. They did not even mention that reason in the Second Amendment, which focuses entirely on a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State. That means an armed populace was essential from which that militia could draw troops, and that infringing on the people’s right to keep and bear arms sufficient to the task negated and eviscerated that security.

Harris is all about infringements. By demanding a ban on semiautomatics demonized as “assault weapons,” she would take away from the people arms which the Supreme Court acknowledged 80 years ago have a “reasonable relation to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia,” meaning “the Second Amendment guarantees to the citizen the right to keep and bear such a weapon.”

Otherwise, the whole point of the Second Amendment would have been to send the people off to be slaughtered by better-equipped forces of tyranny, something hardly conducive to security and freedom. The Founders were also careful to enumerate articles in the Constitution defining the powers by which the branches of government could actualize the purposes articulated in the Preamble. You’ll note usurping swindlers like Harris gloss over just where in those powers they’ve been authorized to reverse the Bill of Rights and start grabbing guns.

As for “universal background checks,” don’t think for a moment Harris doesn’t recognize –  like the National Institute of Justice has – that “Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration.”  Just like they have in California. What a gift to give someone who has already said she wants to force us to surrender our Second Amendment-guaranteed arms.

One thing Harris got right is recognizing lack of courage in leaders, particularly among Republicans.

They didn’t press for gains with national reciprocity and hearing protection when they held all the cards, and now that they’ve blown their advantage, can’t seem to sell out fast enough with “compromises” on “red flag laws” and the like. What the GOP Quislings don’t get – but Harris and her fellow rights jackals do – is that concessions are recognized by political predators as signs of weakness and fear. Sure, they’ll take appeasement scraps offered, but that won’t satisfy them and make them go away. It will just encourage them to circle in closer, demanding more.

As for the “all we want are commonsense gun safety laws and no one wants to take your guns” lie, no, that’s not all they want. And of course they do. It's what they’ve always wanted. They’ll secure each concession and use it to launch their next incursion. Does Nancy Pelosi have to spell out what she means by “slippery slope” for us?

Harris is pulling one of the oldest cons in the book, the “I'm a gun owner but” dodge, and in this case, her “but” is huge. Here’s another trick she’s employing: When she offers a couple of “gun laws” she believes she can pass off as “practical solutions,” note she prefaces them with the phrase “which include.”  That means there are plenty more she hasn’t mentioned. Then she ends her pitch with “Period,” as if that’s the end game.

It’s not. What she won’t do is define what new edicts would finally be enough for her to say “No more.” That’s because if she thought she could, she'd be going after a total monopoly of violence. There are some things it’s not prudent to admit just yet, especially since she’s now playing to a bigger crowd than California, and has to at least pretend to be “one of us.”

So the “Kamala’s a gun owner” meme is now getting big press to bolster that impression, and that all she really wants is what we all should be demanding. You don’t think this would be headlined as a positive on CNN  unless we were being played, do you?

Just remember, if owning and using them were all that it took to be considered “pro-gun,” regular readers here would have no better pal than Lon Horiuchi.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 79 thoughts on “Kamala Harris is the One Offering ‘False Choice’ on Second Amendment

    1. You might be 21 to purchase a gun , but 18 to die for your country What is wrong with that picture?.

    2. The all or nothing logical fallacy is quite clearly an NRA fear tactic where they suggest that gun safety laws mean all your guns will be banned. And it works for those with confirmation bias.

      1. The all or nothing gun control policy is quite clearly an anti-gunners tactic where they suggest that gun (Control) safety laws definitely means all our guns will be banned.

    3. I heard the same double talk crap from Kristen Gilabrand (and I don’t care if I didn’t spell her name correctly) when she initially ran for office here in NY. She started out so “pro gun” but once she got the votes she TOTALLY changed her tune!

    4. Hey Kamala- here’s the litmus test to see if you, or anyone else is a true supporter of the Second Amendment….
      Either you’re in favor of select fire weapons being sold over the counter in every gas station station in America, or you’re an Anti- American, 2A hating fascist. That’s it. There’s no “buts” or equivocating.
      Submit legislation to repeal the Hughe’s Amendment and you’ll earn my respect. Earning my vote is entirely impossible, though.

    5. If you follow Kamala Harris’ bid for president, her core beliefs are to abolish private gun ownership. As the former attorney general of California she is on permanent record of being an enemy of the 2nd Amendment and a violation of her oath of office. This liar will do anything to get elected as proven by her checkered past. She is as ignorant of the US Constitution as any leftist democrat.

