Armed Police Protection for Kamala Harris, the Height of Elitist Hypocrisy

If it were up to Harris and her useful idiot followers, they’d all be illegal except for the guns carried by state enforcers. (KamalaHarris/Facebook)

USA – -( “Armed, plain-clothes LAPD officers were dispatched to California cities outside of Los Angeles at least a dozen times to provide security for U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris at public events, media appearances, and a party,” NBC Los Angeles reports. “The LAPD routinely provides security for dignitaries and officials visiting LA, but a senior retired department official said the courtesy extended to Sen. Harris for her travels to other cities was unprecedented.”

What’s not unprecedented are gun-grabbing politicians who would deny you the right to protect yourself and your family while using tax plunder to make sure their safety is taken care of. Their security detachments can even go armed in so-called “gun-free zones.” At least they have that in common with private criminals.

And Harris is such a hypocrite. And a lying one at that.

“This cannot be a political issue,” she tweeted disingenuously after Parkland, not bothering to explain why she insists on making it one. “We have to have smart gun safety laws – our babies are being slaughtered.”

And what gun safety laws does she consider “smart”?

First of all, forget allowing teachers to make the choice to arm and protect themselves. Harris tried to shoot that plan down by pointing out “trained law enforcement officials, they only hit of their intended target approximately 20 percent of the time,” making it fair to ask if that means her armed security detail poses an 80% danger to the public.

Harris supports “further restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.” She’s trying to “export California gun control to the nation.” She used “dirty tactics” in the Peruta case to fight the right of all Americans (except for enforcers) to bear arms. And naturally she doesn’t want you to be able to possess “common defense” firearms consistent with the intent of the Second Amendment.

But the guys you pay for who are protecting her, the “Only Ones,” can have it all. And more.

But no fair, some will argue. She’s an important politician. That makes her more of a target than “ordinary” people.

Let’s forget the congressmen killed in duels. It’s been half a century since Robert F. Kennedy, the last U.S. Senator was assassinated, and the one before him, Huey Long, was shot to death in 1935, presumably by his own bodyguards.

As far as the most dangerous jobs in America, “politician” doesn’t make it anywhere near the top 25, all of whom, aside from law enforcement officers, Harris demands be disarmed.

Here’s the thing – reasonable people can agree that some politicians, especially high-profile ones, can require extraordinary protection for situations regular constituents are not likely to encounter—the crazy, violent Bernie supporter who shot up Republican congressmen at the baseball practice, or the nutjob “progressive” #MarchForOurLives supporter arrested for trying to stab a congressman the other day come to mind.

By the same token, Kamala Harris is unlikely to be subjected to the myriad dangers ordinary citizens face. It’s doubtful she’ll ever have some reptile stick a gun in her face at a convenience store, or live in a dangerous neighborhood overrun by gangs, or be the victim of a home invasion, or be raped and slaughtered just because some animal feels like doing it to her. Yet she would prevent every one of those potential victims from protecting themselves.

She would prevent you if you let her.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and associate editor for Oath Keepers, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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willy d

When it comes to all of the Vets in this country, it is a disgrace that they have so much trouble getting quality medical treatment, but letting illegals come in and our government falls all over them and provides any service to them no problem! I do not take any of the volunteer work that is done for our Vets, but it sure shows just how much the short comings of our government to providing care for our Vets that have put their lives on the line to defend our country and our way of life! But let an illegal… Read more »

willy d

A B another fine view about police in general, there are good and bad in all walks of life, but you choose to put all police in the bad group with a scum-bag politician, try walking in a police officer’s shoes for a week, maybe you might see their profession in a different light!!!!!!!! But then you probably don’t have the gonads to do that!!!!!!!!

Andy Buckmichael

She would have made a great cop She is already scum.


Baton Rouge:

It would appear that that is pretty much the case, the lives of elected things seem to be of greater importance than are the lives of the electorate.


I loved this article and I forwarded it to many of my blogging friends, but I was hoping you could give some suggestions for a sales page/site.Most impoprtant point is choosing words

willy d

Okay here we go now we have to break down the Demo-Rats that keep trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights, and the Anti-Abortion gang; No body wants to put them together but they have the same end result, the Demo-Rats always say that Guns kill children/Abortion kills children Who is the biggest offender? Guns or Planed Parenthood? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A CHILDS LIFE? Same question, WHO DOES MORE and why won’t anybody answer that question?



