Antifa Member Accused of Killing Trump Supporter Killed In Police Shootout

LACEY, WASHINGTON-( The Antifa member that killed Aaron “Jay” Danielson in Portland, OR, is dead.

Members of a federal task force shot and killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while executing an arrest warrant for the admitted communist agitator. The U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI, along with local law enforcement agencies, tracked down the 48-year-old man to Lacey, Washington, where he was hiding out. Lacey is about 120 miles north of Portland, where the shooting of the Trump supporter took place.

On Saturday night, Reinoehl shot and killed Danielson with a fatal shot to the chest. Danielson attended a Patriot Prayer caravan through Portland earlier in the evening. Reinoehl told Vice News that he killed Danielson in self-defense. The video of the situation shows a different scenario than the one the self-proclaimed “Antifa security member” described to Vice News. In the video, a person is heard yelling that they found a Trump supporter; seconds later, shots from Reinoehl gun rang out into the night.

Federal agents from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, along with local police departments, tracked down Reinoehl to Lacey on Thursday and moved to make an arrest. When they approached the wanted man to take him into custody, he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the officers.

Four of the law enforcement officers open fire on Reinoehl, neutralizing the threat. Reinoehl was hit multiple times by two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies, an officer from the Lakewood Police Department, and an officer from the Washington State Department of Corrections. Medics pronounced Reinoehl dead at the scene of the confrontation.

It is unclear why Reinoehl was hiding in Lacey. The man is not from Lacey and doesn’t have any ties to the community. Law enforcement officers are not saying how they managed to track down the Antifa terrorist. Still, he has been talking to the media in the past few days about the shooting. He attempted to deflect any responsibility for the killing of Danielson.

Reinoehl has a long history of criminal activity. On July 5th, police arrested the communist for having a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest, and interfering with police. Despite the multiple charges, the courts released the man back into the community. A few weeks later, on July 26th, Reinoehl would get into a fight with a man leaving a bar that he accused of being a “Nazi.” Reinoehl would end up being shot by the man in the arm.

Police also wanted Reinoehl on a warrant out of Baker County for drugs and weapon charges as well as reckless endangerment. In that case, police say that he Antifa member was racing his car against his 17-year-old son while under the influence at 111 mph. Police found his young daughter in his car along with drugs and a loaded gun. Police once again released Reinoehl, who then failed to show up for his court hearing.

Reinoehl has been involved in the violent Antifa protest that has gripped Portland for weeks. He called for open warfare against everyone that was not aligned with the far-left group goals. Police haven’t said if there will be more arrests for the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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Antifa is finding out that once they leave Portland,Seattle,LA and all the other leftist ratholes the police and citizens don’t play around.

Deplorable Bill

First things first, antifa is a terrorist organization. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Had they all been arrested when this crap started it would have saved lives. The governor’s, the mayors in every state have PROTECTED, SUPPLIED, PAID is just as guilty of murder as this dirt bag was. They should be arrested, locked up without bail and tried in a court of law. Murder by proxy is still murder. I understand the guy had 2 kids and I grieve with them. What can you say to ease their sorrow? Sorry, but your father was a murderer and a terrorist?… Read more »


You forgot kammeltoe Harris bailing them out to do more terrorism. That’s part of our congress!!!! Add them to your list. Im sure omar and aoc is in on it too.

uncle dudley

This guys attitude that I can do anything I damn well please is over now, he broke laws and the liberal judges let him off or the guy just didn’t show up for court, but when the news media talks to friends they say he was such a nice guy.
Maybe the cops need to look at those friends closely.


All of Hitler’s “Friends” considered him a nice guy. This included P.M. Neville Chamberlain and King George VI of England. You’re right if not for the
friends maybe (I won’t say his name) could have be stopped sooner.


King George lll.


Their friends will say they were such nice young men. Alleged Boogaloo members face terrorism charges in Minnesota | KTVO


I read most of the supplied article befure I quit it in disgust. That article appears very similar to all of those “vice” articles. They are convinced that their “discovery” of boogaloo bois is a world shattering. Pulitzer prize effort to uncover a major anti government plot. Wow, wearing a particular shirt could immediate arrest and imprisonment. These people are,to me, very shallow.