    6. These people make me sick, and the sheeple are starting to bother and aggravate me, and inspire more contempt than the diabolical evil genius tyrants. I am a Canadian gun and defense rights supporter who LOVES and ADMIRES what America was founded to be, as close to perfection as of yet, not so much these days as America, the constitution and bill of rights have been subverted 80% since founding IMO. The 2nd isn’t about firearms, it includes them, and the essence is to have all arms the government has or that are used in support of indirectly and directly partially or fully and everything that is used as a force arm…and as ridiculous as that sounds, YES, that means grenades, tanks, jets and even nukes in it’s essence, also rocks and wind. IOW anything used as or in support of force ARMS. I won’t reconcile or explain the dilemma or practicality of this, but that’s the meaning and essence of the 2nd. Maybe government should not have those then or be tied to civilians in a meaningful practical way IDK. Also, America is the only world bully, especially by-proxy for Israel, so justification for them is weak at best. So nukes for defense should be military discretion tied to civilian and subversive proof no oversight somehow IDK, just spit ballin’ here. Also, just a thought, but nukes to nations, especially considering American and Israeli tyranny, is like firearms for civilians for self defense, forget all the lies and propaganda u heard from America about North Korea, Iran and Russia and look to non-nuclear Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Venezuela. ‘Nuff said *mic drop* and all military and law enforcement are traitor cowards IMO, they follow and enforce unconstitutional and immoral laws

    7. Truth to a liberal is like a ray of sunshine to a vampire – recoiling away in full denial. If it wasn’t for double standards, Democrat ‘progressives’ would have no standards at all. Because their hypocrisy has no limits.

      Kamala Harris is a professional LIAR.

      But never forget, the only difference between Republicans and Democrats these days is the label on the bottle of toxic lies they convince ‘you the sheeple’ to swallow. There are a LOT of ‘Republicans in that boat ‘ too. They all lie.

    8. This terrible creature has TWO things going against her

      First, she is NOT ELIGIBLE to be president. Neither of her paretnts were American Citizens at the time f her birth, thus she is NOT Natural Born Citizen and can’t ever become president or vice president.

      Second she is deluded if she thinks her rotten history as Attorney General of the State of California wil NOT become an election issue. Her hand picked successor is buying himself about trying to outdo even HER rottentrack record. She has imposed a number of rotten rules and regs upon Caifirnia, and has fought tooth and nail to enact every naasty useless or worse gun control law possible. The current state of California’s diminishing list of handguns one can l purchase in that state is her handiwork, as have been the most recent iterations of restrictions on common long guns, magazine capacity limits, etc. She is largel responsible for the unenforceable impossible to comply with long gun registry and the magazine capacity limit law now heading up the chain of courts. She HAS revealed her true colours and they are NEITHER pretty nor Amerrican. SHe has inhereted way too much of her non-citizen parents’ heritage on gun ownership.. in both India and Jamaica the common folk cannot own firearms, Remember, both nations were former British colonies with many of the same issues the Brits foisted upon those thirteeen colonies those two hundred some years ago… remember, the ones the government attempted to disarm, and who said not just NO but HELLL NOOOOOO and take the .69 calibre balls first.

      She swore an oath to uphold the Constituton, yet in bothof the above matters she has clearly committed felony perjury for wilfuly refusing to abide by her oath. The very fact she is running for president when so clearly ineligible is one count, and her antigun track record is another.

      1. @Tio, Neither of those, although facts, give me comfort. The electoral college did not do it job the last time an ineligible candidate won the popular vote; nor did being deluded prevent voters from foolishly choosing him.

    9. Trust this liar and when they take your guns the only she will say with a smirk on face is “You Knew I Was A Snake When You Took Me In”

      1. Scott, that was a great song, it describes Kamala Harris perfectly. Lets hope the voters do not take her or others like her in.

    10. So. The point of this article is that Kamala Harris is wrong for referring to the common NRA and gun lobby fallacy of suggesting that gun safety laws, proven to work , mean your guns will be all taken away.
      Thats the false choice gun manufacturers and gun lobbyists attempt to make. “Stand and Fight”…incitement to violence if anyone suggests a few gun safety precautions. I love the law abiding citizen gun owner sales message the most. Everyone who owns a gun legally is a law abiding citizen. Until they’re not a kill 50 or 60 people with their lightweight , large magazine infantry rifle meant for the 21st century battlefield..
      Lots of false choices for the nutters. Conspiracy theories are big too. They appeal to a certain ,,,,ahem, intellect.
      The kind who don’t get their kids vaccinated for measles. That kind of nutter.