Joe Gardiner

They support killing the unborn, knowing that planned parenthood was started by the racist Margaret Sanger who wanted to exterminate the black race through abortion. They also hate the NRA which was started to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of blacks that the Dems were trying to remove. They are the REAL racist party and prove it every day.


This is a firearms forum!

willy d

Wild Bill ,I very much intend to vote and take on any Demo-Rat that wants to support Planned Parenthood selective Abortions, also the Politicians that will not answer my main question about why nothing has been done to secure our schools as T S A has done for our Airports, WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A CHILDS LIFE?????? NOT OF ANY POLITICIANS WILL ANSWER IT!!!!!!!! They will only answer with a line of B S and do nothing about it!!! All the Demo-Rats want is to take away our 2nd amendment rights period, nothing less!!!!


Strikes me as sad that the gun rights argument, and this Pro Life/Anti Abortion business seem to keep coming up, tangeled together, when the two issues have no legitimate relationship. Speaking for myself, I am, have been and intend to remain PRO GUN/PRO GUN RIGHTS. As for this pro life/anti abortion business, since I’m a HE, rather than a SHE, there is no now way that I’m going to become pregnant. That said, I would not presume to dictate what a woman might or might not do with her own body. Additionally, and I submit that correspondents here might think… Read more »


Right on, Alan!


Kamala rose to power by being the mistress for Willie Brown. How inspirational for women everywhere!

Wild Bill

@Trumped, No wonder she hates men!


She rose to the top from being on her back!


@Trumped – Cheap shot!


Yet it is very accurate to anyone who followed California politics. She is a political whore.

willy d

RegT you are very right about The Scam That Planned Parenthood has about the Abortions that they do, All of the B S that is thrown around about Common Sense gun laws, Why haven’t our quote GREAT POLITICIANS, not done anything other than make GUN FREE ZONES, around our schools, my question is still and will be until they all get off their DEAD ASSES and do something, WHAT IS THE PRICE OF A CHILDS LIFE???????? NONE OF THEM WILL ANSWER THAT QUESTION? This all started in 1999 in Columbine then, They formed the T S A in 2001 after… Read more »


KH is as “Black” as I am–she is an ethnic Indian from India–married to a wealthy white jewish middle-aged lawyer–who is a partner in DLA Piper–just trading on her “Blackness” !!! DMD

John Galt




“We have to have smart gun safety laws – our babies are being slaughtered.”
Why isn’t this ignorant, lying twit doing something to stop the real babies being slaughtered – by Planned Parenthood? Someone should have called her on her hypocrisy right then and there, and asked her how much Planned Parenthood has donated to her.

willy d

KB find a deep mine shaft and line the top with HE crawl in and set it off, you will be perfectly safe from that point on!!!!! WB she can’t read what do you expect? So telling her to read the constitution is a waste of time!!!!!!!! I also took that oath years ago, to protect from foreign and domestic, and I intend to stand by that oath!!!!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

@Billy d, I like your enthusiasm! Vote in November, take the family with you!


One might note that given the fact that California voters elected her, they deserve her. Sad to note though, the rest of the nation deserved better.

Robert Hartwig

No it was the illegal aliens who voted for her. If the truth were known I would bet that as high as 30-40 of illegals vote for DemocRAT candidates in the State of Californication..


So regarding the problem, real or imagined, caused by votes cast by non U.S. Citizens, illegal aliens or otherwise, action that one thinks would violate federal law, what are the mavens of the FBI for instance, DOJ for another, doing about it?

Robert Hartwig

There have been attempts to require ID checks at the polls but the DAMOCRATS have blocked these at every turn. Aided by the ACLU and liberal judges they have turned this back by claiming poor people don’t have access to ID’s.

Wild Bill

@Robt H, The only thing that is going to save us is if we can get more people to vote than the SocDems, and their legions of dead, brain dead, and illegals.
Throw a barbecue on November 6 for your friends that go to the polls. Drag your family down to vote with you. This next sentence is heresy: don’t go hunting that day, go to vote!


She can run, but she cannot hide!