” these people are very shallow to me” much to nice I Think they are part of the terrorist propaganda machine. That woman had such a heavy accent I had to put on my headphones to understand what she was saying and what she was saying put most of the blame on the right the way it was stated. Its obvious this thug was a druggie and was stupid as all hell as well as a liar. He should have gotten a trial but you pull a gun on a cop? they said he threatened to shoot officers, I’m supprised… Read more »


I’m sure they are.

WI Patriot

Taxpayer $$$ saved…


God, that is exactly how I look at it. I think that we should be using the death penalty more too. If you have DNA evidence that puts the person at the scene of the crime why do we let them have two or three appeals and feed, house and clothe them for years before their execution. I say, If in new York, take them to town square where the ball goes up for new years hook him up to a rope with a fall away platform, pull the rip cord and let him hang until dead. Hell, lets have… Read more »


Firing squads are far more effective, and provide visual and practical deterrents to others who have not yet been able to make informed decisions to leave off their criminal behaviour. There is a sense of righteous recompense when those who live by the bullet also then die by the bullet. I think no hoods, face the squad, and have opportunity to consider how your own rotten decisions put you in that stone walled yard with a dozen or more of your fellow citizens pointing the very tool you have used against others, without any justification, to end lives tat should… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Only one more thing, EVERYBODY in the squad gets a round.


by “squad” do you refer to the squad firing at the condemnd, or to the squad of four who have been busy about making a mockery of our Constitution and government? Or both?


I think Dave was referring to the old firing squad standard of one of the shooters only firing a blank round. The idea was to sooth the conscience of the firing squad, since each one of the squad wouldn’t know if they were firing a live round. So they could always say; “I didn’t shoot the guy. I was just firing blanks.”

Dave in Fairfax

What Knute said. Tie them in a chair if they can’t stand.


This is what I call a good start. One down thousands to go.


Finally one of these Antifa scumbags got what they deserved!!! Antifa,BLM,CAIR and the Moslem Brotherhood have now partnered and is why you are seeing more violence and even murders of innocent people! They are given the keys to the city by the Leftist Mayors that should be in PRISON along side the Leftist Governors! I live in the bluest state in the country in N.J. and i will not run and i will NOT give up whats mine to these leftist pond scum!I dont understand why these elections are “not” being checked for Fraud?Why dose everyone think election fraud has… Read more »


I understand your feelings completely, and in many ways, agree with them. But of course, everyone, including murdering communists, must be given due process, in a court of law, and not of public opinion. Even now, the shouts are going out from the leftists that the police ” executed” the scumbag who killed the peaceful prayer guy, Danielson. Myself, I don’t care about the man himself, he was a POS, and the world won’t miss him. But we must always attempt to follow the rule of law, even when it is completely obvious that the person is a worthless pile… Read more »


there is no guarantee that we will get our same country back, in fact most likely that ship has already sailed.

reply I hope and pray your wrong.
Go MAGAA 2020


the rule of law WAS followed. He pulled a gun against law enforcement tasked with detaining him because of his implication in the murder of a week ago . THAT sealed his fate. He had fled the scene of the murder he committed, was identifed, located, and an attempt was made to detain him at which point armed law enforcement were brought to bear. Due process was the warrant to bring him to answer for his accusation. Due process was also te self-defence applied by the officers sent to detain him, per due process warrants, etc. due pricess was the… Read more »


I’m wondering why that there is not a Congressional investigation into the origin and funding of these terrorist groups !
The Democraps spent millions of dollars on non existent “ Russia Collusion “, but not one damn cent on who is NOW colluding to overthrow this Country.
It’s way past time for political heads to roll !


Because at the heart of Congressional Investigation they are nothing more than Dog and Pony shows. Regardless of what’s discovered it becomes nothing more than fodder for the Pundits, MSM and Politicians to use as campaign commercials. Congress is rotten to the Core regardless of Political leanings. The Swamp needs to be seriously cleaned amd as my grandma always said ” If you’re going to sweep the floor, don’t miss the corners.

Liberty Valance

Justice prevailed – finally. My gut tells me there’s gonna be a war. Get ready.