        1. @m. O Swill knows nothing of Rights, freedom, or how to hold a real job. Swill is is just a paid propagandist.

          1. She sure don’t know the dif between a full auto (used on battlefields), and a semi auto, such as the AR-15 that a civilian can keep and bear according to the current laws, which will quite possibly get you killed on that same battlefield, simply because you can’t squeeze off as many rounds per second that a full auto can. She or he, needs some schooling on the facts.

      1. Seriously? “Law abiding till they kill 50 or 60 people”, “nutter” . Do you think you are talking to 5 year olds? Grow up and try to act like an adult. There’s a price to pay for freedom and you don’t want to pay it. Move to China.

      2. No troll, they are not proven to work. As always, your comment parrots rhetoric unsupported by real world evidence. The “assault weapons” ban of the 90’s had absolutely no effect on gun violence.

        We get it, you are a leftist troll who hates guns. You comment on every article spewing leftist propaganda and lies. Get a life.

      3. och will, Why is it when anyone anti-gun or yourself suggests a few gun safety precautions should be implemented it’ll only affect the law abiding? No anti-gunner or you ever suggest we should first enforce the current gun laws before adding more knee-jerk gun laws that can’t be enforced.

      4. When if ever were you issued a semi-auto, lightweight, large magazine, infantry rifle meant for the 21st century battlefield? BTW, Everyone who owns a gun legally is a law abiding citizen until anti-gun politicians pass stupid knee jerk gun (Control) safety laws that turn law abiding into criminals with the stroke of a pen?

    11. KH, “I am a gun owner and I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do, for personal safety,”
      What she didn’t say was, “It’s okay for me but not for thee!”.
      Commiefornia again showing it’s true self. I wonder who issued her a CC License or if she even has one?
      What gives the demorats the sense that their rights are different form ours?
      I wonder if she carries in her “Government Offices” or in “Gun Free Zones”???
      This creature is pathetic!

    12. The three boxes , Soap box, ballot box, and cartridge box, that can change the world. It seems that the first two have failed. When the SHTF where will you be?
      I took an oath, and to my knowledge that oath has not, and never does expire. There is a time coming when that oath will be tested, unfortunately it is close, and Commie Rat Bastards such as AOC, Bernie, and Harris will be retired!

    13. Kamala forgot to mention when she made her claim that she owned a gun , that she can have and own any type of gun including an A.R and high capacity mags for it , also it does not have to have a so called bullet button installed on it , see she and her fellow law makers in California while making idiot gun laws that only affect law abiding people , made themselves exempt from the vary gun laws that the rest of the law abiding people in California have to Follow or be a felon and criminal……………

      1. Kamala has said besides owning a gun, she likes to smoke marijuana. Makes me wonder how she answered that pesky question on her 4473! Is she admitting to felony perjury?

        1. @DL, Her two knowing and voluntary admissions, when taken together, sound like probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed and Kamala is involved!

    14. Yep, she can be trusted….NOT. She’s being protected by armed security on the taxpayers dime and wants gun control that’ll only apply to the law abiding.. Not once did I read where she’s like to see the current gun laws enforced first before implementing more useless and unenforceable “smart gun safety laws” that’ll only apply to the law abiding.

      Harris called gun violence a “clear problem in our country” and pushed for “smart gun safety laws — which include universal background checks and a renewal of the assault weapons ban. Period,” she said.

      Sen. Kamala Harris Given LAPD Protection, Even When She Wasn’t in LA.
      Taxpayers paid LAPD detail to guard California Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democrat, at out-of-town events. Taxpayers paid for armed, plain-clothes Los Angeles police officers to accompany U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to public events and media appearances, KNBC-TV reported.

    15. Leftists may be ignorant, but they aren’t stupid. They know they can’t disarm the public all at once. But they know, just as with creeping Socialism, it must be accomplished in small increments; a bump stock, here, a 30-round magazine there, a particular type of weapon next. With time and effort their goal of total disarmament can be achieved while going largely unnoticed.

    16. I wish I had a nickle for everyone of the progressive jerks that say “I am a gun owner’. If she is a gun owner someone should ask to see her permit to carry and note what states it covers. She may be in violation of a lot of laws, but then again she is a democrat and laws are different for them than the rest of us. She got where she is on her back and she wants to get even farther by lying her way there. She is a poster child for why parents are proud of what their kids accomplish, not.