Timothy Votaw

Methinks We The People are in for real stormy seas ahead, if this country is to continue to exist as a Constitutional Republic and a land of laws and justice. I see a Third World coming, very soon. Are you willing to live in it? I sure as hell DID NOT go off to war on this nation’s behalf, lose my legs to an enemy IED, and deal with the consequences, just to fall under the rule of such evil, destructive elements as we see with people like this POS race-mongering bitch and her ilk. I’ll perish behind my stand,… Read more »


Thank you for your service and sacrifice. I agree with you ( I too took an Oath as an Officer many years ago)……..” to protect, both foreign and domestic ” ….
Who would have thought our Republic may see another un-Civil War, v2.0 ? So be it; I’ll defend the Constitution from these people; just wish I could do it from above….again.

Buck Cassidy

I too stand with you. And I also thank you for your service and sacrifices. Welcome Home!!

John Schofield

I cannot imagine your sacrifice, THANK YOU ! I agree, the storm is coming, and soon. It may not occur during MY lifetime, but I am fairiy certain it WILL occur before my children are gone. I grieve for all those who have given so much, only to have their sacrifices spit upon by the ones pushing the agenda of the left !


No words can express my appreciation for your service to keep us safe. I get exactly what you are saying about the world going down the crapper. My dad fought on the front lines in Korea, and received two Purple Hearts and a bronze star. I went home to visit with my parents, and my Dad and I were outside talking. We chatted about all this political nonesense that was taking place. I have never forgotten, him telling me that he was glad he would not be around to see the down fall of this country. Sadly, he passed away… Read more »

Steven J Small

Is explanation really neccessary? Goes like this….because she is a public figure to whom some hold very strong oppositions to, she could very possibly be targeted by those who wish to do her harm. Me? Not so much. I dont need security. See the difference? One can be smart and know that every situation is not the same or one can have a thick skull and pretend like it is for politic arguments.

Country Boy

Something for you to think about.

The same crazies in our country that would do harm to her, would not hesitate to do the same to you. If it’s dangerous for her, it’s just as dangerous for us, or maybe… more so.

Think about that for a minute.


Good words Country Boy. Something else for them ‘pollytishuns’ to keep in mind – they were elected to serve the people and do their will, not to grandstand (yep that is directed to booker) and self serve. Plus, they fail to realize that someone else, possibly (actually likely) even MORE capable of representing the people can and will fill her void if she departs. Even juan mcamnesty has already been replaced…………..

Baton Rouge

So are you saying her life is worth more than yours? Her death or harm coming to her would be more hurtful and painful than if it were to happen to you?

Kathleen Brieske

Are you serious? It’s the new age of Trump and the false rhetoric he speed out everyday claiming Dems. want your guns. We want common sense gun laws. That’s common sense. Who needs military type weapons? Why can’t there be background checks? The 2nd amendment was designed before we had a military so it fell to individuals to protect themselves from the dangers then of any overthrow of government. A new nation becoming independent of British rule. A fragile time. The founding fathers couldn’t see the weapons of the future. Where they were looking at muskets then, they couldn’t possibly… Read more »

Wild Bill

@KB, There are no common sense gun laws. The founders preempted future Congresses from making any laws that infringe on the keeping and carrying of firearms. The Fourteenth Amendment preempts the state legislatures from such action. Read your Constitution and cases.


Wake up Kathleen. The democrats have stopped hiding the fact they want all guns taken away from the public sector. Please define ‘common sense’ gun laws for us all to understand . That phrasing has been made part of the lexicon by the media with no explanation of what it means. There are over 20,000 laws on the books that regulate weapons, none implemented anywhere, at any time in history or in any country around the world has proven to be effective in ending mans inherent violence. It’s not the weapon, it’s the person wielding it. Please describe military weapons… Read more »


u r brain-dead, kb. maybe u should try the uk, where criminal “rights” are second to none.


KB – get your history right! It is obvious you know nothing about Constitutional history. You just made up a bunch of nonsense for your response.