Country Boy


Only good commie is a dead commie.


@Must Have Hammer – Would have been better to have had a long public trial in which antifa beliefs and methods would be publicized. Could have been a political gold mine. One he started shooting at the cops, that ceased being an option.


I am counting on the fact that the investigation that identified and located this Dirt Bag In Chief has also fingered a number of his accomlices and enablier,s incluing any who may have aided in his escape and hiding. I am certain others have been implicated.. the folks who filmed this assassinatio and did not intervene, the helpers he had identifying and tailing this victim and others that were with him, the guy who took a flashlight and collected the shell casings after the murder, the ones who helped him flee the scene after, andother helpers. I hope this clown… Read more »


“Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you’re gonna be dead”
John Lennon

Karma- (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.


Boy, he don’t sound at all like a communist!


A friend of mine has a brother who has been a Deputy US Marshal for a long time, They don’t F— around.


Too bad This good citizen would have made a better pick for slow Joey’s VP then kamalayher!


The only smart thing this loser did is quit breathing our air.


One of the worst things going on in our country that nobodies talking about?Why havnt we stood up for our children in this country and demanded our kids NOT be brain washed?Teachers and schools of all educational levels are doing it! as many as 85% of all teachers at all levels of education are TRAITOROUS Liberals and need to be hanged! WTF?


It is also good to see that the feds did something good for once!


I only hope that someone, someplace is chronicling the names and photos of all these traitorist politicians ; federal, State and local to be reckoned with when this goes ballistic . .


You KNOW they are, anyone in the crowd is on record and that is a FACT. Facial recognition is alive, fine tuning and growing. These rioting ass clowns have no idea what is coming for them.


Now many others will have peace.


Outstanding job by the Feds, finally. A good start.


Actually, swinging from a public gallows would’ve been even better, but I’ll take it this way. A public execution in the most ghastly way would’ve REALLY sent a message to the rest of the scumbags.

Dave in Fairfax

Like I said before, I catch ’em as I see ’em. I sleep too, and if you look at the time stamps, remembering that I’m an old guy and on the Right coast, bouziane snuck in after I went to bed. I got him as soon as I logged on and saw him. You coulda shot me a note and I’d have seen it as soon as I checked my mail in the AM. Point is, he’s gone now.

uncle dudley

We have seen the tactics these people use to destroy private property and injure anyone who doesn’t agree with their twisted thinking of the country, yet they use the freedoms that have been put in place years ago giving them the right to openly disagree with the government and it’s policies. Just think what these troublemakers will do with the mail in ballots for the upcoming presidential election, if they can get a group of like minded people together to riot, loot and burn down towns across the U.S., they can do the same with voter fraud and mail in… Read more »


Apparently, politics was more important to this guy than the safety and future of his children. Now, they’re left fatherless. They have my sympathy.

Last edited 2 years ago by Wass

they are probably better off without him, and that’s a hard thing to say. but with his known record, it is accurate. Better NO dad than a dirtbag dad.


No justice no peace!!!!


Please define exactly what you mean by “justice”.


Most times, “justice” is the meting out of the appropriate punishment for one’s crime. Murder IS a crime, and the biblical punishment for murder is for the murder’s life to be forfeit. Justice was, in this case, meted out.
He killed an innocent ma, and thus his own blood was to be shed. Not vengeance, but justice.

Justice had NOT been dealt this man for his earlier thefts, assaults, etc, but now he has got his just desserts for this murder. Now the other crimes areirrelevant, though he HAS answered to a far higher court for those earlier crimes.

Deplorable Bill

That works for both sides pal. Join the US military. There you may learn to work, respect, freedom, rights, humility etc etc all while serving the nation you apparently hate. Then visit Arlington and look at all the service men and women who lost their lives trying to ensure your freedoms and rights. Without them and the ones that served before them you would have nothing and you would have no hope for anything better. Visit Venezuela. It took less than ten years to go from the richest nation in South America to the poorest nation in South America. They… Read more »


What’s the average networth and IQ of a trumptard? No bigger than their shoe sizes?


Speaking of which, what is the size of your clown shoes?




You should have volunteered to take his place but their will be other chances for you unless you are just a keyboard queen.