        1. See the lady in green ? She goes down like a submarine.

          See the lady in red ? She makes a living on her bed.

          See the lady in yellow? She got it on with every fellow.

          See the lady in blue ? She likes nothing better than doing you.

    17. When I went to High School we parked our Pickup Trucks in the School Lot, Doors Unlocked with a Long Gun in the Back Window Gun Rack. Today I live in the same town, Retired, I’m a Concealed Carry License holder and I go Nowhere I Can’t take my weapon with me. How are things in Your Town

      1. @tad pole, yep. Same story here. We all had rifles or shotguns in the truck. Nobody wanted to go home after school to get their gear. We also got the day before season opening off of school.
        Nobody cared and nobody got hurt. I guess where I grew up, people still fought with knuckles. No one brought guns or knives to fights. Maybe the occasional chair, WWF style. Most of our fights were over girls, or beer, or both. Oh yeah, where and when I grew up, kids were still allowed to be kids.

    18. Ignorance is not an excuse. Would someone educate me on the meaning of “common sense gun laws”, considering that there are already over 20,000+ laws already in existence. The National Rifle Association and other pro-firearms groups have often cited the 20,000 firearms laws that are already on the books as reasons why more enforcement, not more legislation, is the answer to curb firearm violence. It looks like “common sense gun laws” already exist for the law-abiding citizens that have chosen to exercise their second amendment rights. So why have the activists, politicians and alike, not set up protests, against the criminal firearm users, public mental health issues, along with the legal and illegal drug users? They use the words “common sense”, Yet they really have no idea the meaning of those words in their simplest form. The largest bell with the greatest empty space, when rung creates the loudest Clank!

      1. Why ever would you have to write a law about something that is common sense ? Like, it’s common sense that once you inhale, then shortly after you have to exhale. Is it necessary to write a law on how to breathe ? And if there was such a law, would the nosey tyrants then want to fine you if you exhaled too slowly ? Would they then say that they are there to help you keep your O2 level up ? Or, how about if you inhaled too quickly, or too deeply. Would they want to fine you or lock you up for using too much oxygen, and thereby depriving your neighbor ? YOU BET THEY WOULD !!! ONCE THE LAW WAS ON THE BOOKS THEY WOYLD ENDEAVOR WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM TO MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE BY ENFORCING THEIR COMMON SENSE LAWS !!!!!!!!

    19. The fly in the ointment for all the gun grabbers is going to be a national registry. Without a registry, the “universal back-ground check means nothing. 100 million law-abiding gun see through the scheme, and will never comply.

    20. Why don’t she move to another country if she doesn’t like the 2nd amendment and The way are found fathers And all the veterans fought so we could do as we please. I AM sick of all these people going to Congress and making it tough on a law bidding citizen and trying to weaken a nation. IF YOU DON’T LIKE ARE LAWS THAT THE FOUND FATHERS WROTE THan get out move to a different country I like my freedom. GOD BLESS The Veterans and Patriots

      1. Liberal should go home. I will keep my guns and my free speech. You can keep your tropical insect diseases, open defecation, female genital mutilation, sharia law, child soldiers, suicide resistant sweatshop skyscrapers, dagger beheadings (ritual involving slitting a throat the whole way through, spine and all), machete attacks, raping albinos to cure AIDS, suicide bombers, picking trash out of a pond to fight starvation, and delighting in the suffering of farm animals. Keep the change.

    21. I think that it should be a federal law that no one from the state of California can run for public office and the white house should appoint the state a governor,because these people are all idiots.

      1. HWP, careful there. Not all of us here in californicate are idiots. We now have a governor much like harris but now he’s on a humanitarian mission. Granted sir, this duma is now controlled by idiots, and also chock full of idiots, but we of sound mind stand our ground!

    22. IMOA when these anti-gunners spout “smart gun safety laws” why is it bans, restrictions, confiscations and unreasonable storage laws begin to surface. Instead they should be saying lets enforce the current gun laws we already have first before piling on more unenforceable gun laws onto the law abiding.

      1. It’s just like the Microsoft Windows operating system, it doesn’t want to run your programs and crashes so they keep adding patches which break something else and then they put something annoying, then charge you a service to remove it.