Country Boy

Your 1st three questions already prove you no nothing of which you speak about firearms, in general, nor the 2nd A and legal gun owners.. And it’s already illegal to commit murder. Yes, there are laws to punish murderers with already,There are thousand of gun laws already too. Hmmm, they didn’t work. WHY? Need you be reminded the ones doing the killing are criminals ?…and they don’t follow the gun laws we have now, and will not follow any new gun laws either. (hint:, that’s what makes them criminals) More laws only hinder us, the law abiding gun owners, who… Read more »

Mike bamboo

Kathleen there are already over 20,000 gun laws in effect…. Tell me again how telling everyone that some thing is the “law” is gonna stop someone from breaking the “law”? Go ahead I’ll wait….

Rich in Mo.

Kathleen I agree, we need “common sense” gun laws. Concealed carry reciprocity, allowing those that have been vetted to carry in all 50 states, is a must. Why should crossing an imaginary state line force me to be defenseless? Let’s remove silencers from the burden of a $200 tax stamp and months long wait. Hearing protection is important! “Gun-free zones” are lunacy, remove those except where armed guards are present. Glad you’re on board with common sense, as all those suggestions are; see you on the gun range!

Roy D.

Kathleen I am sorry your girl lost, maybe next time.


You know nothing about what you are saying. Why is this subject so stuck on the liberals mind. I will tell you, They want all guns taken so they can make us part of the new world order the UN has been trying to get. I will not stand for th UN to tell me what to do with my life. Trump is doing what we elected him to do. Drain the swamp, and build the wall to keep out the the filth of the world.


Sometimes it’s better to be seen and not heard KB.You were just schooled by these good people that really know what their talking about.Hope you learned something from them ,I sure did.Thanks guys.


Please review the History on gun laws. The first in this nation forbade Blacks from having guns to prevent them killing their slave owners. Thereby becoming free. The Sullivan Act in New York was to prevent common (Irish Immigrants)people from owning guns to protect themselves from the corrupt Tammany Hall Politicians and their thugs. After the Civil War The Klan got laws passed to keep blacks from owning guns. It seems that the white sheets they wore while burning crosses on Black family’s from yards made too good a target. Read the history of gun control laws passed in Nazi… Read more »

Old Lefty

Actually Tammany Hall was an Irish organization originally called the St. Tammany Society. It was a Democratic Party organization organized to provide political clout to recent Irish Immigrants. The Sullivan Act — and by the way, Sullivan is about as Irish a name as you can get — was passed to keep the Italian and Jewish criminal gangs from having firearms. (Actually those were not the sobriquet the Irish used when referring to the Italians and Jews, but this is a family web site) PLEASE TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE, Tammany Hall was a Democratic political organization although it originally started out… Read more »

Robert Hartwig

It has been a long while since I have looked into New York Politics. You were right about Tammany Hall being Irish and Democratic party run. But I was correct in my assertion that it was law aimed at an ethnic minorities. Gun laws are always used for People Control not crime control. Tammany Hall was a corrupt DemocRat criminal organization that sold political favors and in some cases had rivals killed. The true Mass Murders have and always will be Politicians and Governments.

Country Boy

Also your knowledge (read lack thereof) of the type of firearms available in the 1700s and 1800s also leaves much to be desired. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin that made the discovery that lightening is electricity? I guess he didn’t see progress was to be made there either…right? WRONG. The Forefathers were some of the most intelligent men of their time. They knew great advances would be made in the future concerning firearms. They were already starting to see progress made AAMOF. Just to name/show a few: Also in the Civil War (1861-1865) , Spencer made a lever… Read more »

Country Boy

Well you better tell and Dianne Feinstein, Hillary Clinton to stop their anti 2nd A BS then.
here, watch them say it themselves:
And just for fun:
And those are just a few of the MANY videos where dems outright say they want to ban guns, and even all guns.
Again you’re VERY ill informed., but then you’re evidently a liberal socialist, progressive marxist democrat , so it’s to be expected.

rich z



they MUST be protected in an extraordinary fashion because they are so SUPERIOR to the remainder of us that we would not be able to function should something happen to one of our superiors. life would simply end…

…or so their delusion goes.

two realities of life, among others:

-the only ones fearing a gun owner are those who would do the gun owner harm, and

-only fools, knaves, jokers and ignoramuses deny this fact of history.


Most people do not know that she was (is?) Willie Brown’s concubine. Willie was the power behind the Khalifornia democrats when he was the “crook in charge” of the state’s legislature. Willie would make the 90 mile drive from Sacramento to San Fran every Friday night to strengthen his political hold on the state. This went on for years and she was developed into his clone, sex excluded of course. Things in the state have not changed since the days of Edmund G Brown, Governor Moonbeam’s father, because the same group of thieves run the place. The activities in San… Read more »


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


And the pig currently under disgustion is the most equal pig of them all.

Dogma Factor

David Codrea has it right! Kamala Harris and her fellow California elected leading gun grabbing crazys like Diane Finestin and Nancy Pelosi are trying bring firearm confiscate to the other 49 states. Don’t believe me just look at this link to the only handguns allowed for sale in the oppressive state of California. By the way the handguns listed as new are actually not new to the list, there just models that the manufacturer managed to get renewed in order to stay on the list. Manufacturers are required to apply for renewal or they can no longer offer that… Read more »


Oh my, you called a black person a liar and a hypocrite. You will be branded a racist for sure now, even if it is the truth. That is how the Lamestream media operates.

Scott E. High

It’s all about power, influence and money. We had a political candidate here spend $75,000 to get a seat on the local airport authority which pays only $7,000 per year in salary. Why would she do that? To feed her ego and become (in her own mind) an elitist, to make contacts that will allow her to network with people throwing money around, and to position herself to receive money in the future. These elitists have their own personal agendas and that doesn’t include any concern for the common man/woman.

Wild Bill

@SEH, There is no profit in letting Americans be free. There is profit in controlling the people. This next election will be even more important than the last.


Imo, this female is not only two faced, and I didn’t think given her statements that she’d want anyone armed near her “important” self!

Marc DV.

Give Her Security Detail Air Soft Guns !
Then She’d Be in Step With Her Own Way
of Thinking ! Plus 80% of the Wrong Targets ,
Will Still Be Safe, To Vote Her Out !


The opponents of gun rights come in four fundamental categories: Utopian Idealists – Dreamers willing to ignore human nature (anger, hostility, temper, greed, lust, hunger, poverty, want, megalomania, social pathologies, etc.) in the vain hope for a world where no one ever needs to defend themselves or others; Result: misguided efforts to disarm the public since no one should ever be capable of exerting lethal force for any reason. Fairly rare. Routine Bigots – Ignorant gun haters who, generally, have never actually seen a real gun much less fired one, and hate what they don’t know; strong corollaries with race… Read more »


You had me at “The”


Well said sir.

willy d

This is what I have said all along, these nut jobs(Demo-Rats) have been doing this all they have armed security and we are to be disarmed and live under the normal police protection, about 30 minutes from a dispatch to get to your location! They live under a separate set of rules all around, and they will continue to do this as long as they have the mentality of we will do what we want, we are the privileged, and you will live by that! Take away all of their security and let them live the same as we do… Read more »


Are these LEOs the same ones accused of slaughtering young black men as BLM chants daily and now Nike is displaying on national TV

Andy Buckmichael

Same pieces of crap.

Dr. Mike Reeder

Where did Kamala Harris and her ideas come from? They certainly did NOT come from the US Constitution. It follows that since they did not come from the Constitution they must be UN-Constitutional. And, they really are. So, why do these folks on the left want such draconian anti-Constitutional laws to be in place? I think most of us know why. Because it’s really not about guns at all. It’s about power and influence. The left wasn’t us, you and I everyday law abiding folks to bow down before the all mighty government and worship them.That is wrong headed thinking… Read more »


All these Democraps think they are the CEO of their own individual company. They have dismissed the fact that they work for We The People who pay their ridiclous salary and retirement. They push their own beliefs not the constitution, or anything for the greatness of this country.

Wild Bill

@Dr Reeder, From where? you ask. I believe that dear Kamala’s ideas come from the Communist Manefesto and from Rules for Radicles.

Missouri Born

She is a typical do as I say not as I do politician.


Interesting that Harris supports sweeps to deprive people of constitutionally-protected right to bear arms, but she’s against the sweeps to pick up people who are illegal border-jumpers which is not a constitutionally-protected right.

Andy Buckmichael

What a waste of tax payers money.


Kamala Harris….Cant Understand Normal Thinking!


@ hippybiker….very good. Couldn’t beat that with a stick!