    23. If all weapons were confiscated the politicians would smile from ear to ear……as they have taken away the peoples rights to arms…..and all the time were creating the worlds largest Gum GUN BLACK MARKET. Therefore, only the criminals would come out making a fortune…

    24. It’s really, truly amazing, how the lying politicians will do anything, yes anything to get their way or agenda completed. Clamidia Harris is a lying b…. She’s an absolute fake person who will do what ever she can to get her way. She prostituted her way to the positions she’s held and is holding now. Make no mistake she’s a big time liar and conniving unethical woman, just like stinky clinton, Prozac pelozi, big lips waters, chain saw mouth dumb cosio cortez, and many others who are trying to destroy this country. The reality of it all is the elite (billionaires) of the world want to control us and it will be very difficult for them when people can fight against tyranny. Unfortunately, Trump is not the person he presents himself to be. The politicians on both sides want to pit people against each other so that they will kill each other off and the government just comes in to clean up the mess. Look at what George Soros is doing funnel ing money to all these illegals to invade our country and make no mistake it’s an invasion. We are all like cattle to politicians who are sending us to slaughter and we are allowing them to do it right before our very eyes….. Clamidia Harris is as corrupt as the day is long… liberals like her have started the cancer to destroy our sovereignty and ideals like her’s are spending like wild fire. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

      1. Just saw a YouTube clip last night called “Chaos in Mexico: Africans & Haitians Made Into Mexico”. According to the clip, there are about 1600 holed up at the Immigration Center in Chiapas, Mexico. It seems that the human smugglers have convinced them to give them thousands of dollars apiece for promises of getting into the USA. The video showed them rioting because they don’t like the conditions they are under now. They plan on breaking thru the border. There is also news of another 1000 person caravan forming in Honduras, and hundreds of Haitians “stranded in Tijuana”. The human traffickers are recruiting people from all around the world to invade America. They charge each one $5K to $7K for a promise to get here. And when they get holed up in Mexico, they are getting very ticked off.

        The situation is explosive! These people should just stay home and stick with the devil they know.

    25. There is a rep.,from N.Y. , who said SHE was a gun owner , kept it under her bed, got elected and TURNED AGAINST EVERY GUN OWNER , Don’t believe this DEMO-rat from CA.

    26. If she becomes president you can say goodbye to your firearms, period.

      She will say anything including lying, making false promises and statements, anything to get elected. She is basically a more radical female Obama who will remove that gun from your cold dead hands! As the Attorney General of the State of California Kamala Harris position what’s remove Every Second Amendment right possible.

      1. You’ll be saying bye bye to more than that. She wants reparations for the slave days. Even though she’s Jamaican/Indian. Dot, not feather. And she falls in line with the socialists of the Democratic party, so competitive wages will be a thing of they past if they get their way. If ANY of these communist traitors get a chance to see that office, it will be the beginning of the end.

        1. Hey!! We said dot-not-feather and feather-not-dot back home in MI. It brought a smile to my face to see another write it lol. As for the article: all these people want to do is restrict the heck out of them or ban them all outright. We are under attack these days and our 2A rights are the designated target. I think it will be fine though as long as all of us good folks take note, be wary, and vote. Keep calm and 2A on.

    27. Didn’t Bill Clinton use something similar “I went duck hunting once” and Joe Biden mentioned “you need just need a double barrel shotgun on the balcony” or something along those lines to act like they somehow supported us firearms supporters!? Clinton in the end got an assault weapons ban (for a while anyways) and Old Joe and the Obama admin were wise to not even try it even when they had both houses to do it. I’m pretty sure they knew what would happen if they did.

    28. I agree they should ban all assault rifle’s, It would not bother me one bit I don’t have any assault rifle’s I have some AR 15’s that a lot of our uneducated politician call assault rifle’s that they have in the Military,but then it would be hard for our soldier’s to fight a war without them.

    29. Glad to hear that Senator Harris is a gun owner. In the spirit of the full disclosure that she wants applied to President Trump in regards to just about anything related to him, I call for full disclosure from her. To wit: make, model, barrel length, caliber, finish, any aftermarket changes, her storage procedures at home, while traveling, on the job and the brand and types of ammunition she uses. Also proof of her competency with said firearms. And any accidents she has had with any firearms and whether she has ever misplaced a firearm including sworn documentation to prove her statements about all of the above. I think it’s only fair.

    30. Well at least I know where she stands unlike President Trump.
      Doesn’t mean I’m for her and against him but he blindsided us. I’m not seeing a winner fir our 2A rights

    31. Is anybody beside me tired of hearing the term “assault rifle”? I think the big reason it still exists is because we haven’t come up with an accurate, but still equally handy name. They aren’t assault rifles, they aren’t all black rifles, Modern Sporting Rifle and America’s Favorite Rifle is accurate but long and clumsy.
      I suggest we call them what they are: Modular rifles. A brilliant piece of engineering made for easy repair and reliability.

      1. Absolutely, Mark, what is worse is supposed 2A proponents use it, we need to stop it.
        That is how the left indoctrinates everyone, they start leading the arguments and put us on the defensive.

    32. When a skilled prostitue wants orostitution legalized its time to think wait woah,when same prostitute says she is a gun owner,back away slowly and never take your eyes off her.vote against that person.i dont trust her.
      I dont trust any on that side but hey egg thrower bernie is honest he admits he is a socilist.easy to see he is no good

    33. Harris will say anything – even flip flop – to satisfy her power hungry thirst – after all, according to Mayor Brown of San Francisco, Harris started her political career on her back; did she flip flop back then too!

      1. Hey john……..she started her career on her knees………then on to ALL FOURS and finally onto her back. Lets get the timeline correct!

    34. The problem with todays lawmakers is that they are either angry women that want to push men around and males that were picked on because they are pansies and believe they are getting even for their lack of testosterone .
      Politicians are only out for themselves and go which ever the wind blows . Why the voters don’t see through that is difficult to understand . We had several years of Republican majority in both houses and nothing was done for our Second Amendment rights . These people are nothing but successful sociopaths .

      1. Actually successful business people and politicians are more likely to be psychopaths than sociopaths. The easy tell is, “Can they act likable?”
        You find psychopaths glad-handing, and sociopaths hiding in basements(gross generalization). A quickie test is take a drink of water or yawn. Normal people are likely to do the same thing, that’s why yawns are contagious, people lacking empathy won’t do it. Not diagnostic, but worth watching for, and thinking about.

    35. Any weapon which it is allowed by law to be in the hands of a Federal agency such as the Secret Service, ATF, IRS, FBI, HHS, BLM, or Parks Service should be in the hands of a million citizens.

      1. What you say in your comment is almost the way it is supposed to be. Actually, what small arms the Military has, IS to be accessible and available to WE the People!! According to OUR Forefathers, We the People ARE allowed to own ANY weapon which We WANT! The thing is, Each Individual LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizen must be able to have AND keep the weapon in GOOD FUNCTIONING ORDER.
        The ONLY “limiting factor” mentioned is: IF, an individual is WANTON to do harm to others – – that person should not have ANY weapons.

        1. @Laddyboy, I like everything that you wrote except the word “allowed”. There is no “allowed” in the equation.

        2. Laddyboy, I agree also. Except that individuals wanton do harm should not be denied the right to weapons, but denied the right to freedom.

    36. “I have a gun, but…” seems to be the gun control equivalent of “I have a black friend”
      Anyway, it’s interesting that Harris accuses gun rights advocates of drawing mischaracterization, but that’s exactly what she’s doing – offering a false choice. The difference is, her “choices” can be summed up with: you either accept all these useless restriction on your rights, or you’re a baby killing mass murderer.

      The theme of “I’m one of you” is a sad, tired trope. It implies expertise and common interest where none exists. Imagine taking a mandatory CPR class and then trying to claim you understand combat medics.

      I think gun rights advocates need some new narratives, to be honest. The GOP and NRA need to start promoting criminology studies that start with social concerns and the drivers for violence, rather than the tools bad guys pick up. We need to either co-opt “common sense” or condemn that phrase altogether, because it’s a straight-up lie. Be the first in line to condemn mass shootings and take the spotlight, calling not for mental health studies, but for existing laws to be enforced – call out when the perfectly functioning system fails because people aren’t doing their jobs.

      It’s about time gun owners and rights advocates started controlling the dialog.

      1. Fully agree. Why is it that the Pro-Freedom side of the argument is always playing from behind, continually on the defensive? We had a golden opportunity to win back lost ground and failed to act back in 2016-17, however, it’s not over. It’s not too late to introduce new pro2A legislation, and it needs to be done NOW. CUMala and her ilk, pushing their “I’m a gun owner, but” BS need to be put on the defensive for once. Whenever a libtard starts a sentence with that, you know they’re completely full of shit.

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